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The Twelfth Annual
Denver High Schools

CLASS OF 1916.

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      WE of the Annual Board in presenting this, the Twelfth Annual of the Denver High School, North Side, to the School, the Faculty and to our schoolmates, wish first to express our heartfelt gratitude to the kind and helpful members of the Faculty, who thru their unflagging enthusiasm and untiring aid have enabled us thus to serve our class.  We tender our thanks also to our fellow classmen and to the entire school who by loyally supporting us in many ways have helped and spurred us on to produce a work representing the best that is in us.  The words at our command are entirely insufficient to voice our appreciation for having been chosen for this work and to put into words the pleasure we have derived from it is equally beyond our power.

      And now the Annual is submitted to you for approval and criticism.  If it fulfils [sic.] the purpose for which it was written; if it will serve to recall to you the many hours of pleasure and benefit you have lived through in this institution; if it will bring to your memory in after years the faces and personalities of teachers and schoolmates who have through long association with you won their way into your hearts; then this book shall have attained its highest aim and we shall feel richly repaid for the labor and painstaking care which we have expended on this only too meagre [sic.] tribute of the class of 1916.—Herbert Linn '16

Teachers' Names, Colleges, Degrees
(NOTE:  There are no photos of the faculty in this annual.)
Brown, Edward L.
Capitol University, B. A.
Cornell University, M. A.
Harrison, Eva
University of Denver, B. A.
Richardson, Emma
Hamline University, B. S.
Albert, Ruby Boyd
University of Colorado, B. A.
Hathaway, Maria E.
Denver Business University.
Sater, Lena I.
University of Denver, B. A.
Aurand, Harry Albert
University of Colorado, B. A.
Hays, Charles I.
University of Illinois, B. S., M. S.
Sess, Herbert H.
University of Colorado.
Bailey, Warner Dunn
University of Colorado, B. A.
Heim, Martin E.
Rose Polytechnic Institute, B. S.
Shute, Ruby R.
University of Colorado, B. A.
Beck, Lillian Louise
Baltimore Woman's College, B. A.
University of Minnesota, B. S.
Holliday, Mary Neppa
University of Denver, B. A.
Smith, Alwyn Charles
University of Colorado, B. S., M. S.
Columbia University, E. M.
Bigelow, Charles Wesley
University of Nebraska, B. L.
Harvard, M. A.
University of Chicago, Ph. D.
Ingersoll, Jean R.
Colorado College, B. A.
Smith, Edwin W., Com-
mercial Dept.

Specialized at Agricultutral College
and University of Denver.
Borst, W. C.
University of Michigan, B. S.
(EE), M. A.
Jones, Mrs. Grace Church
Pratt Institute, N. Y., Paris.
Smith, Mrs. Grace Ellen Shoe
Antioch College, B. A.
University of Denver, M. A.
Brainard, F. E.
Colorado State Teacher's
College, Pd. B.
Langley, Myrna C.
Allegheny University, B. A.
Smith, Henry Burnside
Moore's Hill, M. A.
Harvard, B. A.
Bruderlin, Katharine Maria
University of Colorado, B. A.
Lawyer, Harmon
University of Michigan, B. A.
Smith, Hester M.
University of Denver, B. A., M. A.
Carman, Margaret S.
University of Denver, B. A.
Maxwell, E. E.
Cornell University, B. S.
Spafard, Myra B.
Columbia Teachers' College.
Cochran, Margaret McClave, Ada Grace
University of Denver, B. A.
Sparlin, N.
University of Denver, B. A.
Cummings, Elbert A.
University of Chicago, M. A.
Colorado College, B. A.
McClure, Frances C.
Foreign Study.
Steinhauer, Bertha
Columbia Teachers' College.
Dillon, John M.
Valparaiso University, B. S.
L. L. B.
McGuire, Charles H.
University of Denver, B. C. S.
Stinchfield, Estella
Columbia University of Fine Arts.
Dupree, Theresé
University of Denver, B. A.
Menke, Alice
State Teacher's College, B. A.
Stocks, Mrs. Luella S.
Posse Gymnasium, Boston
School of Oratory.
Felger, Alva Howard
Northwestern Normal College, B. S.
University of Michigan, Ph. B.
Metzler, Daisy D.
University of Colorado, Ph. D.
Storms, Helen Alice
University of Colorado, B. A.
Fitch, Philip
Colorado College, A. B.
Nestor, Ira Francis
University of West Virginia, B. A.
Stubbs, Florence R.
Colorado College.
Fowler, Jane R.
University of Michigan, B. A.
Newton, Louada
University of Chicago, Ph. B.
Triplet, William
University of Colorado, B. A.
Frost, Mary C.
University of Colorado, B. A.
Odell, Letitia R.
Cornell University, B. A.
Tucker, William E.
Carleton College, B. S.
University of Denver, M. A.
Garrett, Grace
University of Denver, B. A.
Pegan, Patience
Drexel Institute Library School.
Wilson, George H.
Expert Millwright and Carpenter.
Graham, Mrs. Marion Woodrow
University of Denver, B. A.
Perry, Helen
Art Institute, Chicago.
Winston, Stanton E.
University of Denver, B. A.
Haines, Hazel
University of Chicago.
Pulsifer, Marian E.
Wellesley College, B. A.
My Colorado
High rise the lofty peaks
           Above the plains of gold
'Till, tow'ring to the sky,
           Their tips the clouds enfold.

