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THE session of the council for the year 1792 seems to have been held' in Cincinnati prior to the first day of August, and including that. day, Messrs. Winthrop Sargent (acting Governor), Symmes ands Putnam signing and publishing the following bills:

August 1 — Granting licenses to merchants, traders, and tavern keepers.
August 1 — An act creating the office of Treasurer General and of-county treasurers.
August 1 — An act directing the manner of raising money to defray the expenses of the several counties.
August 1 — An act regulating the opening and care of Highways.
August 1 — An act directing the building of a court house, jail, pillory, whipping post and stocks in every county.
August 1 — An act regulating prisons.
August 1 — An act regulating strays.
August 1 — An act repealing so much of the law creating the office-of clerk of the legislature, as required him to furnish certain public officers with manuscript copies of all acts of the territorial council. (Congress having provided for the printing of the territorial laws in Philadelphia.)
August 1 — An act supplementary to the law of November 23, 1788,. regulating marriages.
August 1 — An act to regulate the admission of attorneys.
August 1 — An act to empower the judge of the Probate Court to appoint guardians to minors.
August 1 — An act prescribing forms of writs and mode of procedure in civil cases.
August 1 —An act establishing the fees of judges of the Probate-Court, of the Common Pleas Court, clerk of the Common Pleas, Probate,. Orphans' and Sessions' Courts, of the Court of Quarter Sessions, General or Supreme Court, clerk of the same, attorneys, attorneys for the. United States, witnesses, constables, coroners, sheriffs, criers, jailers,. grand jurors, etc.
These laws are found in a published volume of the date of 1792, Philadelphia, and certified by Winthrop Sargent, Secretary.

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