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LAST    FIRST                       VOLUME:PAGE
W., E.                                  IX:62                         
WACKENHUTH, Charles L.                  VIII:19                       
WACKENHUTH, Renner                      VIII:19                       
WADDING, J. Adessa M.                   X:106                         
WADDING, Joseph F.                      X:106                         
WADE, Abner                             IX:104                        
WADE, Abner R.                          VIII:22                       
WADE, Abner, Jr.                        IX:103                        
WADE, Albert S.                         VIII:61                       
WADE, Almeria                           IX:103                        
WADE, Anna                              IX:104                        
WADE, Anna                              IX:46                         
WADE, Anthony                           VIII:62                       
WADE, Carl C.                           VIII:70                       
WADE, Clark W.                          VIII:62                       
WADE, Dwight E.                         VIII:70                       
WADE, Edison L.                         X:51                          
WADE, Elizabeth E.                      X:51                          
WADE, Elmer M.                          VIII:22                       
WADE, Emily                             VIII:47                       
WADE, Flora M. Ralston                  X:42                          
WADE, Florine B.                        VIII:61                       
WADE, Frank H.                          X:42                          
WADE, George A.                         X:38                          
WADE, Grace                             IX:103                        
WADE, Harry C.                          VIII:70                       
WADE, Henry                             VIII:95                       
WADE, Ida May                           X:38                          
WADE, Ivan J.                           VI:50                         
WADE, James                             X:44                          
WADE, James M.                          VI:35                         
WADE, James William                     X:58                          
WADE, Kenneth E.                        X:57                          
WADE, Kenneth R.                        VIII:70                       
WADE, Laura M.                          VIII:70                       
WADE, Lita G.                           VIII:70                       
WADE, Lucile D.                         VIII:70                       
WADE, Mabel C.                          VI:35                         
WADE, Marjorie M.                       VI:50                         
WADE, Mary                              VIII:10                       
WADE, Mary C.                           X:44                          
WADE, Nancy A.                          IX:103                        
WADE, Osbun C.                          VIII:62                       
WADE, Phebe J.                          VIII:10                       
WADE, Raymond A.                        VIII:10                       
WADE, Susannah                          VIII:62                       
WADE, Tressie B.                        VIII:61                       
WADE, Walter C.                         X:57                          
WADE, William                           VIII:10                       
WAG---, Almedia                         XI:119                        
WAG---, Carolyne                        XI:119                        
WAG---, John                            XI:119                        
WAGENSELLER, George                     VIII:74                       
WAGENSELLER, John                       VIII:74                       
WAGER Emma B.                           V:35                          
WAGER Paul B.                           V:35                          
WAGER Warren W.                         V:35                          
WAGGONER, William                       VI:10                         
WAGNER, Abraham                         IV:49                         
WAGNER, Albert                          II:97                         
WAGNER, Almira                          VI:17                         
WAGNER, Beatrice L. Braskett            X:11                          
WAGNER, C.                              IX:37                         
WAGNER, Carolyn                         IX:37                         
WAGNER, Charles                         VII:29                        
WAGNER, Charles H.                      V:66                          
WAGNER, Charlie                         IV:22                         
WAGNER, Christian                       IX:83                         
WAGNER, Clara                           VI:17                         
WAGNER, Clarence L.                     I:36                          
WAGNER, Clarence L.                     XI:44                         
WAGNER, Claude C.                       IV:22                         
WAGNER, Conrad                          IX:37                         
WAGNER, Cora                            IX:78                         
WAGNER, Daniel                          IX:51                         
WAGNER, Della M.                        IV:21                         
WAGNER, Dora                            VII:29                        
WAGNER, Dorothy                         V:66                          
WAGNER, Elects                          IV:22                         
WAGNER, Elizabeth                       IV:22,49                      
WAGNER, Ferdinand                       II:97                         
WAGNER, Forest C.                       IV:62                         
WAGNER, Fred C.                         III:98                        
WAGNER, Geo.                            IV:49                         
WAGNER, Groh                            IX:51                         
WAGNER, Helen A.                        V:100                         
WAGNER, Helena                          IX:37                         
WAGNER, Henry D,                        I:36                          
WAGNER, Herman L.                       V:50                          
WAGNER, Ida J.                          IV:22                         
WAGNER, Inf Son                         X:59                          
WAGNER, Jacob                           IV:49                         
WAGNER, James                           IV:22                         
WAGNER, James R.                        X:64                          
WAGNER, James S.                        VI:17                         
WAGNER, James S.                        VI:29                         
WAGNER, Jefferson                       IV:49                         
WAGNER, John                            II:100                        
WAGNER, John                            IV:22                         
WAGNER, John A.                         IV:110                        
WAGNER, John C.                         IV:49                         
WAGNER, John W.                         VIII:19                       
WAGNER, Johnnie                         VII:29                        
WAGNER, Joseph                          I:57                          
WAGNER, Joseph                          IV:49                         
WAGNER, Joseph                          XI:63                         
WAGNER, Kate C. Geese                   IX:78                         
WAGNER, Kate E.                         IV:108                        
WAGNER, Kate I. Bowman                  IX:78                         
WAGNER, Katharine                       IV:49                         
WAGNER, Kathryn E.                      III:9                         
WAGNER, L. J.                           IV:108                        
WAGNER, Lanna                           II:100                        
WAGNER, Lena                            IX:43                         
WAGNER, Levi                            IX:78                         
WAGNER, Lindora E.                      IV:22                         
WAGNER, Louie M.                        II:110                        
WAGNER, Louise                          IV:49                         
WAGNER, Louise M.                       IX:83                         
WAGNER, Lydia                           IV:22                         
WAGNER, Lydia M.                        IV:22                         
WAGNER, M. A.                           IV:49                         
WAGNER, Mae Upperman                    X:64                          
WAGNER, Magdalena                       IX:51                         
WAGNER, Margaret                        IX:37                         
WAGNER, Mary                            II:97                         
WAGNER, Mary Wildermuth                 IX:51                         
WAGNER, Mattie                          IV:22                         
WAGNER, N.                              IX:37                         
WAGNER, Nadine H.                       IX:32                         
WAGNER, Netta B.                        IX:78                         
WAGNER, Paul A.                         VIII:38                       
WAGNER, Raymond                         IV:22                         
WAGNER, Rilla M.                        I:36                          
WAGNER, Rills M.                        XI:44                         
WAGNER, Rosa                            I:57                          
WAGNER, Rosa                            XI:63                         
WAGNER, Rosa C.                         IX:78                         
WAGNER, Rose P.                         IX:83                         
WAGNER, Russell 0.                      IX:32                         
WAGNER, Sabine K.                       IX:83                         
WAGNER, Samuel                          IX:51                         
WAGNER, Snowee V.                       IV:62                         
WAGNER, Sr. M. Jerome                   XI:34                         
WAGNER, Walter C.                       V:100                         
WAGNER, William                         VI:17                         
WAGNER, Willis T.                       IV:22                         
WAGNER, Wm.                             IV:108                        
WAGNER, Wm. D.                          VI:17                         
WAGONER, Eliz. M.                       II:54                         
WAGONER, Elizabeth                      II:57                         
WAGONER, John                           II:54,57                      
WAGONER, Violet P.                      IV:61                         
WAGONER, Wilbur W.                      IV:61                         
WAGSTAFF, Harry G.                      V:65                          
WAGSTAFF, Lucy H.                       V:65                          
WAGSTAFF, Ralph R.                      V:42                          
WAGSTAFF, Thelma                        V:42                          
WAGY, Chas. A.                          III:91                        
WAGY, Inza                              III:91                        
WAGY, Jennie B.                         III:91                        
WAGY, Phoebe                            III:71                        
WAHL, Barbara                           X:31                          
WAHL, Charles                           X:16                          
WAHL, Edward                            X:16                          
WAHL, Elizabeth                         X:12                          
WAHL, Jacob                             X:16                          
WAHL, Johannes                          X:31                          
WAHL, John                              X:12                          
WAHL, Margaret                          X:16                          
WAHLSTEIN, Leah                         I:95                          
WAHUTKA, Edward                         VIII:116                      
WAIBEL, Harold R.                       X:26                          
WAIDMYER, Sarah                         VIII:110                      
WAISTBACKER, Adam                       VIII:77                       
WAISTBACKER, Katharine                  VIII:77                       
WAIT, Jinks                             XI:143                        
WAITE, Elizabeth                        IX:124                        
WAITE, Janis                            VII:47                        
WAITLEY, George R.                      V:60                          
WAITLEY, Juanita                        V:60                          
WAITLEY, Nellie B.                      V:60                          
WAITZMAN, Samuel Nathan                 I:85                          
WAITZMAN, Samuel Nathan                 XI:88                         
WAITZMAN, Sarah Amelia                  I:85                          
WAITZMAN, Sarah Amelia                  XI:88                         
WAKS, Isaiah Z.                         XI:90                         
WAKS, Isiah                             I:86                          
WAKS, Rachael Lea                       I:87                          
WAKS, Rachel Lea                        XI:90                         
WALCOTT, Horace                         V:92                          
WALCUTT, A. M. Jr.                      V:31                          
WALCUTT, Amanda                         V:96                          
WALCUTT, Ann                            VIII:75                       
WALCUTT, Elma                           V:97                          
WALCUTT, Harrison                       VII:12                        
WALCUTT, Hattie                         VIII:75                       
WALCUTT, Hulda                          VII:12                        
WALCUTT, Inf dau                        XI:130                        
WALCUTT, Jacob                          V:96                          
WALCUTT, Jacob                          VIII:75                       
WALCUTT, James                          VIII:75                       
WALCUTT, Lafayette                      V:97                          
WALCUTT, Lafayette                      XI:129                        
WALCUTT, Leslie                         V:31                          
WALCUTT, Malcolm                        V:31                          
WALCUTT, Marilla                        VII:12                        
WALCUTT, Mary                           VII:12                        
WALCUTT, Mary                           XI:129                        
WALCUTT, Mila                           V:31                          
WALCUTT, Rachel                         VII:12                        
WALCUTT, Richard                        VII:12                        
WALCUTT, Robert                         V:96,97                       
WALCUTT, Robert                         XI:129                        
WALCUTT, Sarah                          VII:12                        
WALCUTT, Susan                          VII:12                        
WALCUTT, Susan                          XI:129                        
WALCUTT, Susannah                       V:96,97                       
WALDON, Edgele C.                       X:25                          
WALDON, Edward                          X:25                          
WALDON, Kerry L.                        X:25                          
WALDON, Nannie C.                       X:25                          
WALDORF, Charles A.                     V:60                          
WALDORF, Charles G.                     V:60                          
WALDORF, Ellsworth                      V:60                          
WALDORF, Helen M.                       V:60                          
WALDORF, James P.                       V:60                          
WALDORF, Mary M.                        V:60                          
WALDORF, Melissa                        V:60                          
WALDREN, Mary A.                        V:67                          
WALDRON, Harry A.                       III:33                        
WALDRON, Lulu M.                        III:33                        
WALDRON, Sr. M. Monica                  XI:34                         
WALES, Frederick L.                     IV:93                         
WALES, Mary                             IV:93                         
WALFORD, Arthur C.                      VI:56                         
WALISA, Bertha M.                       X:54                          
WALISA, Lewis N.                        X:54                          
WALK, Millie                            VIII:105                      
WALKER-ALEXANDER, Allan                 V:105                         
WALKER-ALEXANDER, Mary E.               V:105                         
WALKER-ALEXANDER, Nellie                V:105                         
WALKER, Alice C.                        VI:13                         
WALKER, Aristarchus                     V:20                          
WALKER, B. Earl                         V:54                          
WALKER, B. Rufus                        V:54                          
WALKER, Ben G.                          IX:57                         
WALKER, Charles                         VII:74                        
WALKER, Dorothea                        V:54                          
WALKER, Easter M.                       IX:95                         
WALKER, Elsie V.                        X:5                           
WALKER, Esther M.                       V:21                          
WALKER, Eva                             VII:34                        
WALKER, Fern                            VII:37                        
WALKER, Flossie                         IX:95                         
WALKER, Frank                           V:20                          
WALKER, Frank                           VII:30                        
WALKER, Frank E.                        IX:30                         
WALKER, Genevieve                       IX:30                         
WALKER, George T.                       X:61                          
WALKER, Georgie Ellen                   XI:157                        
WALKER, Gerald M.                       I:77                          
WALKER, Gerald M.                       XI:78                         
WALKER, Guy Lee                         I:76                          
WALKER, Guy Lee                         XI:78                         
WALKER, H. C.                           X:110                         
WALKER, H. C.                           X:111                         
WALKER, H.C.                            XI:156,157                    
WALKER, Harry M.                        IV:126                        
WALKER, Hazel Mae                       X:22                          
WALKER, Henry                           V:20                          
WALKER, Howard                          VII:37                        
WALKER, Inf. Son                        X:110                         
WALKER, J. L.                           I:29                          
WALKER, J. W.                           VII:44                        
WALKER, J.H.                            XI:86                         
WALKER, J.L.                            XI:27                         
WALKER, J.R.                            XI:11                         
WALKER, James                           III:59                        
WALKER, James                           X:96                          
WALKER, Jane                            X:96                          
WALKER, John                            VIII:83                       
WALKER, John B.                         V:9                           
WALKER, Katherine                       VII:30                        
WALKER, Leah Frankenberg                XI:22                         
WALKER, Leah Frankenburg                I:22                          
WALKER, Lena A.                         VIII:47                       
WALKER, Leona M.                        X:61                          
WALKER, Lillie M.                       V:80                          
WALKER, Luanna L.                       IV:59                         
WALKER, Margaret A.                     X:61                          
WALKER, Margaret J.                     IV:108                        
WALKER, Martha                          V:9                           
WALKER, Mary                            III:59                        
WALKER, Maude                           VII:30                        
WALKER, Melanie                         VII:69                        
WALKER, Mildred M.                      VI:47                         
WALKER, Millia M.                       X:96                          
WALKER, Minnie                          V:54                          
WALKER, Nora M.                         IV:126                        
WALKER, Pearl M.                        IX:57                         
WALKER, Pearlie                         IX:95                         
WALKER, Pearlie S.                      IX:95                         
WALKER, Pird R.                         IX:30                         
WALKER, Ray P.                          VI:47                         
WALKER, Raymond                         VII:34                        
WALKER, Raymond D.                      IX:52                         
WALKER, Raymond L. Jr.                  III:102                       
WALKER, Rhoda                           X:110                         
WALKER, Rhoda A.                        X:111                         
WALKER, Rhoda A.                        XI:156,157                    
WALKER, Rich'd.                         VIII:92                       
WALKER, Richard                         III:59                        
WALKER, Robert                          VII:74                        
WALKER, Robert R.                       V:54                          
WALKER, Roxa E.                         V:9                           
WALKER, Roxie                           VII:44                        
WALKER, Ruth. N.                        IV:115                        
WALKER, Sammie Love                     I:76                          
WALKER, Sammie Love                     XI:78                         
WALKER, Sarah                           III:59                        
WALKER, Thelma                          VII:34                        
WALKER, Victor                          VIII:87                       
WALKER, Vinton                          VIII:86                       
WALKER, Walter                          VII:30                        
WALKER, Warren F.                       VIII:47                       
WALKER, Weltha                          V:20                          
WALKER, William                         III:5                         
WALKER, William                         VII:34                        
WALKER, William R.                      X:61                          
WALL, Garrett S.                        V:10                          
WALL, Goldie B.                         V:10                          
WALL, Ransom C.                         V:10                          
WALLACE, Abram E., SR.                  IX:116                        
WALLACE, Anson                          XI:131                        
WALLACE, Charles S.                     X:69                          
WALLACE, Clarence W.                    X:68                          
WALLACE, Dorotha E.                     X:68                          
WALLACE, Emmett L.                      IX:111                        
WALLACE, Emmitt L.                      IX:96                         
WALLACE, Frank                          VIII:86                       
WALLACE, Frank Edward                   X:51                          
WALLACE, George W.                      X:89                          
WALLACE, Georgia A.                     IX:116                        
WALLACE, Helen R.                       IV:61                         
WALLACE, Henry                          VIII:86                       
WALLACE, John A.                        IX:58                         
WALLACE, Lana F.                        IX:94                         
WALLACE, Mary D.                        X:69                          
WALLACE, Ralph A.                       IX:116                        
WALLACE, Rebecca                        VIII:83                       
WALLACE, Rosa M.                        IX:58                         
WALLACE, Rosalie                        IX:111                        
WALLACE, Russell L.                     IX:94                         
WALLACE, Ruth K.                        X:69                          
WALLACE, Sr. M. Louise                  XI:35                         
WALLACE, Sr. M. Teresa                  XI:35                         
WALLACE, Virginia E.                    IX:96                         
WALLACE, William S.                     X:69                          
WALLACH, Isaac                          I:86                          
WALLACH, J. Isaac                       XI:90                         
WALLEN, Grace E.                        IX:17                         
WALLEN, Leonard                         IX:17                         
WALLEN, Susie A.                        IX:17                         
WALLEN, William M.                      IX:17                         
WALLET, Daniel                          II:55                         
WALLET, Rebecca                         II:55                         
WALLING, Asa                            III:45                        
WALLING, Huldah                         V:91                          
WALLING, Huldah                         XI:137                        
WALLING, John                           V:91                          
WALLITS, Marie                          IV:36                         
WALLO, Joseph                           IV:73                         
WALLS, Emmett W.                        X:26                          
WALLS, Herby                            I:67                          
WALLS, Herby                            XI:71                         
WALLS, Herby L.                         I:69                          
WALLS, Lilly Mae                        I:67                          
WALLS, Lilly May                        XI:71                         
WALMAN, Grandfather                     XI:99                         
WALNICK ----                            I:94                          
WALSH, Kathleen                         VIII:51                       
WALSH, Sr. M. Deborah                   XI:36                         
WALSH, Sr. M. Gerard                    XI:36                         
WALSH, Sr. M. Ricarda                   XI:36                         
WALSH, William                          VIII:105                      