And purple in the distance
           Their outline seems to be.
But myriad are the colors
           That nearer sight can see.

The sky above is wondrous
           In color azure blue,
The clouds suggest a rainbow
           With every blended hue.

Range after range surpassing.
           The wooded slopes ascend
With firs upon their bosoms
           That with the breezes bend.

The Morning sun caresses
           The snow-clad peaks all white.
But evening brings the splendor
           O gold and crimson bright.

And the "Land of Sunshine,"
           Bloom flow'rs whose shades combine
The beauties of anemone
           And purple Columbine.

Worship and admiration,
           To the Master-Painter real,
Our hearts would render truly,
           As we His pictures feel.
                                  —Rachel Trenner '16

First Term Second Term
Donald BaileyPresident  Ernest Bunte
  Henry PageVice-PresidentHomer Ellison
Marjorie PlattSecretatyJulia Perkins
Prentice BrownTreasurerGano Baker

Motto----Esse quam videri.
Colors----Maroon and Gold.
Flower----Lily of the Valley.

Senior Class History
      The second class in the North Side High School to complete an entire four years course in the present building, will on the evening of May thirty-first receive diplomas, the rewards of four years hard tho pleasant work, and will leave our high school never to return as a class.  It is the largest class ever graduated from this building and one of the largest graduating classes in the city.  It numbers two hundred and three pupils, who, we feel assured, have, during their school life, done much to the school's permanent credit and much toward fitting themselves to become capable, intelligent, citizens of our great republic.  As the time draws near when such a large number of our classmates will go their separate ways thru life, we cannot but feel regret that friendships must be more or less broken up at a time when we are just old enough to value them.

