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JUDGE TURNER, who had served the territory with distinguished zeal since his appointment (September 8, 1879) to succeed to the chair made vacant by the death of Chief Justice Parsons, resigned in the winter of 1797-8 and was -succeeded by Return Jonathan Meigs, Jr., of Marietta. The council, as thus formed, met in Cincinnati April 23, 1798, and on the first day of May published the following new laws for the territory:
May 1  A law concerning corporations of bodies politic (Pennsylvania).
May 1 A law for the punishment of maiming or disfiguring (Kentucky).
May 1  Vesting certain powers in justices of the peace, in criminal cases (Massachusetts).
May 1  For the equal division and distribution of insolvent estates (Connecticut).
May 1 To provide for the improvement of the breed of horses (Kentucky).
May 1 Directing the mode of proceeding in civil cases (Massachusetts) .
May 1 An addition to the law ascertaining, the fees of certain officers.
May 1 Method of taxing all unsettled and unimproved parcels of land (Kentucky).
May 1 Rendering the acknowledgment of deeds more easy (Connecticut)
May 1 Establishing a land office (Kentucky).
May 1 Repealing the 28th section of the law regulating fees;and so much of the law raising county rates and levies as relates to the duties of justices as to wild animals killed.
These laws are severally signed by Winthrop Sargent, acting Governor, John Cleves Symmes, Joseph Gilman, Return Jonathan Meigs, Junior, and their correctness attested by Winthrop Sargent, Secretary.
This was the last legislative act of the Territorial Council.

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