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THE body to which has been given in this volume the designation of the Third Legislative Council, was permitted to serve with no change in its official membership, except that in the absence of the Governor his seat was occupied by the Secretary as Acting Governor, from the appointment of Judge Putnam in the winter of 1790 to 1796, when Judge Putnam resigned his seat on the bench and in the council to accept the office of Surveyor General of the United States to which he had been appointed by President Washington.
Messrs. St. Clair, Symmes and Turner affixed their signatures to the following laws in the year 1791, and caused the same to be published .at Cincinnati:
June 22 — An act supplementary to the act of September 6, 1798, respecting crimes.
June 22 — An act for the punishment of persons who deface publications set up by authority.
June 22 — An act creating the office of clerk of the legislature.
June 22 — An act making the records of the courts of the United States evidence in the courts of this territory.
June 22 — An act abolishing the distinction between murder and petit treason.
June 29—An act regulating the enclosures of ground; and on
July 2 — An act to amend the militia laws of 1788 as to days of muster, and fines for disobedience.

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