Early Franklin County Homesteads

Originally published in the Franklin County Historical Society Bulletin about 1950
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The Alfred Kelley Mansion, still standing on E. Broad St., is an outstanding
example of Greek Revival architecture at its height.

The Alfred Kelley Mansion, completed in 1838, is located at 288 E. Broad street. When built and for many years afterwards, it was the only house on a large lawn embracing all of the land between Fifth street and Grant avenue on the north side of Broad street.

Mr. Abbott Cummings, Assistant Professor of Art and Aesthetics at Antioch College, has recently completed extensive research work on the Kelley home. Of the home's architectural merit he states: "As the home of one of Ohio's fore-ranking statesmen and as a superb example of Greek Revival architecture at its height, this house cries aloud for permanent care and preservation. The home is the finest and more heavily endowed with historical associations of any private dwelling in the city and is likewise the only fine house of its period in Columbus to have survived to the present time."

Few men contributed more to the future of Ohio than Alfred Kelley in the period from 1830 to 1850. His major work was connected with the development of canals, then of railroads. To further the canal projects, he abandoned (when he became Canal Commissioner) a fine law practice and home in Cleveland, and undertook all of the privations and dangers required by this great



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