WALSTON, Delbert H.                     IX:58                         
WALSTON, Denny C.                       IV:31                         
WALSTON, Lucille                        VII:18                        
WALSTON, Nile                           VII:18                        
WALSTON, Verne E.                       IV:31                         
WALTAR, Eva                             VIII:91                       
WALTAR, Joseph                          VIII:91                       
WALTAR, Maria                           VIII:91                       
WALTER, August                          X:48                          
WALTER, Betty                           X:48                          
WALTER, Charles                         X:8                           
WALTER, E.                              II:55                         
WALTER, Elder I.                        VI:64                         
WALTER, Garglinel                       X:29                          
WALTER, H.                              II:55                         
WALTER, Harry                           IV:66                         
WALTER, Henry                           X:31                          
WALTER, James H.                        VI:64                         
WALTER, Joseph B.                       IX:59                         
WALTER, Lydia                           II:55                         
WALTER, Lydia                           VI:64                         
WALTER, Martha                          VII:30                        
WALTER, Mary                            XI:142                        
WALTER, Minnie E.                       IX:59                         
WALTERS, Agnes M.                       IX:35                         
WALTERS, Alice                          III:32                        
WALTERS, Anna                           II:85                         
WALTERS, C. Robert                      IX:96                         
WALTERS, Charles E.                     II:7                          
WALTERS, Charles E.                     IX:121                        
WALTERS, Charles W.                     III:32                        
WALTERS, Chester R.                     X:56                          
WALTERS, Clara B.                       II:7                          
WALTERS, Clayton                        X:48                          
WALTERS, Clifford                       X:48                          
WALTERS, Cora B.                        IV:104                        
WALTERS, Daniel B.                      IX:35                         
WALTERS, David F.                       III:63                        
WALTERS, Edward A.                      X:56                          
WALTERS, Emily C.                       IX:121                        
WALTERS, Emily J.                       IV:107                        
WALTERS, Faye E.                        IV:104                        
WALTERS, George W.                      III:63                        
WALTERS, Hazel Borrer                   X:42                          
WALTERS, Infants                        IX:122                        
WALTERS, James S.                       IV:104                        
WALTERS, Jeremy Preston                 X:27                          
WALTERS, John D.                        II:77                         
WALTERS, Jos. A.                        IV:107                        
WALTERS, Kathleen M.                    II:7                          
WALTERS, Lacey Olin                     IX:122                        
WALTERS, Laurence Everett               X:77                          
WALTERS, Lulu                           IX:121                        
WALTERS, Lydia                          VIII:118                      
WALTERS, Lyle C.                        X:56                          
WALTERS, Maggie C.                      II:105                        
WALTERS, Margaret                       X:84                          
WALTERS, Mary L.                        IV:70                         
WALTERS, Mary Winifred                  IX:122                        
WALTERS, Olive                          X:56                          
WALTERS, Olive M.                       III:6                         
WALTERS, Paul E.                        IV:70                         
WALTERS, Robert C.                      V:92                          
WALTERS, Ronnie L.                      II:7                          
WALTERS, Rowena D.                      IX:96                         
WALTERS, Samuel                         II:41,42                      
WALTERS, Samuel                         VIII:104                      
WALTERS, Stephen W.                     IX:129                        
WALTERS, Thelma Viola                   X:77                          
WALTERS, Thomas F.                      II:7                          
WALTERS, W. L.                          II:85                         
WALTHER, Carl W.                        IV:89                         
WALTHER, Dorthy                         IV:89                         
WALTON, Alice                           VII:45                        
WALTON, Charles                         VII:72                        
WALTON, Eddie                           VII:29                        
WALTON, Edna F.                         IX:119                        
WALTON, Elizabeth                       VII:4                         
WALTON, Ellenia K.                      IX:119                        
WALTON, Ernest L.                       IX:119                        
WALTON, Eva                             VII:29                        
WALTON, Evelyn N.                       IX:119                        
WALTON, Florence K.                     V:7                           
WALTON, Harriet                         VII:72                        
WALTON, Hazel M.                        IV:130                        
WALTON, Helen                           VIII:59                       
WALTON, Henrietta                       V:92                          
WALTON, James                           VIII:59                       
WALTON, James B.                        IV:3                          
WALTON, Jasper N.                       V:92                          
WALTON, John                            VII:72                        
WALTON, Joseph                          V:7                           
WALTON, Lowell E.                       IX:119                        
WALTON, M.                              VII:6                         
WALTON, Maria                           VII:6                         
WALTON, Mattie                          VII:45                        
WALTON, Robert A.                       IV:3                          
WALTON, Ronnie                          VIII:57                       
WALTON, Roy E. Jr.                      XI:31                         
WALTON, Sarah                           VII:29,72                     
WALTON, Thomas L.                       IX:119                        
WALTON, William                         VII:4,29,45,72                
WALTON, Wm. J.                          V:7                           
WALTZER, Herman                         I:80                          
WALZ, Clara                             VIII:26                       
WALZ, Hilda E.                          VIII:27                       
WALZ, Luther W.                         VIII:27                       
WALZ, Oscar                             VIII:26                       
WALZ, Sandra L.                         VIII:26                       
WALZ, Stuart J.                         VIII:27                       
WAMBAUGH, Hannah                        IV:85                         
WAMBAUGH, Paul                          IV:85                         
WAMPLER, Nilace S.                      II:31                         
WANDT, Carl                             IX:67                         
WANDT, Maria                            IX:67                         
WANZEL, Ida C.                          VIII:8                        
WANZEL, Wm.                             VIII:8                        
WAPLES, David                           X:117                         
WAPLES, E.                              X:117                         
WAPLES, Harriet E.                      X:18                          
WAPLES, J.                              X:117                         
WAPLES, James W.                        IX:31                         
WAPLES, Wheeler J.                      X:18                          
WAPLES, Wilhelmina Green                X:117                         
WAPLES, Willie                          X:117                         
WARD (Hard), A.                         I:3                           
WARD, Aaron                             I:3                           
WARD, Aaron                             XI:2                          
WARD, Alice C.                          I:14                          
WARD, Alice C.                          XI:16                         
WARD, Andres Jackson                    X:66                          
WARD, Annie                             V:15                          
WARD, Belsey A.                         I:55                          
WARD, Betsy A.                          XI:61                         
WARD, Billy                             X:103                         
WARD, Blanche M.                        IV:26                         
WARD, Caroline                          V:65                          
WARD, Charles E.                        X:25                          
WARD, Clara                             VII:49                        
WARD, Clara E.                          I:53                          
WARD, Clara E.                          XI:59                         
WARD, Clarissa J.                       VI:31                         
WARD, Cora Anna                         VI:31                         
WARD, D. Robert                         V:8                           
WARD, Dale L.                           I:21                          
WARD, Dale L.                           XI:21                         
WARD, Dolla M.                          X:103                         
WARD, Dr. J. H.                         I:14                          
WARD, E.                                I:53                          
WARD, E.                                XI:59                         
WARD, Edith R.                          X:46                          
WARD, Eliza M.                          I:14                          
WARD, Eliza M.                          XI:16                         
WARD, Elizabeth                         V:45                          
WARD, Elizabeth                         VI:30                         
WARD, Ella Phenis                       I:39                          
WARD, Ella Phenis                       XI:47                         
WARD, Emrod                             VIII:95                       
WARD, Erma L.                           IV:60                         
WARD, Esther L.                         VI:42                         
WARD, Florence A.                       V:14                          
WARD, Fred                              VIII:103                      
WARD, Fred C.                           X:26                          
WARD, Generra S.                        I:21                          
WARD, Genevra S.                        XI:21                         
WARD, George Edward                     X:77                          
WARD, H. D.                             I:14                          
WARD, H.D.                              XI:16                         
WARD, Harry E.                          IX:43                         
WARD, Harry H. Sr.                      IV:60                         
WARD, Harry Jr.                         IV:60                         
WARD, Harry P.                          V:65                          
WARD, Henry                             VI:30                         
WARD, Holace                            XI:16                         
WARD, J. W.                             X:96                          
WARD, J.H., Dr.                         XI:16                         
WARD, Jack R.                           IV:60                         
WARD, James D.                          XI:39                         
WARD, James L.                          IX:43                         
WARD, James Lincoln                     I:39                          
WARD, James Lincoln                     XI:47                         
WARD, James W.                          X:96                          
WARD, Jane                              I:14                          
WARD, Jane                              XI:16                         
WARD, Jane H.                           X:96                          
WARD, Jerry                             VI:42                         
WARD, John U.                           II:66                         
WARD, John V.                           II:62,67                      
WARD, Joyce Elaine                      IX:49                         
WARD, L.                                I:53                          
WARD, L.                                XI:59                         
WARD, Lewis                             I:3                           
WARD, Lewis                             XI:2(3)                       
WARD, Lizzie                            VIII:102                      
WARD, Lorena B.                         IX:49                         
WARD, M. E.                             II:66                         
WARD, M. L.                             II:62,67                      
WARD, Margaret Yates                    IX:59                         
WARD, Mary                              I:3                           
WARD, Mary                              XI:2                          
WARD, Mary Elizabeth                    X:66                          
WARD, Mary L.                           IX:43                         
WARD, Mary Maxine                       IV:60                         
WARD, Maud E.                           X:77                          
WARD, Maude                             V:3                           
WARD, Milton N.                         X:96                          
WARD, Ollie M.                          X:26                          
WARD, Ora B.                            X:96                          
WARD, Osee                              XI:2(3)                       
WARD, Paul Wm., Jr.                     IX:52                         
WARD, Robert                            X:26                          
WARD, Robert L.                         IV:60                         
WARD, Roger A.                          I:99                          
WARD, Roger A.                          XI:105                        
WARD, Roger C.                          IX:59                         
WARD, Rosie                             I:3                           
WARD, Samuel                            II:62,67                      
WARD, Sarah                             XI:61                         
WARD, Sarah A.                          X:96                          
WARD, Solomon                           II:66                         
WARD, Sophia                            I:3                           
WARD, Sophia                            XI:2(2)                       
WARD, Sr. Alonzo                        XI:36                         
WARD, Sue Carol                         I:99                          
WARD, Sue Carol                         XI:104                        
WARD, Theresa M.                        IV:60                         
WARD, Thornton                          VIII:118                      
WARD, Waymer                            X:103                         
WARD, William D.                        X:96                          
WARD, Willis H.                         I:55                          
WARD, Willis H.                         XI:61                         
WARD, Zelda G.                          IV:60                         
WARD, Zonia                             IV:6                          
WARDEN, George                          VIII:79                       
WARDEN, Grant                           VIII:106                      
WARDEN, Sarah                           VIII:83                       
WARDLE, Grover                          VIII:112                      
WARDRUP, Kendra Rae                     X:25                          
WARE, Bertha E.                         III:68                        
WARE, Beulah M.                         III:98                        
WARE, Cora                              III:102                       
WARE, Eliza J.                          III:102                       
WARE, Evander T.                        III:102                       
WARE, Florence M.                       IX:83                         
WARE, Homer                             III:98                        
WARE, John D.                           IX:83                         
WARE, Mary                              XI:11                         
WARE, Mary Ann                          III:102                       
WARE, Mary B.                           III:111                       
WARE, Mary E.                           III:98                        
WARE, Mary E. Price                     XI:29                         
WARE, N.H.                              XI:11,29                      
WARE, Pauline                           III:98                        
WARE, Prescott B.                       III:68                        
WARE, Robert P.                         III:102                       
WARE, Rozella V.                        III:68                        
WARE, V. A. P.                          III:111                       
WARE, Vinton T.                         III:98                        
WAREHAM, Coral                          III:87                        
WAREHAM, Ray                            III:87                        
WARF, Ida M.                            III:16                        
WARF, Ross J.                           III:16                        
WARFORD, C. W.                          IV:113                        
WARMAN, Edith L.                        V:15                          
WARMAN, Rizpah E.                       IV:64                         
WARMINGHAM, Osbert W.                   IV:77                         
WARMINGHAM, Ruth G.                     IV:77                         
WARN, J. W.                             VIII:92                       
WARN, Thomas                            VIII:92                       
WARNER, 0. S.                           VI:46                         
WARNER, Adam                            II:77                         
WARNER, Addie B.                        V:26                          
WARNER, Albert L.                       VIII:31                       
WARNER, Alice Boyer                     II:80                         
WARNER, Anna                            VII:70                        
WARNER, B. F.                           VII:31                        
WARNER, B. O.                           VII:11                        
WARNER, Barbara                         I:2                           
WARNER, Barbara                         XI:1                          
WARNER, Bernice                         III:55,94                     
WARNER, Bessie L.                       V:26                          
WARNER, Charles A.                      V:38                          
WARNER, Charles H.                      VI:46                         
WARNER, Clara E.                        VI:46                         
WARNER, Clara M.                        V:38                          
WARNER, Clarence                        IX:102                        
WARNER, Clinton M.                      VIII:31                       
WARNER, Delbert                         VII:70                        
WARNER, Delilah                         VI:69                         
WARNER, Delilah A.                      V:38,93                       
WARNER, Don Cleland                     III:64                        
WARNER, E. M.                           VII:31                        
WARNER, Edith M.                        IV:36                         
WARNER, Edna                            IX:102                        
WARNER, Elizabeth C.                    IX:102                        
WARNER, Elmer F.                        IX:57                         
WARNER, Elora                           VII:50                        
WARNER, Emma W.                         V:22                          
WARNER, Etta                            VIII:78                       
WARNER, Florence M.                     VIII:31                       
WARNER, Frank E.                        V:26                          
WARNER, George H.                       IV:59                         
WARNER, George W.                       V:38                          
WARNER, H.                              VI:69                         
WARNER, Hannah                          VI:69                         
WARNER, Henry                           IX:98                         
WARNER, Henry                           VII:15                        
WARNER, Howard C.                       V:56                          
WARNER, Howard P.                       V:9                           
WARNER, Ida M.                          IX:98                         
WARNER, Infant                          IX:98                         
WARNER, J. A.                           V:22                          
WARNER, J. E.                           I:2                           
WARNER, J.E.                            XI:1                          
WARNER, Jennie M.                       V:56                          
WARNER, John                            IX:102                        
WARNER, John                            VII:11,42                     
WARNER, John P.                         V:38,93                       
WARNER, John, Sr.                       IX:102                        
WARNER, Joseph M.                       V:21                          
WARNER, Kate A.                         V:93                          
WARNER, Katie A.                        V:38                          
WARNER, Lois E.                         III:64                        
WARNER, M. M.                           II:80                         
WARNER, Mabel A.                        IX:102                        
WARNER, Mamie A.                        IV:36                         
WARNER, Margaret E.                     VIII:31                       
WARNER, Mary                            VIII:78,112                   
WARNER, Mary A.                         V:38                          
WARNER, Mary E.                         V:7                           
WARNER, Mary J.                         IX:57                         
WARNER, Michael S.                      V:22                          
WARNER, Mildred A.                      IV:59                         
WARNER, Mildred E.                      V:56                          
WARNER, Minnie                          VII:31                        
WARNER, Myrtle F.                       V:9                           
WARNER, Nettie                          III:64                        
WARNER, Orville                         I:2                           
WARNER, Orville                         XI:1                          
WARNER, Rhoda                           VI:69                         
WARNER, Robert P.                       V:102                         
WARNER, Ruth                            VIII:23                       
WARNER, S.                              VI:69                         
WARNER, S. V.                           VII:11                        
WARNER, Sara                            V:97                          
WARNER, Sarah                           VII:11                        
WARNER, Sarah A.                        V:102                         
WARNER, Stephen                         VI:69                         
WARNER, Susan                           V:21                          
WARNER, Truman A.                       IV:36                         
WARNER, W. L.                           VII:11                        
WARNER, William                         VII:11                        
WARNER, Wilson                          III:64                        
WARNETT, Zelma                          VIII:80                       
WARNICK, Samuel                         VII:77                        
WARNING, Charlotte                      IX:24                         
WARNING, Charlotte G.                   IX:24                         
WARNING, Normagene                      IX:24                         
WARNING, Stanley                        IX:24                         
WARNING, Stanley F.                     IX:24                         
WARRELL, Caroline                       XI:150                        
WARRELL, M.                             XI:150                        
WARRELL, Samuel                         XI:150                        
WARREN, Charles P.                      III:54                        
WARREN, Charlie F.                      VII:2                         
WARREN, Clara B.                        X:53                          
WARREN, Deloss                          V:91                          
WARREN, E. W.                           VII:2                         
WARREN, Edmund                          VII:43                        
WARREN, Etta                            VII:32                        
WARREN, Ida                             VII:43                        
WARREN, James                           VIII:93                       
WARREN, Keziah S.                       VII:2                         
WARREN, Leander                         VII:43                        
WARREN, Lula                            VII:52                        
WARREN, Maria                           VII:43                        
WARREN, Rachel R.                       VIII:2                        
WARREN, Reuben                          VII:52                        
WARREN, Sylvia                          V:91                          
WARREN, Sylvia                          XI:130                        
WARREN, Verna M.                        III:54                        
WARRICK, C. Marien                      V:48                          
WARRICK, Lorin C.                       V:48                          
WARTMAN, Faye                           V:56                          
WASHBURN, Abigail                       IV:54                         
WASHBURN, Alvin                         IV:55                         
WASHBURN, Annie                         I:52                          
