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Pictorial Roster
Twentieth General Assembly of Colorado

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Title Page
Publisher's Information
State Capital (illus.)
Governor George A. Carlson (photo)
Biographical Sketch - Governor George A. Carlson
Lt. Gov. Moses E. Lewis (photo)
Biographical Sketch - Lt. Gov. Moses E. Lewis
The Honorable Senate
Leroy J. Williams (photo)
Biog. Sketch - Leroy J. Williams, Twenty-sixth District
William H. Adams, Twenty-fourth District
Edward Affolter, Fifth District
Casimiro Barela, Fourth District
Joseph H. Berry, First District
Samuel J. Burris, Second District
William J. Candlish, Sixth District
Benjamin Franklin Carver, Eighth District
Herbert E. Curran, Eighteenth District
Frank L. Dodge, First District
William R. Eaton, First District
David Elliot, Third District
Charles Bowen Hamilton, First District
John S. Hasty, Twenty-fifth District
Charles Hayden, Fourteenth District
Thomas H. Iles, Thirteenth District
Herman W. Kluge, Sixteenth District
Francis J. Knauss, First District
George Lewis, Twentieth District
M. Nathaniel Lines, Ninth District
Frank H. MeansÁ, Fifteenth District
Oliver L. Mitten, Twelfth District
Rueben J. Morris, First District
Barnette Turner Napier, Twenty-first District
John Franklin Pearson, Eleventh District
Wilkins O. Peterson, Second District
William D. Reilly, Twenty-seventh District
Helen Ring Robinson, First District
William C. Robinson, Third District
Fred Schermerhorn, Seventeenth District
John I. Tierney, Twenty-second District
Francis Marion Weiland, Twenty-third District
George Emery West, Nineteenth District
Cornelius F. Wilkin, Tenth District
Robert Emmett Winbourn, Seventh District
The Senate Chamber
Officers & Employes of the Senate

    (If you know the identity of any of
    these people, please, me.)
The Honorable House of Representatives
Philip B. Stewart (Photo)
Biog. Sketch - Philip B. Stewart, El Paso County
Alfred Scott Andrew, Pueblo County
Alphonce Pierre Ardourel, Boulder County
Boon Best, Bent & Kiowa Couties
Carroll M. Bills, Denver County
Henry C. Bolsinger, Gilpin County
Robert Marvin Born, Alamosa County
George W. Bruce, Delta County
George Edmund Colgate, Fremont County
James Nicholas Counter, Adams County
Herman Edward Crist, Clear Creek County
Charles Dailey, Pitkin County
Charles Edward Damewood, Phillips & Yuma Counties
John Dietrich, Denver County
William Henry Doyle, San Miguel County
George Brown Drake, Denver County
Edward Vaughan Dunklee, Denver County
Perry C. Dunlap, Pueblo County
Bernard Henry DuPraw, Ouray County
Siewers Fincher, Summit, Grand & Jackson Counties
John Sebastian Fox, San Juan County
J. P. Gallegos, Huerfano & Costilla Counties
Celestino Garcia, Conejos County
Harold Gould Garwood, Denver County
William Kirk Gilcrest, Weld County
Mark B. Gill, Morgan & Washington Counties
Charles Rush Graves, Weld County
Sigel Curtis Green, Montezuma & Dolores Counties
Randolph M. Hagerman, Denver County
Robert Harris, Denver County
Evangeline Heartz, Denver County
William J. Horton, Montrose County
W. W. Howland, Denver County (seat vacated)
W. Scott Humason, Gunnison County
Reuben C. Inge, Crowley & Otero Counties
Erlo E. Kennedy, Eagle County
Jacob J. Kruse, Elbert & Arapahoe Counties
John H. McDevitt, Jr., La Plata County
Ray McGrath, Prowers & Baca Counties
Fred J. McNair, Lake County
Carl L. Marold, Saguache & Custer Counties
John Mayer, Las Animas County
Elmer Linn Montgomery, Boulder County
P. D. Nelson, Larimer County
John L. Noonan, Garfield & Blanco Counties
Robert E. Norvell, Routt & Moffat Counties
James Joseph O'Rourke, Hinsdale & Mineral Counties
William Marshall Porter, Mesa County
L. A. Puffer, Eo Paso County
Clinton E. Roberts, Teller & Park Counties
Edward Myron Sabin, Denver
H. A. Schmidt, Las Animas County
John C. Scott, Logan & Sedgwick Counties
Frank Hugh Spencer, Cheyenne, Lincoln & Kit Carson Counties
Wesley Staley, Jefferson County
Fred McSherry Stokes, Pueblo County
Hugh Taylor, Douglas County
George Morrison Taylor, El Paso County
Frank D. Thompson, Denver County
Thomas Tonge, Denver County
Franklin Emmett Wallace, Pueblo County
August John Weiss, Rio Grande County
Orlando Willis West, Crowley & Otero Counties
John H. White, Teller & Park Counties
Abner Ellis Wright, Jr., Chaffee County
The House Chamber
Officers & Employes of the House of Representatives
Senate Committees
Senate Committees--Continued
House Committees
House Committees--Continued
House Committees--Continued (2)
Senate Employes
House Employes