Dennis William Butt

Bazil & Mahala Butt Family Record

Bazil & Mahala Butt Family, Licking County, Ohio

           FAMILY RECORD

   Bazil Butt, the forefather of us all
was born March 13, 1798, 119 years
ago, in Berkely County, West Virgi-
nia.  He was a soldier in Capt. Conn's
Co., Virginia troops in the war of 1812,
being 14 years old.  He came to Lick-
ing County, Ohio when about 25 years
old (1823.)
     On the morning of the 16th day of 
November, 1854, while hunting he was
accidentally killed by falling a tree,
January 19, 1905 a little over 50 years
after this sad occurence the family
and neighbors of the deceased caused
a large stone to be placed on the spot
where he was killed.
     He was a firm and honest man and
lived a devoted christian.
     Mahala Green, his wife, was born
September, 15, 1807, nearly 110 years
ago, and died December 5, 1884, at the
age of 77 years, 3 months.  She was
the first white child born in Monroe
township, being the eldest of seven-
teen children born to George and Dia-
[dema (Willison) Green]
    They were united in marriage on the
20th day of May, 1826 and to this
union were born the following chil-
    Leroy Hamilton, born May 2, 1827;
died Feb. 16, 1907, 80 years.
    Charlotte Goodrich, born Oct. 17,
1828; died May 10, 1910, 86 years.
    Marie Jane, born May 23, 1830;
died June 3, 1859, 29 years.
    Reason Marley, born Sept. 15, 1832;
died Dec. 3, 1911, 79 years.
    Noah Fasset, born Dec. 25, 1834;
died April 8, 1908, 74 years.
    Caroline Sofiiah, born Dec. 12, 1836;
deid Sept. 9, 1912, 76 years.
    Hazel Rignol, born Jan. 25, 1840;
died May 27, 1915, 75 years.
    Morgan Green, born Jan. 19, 1842;
died May 8, 1909, 67 years.
    Henry Stansbury Wilson, born Nov.
1, 1844; died Jan 23, 1913, 69 years.
    Addis Porter, born March 30, 1847;
died April 16, 1849, 2 years.
    Aby Adelis, born March 30, 1853;
died April 20, 1888, 35 years.

    Johnstown, Ohio, August 1917.

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