Captions on front:
(top) The Largest and Finest Popular Priced hotel in Denver.  Fire Proof.  Modern in every detail.
The Hamilton-Brooks Co., Proprietors and Owners.

(bottom) The Oxford Hotel and New Annex--The Welcome Arch and Union Depot, Denver, Colo.

Only the year on postmark is readable: 1914
Address & Message written in pencil (wouldn't scan):

Mrs. Mabel McAdow

Topeka Kansas Sep 14
here at last got here yesterday morning have had a dandy
time will be home next week some time will write when I
will come, you had better coax Henry to bring you all out
in the car then I can go home in it the weather is so nice
it would be a lovely trip Emma is feeling better and gaining
a little in weight. Well write me and let me know if you can
come everybody is at work here.   Mother