Caption on front:
State Capitol and Grounds, Denver, Colorado

Caption on back:
Colorado's State House stands at the crest of
a slope that is the west slope of Capitol Hill, the
magnificent residence section of Denver.  The
grounds cover three full squares and havre one of
the finest lawns in the world.  The building is
constructed of Colorado granite and is a massive
structure exceptionally well built, and cost $2,-
800,000, exclusive of the site.  The grounds are
[1930] valued at $1,000,000.

MILES CITY & SPOK. ???; TR 4, AUG 29, 1930, ???
Addressed to:
Mrs. Paul A. Bens
Care Post Office
South Dak.

On Train
Aug. 29
Dear Aunt Mabel,
We left Denver last night and are going to Billings.  We had a
trip through the Mt.  We were up 14,000 ft. high.  It was a
16 mi. trip.  It was sure wonderful.  Ruby
Say Hello to all  Ruby Bens