Early Franklin County Homesteads

Originally published in the Franklin County Historical Society Bulletin about 1950
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Plain Township

The Adam Baughman log cabin was one of the first erected in Plain Township. A miniature repoduction of the cabin has been made by Dr. C. C. Ross of 39 Auburn Avenue, a charter member of The Franklin County Historical Society. It has been exhibited in the Columbus Public Library and at the Centennial Ohio State Fair.

According to the Old Northwest Genealogical Quarterly, the cabin was built in 1803. Adam Baughman and his wife Priscilla (Huffman) came from Washington County, Pennsylvania that year.

The Baughmans started their journey from Pennsylvania accompanied by Henry Huffman and his wife. The four traveled horseback over maountains, across rivers and through forests to the Ohio, crossing the river by ferryboat. Then they followed rough roads and Indian pathways guided by plats of land and streams.

Finally they stopped and located near a hill, supposing it to be on the lands owned by Mrs. Baughman's father, John Huffman. But they soon discovered, to their great disappointment, that they were too far south. They moved then to a point farther north and built their log cabin two miles east of New Albany.

In 1829 the Baughman cabin was occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hand. Hand was a boot and shoemaker for the people of Plain Township.

Editor's Note: The cover sketch of the Baughman cabin was drawn by Frederick Havener, local artist. It was made from a photograph that appears in a 1904 issue of the Old Northwest Genealogical Quarterly.

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