      However, to turn to a subject more pleasing, let us look at the silver lining in the cloud.  We can feel justly proud of the record we have made in the past years.  The high social, moral, and intellectual standing of our high school has ever been upheld.  In every line of endeavor; in English, Mathematics, Literature, Science, Athletics and Art, to name the chief heads, notable progress has been made toward the high ideals which our kind, helpful teachers have taken constant pains to have us keep in view.  With the knowledge of so much good work accomplished, of so much added to the good of our city, state and country, we can feel assured in entering other activities, that we take with us the fervent good wishes and hearty God-speed of our faculty, our classmates and under classmen, and in grateful acknowledgment of these assurances of Friendship we bid farewell to North Side High.—Herbert Linn '16
Margaret Louise Alexander Ruth Elvira Almquist Millie Marie Amsden
Innie Esther Arfsten Carl Henry Arnold Donald Lewis Bailey
Mildred Juliatte Bailey Gano Reeder Baker Jr. Violet Lily Ballard
Earl Alfred Bartlett Helen Louise Bate Gladys Vivian Beatty
Olive Alethea Beck Milton Jacob Benjamin William Atlee Berky
Philip Bernick Roy James Bewley Florence Anita Bigelow
Maurine Augusta Bilderbeck Adelia Atkin Black Ruth Elizabeth Blake
Vivion Alenius Bonesteel Marion Hope Boring Theresa Eileen Boyle
Alexander Jesse Brickler Angie Sibson Brodie Dorothy Alice Bronstein
Donald Firth Brown Marjorie Lake Brown Prentice Farrar Brown
Helen Margaret Browne Ralph Keller Bucher Julius Albert Buerger
Ernest Benard Bunte Marion Tucker Burgess Anthony Campiglia Jr.
Mary Catherine Canfield Clarence Harold Caughey France Mary Chapman
Margaret Chiles Arthur Grey Clarke Carol Clara Conboy
Pauline Dorothy Cornish Nathan Harry Creamer Mary Katherine Crews
Dorothy Drew Curtis Martha Elizabeth Cushing Jeannette Rose Day
Lillian Pearl Dehm Marguerite Babette Deidesheimer Marguerite Cecilia Detmoyer
Isabel Anderson Dingman Dorothea Elizabeth Dinsmore Margaret Irene Donley
Mabell Irene Dulmage Ruth Frances Eastwood Mabel Maurine Eigler
Edward Burns Ellison Homer Augustine Ellison Goldie Elsie Emberling
Ella Marie Falk Nora Cecilia Finn Howard Thomas Flint
Gladys Edna Frank Walter Russell Freeman Faith Elizabeth Fry
Hazel Jeannette Fuller Helen Clara Fuller Ruth Lucille Gardenswartz
Marjorie Garvin Samuel John Gibbons John Woodrow Graham
Clarence Hamilton Greene Isadore Jacob Greenwald Paul McCreight Grissinger
Elsie Thusnelda Haberl Estella Elizabeth Hally Dopha Alzada Hamill
Ethel Lel Hamlin Rachel Amelia Hammett Herbert Edmund Hampson
Arnold Adolph Hansen Walter Edward Hanson Donald Carson Hardin
Louise Alberta Hargrave Harriet Esther Harrington Allan Maude Harris
Ethel Hawthorne John Lymon Hay Marie Camille Heath
Olga May Heisen Elsa Margaret Henry Lydia Rebecca Henshaw
Thaddeus Goode Holt Albert Jamison Horne Elizabeth Humphreys
Ester Beatrice Hunt Edna Glenn Jones Mary Elizabeth Joyner
Mary Crist Kasbeer Mabel Myrtle Kelley George Leslie Killian
Mary Elmira Kumler Verne William Kutch Herman Isaac Laff
Lois Mary Lail Elizabeth Christina Larsen Harold Porter Lawrenson
Cecile Mae Lemon Salome Mary Lieser Herbert Karl Linn
Margaret Elizabeth Lynch Philip Augustus Lynch Robert Lincoln Mathers
Lyndall May Monroe Frances Ann Morehouse Harry Clarence Morehouse
Edna Georgeanna Morgan Mary Ellen Morrow Carl Lawrence Mundy
Charlotte Anna Nelson Edward Leonard Newlander Myrtle Karen Nielson
Lois Ione Norton Helen Edwina Nott May Catherine O'Drain
Eva Olson Irene Gertrude Oscherwitz Henry Anthony Page
Ruth Marie Paine Geraldine Adele Palmer Grace Kingdon Palmer
Nydia Elizabeth Parker Lucia Cassell Patton Samuel Albert Pepper
Helen Perine Julia Ann Perkins Marida Melvin Phegley
Joseph Pinsky Marjorie-Marion Platt Cecil Bradford Price
Arthur Cale Reade Mary Isabelle Reeves Ella Corinne Reitze
Ruth Marie Renken Charleen Newman Richardson Carol Emma Ridley
Violet Ada Rogers Irene Roth Walter Arthur Rover
Talbot Lewis Rudolf Mary Colemere Ryer Robert Roland Sackett
Charles Sauer Rose Schechter Sadie Deena Schenkman
Ida Elvera Schirofsky Norman Charles Schmid Rose Emily Schott
Paul Moses Segal Isadore Benjamin Shapiro Oren Kingsley Sheldon
Robert Voorhees Shoemaker Bessie Simon Harold Randolph Sims
Marie Anna Skepstad William Smith William St. Vrain Sopris
Helen Gertrude Steinberg Helen Agnes Stone Lena Mae Summers
Sarah Deborah Tannenbaum Robert Hugh Taylor Eileen Mary Templeton
Louise May Thompson Ernest Peter Tovani Rachel Dorothea Trenner
Louis Salvatore Vagnino Mary Susan Violett Lulu Walker
Ella Winifred Warren Harry Joseph Weber Leah Serine Weiner
Lawrence Dwight Weesner Marian Wentch Myron Glen Wheeler
Howard Wheeler Bessie Widom Irma Mae Wilkinson
Helen Elizabeth Williams Charles Raymond Williams Hiram Bradley Wolff
Lawrence Alfred Wood David Malcolm Wood Eva Margaret Woodhams
William Edgar Woolard Robert Paul Worthington David Nathaniel Yaker
Gussie Frieda Zietz Jennie Ethel Anderson
Gus Withers Epeneter
(No photo)
Margaret Sophia Eppich
(No photo)
Donald Hemming Jacobs
(No photo)
William Edward Strohm
(No photo)

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