WASHBURN, Annie                         XI:58                         
WASHBURN, C. L. (Mrs.)                  IV:64                         
WASHBURN, Child                         XI:134                        
WASHBURN, Clara E.                      IV:86                         
WASHBURN, Ebenezer                      IV:54,55                      
WASHBURN, Edgar I.                      V:97                          
WASHBURN, Eunice                        IV:55                         
WASHBURN, Hannah                        I:52                          
WASHBURN, Hannah                        XI:58                         
WASHBURN, Harvey                        I:52                          
WASHBURN, Harvey                        XI:58                         
WASHBURN, Helen H.                      IV:48                         
WASHBURN, Jacob B.                      IV:54                         
WASHBURN, Laura H.                      IV:54                         
WASHBURN, Lois                          IV:54                         
WASHBURN, Marion                        II:92                         
WASHBURN, Netia A.                      V:97                          
WASHBURN, W. R.                         IV:64                         
WASHBURN, W. R. (Mrs.)                  IV:64                         
WASHBURN, William                       I:52                          
WASHBURN, William                       XI:58(2)                      
WASHBURN, Wm. R.                        IV:54,86                      
WASHINGTON, George                      VI:53                         
WASSERMAN, Elizabeth                    I:97                          
WASSERMAN, Elizabeth                    XI:102                        
WASSERMAN, Joseph                       I:97                          
WASSERMAN, Joseph                       XI:102                        
WASSERMAN, Mayer                        I:95                          
WASSERMAN, Mayer                        XI:100                        
WASSERSTROM, Baby                       XI:103                        
WASSERSTROM, Benjamin                   I:98                          
WASSERSTROM, Benjamin                   XI:103                        
WASSERSTROM, Emil                       I:102                         
WASSERSTROM, Emil                       XI:108                        
WASSERSTROM, Ethel Kliman               XI:113                        
WASSERSTROM, Fanny                      I:99                          
WASSERSTROM, Fanny                      XI:104                        
WASSERSTROM, Fred                       I:87                          
WASSERSTROM, Fred                       XI:91                         
WASSERSTROM, Gussie Markowitz           I:98                          
WASSERSTROM, Gussie Moskowitz           XI:103                        
WASSERSTROM, Hemon                      I:98                          
WASSERSTROM, Herman                     I:98                          
WASSERSTROM, Herman                     XI:103                        
WASSERSTROM, Heymon W.                  XI:103                        
WASSERSTROM, Julius "Boots"             XI:113                        
WASSERSTROM, Kate                       I:98                          
WASSERSTROM, Kate                       XI:103                        
WASSERSTROM, Kayleen Fakin              I:102                         
WASSERSTROM, Kayleen Tobin              XI:108                        
WASSERSTROM, Marie                      I:98                          
WASSERSTROM, Marie                      XI:103                        
WASSERSTROM, Mollie                     XI:104                        
WASSERSTROM, Nathan                     I:98                          
WASSERSTROM, Nathan                     XI:103                        
WASSERSTROM, Rebecca                    I:98                          
WASSERSTROM, Rebecca                    XI:103                        
WASSERSTROM, Sam                        I:102                         
WASSERSTROM, Sam                        XI:108                        
WASSERSTROM, Samuel J.                  I:99                          
WASSERSTROM, Samuel J.                  XI:104                        
WASSERSTROM, Sydney                     I:102                         
WASSERSTROM, Sydney L.                  XI:108                        
WASSERSTROM, William                    XI:113                        
WATERMAN, Bird                          VII:43                        
WATERMAN, Ella                          VII:41                        
WATERMAN, Herbert E.                    V:11                          
WATERS, Anna H.                         V:53                          
WATERS, Henry                           V:93                          
WATERS, Ida                             IV:105                        
WATERS, Kittie                          IV:92                         
WATERS, Louisa A.                       IV:92                         
WATERS, Max                             I:99                          
WATERS, Max                             XI:104                        
WATERS, Mitchell D.                     IV:100                        
WATERS, Rachel                          V:93                          
WATERS, Rosetta S.                      IV:100                        
WATERS, William                         VIII:109                      
WATKINS, Aldridge                       IX:50                         
WATKINS, Aldridge, Sr.                  IX:51                         
WATKINS, Amanda S.                      IX:88                         
WATKINS, Benny D.                       VI:6                          
WATKINS, Burneal                        IV:75                         
WATKINS, C.                             IX:88                         
WATKINS, Carrie                         IX:88                         
WATKINS, Clara A.                       IX:89                         
WATKINS, Clarissa K.                    IX:51                         
WATKINS, Clinton                        IX:88                         
WATKINS, E.                             IX:88                         
WATKINS, E.                             IX:88                         
WATKINS, Effie H.                       IX:88                         
WATKINS, Elsie                          IX:50                         
WATKINS, Etta H.                        VI:6                          
WATKINS, G.                             IX:88                         
WATKINS, Geo. W., Sr.                   IX:58                         
WATKINS, Grace                          IX:88                         
WATKINS, Grant                          IX:88                         
WATKINS, Harold B.                      IX:89                         
WATKINS, Helen                          VII:47                        
WATKINS, Hernia Carruthers              IX:88                         
WATKINS, Infant                         IX:50                         
WATKINS, Jeffrey N.                     V:101                         
WATKINS, Kenneth                        IV:75                         
WATKINS, Kimberly S.                    IV:75                         
WATKINS, M. C.                          IX:88                         
WATKINS, Margaret C.                    IX:88                         
WATKINS, N.                             IX:88                         
WATKINS, Olga H.                        V:104                         
WATKINS, P. B.                          IX:88                         
WATKINS, Pearl                          IX:89                         
WATKINS, Philo                          IX:88                         
WATKINS, Philo B.                       IX:88                         
WATKINS, Q. G.                          IX:88                         
WATKINS, Quincy A.                      IX:88                         
WATKINS, Ralph                          IX:88                         
WATKINS, Ray                            IX:88                         
WATKINS, Sally G.                       V:101                         
WATKINS, Theresa                        VI:6                          
WATKINS, Viola G.                       IX:89                         
WATKINS, Wallace                        V:101                         
WATKINS, William Quincy                 IX:88                         
WATKINS, Wright R.                      VI:6                          
WATROUS, Edward (Eddie)                 X:101                         
WATSON, Ada                             VIII:70                       
WATSON, Alexander E.                    IV:131                        
WATSON, Alice                           V:67                          
WATSON, Amy K.                          IV:110                        
WATSON, Ann                             V:23                          
WATSON, Anna J.                         IV:131                        
WATSON, Arthur K.                       IV:111                        
WATSON, Bell                            IV:52                         
WATSON, Belle                           V:23                          
WATSON, Betty J.                        VIII:22                       
WATSON, C. H.                           V:23                          
WATSON, Catharine B.                    III:70                        
WATSON, Catherine                       IV:131                        
WATSON, Charles B.                      VIII:70                       
WATSON, Chas. W.                        IV:110                        
WATSON, DeWitt M.                       VIII:13                       
WATSON, Dorothy L.                      III:69                        
WATSON, Duane                           IV:52                         
WATSON, Elizabeth                       II:16,18                      
WATSON, Elizabeth                       V:35                          
WATSON, Elizabeth                       VI:63                         
WATSON, Elizabeth J.                    III:69                        
WATSON, Ella M.                         VIII:70                       
WATSON, Emily A.                        III:70                        
WATSON, Etta P.                         VIII:70                       
WATSON, Eva                             II:16                         
WATSON, Eve                             II:18                         
WATSON, Frank C.                        VIII:70                       
WATSON, Frankie                         V:23                          
WATSON, Franklin                        VIII:21                       
WATSON, Frederick S.                    V:68                          
WATSON, Gertrude                        VI:30                         
WATSON, Grace                           IV:110                        
WATSON, Harry N.                        VIII:70                       
WATSON, Herbert S.                      V:67                          
WATSON, Herman P.                       III:69                        
WATSON, Hugh                            VI:63                         
WATSON, Ina                             VIII:21                       
WATSON, Ira                             V:67                          
WATSON, Iris A.                         VI:47                         
WATSON, James W.                        X:17                          
WATSON, John                            II:16,19                      
WATSON, John G.                         VIII:70                       
WATSON, Jonathan                        II:16,18                      
WATSON, Kenneth J.                      IV:131                        
WATSON, Linnie M.                       X:17                          
WATSON, Lolo M.                         V:56                          
WATSON, Loretta M.                      VIII:13                       
WATSON, Lucy B.                         VIII:70                       
WATSON, Lucy C.                         IV:110                        
WATSON, Margaret                        II:16,19                      
WATSON, Margaret C.                     IV:52                         
WATSON, Margery K.                      V:68                          
WATSON, Marilla                         VI:63                         
WATSON, Marilla                         XI:141                        
WATSON, Mary A.                         IV:110                        
WATSON, Mary A.                         V:67                          
WATSON, Mary J.                         VIII:70                       
WATSON, Maryann                         VIII:69                       
WATSON, Nancy                           II:16,19                      
WATSON, Pearl E.                        VI:30                         
WATSON, Ralph (Rev)                     III:70                        
WATSON, Robert M.                       VI:47                         
WATSON, Rufus                           V:35                          
WATSON, S. M.                           IV:56                         
WATSON, Sally                           IV:56                         
WATSON, Samuel                          V:23                          
WATSON, Seabury F.                      II:18                         
WATSON, Sharion K.                      VIII:22                       
WATSON, Warren W.                       IV:110                        
WATSON, William                         II:16,18                      
WATSON, William M.                      VIII:69                       
WATT, Adam                              IV:55                         
WATT, C. Leland                         IV:71                         
WATT, Caria                             I:51                          
WATT, Caria                             XI:57                         
WATT, Charles                           IV:62                         
WATT, Clarissa                          I:51                          
WATT, Clarissa                          XI:57                         
WATT, Elizabeth M.                      IV:55                         
WATT, Elmer John                        I:51                          
WATT, Elmer John                        XI:57                         
WATT, Emily J.                          IV:62                         
WATT, F. Leroy                          IV:62                         
WATT, Florence G.                       IV:71                         
WATT, George                            I:51                          
WATT, George                            XI:57                         
WATT, H.                                IV:55                         
WATT, Hannah L.                         XI:128                        
WATT, John                              IV:55                         
WATT, John                              XI:127,128                    
WATT, Lura B.                           XI:127                        
WATT, M.                                IV:55                         
WATT, Mary Lurena                       I:51                          
WATT, Mary Lurena                       XI:57                         
WATT, Mary M.                           IV:62                         
WATT, Minnie E.                         IV:62                         
WATT, Nettie M.                         IV:73                         
WATTERMAN, Arthur                       IV:70                         
WATTERMAN, Avalon                       IV:59                         
WATTERMAN, Donavon                      IV:59                         
WATTERMAN, Edna M.                      IV:70                         
WATTERMAN, George M.                    IV:66                         
WATTERMAN, Mary                         IV:66                         
WATTERS, Carol Jacklin                  II:30                         
WATTERS, Lillie                         V:53                          
WATTS, Armand R.                        X:67                          
WATTS, Arthur R.                        IV:22                         
WATTS, Benjamin L.                      IX:75                         
WATTS, Betty                            IV:27                         
WATTS, Edgar Blaine                     X:41                          
WATTS, Eliza                            VIII:74                       
WATTS, Estella Hill                     X:41                          
WATTS, Florence                         V:47                          
WATTS, John                             VIII:74                       
WATTS, Joseph                           X:91                          
WATTS, Lucinda                          X:91                          
WATTS, Margaret                         VIII:74                       
WATTS, Marshall E.                      IX:75                         
WATTS, Mary W.                          V:47                          
WATTS, Ross A.                          IV:27                         
WATTS, Ruth E.                          X:67                          
WATTS, Ruth M.                          IV:27                         
WATTS, Sarah S.                         X:91                          
WATTS, W. Milton                        X:91                          
WATTS, William                          VI:66                         
WATTS, William                          VIII:74                       
WAUGH, Andrew J.                        IX:62                         
WAUGH, Anna                             IX:61                         
WAUGH, Burley                           IX:61                         
WAUGH, Carl                             V:58                          
WAUGH, Emma                             I:13                          
WAUGH, Emma                             XI:16                         
WAUGH, Emma Persig                      I:13                          
WAUGH, Emma Pirsig                      XI:16                         
WAUGH, Gertrude Z.                      IX:116                        
WAUGH, Hanson                           VII:64                        
WAUGH, Hattie                           I:13                          
WAUGH, Hattie                           XI:16                         
WAUGH, Johnson S.                       I:13                          
WAUGH, Johnson S.                       XI:16                         
WAUGH, Julia                            I:13                          
WAUGH, Julia                            XI:16                         
WAUGH, Mary                             V:58                          
WAUGH, Mary                             VII:64                        
WAUGH, Oshal A.                         IX:116                        
WAUGH, Patricia                         VII:64                        
WAUGH, Regina                           VII:64                        
WAUGH, Thelma V.                        IX:62                         
WAX, D. C.                              II:10                         
WAX, D. C.                              IX:69                         
WAX, Martha J.                          II:10                         
WAX, Martha J. Arnold                   IX:69                         
WAXBOM, Alfred B.                       IV:120                        
WE---, R.                               X:112                         
WE---, Wm. C.                           X:112                         
WEAGHAN, Charles H.                     VI:51                         
WEAN, Doris Be                          IX:86                         
WEAN, Harry E.                          IX:86                         
WEAN, Mary                              IX:86                         
WEAN, Will H.                           IX:86                         
WEARE, Wealtha                          VI:46                         
WEARS, ----                             IX:130                        
WEARS, Charlie                          IX:97                         
WEARS, Daniel                           IX:114                        
WEARS, Ed                               IX:130                        
WEARS, Florence V.                      IX:97                         
WEARS, Gerralla B.                      IX:98                         
WEARS, Harvey D.                        VI:46                         
WEARS, Stella F.                        IX:97                         
WEARS, Virgil G., Sr.                   IX:97                         
WEARS, Walter B.                        IX:98                         
WEASE, Cora                             VII:31                        
WEASE, Ed.                              VII:31                        
WEASE, Paul                             VII:31                        
WEATHERBY, Thursie S.                   III:79                        
WEATHERINGTON, Chester C.               IX:91                         
WEATHERINGTON, Clara Leasure            IX:5                          
WEATHERINGTON, Elizabeth                IX:86                         
WEATHERINGTON, FLorence P.              IX:91                         
WEATHERINGTON, G. W.                    IX:51                         
WEATHERINGTON, George W.                IX:81                         
WEATHERINGTON, Harry B.                 IX:91                         
WEATHERINGTON, Isaac                    IX:51                         
WEATHERINGTON, Isaac                    XI:153                        
WEATHERINGTON, John                     IX:51                         
WEATHERINGTON, John                     IX:86                         
WEATHERINGTON, John                     XI:153(2)                     
WEATHERINGTON, John, Sr.                IX:51                         
WEATHERINGTON, L.                       IX:110                        
WEATHERINGTON, Lulu Bell                IX:110                        
WEATHERINGTON, M. A.                    IX:110                        
WEATHERINGTON, Magdalena                IX:51                         
WEATHERINGTON, Magdaline                IX:51                         
WEATHERINGTON, Magdaline                XI:153(2)                     
WEATHERINGTON, Margaret                 IX:51                         
WEATHERINGTON, Martha B.                IX:91                         
WEATHERINGTON, Mary                     XI:153                        
WEATHERINGTON, Nettie                   XI:153                        
WEATHERINGTON, Nora H.                  XI:153                        
WEATHERINGTON, Philip                   IX:51                         
WEATHERINGTON, Philip                   XI:153                        
WEATHERINGTON, Rebecca                  IX:81                         
WEATHERINGTON, Rebecca                  XI:153(2)                     
WEATHERINGTON, Rebekah                  IX:51                         
WEATHERINGTON, Sarah                    XI:153(2)                     
WEATHERINGTON, William                  IX:51                         
WEATHERINGTON, William                  XI:153(2)                     
WEATHERINGTON, Wm.                      IX:51                         
WEATHERWAX, Tamara Kay                  III:12                        
WEAVER, 0.                              XI:141                        
WEAVER, Alma W.                         V:77                          
WEAVER, Amanda                          VII:72                        
WEAVER, Amy F.                          IX:6                          
WEAVER, Asa                             V:91                          
WEAVER, Asa                             XI:133,138                    
WEAVER, Betsey                          V:91                          
WEAVER, Betsey                          XI:138                        
WEAVER, C.                              VI:63                         
WEAVER, Christopher                     V:91                          
WEAVER, Daisy                           IX:87                         
WEAVER, Daniel                          V:91                          
WEAVER, David Maj.                      XI:131                        
WEAVER, E.                              VII:26                        
WEAVER, Frank                           VI:64                         
WEAVER, Frank                           XI:141                        
WEAVER, George                          VII:23,26                     
WEAVER, Georgieana                      III:110                       
WEAVER, Giles                           XI:141                        
WEAVER, Gladys                          VIII:82                       
WEAVER, Holmes                          VI:64                         
WEAVER, J.                              VI:63                         
WEAVER, J.                              VII:26                        
WEAVER, J. George                       V:77                          
WEAVER, James                           VII:23,26                     
WEAVER, Jiles                           VI:64                         
WEAVER, Jiles                           XI:141                        
WEAVER, John                            V:87                          
WEAVER, John C.                         X:23                          
WEAVER, John F.                         VI:63                         
WEAVER, John F.                         XI:141                        
WEAVER, John W.                         V:91                          
WEAVER, Laura A.                        III:57                        
WEAVER, Lawrence L.                     X:15                          
WEAVER, Lena M.                         IV:131                        
WEAVER, Lucinda                         V:91                          
WEAVER, Lucretia                        V:91                          
WEAVER, Mae                             VII:23                        
WEAVER, Margaret                        V:77                          
WEAVER, Mary                            VII:26                        
WEAVER, Mary A.                         IX:87                         
WEAVER, Mary E.                         VIII:18                       
WEAVER, Mary J.                         VI:64                         
WEAVER, Mary J.                         XI:141                        
WEAVER, Mary Jane                       IX:114                        
WEAVER, Mary R.                         III:61                        
WEAVER, Melinda                         V:91                          
WEAVER, Melvin L.                       IX:7                          
WEAVER, Mrs.                            XI:133                        
WEAVER, Nancy                           IX:87                         
WEAVER, Nettie B.                       III:97                        
WEAVER, Norman H.                       III:97                        
WEAVER, Rev. Samuel                     I:40                          
WEAVER, Richard D.                      III:61                        
