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Noah Rose Cemetery
Pleasant Township,
Franklin County, Ohio

Noah Rose Gravestone, Franklin County, Ohio

Gravestone Photograph

Most populated areas have ghost stories and mysteries. Therefore it comes as no surprise that Franklin County has its share of both. The gravesite of Noah Rose appears to be one of those mysteries. The only record that I have found of a man named Noah Rose living in the county is in the 1880 census where Noah L. Rose, age 22, is listed as a servant in the household of Richard Haines. Both men are listed as farmers in Pleasant Township. The story that I've been given is that Noah Rose died of some disease and no one would bury him in an existing cemetery; they insisted that he be buried at a distance from any populated area. When the WPA compiled maps of all known Franklin County cemeteries during the final years of the Great Depression the "Noah Rose Cemetery" was mapped. But no reason was given why this lone grave was located here, so near the railroad tracks.

The gravestone is actually a broken stone that has another name inscribed on it, but the name Noah Rose has been scratched on the surface near the top and can be seen in the photo above, or see a larger view. It is anyone's guess whether this is actually the site of the final resting place for Noah Rose. Many thanks go to Brent Nimmo for the photo of the gravestone.

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