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John Hoover plaque, Hoover Family Graveyard, Grove City, Jackson Township, Franklin County, OH

Revolutionary War Soldier

John Hoover was born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in 1755.  In 1776 he volunteered for three months in the Pennsylvania militia, where he served under Captain Thomas Copenhover.  He then reenlisted in Captain Frederick Stover's Company.

After the war, he returned to Pennsylvania, where he married Margaret Smith.  Nine children were borne of this union.

In 1807 the family moved to Ohio and purchased 200 acres of land in Franklin County for $400.00. John lived on this land until his death in 1840.

John Hoover, his wife Margaret and infant child are buried here.

This plaque was placed here by the American Legion Pashel Post 164, the Southwest Franklin County Historical Society and the city of Grove City, July 4, 1991.