WEAVER, Rosa                            X:23                          
WEAVER, Samuel Reverend                 XI:48                         
WEAVER, Sophia                          V:91                          
WEAVER, Thomas E., III                  IX:117                        
WEAVER, William S.                      IX:87                         
WEAVER, Wm.                             VIII:111                      
WEBB, Elijah                            III:1,2                       
WEBB, Elizabeth                         III:1,                        
WEBB, Florrie E.                        I:62                          
WEBB, Florrie E.                        XI:67                         
WEBB, Infant                            IX:58                         
WEBB, James H.                          I:62,65                       
WEBB, James H.                          XI:67,69                      
WEBB, Kenneth, Sr.                      IX:58                         
WEBB, Lyda E.                           I:65                          
WEBB, Lyda E.                           XI:69                         
WEBBER, Robert J.                       XI:19                         
WEBBER, Sadie Weiss                     I:101                         
WEBBER, Wallace G.                      XI:85                         
WEBBY, Emeline                          V:39                          
WEBBY, William                          V:93                          
WEBER, Adam                             II:77,97                      
WEBER, Adam D.                          II:77                         
WEBER, Alman                            VI:71                         
WEBER, August                           IX:80                         
WEBER, Barbara                          X:29                          
WEBER, Bertha                           VIII:65                       
WEBER, Blanche M.                       VIII:41                       
WEBER, Cara D.                          IX:96                         
WEBER, Caroline                         VIII:11                       
WEBER, Carrie                           IX:78                         
WEBER, Catherine                        II:86                         
WEBER, Charles                          II:77                         
WEBER, Charles                          IX:109                        
WEBER, Charles                          VIII:49,65                    
WEBER, Clara                            VIII:11,29                    
WEBER, Clara M.                         VI:33                         
WEBER, Clark                            VIII:5                        
WEBER, Edith M.                         IX:109                        
WEBER, Ednah M.                         VIII:27                       
WEBER, Edward C.                        IX:109                        
WEBER, Edward C.                        X:10                          
WEBER, Edward L.                        VIII:41                       
WEBER, Effie M.                         VIII:5                        
WEBER, Elizabeth B.                     X:10                          
WEBER, Ethel C.                         IX:80                         
WEBER, F.                               VI:71                         
WEBER, Fian S.                          VIII:11                       
WEBER, Florence E.                      VIII:11                       
WEBER, Frank J.                         VIII:27                       
WEBER, Frankie P.                       VIII:11                       
WEBER, Fred                             X:31                          
WEBER, Fred.                            IX:80                         
WEBER, Frederick                        IX:109                        
WEBER, Frederick                        IX:80                         
WEBER, Frederick J.                     VIII:20                       
WEBER, George                           VIII:11,20                    
WEBER, George E.                        VI:71                         
WEBER, H.                               VIII:11                       
WEBER, Harvey F.                        VIII:11                       
WEBER, Henry                            VIII:29                       
WEBER, Ida                              IX:109                        
WEBER, Irene                            II:77                         
WEBER, Jacob                            IX:78                         
WEBER, Jacob                            VIII:5,11                     
WEBER, Jennie                           VIII:11                       
WEBER, Johann Jacob                     X:30                          
WEBER, John                             IX:80                         
WEBER, John                             X:14                          
WEBER, John                             X:31                          
WEBER, John G.                          VIII:11                       
WEBER, John L.                          IX:109                        
WEBER, Johnnes                          VII:83                        
WEBER, Julia                            X:14                          
WEBER, Karl                             II:86                         
WEBER, Kate                             II:97                         
WEBER, Katherine                        VIII:20                       
WEBER, Kathryn                          VI:58                         
WEBER, Katie T.                         VI:58                         
WEBER, Kenneth                          VIII:5                        
WEBER, Lanetta                          VIII:11                       
WEBER, Laura                            IX:80                         
WEBER, Lena                             VIII:11                       
WEBER, Leroy                            VIII:5                        
WEBER, Lorena F.                        VIII:41                       
WEBER, Lorenz                           VIII:80                       
WEBER, Louis                            IX:51                         
WEBER, Louis W.                         VI:58                         
WEBER, Louisa                           II:77,86                      
WEBER, Lowell R.                        VIII:41                       
WEBER, M.                               VIII:11                       
WEBER, M. Kern                          VIII:29                       
WEBER, Mabel C.                         VIII:41                       
WEBER, Magd.                            VII:84                        
WEBER, Magdalena                        IX:80                         
WEBER, Magdalena                        VII:78                        
WEBER, Margaret                         II:77                         
WEBER, Margaret                         VIII:49                       
WEBER, Mart                             VIII:118                      
WEBER, Mary                             IX:51                         
WEBER, Mary                             IX:80                         
WEBER, Mary                             IX:80                         
WEBER, Mary A.                          VIII:29                       
WEBER, Mary S.                          IX:80                         
WEBER, Mike A.                          VIII:41                       
WEBER, Mildred                          IX:120                        
WEBER, Mitred A., Sr.                   IX:80                         
WEBER, Nicholas                         VIII:83                       
WEBER, Otto D.                          X:14                          
WEBER, Paul T.                          VIII:41                       
WEBER, Peter                            II:77                         
WEBER, Peter F.                         VIII:20                       
WEBER, Philip                           II:77                         
WEBER, Philip E.                        II:77                         
WEBER, Raymond J.                       IX:42                         
WEBER, Rose L.                          VIII:65                       
WEBER, Rotha A.                         X:31                          
WEBER, Ruth                             VIII:41,50                    
WEBER, S.                               VI:71                         
WEBER, Saloma                           X:30                          
WEBER, Sr. M. Germaine                  XI:34                         
WEBER, Susanna                          VIII:20                       
WEBER, Theodore G.                      VIII:11                       
WEBER, Vickie L.                        IX:120                        
WEBER, Viola                            VIII:29                       
WEBER, Walter                           VIII:27,50                    
WEBER, Wilhelm D.                       X:10                          
WEBER, William                          VIII:20                       
WEBER, William F.                       IX:96                         
WEBER, William F.                       VI:33                         
WEBER, Woodrow L.                       III:7                         
WEBS, Elizabeth                         VIII:81                       
WEBS, John                              VIII:92                       
WEBSTER, Amason                         V:91                          
WEBSTER, Amason                         VI:71                         
WEBSTER, Bela                           I:101                         
WEBSTER, C. W.                          V:91                          
WEBSTER, Capt. L. H.                    I:43                          
WEBSTER, Edward                         VI:71                         
WEBSTER, Elihu                          V:63                          
WEBSTER, Elihu                          VI:71,72                      
WEBSTER, Elishu                         VI:71                         
WEBSTER, Eliza M.                       V:91                          
WEBSTER, John                           VI:71                         
WEBSTER, Joseph                         V:18                          
WEBSTER, Joseph T.                      VI:71                         
WEBSTER, Julia                          V:91                          
WEBSTER, Katherine                      V:18                          
WEBSTER, L.H.                           XI:40,50,87                   
WEBSTER, Loyal                          VI:71                         
WEBSTER, Lydia                          VI:71                         
WEBSTER, Malvinah                       V:91                          
WEBSTER, Marlin                         VI:72                         
WEBSTER, Mary                           VI:71                         
WEBSTER, Mrs.                           XI:137                        
WEBSTER, Nancy                          V:63                          
WEBSTER, Nancy                          VI:71,72                      
WEBSTER, Oliver                         VI:71                         
WEBSTER, Philous                        VI:71                         
WEBSTER, Sarah                          VI:71                         
WEBSTER, Susan A.                       I:43                          
WEBSTER, Susan A.                       XI:50                         
WEDEMEIER, ---                          VII:84                        
WEDEMEIER, Carolin                      VII:85                        
WEDEMEIER, H. A. G. Ludwig              VII:85                        
WEDEMEIER, Willi.                       VII:85                        
WEDEMEYER, Aragorn Wm.                  IV:6                          
WEDEMEYER, B.                           VII:78                        
WEDEMEYER, Chr. L.                      VII:80                        
WEDEMEYER, I. B.                        VII:78                        
WEDEMEYER, Karl A. Jr.                  IV:6                          
WEDEMEYER, Karoline                     VII:78                        
WEDEMEYER, L.                           VII:78                        
WEDEMEYER, Raymond E.                   XI:30                         
WEDEMEYER, Wilhelmina                   VII:78                        
WEEB, ----                              IX:130                        
WEEB, Charley                           IX:130                        
WEEDEN, Charles                         VI:44                         
WEEDEN, Elinor                          VI:44                         
WEEDEN, John                            VII:10                        
WEEDEN, Walter                          VI:44                         
WEEKLEY, Marion                         VIII:110                      
WEEKLY, Blanche                         IX:100                        
WEEKLY, L. Edward                       IX:114                        
WEEKS, A. M.                            VII:71                        
WEEKS, Delmer                           VII:25                        
WEEKS, Henrietta                        VII:25                        
WEEKS, John                             VII:23,24                     
WEEKS, Lester                           VII:24                        
WEEKS, Lou                              VII:71                        
WEEKS, M.                               VII:23                        
WEEKS, M. Gay                           VII:23                        
WEEKS, Susie                            VII:24                        
WEESE, Faith S.                         V:99                          
WEGER, Doris F.                         III:90                        
WEGER, Edward J.                        III:90                        
WEGER, Emma A.                          III:9                         
WEGSTER, Konrad                         VII:85                        
WEHR, ---                               VIII:25                       
WEHRLE, Sr. M. Eulalia                  XI:36                         
WEIBERG, Jessie W.                      III:72                        
WEIBERG, Paul E.                        III:7                         
WEIBLING, Anna D.                       IV:96                         
WEIBLING, Edwin                         IV:97                         
WEIBLING, J. Miles                      IV:96                         
WEIBLING, M. Madge                      IV:96                         
WEIDEMAIER, Mary M.                     X:53                          
WEIDER, Amanda                          IX:47                         
WEIDER, Erma C.                         IX:31                         
WEIDER, Holmes                          IX:46                         
WEIDER, Joseph                          IX:47                         
WEIDER, Robert H.                       IX:47                         
WEIDMAN, Jennie                         VIII:81                       
WEIDNER, John A.                        II:7                          
WEIDNER, Otto C.                        II:7                          
WEIDNER, Wanetta M.                     II:7                          
WEIGAND, Arizona Viola                  IX:31                         
WEIGAND, Blynn Olin                     IX:6                          
WEIGAND, Charlie                        IX:41                         
WEIGAND, George L.                      IX:23                         
WEIGAND, Jennie E.                      IX:23                         
WEIGAND, John Daniel                    IX:31                         
WEIGAND, Sarah                          IX:41                         
WEIGHT, Catharine                       IX:131                        
WEIGHT, Mary                            IV:50                         
WEIK, Blondina                          IX:78                         
WEIK, Frederick B.                      IX:78                         
WEIK, William F.                        IX:78                         
WEIKER, Joseph                          IV:108                        
WEIL, Caroline                          VIII:89                       
WEIL, Samuel                            VIII:89                       
WEIMER, Rebecca                         IX:24                         
WEIMER, Ruben                           IX:24                         
WEINBERGER ----                         I:99                          
WEINBERGER, Baby                        XI:105                        
WEINBERGER, Mano                        XI:107                        
WEINER, Albert H.                       V:99                          
WEINER, Bernard M.                      I:93                          
WEINER, Bernard M.                      XI:97                         
WEINER, Carl                            XI:93                         
WEINER, Ferree M.                       V:99                          
WEINER, Jennie                          I:90                          
WEINER, Jennie                          XI:94                         
WEINER, Joseph                          I:101                         
WEINER, Joseph                          XI:107                        
WEINER, Robert                          I:95                          
WEINER, Robert                          XI:100                        
WEINER, Samuel                          I:91                          
WEINER, Samuel                          XI:95                         
WEINER, Sara Leah                       I:91                          
WEINER, Sarah Leah London               XI:95                         
WEINFELD, Hattie                        XI:104                        
WEINFELD, Jacob                         I:99                          
WEINFELD, Jacob                         XI:104                        
WEINFELD, Mollie                        XI:104                        
WEINFELD, Mollie Wasserstrom            XI:104                        
WEINFELD, Molly                         I:99                          
WEINFELD, Molly Wasserstrom             I:99                          
WEINFELD, Samuel                        I:99                          
WEINFELD, Samuel                        XI:104                        
WEINGROFF, Carrie                       I:95                          
WEINGROFF, Carrie                       XI:100                        
WEINHARD, Adam Albert                   X:30                          
WEINHARDT, Anna M.                      X:30                          
WEINHART, Earl W.                       X:17                          
WEINHART, Emma                          X:16                          
WEINHART, Harry                         X:35                          
WEINHART, Herman                        X:16                          
WEINHART, Herman                        X:5                           
WEINHART, Mary I.                       X:17                          
WEINHART, Mary J.                       X:17                          
WEINHART, Olga                          X:35                          
WEINHART, Paul E.                       X:17                          
WEINHART, Wilhelmina                    X:5                           
WEINLAND, Clarence S.                   IV:107                        
WEINLAND, Ellen S.                      IV:107                        
WEINLAND, Jacob A.                      IV:107                        
WEINLAND, Mabel S.                      IV:107                        
WEINTRAUB, Samuel                       I:109                         
WEINTRAUB, Samuel                       XI:116                        
WEIR, Dora L.                           IV:110                        
WEIR, Marguerite                        IV:110                        
WEIS ----                               I:86                          
WEIS, -----                             XI:89                         
WEIS, Charles                           I:97                          
WEIS, Charles                           XI:102                        
WEISE, Herbert R.                       V:72                          
WEISE, Lee A.                           V:73                          
WEISE, Max                              XI:96                         
WEISE, Rebecca                          XI:96                         
WEISENBERG, Katie                       I:94                          
WEISENBERG, Katie                       XI:99                         
WEISENBERG, Morris                      I:101                         
WEISENBERG, Morris                      XI:106                        
WEISENBERGER, Emily                     VIII:46                       
WEISENBERGER, Kenneth J.                VIII:46                       
WEISENBERGER, LaVaughn M.               VIII:40                       
WEISENBERGER, Lois A.                   IX:120                        
WEISENBERGER, Mans                      I:101                         
WEISENBERGER, Raymond C.                VIII:40                       
WEISENBERGER, Ronald F.                 IX:120                        
WEISER, Ada                             VII:65                        
WEISER, Mona B.                         IV:62                         
WEISER, Solomon                         VII:65                        
WEISER, Stephen B.                      IV:62                         
WEISERT, Susan G.                       IV:18                         
WEISLOGEL, Avonelle                     V:2                           
WEISLOGEL, Geo. S.                      V:2                           
WEISMAN, Benjamin                       I:103                         
WEISMAN, Benjamin                       XI:109                        
WEISMAN, Bertha                         I:104                         
WEISMAN, Esther                         I:86                          
WEISMAN, Esther                         XI:90                         
WEISMAN, Rebekah                        I:104                         
WEISMAN, Rebekah                        XI:110                        
WEISMAN, Sam                            I:100                         
WEISMAN, Sam                            XI:106                        
WEISMAN, Sarah                          I:100                         
WEISMAN, Sarah                          XI:106                        
WEISS, Alex                             I:97                          
WEISS, Alex                             XI:101                        
WEISS, Ella                             I:103                         
WEISS, Ella                             XI:110                        
WEISS, Joseph                           I:101                         
WEISS, Joseph                           XI:107                        
WEISS, Max                              I:91                          
WEISS, Morris                           I:101                         
WEISS, Morris                           XI:107                        
WEISS, Rebecca                          I:91                          
WEISS, Ricky Frankel                    I:101                         
WEISS, Ricky Frankel                    XI:107                        
WEISS, Sadie                            I:101                         
WEISS, Sadie                            XI:107                        
WELBER, Sadie Weiss                     XI:107                        
WELCH, Alberta                          X:17                          
WELCH, Amby M.                          III:7                         
WELCH, Amelia                           X:41                          
WELCH, Annie                            X:89                          
WELCH, Augustus A.                      IV:123                        
WELCH, Bud                              X:17                          
WELCH, Charles W.                       VII:9                         
WELCH, Elizabeth J.                     X:71                          
WELCH, Ella                             X:88                          
WELCH, Ella                             XI:154                        
WELCH, Eva K.                           III:12                        
WELCH, Garreth Howard                   X:78                          
WELCH, George                           III:38                        
WELCH, George W.                        VII:9                         
WELCH, Gertrude                         VII:62                        
WELCH, Harriet                          VII:62                        
WELCH, Inf Dau                          X:88                          
WELCH, J.                               III:38                        
WELCH, J. N.                            VIII:62                       
WELCH, Jacob E.                         III:96                        
WELCH, Jane                             III:7                         
WELCH, John Richard                     X:71                          
WELCH, Louisa                           VIII:62                       
WELCH, Louise                           VII:62                        
WELCH, Lucile                           VII:62                        
WELCH, M. E.                            III:38                        
WELCH, Martin G.                        III:7                         
WELCH, Mary A.                          VII:9                         
WELCH, Mary C.                          V:69                          
WELCH, Mary E.                          III:96                        
WELCH, Peter                            VII:9                         
WELCH, Philena                          IV:123                        
WELCH, Ralph M.                         V:103                         
WELCH, Richard                          X:41                          
WELCH, Riley                            X:41                          
WELCH, Roslyn                           V:69                          
WELCH, Ruth A.                          V:103                         
WELCH, Sarah                            III:38                        
WELCH, Smith                            III:12                        
WELCH, Walter S.                        X:88                          
WELCH, Walter S.                        XI:154                        
WELCH, William                          III:38                        
WELDON, Alice M.                        VI:10                         
WELDON, Blanche M.                      VI:34                         
WELDON, Clarence W.                     VI:43                         
WELDON, Frances                         VI:24                         
WELDON, Fred E.                         VI:10                         
WELDON, Ida E.                          VI:43                         
WELDON, Isaac                           VI:48                         
WELDON, Jess                            VI:24                         
WELDON, Lenora                          VI:48                         
WELDON, Martha                          VI:24                         
WELDON, Martha V.                       VI:48                         
WELDON, Ruth M.                         VI:24                         
