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Soldiers and Sailors Monument

Soldiers & Sailors Monument, Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, Franklin County, OH

Tucked far back in the oldest part of the cemetery (Section 28) is this majestic monument erected to honor the soldiers and sailors who served to preserve the union 1861-1865.

Erected by the
Franklin County
Ex-Soldiers and Sailors Association
and the
County Commissioners

In recognition
and in loving memory of the men
who on land and sea
upheld the honor and integrity
of our county and flag
in the War of the Rebellion
this monumnet is erected.

Rest on embalmed and sainted dead
Dear as the blood ye gave,
No impious footsteps here shall tread,
The herbage of your grave.

The bugle call, the battle ball,
Again shall rouse them never,
They fought and fell,
They served us well,
Their furlough lasts forever.

Photographs by David K. Gustafson

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