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THE year 1790 was marked by the sitting of the Council in the farther west, at the town of Vincennes (more generally known at that day by the name of "au Post"). Winthrop Sargent,, Secretary and acting Governor, sat with Messds. Symmes and Turner,, Governor St. Clair being absent in the eastern states, and no successor sitting in the room of Judge Parsons, who had been succeeded by General Rufus Putnam,. Jr., of Marietta. This council, in its meeting at Vincennes, published the following laws, which were afterwards disapproved and ordered to be repealed by the Congress, as having no foundation in the older laws. to which the territorial council was confined by the Ordinance of 1787.
July 19—An act prohibiting the giving or selling of intoxicating liquors to Indians.
July 26 — An act restricting the sale of intoxicating liquors to soldiers, and to prevent the pawning or selling of arms, ammunition, clothing and accoutrements.
August 4 — An act suppressing gambling and making void all contracts and payments made in consequence thereof. Removing to the town of Cincinnati, the council passed, in November,—Governor St. Clair having resumed his attendance with the body,. and Secretary Winthrop retiring, — the following laws :
November 4 — An act to alter the terms of the General Court.
November 5 — An act to augment the terms of the County Courts.
November 6 — An act to authorize the Courts of Quarter Sessions:. to divide the counties into townships, and to appoint constables, overseers; of the poor, and township clerks.

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