WELDON, S. Jack                         VI:34                         
WELDON, S. W.                           VI:24                         
WELDON, W. Floyd                        VI:34                         
WELKER, Benign G.                       VI:50                         
WELKER, Rolley A.                       VI:50                         
WELLEN, Carrie M.                       IV:123                        
WELLEN, E. B.                           IV:123                        
WELLEN, John F.                         IV:123                        
WELLEN, Rachel C.                       IV:123                        
WELLEN, W. F.                           IV:123                        
WELLEN, William F.                      IV:123                        
WELLER, C.                              II:97                         
WELLER, Martin                          II:97                         
WELLER, Mary                            II:87                         
WELLER, Samuel                          II:97                         
WELLER, Susan                           II:97                         
WELLING, Agness                         V:16                          
WELLING, David A.                       V:16                          
WELLING, David C.                       V:16                          
WELLING, Dickerson                      V:16                          
WELLING, Etta                           V:25                          
WELLING, Florence                       V:25                          
WELLING, Frank P.                       V:16                          
WELLING, George A.                      V:25                          
WELLING, Harriet E.                     V:16                          
WELLING, Mary C.                        V:16                          
WELLING, Park A. Jr.                    V:16                          
WELLING, Park H.                        V:16                          
WELLINGER, Harold W.                    VI:52                         
WELLINGER, Martha F.                    VI:52                         
WELLMAN, Blanche                        V:54                          
WELLMAN, Burton                         V:54                          
WELLS, Alton C.                         IV:7                          
WELLS, Amon                             IV:86                         
WELLS, Anna A.                          IV:98                         
WELLS, Byron W.                         IV:98                         
WELLS, Chalmers P.                      V:38                          
WELLS, David J.                         X:77                          
WELLS, Dora E.                          IV:66                         
WELLS, Edith C.                         V:38                          
WELLS, Edward                           V:102                         
WELLS, Frank E.                         IV:99                         
WELLS, Frank K.                         V:6                           
WELLS, Helen J.                         V:102                         
WELLS, Ina                              VII:62                        
WELLS, Isaac N.                         V:2                           
WELLS, Iuka                             IX:95                         
WELLS, Lucy                             V:6                           
WELLS, Mahala                           VII:61                        
WELLS, Martha J.                        X:77                          
WELLS, Millicent                        III:95                        
WELLS, Nelle                            IV:99                         
WELLS, Nellie A.                        V:34                          
WELLS, Nelson                           VII:61                        
WELLS, Olive                            V:2                           
WELLS, Ralph W.                         V:34                          
WELLS, Roger                            VII:61                        
WELLWOOD, Esther                        V:20                          
WELLWOOD, John                          V:20                          
WELSCH, Emma A                          IX:69                         
WELSCH, Gustav                          I:64                          
WELSCH, Gustav H.                       XI:69                         
WELSCH, Louise                          IX:69                         
WELSCH, Nattie C.                       I:64                          
WELSCH, Nattie C.                       XI:69                         
WELSCH, Ruby                            IX:70                         
WELSCH, Samuel G.                       IX:69                         
WELSCH, W.                              IX:69                         
WELSH, Elizabeth                        III:6                         
WELSH, Emyal                            II:22                         
WELSH, Ernest                           IX:43                         
WELSH, Flora                            III:6                         
WELSH, George                           II:22                         
WELSH, Jane                             II:22                         
WELSH, Wm.                              III:6                         
WELTON, Andrew                          II:114                        
WELTON, Effy                            II:114                        
WELTON, Francis                         II:113                        
WELTON, Isaac                           II:113                        
WELTON, Jane                            II:113                        
WELTON, Jesse                           II:114                        
WELTON, John                            II:113,114                    
WELTON, Susan T.                        II:114                        
WELVIN, William                         VIII:117                      
WENDEL, Martha                          VII:87                        
WENDER, Milton C.                       VI:37                         
WENGER, Eulalia P.                      X:72                          
WENGER, Joseph E.                       X:72                          
WENGERT, ----- (wife)                   XI:3                          
WENGERT, Abraham                        I:4                           
WENGERT, Abraham                        XI:3                          
WENGERT, Ada S.                         III:30                        
WENGERT, Andrew C.                      I:12                          
WENGERT, Andrew C.                      XI:15                         
WENGERT, Annie R.                       I:12                          
WENGERT, Annie R.                       XI:15                         
WENGERT, Arza V.                        III:30                        
WENGERT, Bert                           III:29                        
WENGERT, Bertha L.                      III:29                        
WENGERT, Chester A.                     III:7                         
WENGERT, Clara L.                       III:29                        
WENGERT, Clyde                          III:27                        
WENGERT, Dallas S.                      III:29                        
WENGERT, Elizabeth                      I:7                           
WENGERT, I.                             III:7                         
WENGERT, Infant daus.                   XI:15                         
WENGERT, Isaac                          I:7                           
WENGERT, Isaac                          III:27                        
WENGERT, J.                             I:4                           
WENGERT, J.                             III:7                         
WENGERT, Jennie                         III:27                        
WENGERT, Joseph                         I:4                           
WENGERT, Joseph                         XI:3(3)                       
WENGERT, Katharine                      I:7                           
WENGERT, Lenetta                        I:12                          
WENGERT, Lenetta                        XI:15                         
WENGERT, Magdalena                      XI:3                          
WENGERT, Magdalene                      I:4                           
WENGERT, Martin                         I:7                           
WENGERT, Mary                           I:4                           
WENGERT, Mary                           I:7                           
WENGERT, Mary                           XI:3                          
WENGERT, Monroe                         I:4                           
WENGERT, Monroe                         XI:3                          
WENGERT, Rosella                        I:12                          
WENGERT, Rosella                        XI:15                         
WENGERT, William                        I:4                           
WENGERT, William                        XI:3                          
WENTZ, Bertha L.                        IV:66                         
WENTZEL, Lucille C.                     IX:72                         
WENZELL, Margaret F.                    IV:61                         
WERKHAVEN, Allen                        I:34                          
WERKHAVEN, Allen                        XI:42                         
WERKHAVEN, Annie                        I:34                          
WERKHAVEN, Annie                        XI:42                         
WERKHAVEN, Chester                      I:34                          
WERKHAVEN, Chester                      XI:42                         
WERKHAVEN, Fetje                        I:34                          
WERKHAVEN, Fetje                        XI:42                         
WERKHAVEN, George                       XI:42                         
WERKHAVEN, Georgi                       I:34                          
WERKHAVEN, Johonnes                     I:34                          
WERKHAVEN, Johonnes                     XI:42                         
WERKHAVEN, Mae Henry                    I:34                          
WERKHAVEN, Mae Henry                    XI:42                         
WERKHAVEN, Susan                        I:34                          
WERKHAVEN, Susan                        XI:42                         
WERLINSKY, Louis                        I:109                         
WERLINSKY, Louis                        XI:116                        
WERNER, Adam                            II:90                         
WERNER, Alice Boyer                     II:90                         
WERNER, Carl H.                         V:86                          
WERNER, Charles A.                      II:106                        
WERNER, Christens                       II:90                         
WERNER, Eva                             II:90                         
WERNER, Henry                           II:55                         
WERNER, John                            II:55                         
WERNER, John                            V:48                          
WERNER, Leah F.                         V:86                          
WERNER, Leroy                           II:106                        
WERNER, Luda Bush                       II:106                        
WERNER, Martin M.                       II:90                         
WERNER, Mary                            II:55                         
WERNER, Mary                            V:48                          
WERNER, Wm.                             II:90                         
WERNERT, 0. A.                          II:109                        
WERNERT, Adam M.                        II:77                         
WERNERT, Charles B.                     II:83                         
WERNERT, Charles M.                     II:109                        
WERNERT, Claude A.                      II:109                        
WERNERT, Dallas                         II:106                        
WERNERT, Edgar M.                       II:109                        
WERNERT, Edward                         II:110                        
WERNERT, Henry                          II:77,109,110                 
WERNERT, Ida M.                         II:109                        
WERNERT, Jack Lee                       II:83                         
WERNERT, Louisa M.                      II:109                        
WERNERT, Lucinda                        II:110                        
WERNERT, Lulu Belle                     II:83                         
WERNERT, Mabel G.                       II:83                         
WERNERT, Mamie L.                       II:109                        
WERNERT, Mary M.                        II:110                        
WERNERT, Mary V.                        II:106                        
WERNERT, Maude F. W.                    II:109                        
WERNERT, Philip                         II:110                        
WERNERT, Sallie E.                      II:109                        
WERNERT. Lucina                         II:109                        
WERT, Jacob B.                          IX:52                         
WERT, Joseph                            VII:62                        
WERTZ, Jack D.                          IV:79                         
WESERWELLER, Kath.                      VII:84                        
WESLEY, Margaret                        VIII:84                       
WESSEL, Bertha                          VIII:82                       
WESSEL, Katharyn                        VII:21                        
WEST, Al                                VI:7                          
WEST, Albert C.                         VI:64                         
WEST, Albert C.                         XI:141                        
WEST, Alonzo                            I:75                          
WEST, Alonzo                            XI:77                         
WEST, Anna D.                           XI:64                         
WEST, C.                                X:114                         
WEST, Carrie                            IV:98                         
WEST, Charles S.                        III:101                       
WEST, Charles W.                        X:114                         
WEST, Cornelia                          V:74                          
WEST, Eliza E.                          II:87                         
WEST, Ella                              VIII:80                       
WEST, Frances                           V:9                           
WEST, Frank 0.                          III:101                       
WEST, G. G.                             IV:97                         
WEST, Gary                              VII:53                        
WEST, Georgia                           IV:98                         
WEST, Hannah                            IV:97                         
WEST, Harry H. Sr.                      IV:6                          
WEST, J. B.                             III:35,38                     
WEST, John E.                           X:22                          
WEST, John P.                           III:90                        
WEST, Joseph C.                         X:114                         
WEST, Kittie L.                         III:35                        
WEST, Lennington D.                     IV:97                         
WEST, Lucy M.                           XI:77                         
WEST, M. E.                             III:35                        
WEST, M. Ida                            IV:98                         
WEST, Margaret C.                       X:22                          
WEST, Marjory R.                        VI:35                         
WEST, Mary                              VI:7                          
WEST, Mary E.                           III:101                       
WEST, Mary E.                           X:114                         
WEST, Matt W.                           IV:97                         
WEST, Melissa                           III:38                        
WEST, Mollie M.                         III:90                        
WEST, Paul E.                           I:75                          
WEST, Paul E.                           XI:77                         
WEST, R.                                X:114                         
WEST, Ralph 0.                          VI:35                         
WEST, starling                          VII:53                        
WEST, Stephen F.                        VI:53                         
WEST, Sue M.                            IV:6                          
WEST, Theresa                           IV:6                          
WEST, Thomas                            VI:7                          
WEST, Thomas L.                         II:87                         
WEST, Velva                             VI:7                          
WEST, Viola E.                          VI:7                          
WEST, Walter H.                         XI:64                         
WEST, Wilbur                            VII:49                        
WESTENBERG, Goldie                      IX:53                         
WESTENHAVER, Daniel W.                  IV:119                        
WESTENHAVER, Dwight                     X:58                          
WESTENHAVER, Elmira                     IX:31                         
WESTENHAVER, Henry                      IV:119                        
WESTENHAVER, Joseph                     IX:31                         
WESTENHAVER, Pearl Edgington            X:58                          
WESTERVELT, Edgar                       IV:123                        
WESTERVELT, Edwin                       IV:84,85                      
WESTERVELT, Emeline                     IV:51                         
WESTERVELT, Emeline                     XI:125                        
WESTERVELT, G. Lennington               IV:85                         
WESTERVELT, Hannah L.                   IV:85                         
WESTERVELT, J. L.                       IV:51                         
WESTERVELT, John M.                     IV:51                         
WESTERVELT, Laura                       IV:85                         
WESTERVELT, Lucy                        IV:123                        
WESTERVELT, M. A.                       IV:51                         
WESTERVELT, M. F.                       IV:85                         
WESTERVELT, Matthew                     IV:85                         
WESTERVELT, Minerva                     IV:85                         
WESTERVELT, Peter                       IV:85                         
WESTERVELT, Sally                       IV:85                         
WESTERVELT, Sophronia                   IV:84                         
WESTERVELT, Sylvinus B.                 IV:85                         
WESTERVELT, William                     IV:85                         
WESTERVELT, Wm.                         IV:51,123                     
WESTERVELT, Wm. B.                      IV:85                         
WESTERVILLER, Agnes                     IX:63                         
WESTERVILLER, George                    IX:63                         
WESTERWEILER, Ina                       II:30                         
WESTERWELLER, John                      VII:16,43                     
WESTERWELLER, Lida                      VII:43                        
WESTERWELLER, Sarah                     VII:16                        
WESTEVELT, Mary                         IV:123                        
WESTEVELT, Matthew                      IV:123                        
WESTMEYER, Sr. Clarita                  XI:34                         
WESTMINSTER, Kathy Lee                  IX:53                         
WESTON, John A.                         V:69                          
WESTON, Leonora H.                      V:69                          
WESTRICH, Mary E.                       IV:77                         
WETENMANN, Anna Sybilla                 X:30                          
WETENMANN, M.                           X:30                          
WETHER, Julia                           IV:1                          
WETMORE, C.H. Dr.                       XI:131                        
WETMORE, Clara R.                       V:6                           
WETMORE, Everett M.                     V:6                           
WETMORE, James M.                       V:6                           
WETMORE, Lorinda                        V:6                           
WETMORE, Mary                           XI:131                        
WETMORE, Robert E.                      V:6                           
WETTENMAN, Carrie                       X:8                           
WETTENMAN, Christian                    X:8                           
WETTENMAN, Edward M.                    X:8                           
WETTENMAN, Elizabeth                    X:8                           
WETTENMAN, Inf Son                      X:8                           
WETTENMAN, Lena M.                      X:8                           
WETTENMAN, Louise                       X:8                           
WETTENMAN, William                      X:8                           
WETTENMANN, Georg Christian             X:29                          
WETTENMANN, Maria                       X:29                          
WETTENMANN, Michael                     X:32                          
WETTER, Calvin                          IV:67                         
WETTERMAN, David                        VII:82                        
WETTERMAN, Emelia                       VII:82                        
WEYGANDT, Blanche                       III:28                        
WEYGANDT, Daniel                        X:8                           
WEYGANDT, Frances                       X:8                           
WEYGANDT, Jacob Henry                   X:11                          
WEYGANDT, Lavina G.                     X:91                          
WEYGANDT, Rachel J.                     X:91                          
WEYGANDT, Susan Clara                   X:11                          
WEYGANDT, Winter W.                     X:8                           
WEYMUELLER, Elsa M.                     VIII:16                       
WEYMUELLER, M.F. "Duke"                 VIII:16                       
WHALEN, John                            VIII:104                      
WHALEN, Mary H.                         VIII:19                       
WHALEN, Sr. Frances                     XI:33                         
WHALEY, George                          II:48                         
WHALEY, James E.                        X:96                          
WHALEY, Maude F.                        II:109                        
WHALEY, Sarah                           II:48                         
WHALEY, Sarah E.                        X:96                          
WHALING, David A.                       VI:50                         
WHARF, Iola                             VI:60                         
WHARF, Roseanah                         VI:60                         
WHARF, William S.                       VI:60                         
WHARRY, Wm. W. 9                        IV:8                          
WHARTON, Alma Long                      IX:86                         
WHARTON, Charles R.                     X:59                          
WHARTON, Daisy Douglass                 IX:87                         
WHARTON, Edward J.                      V:50                          
WHARTON, Hulda Hahn                     IX:86                         
WHARTON, James P.                       IX:87                         
WHARTON, John                           IX:80                         
WHARTON, Laura A.                       IX:87                         
WHARTON, Lottie                         IX:80                         
WHARTON, Mary C.                        IX:87                         
WHARTON, Nellie K.                      X:59                          
WHARTON, Olive P.                       IX:87                         
WHARTON, William A.                     IX:87                         
WHARTON, William Clyde                  IX:86                         
WHEATLEY, Anna                          IV:113                        
WHEATLEY, Henry                         IV:113                        
WHEATON, Austin T.                      III:81                        
WHEATON, Hazel E.                       III:81                        
WHEATON, Horton L.                      IV:39                         
WHEATON, Job                            V:84                          
WHEATON, Mabel A.                       VIII:26                       
WHEATON, Sallie B.                      V:84                          
WHEATON, Samuel                         VIII:83                       
WHEATON, Will J.                        VIII:26                       
WHEELAND, Bessie Myers                  IX:110                        
WHEELAND, Dennis                        IX:110                        
WHEELAND, Edward                        VII:61                        
WHEELAND, Zabre                         VII:61                        
WHEELER, Adeline                        VII:34                        
WHEELER, Albert T.                      IX:24                         
WHEELER, Amos M.                        X:77                          
WHEELER, Ann                            IV:47                         
WHEELER, Anna                           II:62,67                      
WHEELER, Anna                           VI:40                         
WHEELER, Benjamin                       II:10                         
WHEELER, Benjamin                       XI:20                         
WHEELER, Catharine                      II:10                         
WHEELER, Chester                        IX:24                         
WHEELER, Christina                      XI:20                         
WHEELER, Corns                          VI:40                         
WHEELER, Delpha                         VII:61                        
WHEELER, Elisha                         II:89                         
WHEELER, Elizabeth                      II:89                         
WHEELER, Elizabeth                      VIII:15                       
WHEELER, Forrest S.                     IV:7                          
WHEELER, Geo.                           II:89                         
WHEELER, George                         XI:20                         
WHEELER, George T.                      II:62,67,77,89                
WHEELER, Gladys M.                      X:77                          
WHEELER, Helen                          VIII:15                       
WHEELER, Heman                          XI:135                        
WHEELER, Henry                          VIII:76                       
WHEELER, Henry D.                       VI:40                         
WHEELER, Henry N.                       XI:144                        
