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Ohio Lynchings: Unidentified Victim

Ohio State Journal
Saturday, April 2, 1892, page 1
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Thought to Have Been Carried Out
at Millersburg on the

The Only Colored Man in the County
is Found Hanging to a

And Opinions Differ as to Whether
It is a Case of Lynching or

The Victim a Stranger Whose Name
is Not Known.


MILLERSBURG, O., April 1.--When our citizens came on the streets early this morning they were horrified to find a lifeless negro hanging from the limb of a sugar tree on the corner of the public square. Life had been extinct, evidently for some time as the body was stiff and cold. He was bareheaded and had no shoes on his feet, and altogether presented a hideous appearance. He was a full-blooded African, very black and of short stature. The first conclusion jumped at was that he was hanged by a mob late in the night, as some little noise was heard by several parties, but the noise was hardly great enough for a mob engaged in such work.

Suicide is thought by some to be nearer the truth about the affair.

There was nothing found on the body by which he could be identified. This hard-looking man has been noticed sneaking about town for some time and acting very suspiciously. He would reply to no questions and was defiant when asked to get off the premises. He would lounge on door steps and frighten women and it is the general belief that he came to the roupe at the hands of a well organized and drilled mob which could soon be organized in Homees county to get rid of a negro disposed to annoy the citizens.

One party here says that he thinks the stranger came from Mt. Vernon and was once a hostler there. Another saw him at Wooster.

The coroner finds it difficult to ascertain the cause of death and will hold no post-mortem, owing to the condition of the body. There being no claims for the remains, he will probably be handed over to the local doctors. This disposes of the only colored man in the county and he was a tramp and certainly the hardest looking man ever seen here.

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