WHEELER, I. T.                          IV:47                         
WHEELER, Isareal                        IV:55                         
WHEELER, Israel                         IV:47                         
WHEELER, Jeanette                       IX:24                         
WHEELER, Jessie                         VII:61                        
WHEELER, John                           VII:39                        
WHEELER, John Henry                     X:27                          
WHEELER, Josiah                         II:67                         
WHEELER, Josiah S.D.                    II:62                         
WHEELER, Josias                         II:67                         
WHEELER, Lafe                           VII:34                        
WHEELER, Lucinda                        II:89                         
WHEELER, Margaret                       IV:47,55                      
WHEELER, Martha J.                      IV:55                         
WHEELER, Mary                           II:83                         
WHEELER, Newberry                       V:30                          
WHEELER, Philip                         VIII:76                       
WHEELER, Richard                        IX:24                         
WHEELER, Roena B.                       IV:7                          
WHEELER, Ruth C.                        IX:24                         
WHEELER, Sarah                          VIII:15                       
WHEELER, William                        VIII:15                       
WHEELHOUSE, Joseph                      V:44                          
WHERRY, Helen                           VIII:81                       
WHETNALL, Karen E.                      IV:82                         
WHETSEL, Charles L.                     III:103                       
WHETSEL, Clark E.                       V:80                          
WHETSEL, Daniel                         IX:107                        
WHETSEL, David                          II:18                         
WHETSEL, Dorothy                        V:46                          
WHETSEL, Eliza C.                       II:18                         
WHETSEL, Elizabeth                      II:18                         
WHETSEL, Frederick                      II:18                         
WHETSEL, Helen M.                       III:90                        
WHETSEL, Margaret A.                    III:103                       
WHETSEL, Mary L.                        III:90                        
WHETSEL, Mary T.                        II:18                         
WHETSEL, Maude                          V:46                          
WHETSEL, Percy A.                       II:4                          
WHETSEL, Rachel Berger                  IX:107                        
WHETSEL, Robert                         V:46                          
WHETSEL, Sadie A.                       III:103                       
WHETSEL, Unice                          II:4                          
WHETSEL, Uriah S.                       III:103                       
WHETSTONE, H. Eugenia                   VIII:66                       
WHETSTONE, Ivan                         VIII:66                       
WHETZAL, Sarah E.                       IV:129                        
WHETZAL, Ulysses G.                     IV:129                        
WHETZEL, David                          II:16                         
WHETZEL, Eliza C.                       II:16                         
WHETZEL, Elizabeth                      II:16                         
WHETZEL, Elizabeth                      IX:123                        
WHETZEL, Frederick                      II:16                         
WHETZEL, Henry                          IX:123                        
WHETZEL, May I.                         II:16                         
WHIGHTSEL, Elza A.                      III:88                        
WHIGHTSEL, Frank E.                     III:88                        
WHIGHTSEL, Harry L.                     III:87                        
WHIGHTSEL, Ida E.                       III:87                        
WHIGHTSEL, Mary J.                      III:88                        
WHIGHTSEL, Maud J.                      III:88                        
WHIGHTSEL, Oren A.                      III:80                        
WHIGHTSEL, Wm. A.                       III:87                        
WHIMER, Matilda                         III:46                        
WHIMER, William                         III:46                        
WHIMS, Andrew                           II:77,103                     
WHIMS, Andrew J.                        II:103                        
WHIMS, Charles M.                       II:103                        
WHIMS, Drusilla                         II:91                         
WHIMS, Irma B.                          II:91                         
WHIMS, Malinda                          II:103                        
WHIMS, Margaret                         II:77                         
WHIMS, Margaret E.                      II:91                         
WHIMS, Mary J.                          II:103                        
WHIMS, Matilda                          II:91                         
WHIMS, Minnie                           III:65                        
WHIMS, Oley W.                          VIII:65                       
WHIMS, Seymour H.                       II:91                         
WHIMS, William                          II:91                         
WHIP, Charles H.                        V:48                          
WHIP, David                             V:12                          
WHIP, Elizabeth A.                      V:29                          
WHIP, Henry W.                          V:29                          
WHIP, Nora B.                           V:29                          
WHIP, Rebecca                           V:12                          
WHIP, Rozella M.                        V:48                          
WHIPPLE, E.                             VIII:85                       
WHIPPLE, Jerimiah                       VIII:85                       
WHIPPS, Benjamin                        IV:100                        
WHIPPS, Gertrude                        IV:100                        
WHISNER, John                           VI:65                         
WHISNER, John                           XI:142                        
WHISNER, Laving                         VI:65                         
WHISNER, Levina P.                      XI:142                        
WHISNER, William                        VI:65                         
WHISNER, William                        XI:142                        
WHISSEL, Frances                        VIII:114                      
WHITACRE, Amos                          VI:18                         
WHITACRE, Hiram N.                      VI:18                         
WHITACRE, John E.                       VI:18                         
WHITACRE, Jonah T.                      VI:18                         
WHITACRE, Mary J.                       VI:18                         
WHITACRE, Nancy                         VI:18                         
WHITAKER, Harry 0.                      VI:37                         
WHITAKER, Nellie R.                     VI:37                         
WHITE, Adam M.                          X:41                          
WHITE, Adelaide                         III:72                        
WHITE, Adrian R.                        I:65                          
WHITE, Adrian R.                        XI:70                         
WHITE, Albert                           X:12                          
WHITE, Alexander                        VIII:74                       
WHITE, Alexander                        X:88                          
WHITE, Alga                             VII:41                        
WHITE, Amanda                           VIII:63                       
WHITE, Anna B.                          X:14                          
WHITE, Anna M.                          IV:75                         
WHITE, Anne                             VIII:74                       
WHITE, Anne C.                          V:45                          
WHITE, Armond Benton                    X:77                          
WHITE, Arthur                           VII:24,87                     
WHITE, Carol Ann                        VI:32                         
WHITE, Carson W.                        VI:32                         
WHITE, Charles                          VIII:60,112                   
WHITE, Charles D.                       X:75                          
WHITE, Charles F.                       V:45                          
WHITE, Charlie                          V:15                          
WHITE, Clarence Glen                    X:59                          
WHITE, Cummins B.                       X:88                          
WHITE, D. M.                            V:15                          
WHITE, David M.                         V:15                          
WHITE, Dexter H.                        X:65                          
WHITE, Don S.                           IV:116                        
WHITE, E. G.                            X:41                          
WHITE, Earl                             VII:77                        
WHITE, Edwin A.                         X:59                          
WHITE, Elizabeth                        II:16,18                      
WHITE, Elizabeth                        IX:116                        
WHITE, Elizabeth                        V:15                          
WHITE, Elizabeth                        VII:23                        
WHITE, Elizabeth                        VIII:24,33,74,75              
WHITE, Elizabeth G.                     X:41                          
WHITE, Elizabeth J.                     I:65                          
WHITE, Elizabeth J.                     XI:70                         
WHITE, Emma                             X:12                          
WHITE, Emmeline                         X:14                          
WHITE, Esther                           I:106                         
WHITE, Esther B.                        XI:113                        
WHITE, Ethel                            I:107                         
WHITE, Ethel                            V:15                          
WHITE, Ethel N.                         XI:113                        
WHITE, Eugene                           VII:76                        
WHITE, F. J.                            V:15                          
WHITE, Florence                         VII:49                        
WHITE, Francis M.                       IX:61                         
WHITE, Frank                            V:15                          
WHITE, Franklin C.                      V:47                          
WHITE, Geo. Jimison                     V:15                          
WHITE, George                           V:21                          
WHITE, George                           VII:23                        
WHITE, George N.                        VIII:25,74,76                 
WHITE, Glenna F.                        II:102                        
WHITE, Grace L.                         III:17                        
WHITE, Hannah A. C.                     II:17                         
WHITE, Harold P.                        IV:29                         
WHITE, Harriet                          VIII:76                       
WHITE, Hattie M.                        IX:5                          
WHITE, Hazel K.                         IV:61                         
WHITE, Hazel L.                         IX:121                        
WHITE, Helen M.                         IV:29                         
WHITE, Henrietta                        V:45                          
WHITE, Henry                            X:88                          
WHITE, Hester J.                        I:33                          
WHITE, Hester J.                        V:15                          
WHITE, Hester J.                        XI:30                         
WHITE, Hilda L.                         VIII:60                       
WHITE, Howard                           V:15                          
WHITE, Ida M.                           V:15                          
WHITE, Isabel                           VIII:74                       
WHITE, J. H.                            VII:41                        
WHITE, J. M.                            VII:41                        
WHITE, Jacob                            VIII:74                       
WHITE, Jacob B.                         I:106                         
WHITE, Jacob B.                         XI:113                        
WHITE, James                            VIII:114                      
WHITE, James                            XI:38                         
WHITE, James Dixon                      II:16,18                      
WHITE, James H.                         IV:123                        
WHITE, James W.                         I:33                          
WHITE, James W.                         XI:30,86                      
WHITE, James W. J.                      I:33                          
WHITE, James W. Jr.                     XI:30                         
WHITE, Jane                             VIII:74                       
WHITE, Jennie                           III:109                       
WHITE, JennieKegg                       X:59                          
WHITE, Jeremia                          II:18                         
WHITE, Jeremiah                         II:16                         
WHITE, Jesse                            VIII:86                       
WHITE, Jessie                           III:72                        
WHITE, John                             II:17                         
WHITE, John                             IV:67                         
WHITE, John                             VII:2,24                      
WHITE, John                             VIII:33,74,76,95              
WHITE, John E.                          V:47                          
WHITE, John E.                          VI:64                         
WHITE, John F.                          VI:64                         
WHITE, John F.                          XI:141                        
WHITE, Joseph                           I:106                         
WHITE, Joseph L.                        XI:113                        
WHITE, Juliette                         V:29                          
WHITE, Katie                            VII:24                        
WHITE, Laura C.                         X:41                          
WHITE, Lona G.                          IX:61                         
WHITE, Loren                            VII:48                        
WHITE, Lowell C.                        I:72                          
WHITE, Lowell C.                        XI:74                         
WHITE, Lucille                          X:12                          
WHITE, Lucinda                          II:37                         
WHITE, Lucy A.                          X:67                          
WHITE, Luther L.                        X:81                          
WHITE, Lyman L.                         X:14                          
WHITE, M. E.                            VII:41                        
WHITE, M. Ruth Francis                  X:75                          
WHITE, M. S.                            V:15                          
WHITE, Marcus                           VII:41                        
WHITE, Margaretta                       V:47                          
WHITE, Marion                           VIII:119                      
WHITE, Martha C.                        X:22                          
WHITE, Mary                             III:72                        
WHITE, Mary                             V:45                          
WHITE, Mary                             VIII:33,74                    
WHITE, Mary                             X:88                          
WHITE, Mary E.                          IV:103                        
WHITE, Max                              I:107                         
WHITE, Max                              XI:113                        
WHITE, Minnie Baumgartner               X:77                          
WHITE, Minnie E.                        V:47                          
WHITE, Muchner                          X:88                          
WHITE, N. Beryl                         VII:76                        
WHITE, Nellie C.                        IV:35                         
WHITE, Orin                             II:37                         
WHITE, Paul E.                          X:22                          
WHITE, Pearl                            VIII:33                       
WHITE, Rachel                           VIII:76                       
WHITE, Robert E.                        IX:5                          
WHITE, Rosa Ann                         IX:113                        
WHITE, Rose E.                          VIII:25                       
WHITE, Samuel                           VIII:74                       
WHITE, Sarah                            VIII:74,86                    
WHITE, Selende                          IV:123                        
WHITE, Sr. M. Pascal                    XI:36                         
WHITE, Thomas J.                        IV:61                         
WHITE, Thomas M. L.                     VI:32                         
WHITE, Thornton F.                      IV:61                         
WHITE, Vinnie                           IX:130                        
WHITE, Viola M.                         XI:74                         
WHITE, Virginia                         VII:61                        
WHITE, W.                               V:15                          
WHITE, W. P.                            X:41                          
WHITE, W. W.                            V:15                          
WHITE, Walter M.                        III:17                        
WHITE, Warren G.                        X:67                          
WHITE, Wilford S.                       IV:35                         
WHITE, Will                             IX:130                        
WHITE, William                          VII:23                        
WHITE, William                          VIII:74,75                    
WHITE, William                          X:12                          
WHITE, William P.                       X:41                          
WHITE, Willie R.                        X:25                          
WHITE, Willis R.                        IX:121                        
WHITE, Wilson                           III:72                        
WHITE, Wm. E.                           V:45                          
WHITE, Wm. Seabur                       II:17                         
WHITE, Wm. W.                           II:37                         
WHITE, Yvonne R.                        II:7                          
WHITE, Zuella K.                        IV:61                         
WHITE,Joseph R.                         X:98                          
WHITEHEAD, Adah                         I:15                          
WHITEHEAD, Adah                         XI:16,17                      
WHITEHEAD, Amanda                       III:1                         
WHITEHEAD, Amanda                       IV:95                         
WHITEHEAD, B. F.                        IV:9                          
WHITEHEAD, Carrie E.                    IV:104                        
WHITEHEAD, Edward                       VIII:82                       
WHITEHEAD, Elizabeth                    IV:35                         
WHITEHEAD, Ella                         IV:9                          
WHITEHEAD, Infant son                   XI:16                         
WHITEHEAD, J. P.                        IV:35                         
WHITEHEAD, Jonathan 1 Wm. Wirt          III:85                        
WHITEHEAD, Katherine                    IV:8                          
WHITEHEAD, Lenna                        I:15                          
WHITEHEAD, Lenna                        XI:16,17                      
WHITEHEAD, Lester E.                    IV:104                        
WHITEHEAD, Lilly                        IV:9                          
WHITEHEAD, Matilda Morris               IX:21                         
WHITEHEAD, Mildred L.                   IV:104                        
WHITEHEAD, Noah                         IV:8                          
WHITEHEAD, Ruth                         II:62,66                      
WHITEHEAD, Silas                        II:62,66                      
WHITEHEAD, Sr. M. Dominic               XI:35                         
WHITEHEAD, Thomas B.                    IX:21                         
WHITEHEAD, W. W.                        IV:95                         
WHITEHURST, Cage L.                     X:66                          
WHITEHURST, Carey D.                    II:77,85                      
WHITEHURST, Charles E.                  IX:25                         
WHITEHURST, Charles Elwood              IX:25                         
WHITEHURST, Delia                       II:77                         
WHITEHURST, Deliah                      II:85                         
WHITEHURST, Edith                       II:85                         
WHITEHURST, George A.                   II:85                         
WHITEHURST, M. C.                       II:77,85                      
WHITEHURST, Martin C.                   II:77                         
WHITEHURST, Roberta L.                  IX:25                         
WHITEIS, D. E.                          VIII:21                       
WHITEIS, Mary L.                        VIII:21                       
WHITEIS, Myrtle                         VIII:21                       
WHITEIS, Uriah E.                       VIII:21                       
WHITESED, George                        VII:76                        
WHITESIDE, Frank                        VIII:116                      
WHITESIDE, Kathleen A.                  X:7                           
WHITESIDE, Orville E.                   X:7                           
WHITESTINE, Rebecca                     II:16                         
WHITING, Fredonia                       V:27                          
WHITKER, Lois L.                        I:44                          
WHITKER, Lois L.                        XI:51                         
WHITLATCH, Carl C.                      IX:20                         
WHITLATCH, Marie E.                     IX:20                         
WHITLAW, Albert J.                      X:113                         
WHITLAW, Caroline J.                    X:113                         
WHITLAW, I.                             X:113                         
WHITLAW, James A.                       X:113                         
WHITLAW, N.                             X:113                         
WHITLED, Harold                         VIII:82                       
WHITLOCK, Mary C.                       VI:22                         
WHITLOCK, Nancy                         VIII:54                       
WHITMAN-HALL, E. Kathleen               IX:120                        
WHITMAN-HALL, Grace W.                  IX:120                        
WHITMAN, Belle                          II:8                          
WHITMAN, Clarence K.                    X:15                          
WHITMAN, Marguerite A.                  X:15                          
WHITMAN, Pearl                          II:8                          
WHITMORE, Gertrude W.                   VIII:65                       
WHITMORE, Gracie                        VIII:65                       
WHITMORE, John E.                       II:34                         
WHITMORE, L.M.                          XI:59                         
WHITMORE, William J.                    VIII:65                       
WHITMOYER, John T.                      IV:30                         
WHITMOYER, Margaret                     IV:30                         
WHITMOYER, Pamela                       IV:30                         
WHITNEY, Alice L.                       IV:2                          
WHITNEY, Augusta L.                     III:45
LAST    FIRST                       VOLUME:PAGE
WHITNEY, C.                             III:45                        
WHITNEY, Edward H.                      III:45                        
WHITNEY, Elizabeth                      VII:32                        
WHITNEY, Emma                           IV:2                          
WHITNEY, George W.                      IV:94                         
WHITNEY, Helen E.                       IV:105                        
WHITNEY, Jay H.                         IV:114                        
WHITNEY, John R.                        IV:2                          
WHITNEY, Julia                          IV:94                         
WHITNEY, Lucinda                        VIII:84                       
WHITNEY, Millis M.                      IV:114                        
WHITNEY, S.                             III:45                        
WHITNEY, S. S.                          IV:94                         
WHITNEY, W. C.                          IV:106                        
WHITSALL, Andrew                        VIII:102                      
WHITSEL, Daniel                         III:57                        
WHITSEL, Eleanor J.                     III:109                       
WHITSEL, Elisha M.                      III:57,109                    
WHITSEL, Elizabeth                      III:57                        
WHITSEL, Huldah                         III:57                        
WHITSEL, Martha                         III:57                        
WHITSEL, Samuel                         X:83                          
WHITSEL, Wesley                         X:83                          
WHITSEL, Willie                         X:83                          
WHITSELL, Curtis                        VIII:60                       
WHITSELL, Lillian                       VIII:60                       
WHITSON, Stephen                        VIII:43                       
WHITT, Birdie M.                        VIII:15                       
WHITT, Danny E.                         VIII:49                       
WHITT, Smith H.                         VIII:15,39                    
WHITTAKER, Joseph                       VIII:107                      
WHITTAKER, Ruby                         VII:68                        
WHITTINGHAM, John A.                    IV:77                         
WHITTINGHAM, Marian B.                  IV:77                         
WHITTLESEY, Richard L.                  II:31                         
WHITZEL, Bertha                         II:107                        
WHITZEL, Dora                           II:107                        
WHITZEL, Ella P.                        II:107                        
WHITZEL, John A.                        II:107                        
WHITZEL, Maggie                         II:107                        
WHITZEL, Mary                           II:107                        
WHORLEY, Barbara                        VIII:13                       
WHORLEY, Jacob                          VIII:13                       
WHORLEY, Susanna                        VIII:31                       
WHYTE, Bradford Lee Zielke              X:35                          
WIANDT, Verna Marie                     X:18                          
WIARD, Eileen B.                        IV:58                         
WIARD, J. Edward                        IV:58                         
WICK, Bessie M.                         V:70                          
WICK, Eva                               VIII:80                       
WICK, Reuben B.                         V:70                          
WICKHAM, Chauncey                       IV:104                        
WICKHAM, Grace M.                       IV:113                        
WICKHAM, Iola Z.                        IV:104                        
WICKHAM, Irving                         IV:104                        
WICKHAM, John B.                        IV:104                        
WICKHAM, Joseph                         IV:104                        
WICKHAM, Joseph W.                      IV:104,113                    
WICKHAM, Mark T.                        IV:89                         
WICKHAM, Oscar P.                       IV:104                        
WICKHAM, Pamela                         IV:89                         
WICKHAM, Phebe                          IV:104                        
WICKHAM, Sarah R.                       IV:104                        
WICKHAM, Thomas                         IV:89                         
WICKHAM, W. W.                          IV:104                        
WICKISER, George 0.                     IV:2                          
WICKISER, Mary                          II:84                         
WICKISER, Oma G.                        IV:2                          
WICKISER, Phillip                       II:84                         
WICKLIFF, Bertha                        III:65                        
WICKLIFF, Florence L.                   III:62                        
WICKLIFF, H. J.                         III:62                        
WICKLIFF, Harriet                       III:65                        
WICKLIFF, J.                            III:62                        
WICKLIFF, Joshua                        III:65                        
WICKLIFF, Sarah F.                      III:62                        
WICKLIFFE, William                      VII:77                        
WICKLINE, Helen L.                      IV:70                         
WICKLINE, Walter Lee                    IX:115                        
WICKLINE, Wray G.                       IV:70                         
WIDDOES, Harold E.                      IV:108                        
WIDER, Jennie                           I:103                         
WIDER, Jennie                           XI:109                        
WIDER, Mendel                           I:103                         
WIDER, Mendel                           XI:109                        
WIDNER, Felix J.                        XI:105                        
WIDNER, Fred C.                         II:7                          
WIDNER, Izetta M.                       II:7                          
WIDNEY, James M.                        VI:36                         
WIDNEY, Mary E.                         VI:36                         
WIEDERHOLD, Frank J. III                IX:55                         
WIEFEL, Frank J.                        VI:39                         
WIEFEL, Georgia                         VI:39                         
WIEGAND, A.                             IX:31                         
WIEGAND, Catharine                      IX:45                         
WIEGAND, E.                             IX:31                         
WIEGAND, Elizabeth                      IX:31                         
WIEGAND, Emma 0.                        IX:23                         
WIEGAND, Forest                         IX:5                          
WIEGAND, George C.                      IX:45                         
WIEGAND, George E.                      IX:23                         
WIEGAND, Georgia A.                     IX:45                         
WIEGAND, Goldin M.                      IX:45                         
WIEGAND, H.                             IX:31                         
WIEGAND, Harrison H.                    IX:23                         
WIEGAND, Harry Ray                      IX:45                         
WIEGAND, Harry V.                       IX:45                         
WIEGAND, Henry                          IX:31                         
WIEGAND, Infant Son                     IX:31                         
WIEGAND, J.                             IX:31                         
WIEGAND, Lurene                         IX:5                          
WIEGAND, Mary E.                        IX:45                         
WIEGAND, Ola N.                         IX:45                         
WIENER, Carl                            I:89                          
WIERTS, Clifford A.                     V:46                          
WIERTS, Cornelius P.                    V:46                          
WIERTS, Helen H.                        V:46                          
WIERTS, Margaret L.                     I:63                          
WIERTS, Margaret L.                     XI:68                         
WIETZKY, Louis E.                       I:91                          
WIGDEN, Jane                            XI:147                        
WIGDEN, William                         XI:147                        
WIGDON, Jane                            VIII:77                       
WIGDON, Wm.                             VIII:77                       
WIGET, Leota                            X:99                          
WIGFELD, Sarah                          III:1,2                       
WIGFELD, Wm.                            III:1,2                       
WIGGANS, Artie                          VIII:105                      
WIGGINS, Eric A.                        IX:94                         
WIGGINS, Frances                        II:6                          
WIGGINS, Fred                           II:6                          
WIGGINS, Harry                          VIII:114                      
WIGGINS, Shelley Ann                    IX:94                         
WIGHTMAN, Charlotte                     IX:49                         
WIGHTMAN, Elizabeth                     IX:49                         
WIGHTMAN, George                        II:10                         
WIGHTMAN, Jacob                         IX:49                         
WIGHTMAN, Ruth                          II:10                         
WIGTON, Elizabeth                       IV:55                         
WIKOFF, Aileene                         IX:11                         
WIKOFF, Harry E.                        IX:11                         
WILBER, Charles C.                      IV:63                         
WILBER, Favell P.                       IV:63                         
WILBER, Francis A.                      IV:63                         
WILBUR, Hannah C.                       IV:63                         
WILBURN, Arthur                         IX:11                         
WILBURN, Bernice                        IX:11                         
WILCOX, -----                           XI:130                        
WILCOX, 011ie B.                        VI:55                         
WILCOX, A.                              VIII:74                       
WILCOX, Albert L.                       V:62                          
WILCOX, Alfred                          VIII:75                       
WILCOX, Alice C.                        IV:65                         
WILCOX, Amanda                          VI:75                         
WILCOX, Arch                            VI:27                         
WILCOX, Asa                             VI:16                         
WILCOX, Asa                             VII:14                        
WILCOX, Bertha                          VII:60                        
WILCOX, C. L.                           VI:55                         
WILCOX, Caroline                        XI:131                        
WILCOX, Cecil P.                        VI:55                         
WILCOX, Charle                          V:13                          
WILCOX, Charles                         V:17                          
WILCOX, Charles                         VI:54                         
WILCOX, Charles                         VII:41                        
WILCOX, Charlotte                       VI:17                         
WILCOX, Chestina                        V:13                          
WILCOX, Clinton                         V:13                          
WILCOX, Clinton                         XI:134                        
WILCOX, Daniel C.                       V:64                          
WILCOX, Dora W.                         VI:54                         
WILCOX, Dwight J.                       IV:73                         
WILCOX, E.                              VIII:75                       
WILCOX, Elsy                            VIII:75                       
WILCOX, Emma                            VII:14                        
WILCOX, Emma E.                         IV:121                        
WILCOX, Esta                            V:13                          
WILCOX, Eva                             VII:28                        
WILCOX, Florence                        VII:66                        
WILCOX, Frank H.                        IV:65                         
WILCOX, Frank W.                        VI:61                         
WILCOX, George                          V:91                          
WILCOX, George                          VIII:42,93                    
WILCOX, George A.                       V:62                          
WILCOX, Gertrude M.                     IV:73                         
WILCOX, Gideon G.                       VI:75                         
WILCOX, Giles C.                        V:47                          
WILCOX, H. M.                           VI:55                         
WILCOX, Harriet E.                      VI:66                         
WILCOX, Hattie                          VII:28                        
WILCOX, Henrietta                       V:17                          
WILCOX, Henry                           VI:17                         
WILCOX, Hiram                           V:13                          
WILCOX, Hiram M.                        VI:55                         
WILCOX, Horace                          VIII:75                       
WILCOX, Irma Rose                       V:64                          
WILCOX, Isabel                          VIII:66                       
WILCOX, Isabella C.                     VI:72                         
WILCOX, J.                              VI:75                         
WILCOX, J. Clarence                     VII:66                        
WILCOX, Jackson                         VII:4                         
WILCOX, James                           VI:16                         
WILCOX, James                           VII:73                        
WILCOX, James M.                        V:34                          
WILCOX, Jennie                          V:63                          
WILCOX, John                            IV:121                        
WILCOX, John                            V:63                          
WILCOX, John                            VI:59                         
WILCOX, John L.                         V:13                          
WILCOX, John Q.                         V:13                          
WILCOX, John T.                         VI:43                         
WILCOX, Julia                           VIII:74                       
WILCOX, Julia B.                        V:47                          
WILCOX, Julia F.                        V:64                          
WILCOX, L. M.                           VI:75                         
WILCOX, Laura                           VI:17                         
WILCOX, Lauretta                        VII:73                        
WILCOX, Lena R.                         VIII:16                       
WILCOX, Leroy                           VII:14                        
WILCOX, Lew                             VI:35                         
WILCOX, Lonnie                          VI:17                         
WILCOX, Louis                           VI:75                         
WILCOX, Louisa                          VI:16                         
WILCOX, M. B.                           VII:4                         
WILCOX, Maggie                          VII:40                        
WILCOX, Margaret M.                     V:62                          
WILCOX, Marion                          V:63                          
WILCOX, Mary                            VI:16                         
WILCOX, Mary                            VII:2                         
WILCOX, Mary A.                         V:34                          
WILCOX, Mary E.                         V:27                          
WILCOX, Mary L.                         VI:59                         
WILCOX, Matilda J.                      VI:32                         
WILCOX, Minnie M.                       VI:43                         
WILCOX, Orville J.                      V:64                          
WILCOX, Osceola A.                      VI:59                         
WILCOX, Peter                           VII:9                         
WILCOX, Priscilla                       VI:75                         
WILCOX, Rachel                          VII:61                        
WILCOX, Rebecca                         VI:66                         
WILCOX, Rebecca                         VIII:42                       
WILCOX, Rhoda                           VII:26                        
WILCOX, Richard                         V:63                          
WILCOX, Roger B.                        V:47                          
WILCOX, Roswell                         XI:134                        
WILCOX, Ruth                            V:47                          
WILCOX, S.                              VII:4,40                      
WILCOX, Salmon                          V:13                          
WILCOX, Samuel                          VI:75                         
WILCOX, Sarah                           VII:40                        
WILCOX, Sarah E.                        VI:61                         
WILCOX, See HUEY, Howard H. Wilcox      XI:57                         
WILCOX, Selah                           XI:131                        
WILCOX, Selina                          VI:75                         
WILCOX, Silas                           VI:72                         
WILCOX, Solomon                         V:27                          
WILCOX, Sophronia E.                    V:13                          
WILCOX, Stella E.                       V:13                          
WILCOX, Stephen                         VII:28                        
WILCOX, Susan                           VI:66                         
WILCOX, T. M.                           VI:75                         
WILCOX, Thomas                          VII:2                         
WILCOX, Thomas J.                       VI:61                         
WILCOX, Tracy                           XI:130                        
WILCOX, Tracy M.                        VI:75                         
WILCOX, Tryphena                        VII:9                         
WILCOX, Urton R.                        VI:43                         
WILCOX, W. Burrell                      VII:28                        
WILCOX, Warrin                          XI:130,131                    
WILCOX, Wilford                         VIII:16                       
WILCOX, William                         VII:26                        
WILCOX, Willie                          VII:26                        
WILCOX, Wm.                             VI:66                         
WILDERMUTH, Adam J.                     IX:93                         
WILDERMUTH, Alice                       IX:87                         
WILDERMUTH, Burt A.                     IX:86                         
WILDERMUTH, Catherine Bacher            IX:51                         
WILDERMUTH, Charles F.                  IX:77                         
WILDERMUTH, Cora E.                     IX:86                         
WILDERMUTH, Daniel                      IX:51                         
WILDERMUTH, Delilah                     IX:77                         
WILDERMUTH, Emma                        VII:63                        
WILDERMUTH, Ethel M.                    IX:86                         
WILDERMUTH, Frances C.                  IX:87                         
WILDERMUTH, Frank E.                    IX:86                         
WILDERMUTH, Frank E.                    IX:87                         
WILDERMUTH, Freddie Earl                IX:77                         
WILDERMUTH, Hestella A.                 IX:93                         
WILDERMUTH, Hester Hamilton             IX:86                         
WILDERMUTH, I. E.                       IX:87                         
WILDERMUTH, Ida Allice                  IX:32                         
WILDERMUTH, Infant                      IX:52                         
WILDERMUTH, Isaac Edward                IX:87                         
WILDERMUTH, J. H.                       IX:77                         
WILDERMUTH, J. H.                       IX:87                         
WILDERMUTH, Jane E.                     IX:86                         
WILDERMUTH, Jesse L.                    IX:77                         
WILDERMUTH, John                        VII:63                        
WILDERMUTH, John F.                     IX:77                         
WILDERMUTH, Joshua                      IX:87                         
WILDERMUTH, Katie                       IX:86                         
WILDERMUTH, L. H.                       IX:77                         
WILDERMUTH, L. H.                       IX:87                         
WILDERMUTH, LeRoy                       IX:77                         
WILDERMUTH, Lydia                       IX:87                         
WILDERMUTH, Mamie M.                    IX:87                         
WILDERMUTH, Martin L.                   IX:86                         
WILDERMUTH, Mary                        IX:51                         
WILDERMUTH, Mary                        IX:87                         
WILDERMUTH, Mary E.                     IV:36                         
WILDERMUTH, Milton D.                   IX:87                         
WILDERMUTH, Nora                        IX:87                         
WILDERMUTH, Olive J.                    IX:87                         
WILDERMUTH, Pearl A.                    IX:77                         
WILDERMUTH, R.                          IX:52                         
WILDERMUTH, Ray E.                      IX:86                         
WILDERMUTH, Robert B.                   IX:87                         
WILDERMUTH, Ronald L.                   IV:78                         
WILDERMUTH, Russell                     IV:36                         
WILDERMUTH, Ruth                        IX:51                         
WILDERMUTH, Ruth                        IX:52                         
WILDERMUTH, Ruth                        IX:87                         
WILDERMUTH, Ruth E.                     IX:86                         
WILDERMUTH, W.                          IX:52                         
WILDERMUTH, William                     IX:87                         
WILDERMUTH, William G.                  IX:51                         
WILDERMUTH, William J.                  IX:52                         
WILDERMUTH, Wm.                         IX:51                         
WILDERMUTH, Wm.                         IX:52                         
WILDERS, Ruth                           III:106                       
WILDMAN, Sr. M. Margaret                XI:35                         
WILEY, Eliza                            V:76                          
WILEY, Elizabeth                        V:91,96                       
WILEY, Elizabeth                        XI:129(2),138                 
WILEY, Isaac                            V:76                          
WILEY, Israel                           XI:129(2)                     
WILEY, Jedediah                         V:91                          
WILEY, L.                               V:96                          
WILEY, Levi                             XI:129                        
WILEY, Lucinda                          V:96                          
WILHELM, Leo                            VIII:71                       
WILK, Walter W.                         IV:80                         
WILKES, Bert                            VII:43                        
WILKES, Essie                           VII:43                        
WILKES, Howard W.                       II:29                         
WILKES, John                            VII:77                        
WILKES, Nina L.                         II:29                         
WILKES, Richard A.                      II:29                         
WILKIN, Alice G.                        IV:11                         
WILKIN, Angus                           III:9                         
WILKIN, Armstead                        IV:11                         
WILKIN, Clarinda                        IV:11                         
WILKIN, Earl                            IV:11                         
WILKIN, Emeline                         IV:11                         
WILKIN, Fredrick A.                     IV:11                         
WILKIN, Godfrey                         IV:11                         
WILKIN, Harvey                          IV:11                         
WILKIN, Jacob                           VII:20                        
WILKIN, Leona                           IV:13                         
WILKIN, Luona                           IV:11                         
WILKIN, Margaret                        IV:11                         
WILKIN, Mary                            IV:11                         
WILKIN, Mary                            VII:20                        
WILKIN, Opal R.                         IV:33                         
WILKIN, Richard C.                      IV:11                         
WILKIN, Russell E.                      IV:11                         
WILKIN, Russell L.                      IV:13                         
WILKIN, William H.                      IV:11                         
WILKINS, Ada                            X:50                          
WILKINS, Alfred                         X:86                          
WILKINS, Clara                          VIII:24                       
WILKINS, Clydie E.                      X:22                          
WILKINS, David                          X:23                          
WILKINS, Edna E.                        X:51                          
WILKINS, Effie Lee                      X:75                          
WILKINS, Elenorah                       X:23                          
WILKINS, Ella V.                        X:86                          
WILKINS, Ernest K. "Tom"                X:75                          
WILKINS, Evaline Ross                   X:49                          
WILKINS, Frank                          VIII:24                       
WILKINS, Fred                           X:49                          
WILKINS, Freddie                        X:50                          
WILKINS, Gary                           X:51                          
WILKINS, Gertrude                       VII:70                        
WILKINS, Hattie C.                      V:30                          
WILKINS, Hattie K.                      X:86                          
WILKINS, Hobart                         X:86                          
WILKINS, James S.                       X:23                          
WILKINS, Jemima M.                      X:50                          
WILKINS, Jessie                         V:30                          
WILKINS, Joseph M.                      X:50                          
WILKINS, Laura                          VIII:24                       
WILKINS, Louisa                         VIII:31                       
WILKINS, Marion N. "Bubby"              X:75                          
WILKINS, Mary                           X:86                          
WILKINS, May                            X:50                          
WILKINS, N.                             IV:11                         
WILKINS, Nelson                         IV:11                         
WILKINS, Oscar Jr                       XI:158                        
WILKINS, Oscar Jr.                      X:110                         
WILKINS, Printist L.                    X:50                          
WILKINS, Sandy Lee                      X:51                          
WILKINS, Sarah                          X:50                          
WILKINS, Susan                          X:86                          
WILKINS, Villa May                      X:86                          
WILKINS, William M.                     IX:89                         
WILKINSON, Archie                       VII:18                        
WILKINSON, Armelia H.                   IV:98                         
WILKINSON, Baby                         X:27                          
WILKINSON, Bethena                      V:91                          
WILKINSON, Bethena                      XI:137                        
WILKINSON, Clyde R.                     X:43                          
WILKINSON, Della M.                     X:42                          
WILKINSON, Elmira E.                    X:42                          
WILKINSON, Esther Ellen                 IX:72                         
WILKINSON, Ethel                        VII:18                        
WILKINSON, Fayth                        VII:18                        
WILKINSON, Flora                        IV:85                         
WILKINSON, George                       VIII:95                       
WILKINSON, George Jr.                   X:25                          
WILKINSON, George W.                    X:42                          
WILKINSON, Herby D.                     X:42                          
WILKINSON, Leota Mae                    X:43                          
WILKINSON, M. S.                        V:91                          
WILKINSON, Minnie                       VIII:120                      
WILKINSON, Minnie L.                    X:42                          
WILKINSON, Moses S.                     V:6                           
WILKINSON, Moses S.                     XI:137                        
WILKINSON, N. I.                        IV:85                         
WILKINSON, Nora Ethel                   X:42                          
WILKINSON, R. T.                        IV:85                         
WILKINSON, Sophia M.                    V:6                           
WILKINSON, William                      V:91                          
WILKINSON, William "Uncle Bill"         X:43                          
WILL, ----                              IV:90                         
WILL, Anna                              VIII:16                       
WILL, Daniel                            II:77                         
WILL, George                            VIII:107                      
WILL, Hannah                            II:77,91                      
WILL, Henry                             II:77,91                      
WILL, Henry                             VIII:16                       
WILL, John F.                           II:100                        
WILL, Lucy 0.                           II:77,91                      
WILLARD, D. L.                          III:49                        
WILLARD, E. 1.                          III:49                        
WILLARD, Maud                           III:49                        
WILLCOX, Parintha H.                    V:91                          
WILLCOX, Roswell                        XI:134                        
WILLCOX, Sarah                          V:91                          
WILLCOX, Simeon                         V:91                          
WILLCOX, Simeon                         XI:130                        
WILLERT, Anna                           X:9                           
WILLERT, Bertha                         X:9                           
WILLERT, Carl                           X:9                           
WILLERT, Emma                           X:9                           
WILLERT, George                         X:9                           
WILLERT, Hugo Rev.                      X:9                           
WILLERT, Otto                           X:9                           
WILLETT, Chloe                          VIII:78                       
WILLFONG, David                         IX:112                        
WILLFONG, Rebecca                       IX:112                        
WILLFONG, Susannah                      IX:112                        
WILLFONG, William E.                    IX:112                        
WILLI, A.                               II:20                         
WILLI, Clark A.                         II:20                         
WILLI, Ellen                            II:20                         
WILLI, Emma                             II:20                         
WILLI, John                             II:20                         
WILLI, M. A.                            II:20                         
WILLI, Martha A.                        II:20                         
WILLI, Martha Ann                       II:20                         
WILLI, William                          II:20                         
WILLIAM, A. C.                          VI:11                         
WILLIAM, Alice                          VI:54                         
WILLIAM, Arthur                         VI:23                         
WILLIAM, Belle                          VI:32                         
WILLIAM, Ben F.                         VI:54                         
WILLIAM, Benj. F.                       VI:24                         
WILLIAM, Charles H.                     VI:41                         
WILLIAM, Chester A.                     VI:8                          
WILLIAM, David                          VI:31                         
WILLIAM, Elmer E.                       VI:54                         
WILLIAM, Ethel M.                       VI:23                         
WILLIAM, Etta M.                        VI:32                         
WILLIAM, Francis A.                     VI:24                         
WILLIAM, John M.                        VI:31,32                      
WILLIAM, Keturah                        VI:24                         
WILLIAM, Laura D.                       VI:24                         
WILLIAM, Leah R.                        VI:8                          
WILLIAM, M.                             VI:31                         
WILLIAM, M. A.                          VI:11                         
WILLIAMS, ----- (Broken stone)          XI:26                         
WILLIAMS, ---                           II:17                         
WILLIAMS, A.                            IX:3                          
WILLIAMS, Abraham                       IV:49                         
WILLIAMS, Abraham J.                    IX:131                        
WILLIAMS, Addie P.                      II:104                        
WILLIAMS, Alberta                       V:35                          
WILLIAMS, Alexander D.                  I:28                          
WILLIAMS, Alexander D.                  XI:26                         
WILLIAMS, Alice M.                      IV:89                         
WILLIAMS, Allen                         VII:30                        
WILLIAMS, Almeda J.                     V:4                           
WILLIAMS, Alonzo                        XI:39                         
WILLIAMS, Ancil B.                      VIII:56                       
WILLIAMS, Andrew J.                     X:100                         
WILLIAMS, Ann                           IX:131                        
WILLIAMS, Anna                          VIII:95                       
WILLIAMS, Anna H.                       X:109                         
WILLIAMS, Anna M.                       IV:101                        
WILLIAMS, Anna R.                       II:7                          
WILLIAMS, Arnold E.                     I:78                          
WILLIAMS, Arnold E.                     XI:79                         
WILLIAMS, Arthur                        IX:79                         
WILLIAMS, B.                            IX:131                        
WILLIAMS, B.                            IX:51                         
WILLIAMS, B. A.                         VIII:56                       
WILLIAMS, Barbara                       XI:153                        
WILLIAMS, Barbary                       IV:102                        
WILLIAMS, Barbray                       IX:51                         
WILLIAMS, Benjamin                      IX:131                        
WILLIAMS, Bertha                        VII:31                        
WILLIAMS, Betty J.                      IX:91                         
WILLIAMS, Boyd                          IV:112                        
WILLIAMS, C.                            IX:131                        
WILLIAMS, C. A.                         IX:51                         
WILLIAMS, C. E.                         IX:51                         
WILLIAMS, Carrie                        I:20                          
WILLIAMS, Catharine Weight              IX:131                        
WILLIAMS, Catherine E.                  IX:84                         
WILLIAMS, Charles                       VIII:87                       
WILLIAMS, Charles I.                    III:22                        
WILLIAMS, Chas. E.                      IV:101                        
WILLIAMS, Clara B.                      IV:92                         
WILLIAMS, Clarence A.                   X:20                          
WILLIAMS, Cora E.                       IX:51                         
WILLIAMS, D.                            IX:51                         
WILLIAMS, David                         IX:131                        
WILLIAMS, David                         IX:51                         
WILLIAMS, David D.                      IX:51                         
WILLIAMS, David D.                      XI:153                        
WILLIAMS, David E.                      IX:51                         
WILLIAMS, David L.                      IV:25                         
WILLIAMS, Dollyann                      IV:49                         
WILLIAMS, Dorothy                       V:49                          
WILLIAMS, Dorothy M.                    III:80                        
WILLIAMS, E.                            I:10                          
WILLIAMS, E.                            II:105                        
WILLIAMS, E.                            IV:92                         
WILLIAMS, E.                            IX:3                          
WILLIAMS, E. D.                         II:105                        
WILLIAMS, E. P.                         IX:131                        
WILLIAMS, Easter                        VII:22                        
WILLIAMS, Ebenezer                      V:23                          
WILLIAMS, Edward L.                     IV:109                        
WILLIAMS, Edwin                         IX:84                         
WILLIAMS, Elias                         VII:22                        
WILLIAMS, Elijah                        III:72                        
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth                     II:2,4                        
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth                     IV:49                         
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth                     IX:128                        
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth                     VII:24                        
WILLIAMS, Ella M.                       IX:84                         
WILLIAMS, Elleni                        II:55                         
WILLIAMS, Elmer                         VIII:102                      
WILLIAMS, Elnora                        V:105                         
WILLIAMS, Elsie Marie                   IX:22                         
WILLIAMS, Elvira Ell                    IX:36                         
WILLIAMS, Ely K.                        I:29                          
WILLIAMS, Ely K.                        XI:11,27                      
WILLIAMS, Elzie J.                      IV:101                        
WILLIAMS, Enos R.                       I:44                          
WILLIAMS, Enos R.                       XI:51,52                      
WILLIAMS, Ernest                        VIII:100,103                  
WILLIAMS, Eugene                        IX:11                         
WILLIAMS, Evelyn A.                     V:75                          
WILLIAMS, Flora C.                      IX:62                         
WILLIAMS, Florence                      V:76                          
WILLIAMS, Florence                      VIII:78                       
WILLIAMS, Florence                      X:106                         
WILLIAMS, Florence E.                   III:72                        
WILLIAMS, Florence G.                   I:73                          
WILLIAMS, Florence G.                   XI:75                         
WILLIAMS, Florence M.                   IX:51                         
WILLIAMS, Flossie G.                    IX:11                         
WILLIAMS, Francis                       II:105                        
WILLIAMS, Frank                         IX:102                        
WILLIAMS, Frankie E.                    II:50                         
WILLIAMS, Franklin                      III:26                        
WILLIAMS, G. B.                         II:50                         
WILLIAMS, G. W.                         II:55                         
WILLIAMS, George                        I:10                          
WILLIAMS, George                        VIII:86                       
WILLIAMS, George                        XI:148                        
WILLIAMS, George H.                     XI:8                          
WILLIAMS, George R.                     IX:91                         
WILLIAMS, George W.                     IX:62                         
WILLIAMS, George Washington             IX:51                         
WILLIAMS, Gertrude                      VIII:105                      
WILLIAMS, Gifty                         VIII:115                      
WILLIAMS, Gladys L.                     IV:77                         
WILLIAMS, Glenn                         V:105                         
WILLIAMS, Grace                         VII:24                        
WILLIAMS, Griffith                      I:28                          
WILLIAMS, Griffith                      XI:27                         
WILLIAMS, Hannah                        IV:92                         
WILLIAMS, Harold L.                     IX:56                         
WILLIAMS, Harry                         IX:3                          
WILLIAMS, Harry                         VII:31                        
WILLIAMS, Harry                         VIII:114                      
WILLIAMS, Harry A.                      III:80                        
WILLIAMS, Helen C.                      X:2                           
WILLIAMS, Henry                         IX:19                         
WILLIAMS, Henry C.                      V:35                          
WILLIAMS, Herbert                       X:55                          
WILLIAMS, Hosea                         IV:28                         
WILLIAMS, Howard R.                     III:30                        
WILLIAMS, I. Orange                     IX:51                         
WILLIAMS, Ida                           IX:102                        
WILLIAMS, Ida M.                        I:69                          
WILLIAMS, Ida M.                        XI:72                         
WILLIAMS, Inf Son                       X:57                          
WILLIAMS, Irene D.                      V:74                          
WILLIAMS, Isaac                         IX:131                        
WILLIAMS, Isaac                         VII:23                        
WILLIAMS, Isabelle                      V:102                         
WILLIAMS, J.                            XI:124                        
WILLIAMS, J. M.                         II:48,50                      
WILLIAMS, J. Wendell                    III:18                        
WILLIAMS, Jack C.                       I:58                          
WILLIAMS, Jack C.                       XI:63                         
WILLIAMS, James                         VIII:61,103                   
WILLIAMS, James E.                      III:65                        
WILLIAMS, James H.                      II:104                        
WILLIAMS, James M.                      V:92                          
WILLIAMS, James W.                      I:10                          
WILLIAMS, James W.E.                    XI:8                          
WILLIAMS, Jane                          III:72                        
WILLIAMS, Jennie M.                     II:50                         
WILLIAMS, Jesse M.                      IV:114                        
WILLIAMS, Jessie E.                     VIII:56                       
WILLIAMS, John                          VIII:61,92                    
WILLIAMS, John                          X:107                         
WILLIAMS, John E.                       I:20                          
WILLIAMS, John L.                       IX:32                         
WILLIAMS, John P.                       V:4                           
WILLIAMS, Johnny J. Kauser              XI:65                         
WILLIAMS, Joseph C.                     X:2                           
WILLIAMS, Josephine                     VIII:118                      
WILLIAMS, Julia                         IX:79                         
WILLIAMS, K.                            I:10                          
WILLIAMS, Kimberly Ann                  III:12                        
WILLIAMS, L. G.                         VII:23,24                     
WILLIAMS, Laura                         X:56                          
WILLIAMS, Lawrence K.                   XI:39                         
WILLIAMS, Lee I.                        I:78                          
WILLIAMS, Lee I.                        XI:79                         
WILLIAMS, Leona B.                      III:30                        
WILLIAMS, Lessie B.                     IV:28                         
WILLIAMS, Levisey Snider                X:51                          
WILLIAMS, Lizzie L.                     II:50                         
WILLIAMS, Lucile                        V:49                          
WILLIAMS, Lucy                          VII:66                        
WILLIAMS, Lucy K.                       III:65                        
WILLIAMS, Lulu P.                       IV:109                        
WILLIAMS, Luther                        X:57                          
WILLIAMS, Lydia                         IX:11                         
WILLIAMS, M.                            I:10                          
WILLIAMS, M.                            X:36                          
WILLIAMS, M. J.                         II:55                         
WILLIAMS, M. N.                         IV:16                         
WILLIAMS, Mabel B.                      VIII:58                       
WILLIAMS, Mable Irene                   III:22                        
WILLIAMS, Malinda                       I:28,29                       
WILLIAMS, Malinda                       XI:11,26,27                   
WILLIAMS, Malissia C.                   X:107                         
WILLIAMS, Mamie                         VI:41                         
WILLIAMS, Martha                        IV:102                        
WILLIAMS, Mary                          VI:11                         
WILLIAMS, Mary                          VII:40                        
WILLIAMS, Mary                          VIII:99                       
WILLIAMS, Mary                          XI:26                         
WILLIAMS, Mary E.                       I:28                          
WILLIAMS, Mary E.                       III:72                        
WILLIAMS, Mary E.                       IX:54                         
WILLIAMS, Mary E.                       XI:27                         
WILLIAMS, Mary G.                       V:35                          
WILLIAMS, Mary J.                       IV:102,114                    
WILLIAMS, Mary M.                       V:23                          
WILLIAMS, Maurice M.                    III:72                        
WILLIAMS, Melissa E.                    IX:44                         
WILLIAMS, Minnie                        VIII:120                      
WILLIAMS, Minnie Bell Sprout            X:57                          
WILLIAMS, Minnie E.                     VI:32                         
WILLIAMS, Minnie M.                     III:91                        
WILLIAMS, Myrtle                        IV:16                         
WILLIAMS, N.                            IX:131                        
WILLIAMS, N.                            X:36                          
WILLIAMS, N.                            XI:124                        
WILLIAMS, Nancy Ann                     III:26                        
WILLIAMS, Neil B.                       IV:80                         
WILLIAMS, Nellie                        III:25                        
WILLIAMS, Nellie F.                     IV:92                         
WILLIAMS, Nellie M.                     IV:25                         
WILLIAMS, Nicole A.                     X:27                          
WILLIAMS, Nora M.                       II:104                        
WILLIAMS, O. H. Perry                   IX:51                         
WILLIAMS, Ora A.                        X:100                         
WILLIAMS, Orr H.                        X:109                         
WILLIAMS, Patty M.                      I:37                          
WILLIAMS, Patty M.                      XI:45                         
WILLIAMS, Paul E.                       X:78                          
WILLIAMS, Pauline                       V:105                         
WILLIAMS, Phoebe                        VII:40                        
WILLIAMS, R.                            II:48                         
WILLIAMS, Rachel M. Dean                I:44                          
WILLIAMS, Rachel M. Dean                XI:52                         
WILLIAMS, Ralph                         VIII:98                       
WILLIAMS, Ralph E.                      VI:32                         
WILLIAMS, Ralph I.                      IV:114                        
WILLIAMS, Rebecca                       X:78                          
WILLIAMS, Rebekah Weatherington         IX:51                         
WILLIAMS, Reese M.                      VIII:56                       
WILLIAMS, Robert J.                     V:76                          
WILLIAMS, Rolland                       IV:77                         
WILLIAMS, Ronald                        V:105                         
WILLIAMS, Rose E.                       V:35                          
WILLIAMS, Rosetta                       IV:102                        
WILLIAMS, Russell G.                    IX:11                         
WILLIAMS, Ruth A. Houghn (Pfeiffer)     X:44                          
WILLIAMS, S. S.                         VI:32                         
WILLIAMS, Samuel                        IV:49                         
WILLIAMS, Samuel G.                     IX:84                         
WILLIAMS, Sarah                         VII:22                        
WILLIAMS, Seymour                       X:106                         
WILLIAMS, Sharon S.                     IV:65                         
WILLIAMS, Simon                         IV:102                        
WILLIAMS, Stanley E.                    V:102                         
WILLIAMS, Susan                         IX:46                         
WILLIAMS, Susannah                      VI:10                         
WILLIAMS, T. G.                         IV:16                         
WILLIAMS, Thomas                        VII:40                        
WILLIAMS, Thomas                        VIII:88                       
WILLIAMS, Tiffin                        VIII:61                       
WILLIAMS, Vaughn V.                     I:73                          
WILLIAMS, Vaughn V.                     XI:75                         
WILLIAMS, Verlie E.                     X:55                          
WILLIAMS, Vesta A.                      III:87                        
WILLIAMS, Viola R.                      IX:91                         
WILLIAMS, Violet                        VII:30                        
WILLIAMS, W. D.                         IX:51                         
WILLIAMS, W. Evan                       III:91                        
WILLIAMS, Walter                        I:69                          
WILLIAMS, Walter                        VIII:88                       
WILLIAMS, Walter                        XI:72                         
WILLIAMS, Walter P.                     VI:32                         
WILLIAMS, Wash.                         X:56                          
WILLIAMS, Weston                        V:49                          
WILLIAMS, Wilbert                       VIII:119                      
WILLIAMS, Willa 0.                      IV:80                         
WILLIAMS, William                       IX:131                        
WILLIAMS, William D.                    IX:51                         
WILLIAMS, William H.                    X:36                          
WILLIAMS, William S.                    III:6                         
WILLIAMS, Willie                        VIII:87                       
WILLIAMS, Wm, R.                        V:7                           
WILLIAMS, Wm.                           III:72                        
WILLIAMS, Wm.                           IV:97                         
WILLIAMS, Wm.                           IX:131                        
WILLIAMS, Wm.                           VIII:88                       
WILLIAMS, Wm. F.                        IV:102                        
WILLIAMS, Wm. H.                        IX:84                         
WILLIAMS, Wm. H.                        X:109                         
WILLIAMS, Wm. Wesley                    X:44                          
WILLIAMSON, 011ie E.                    IV:8                          
WILLIAMSON, Arthur                      IV:8                          
WILLIAMSON, Beverly                     IV:28                         
WILLIAMSON, Casper                      IV:8                          
WILLIAMSON, Chancy M.                   III:84                        
WILLIAMSON, Chas.                       X:109                         
WILLIAMSON, David                       I:11                          
WILLIAMSON, David                       XI:14                         
WILLIAMSON, Dorothea                    IV:34                         
WILLIAMSON, E.                          X:117                         
WILLIAMSON, Edith                       III:33                        
WILLIAMSON, Effie                       I:26                          
WILLIAMSON, Effie                       XI:25                         
WILLIAMSON, Ella                        II:101                        
WILLIAMSON, Emma J.                     III:84                        
WILLIAMSON, Eva L.                      IV:8                          
WILLIAMSON, Everett M.                  IV:28                         
WILLIAMSON, Evy                         IV:8                          
WILLIAMSON, Evy L.                      IV:8                          
WILLIAMSON, Fannie E.                   III:92                        
WILLIAMSON, Fern                        VIII:52                       
WILLIAMSON, Floyd J.                    IV:34                         
WILLIAMSON, Frank W.                    IV:16                         
WILLIAMSON, Gertrude                    IV:28                         
WILLIAMSON, Grace A.                    III:33                        
WILLIAMSON, Grover C.                   IV:28                         
WILLIAMSON, Grover G.                   II:101                        
WILLIAMSON, Iva                         VIII:79                       
WILLIAMSON, Iva D.                      IV:16                         
WILLIAMSON, J.                          X:117                         
WILLIAMSON, James C.                    III:92                        
WILLIAMSON, James M.                    IV:35                         
WILLIAMSON, Jasper                      IV:41                         
WILLIAMSON, Jess B.                     IV:8                          
WILLIAMSON, Jessie                      IV:41                         
WILLIAMSON, John                        I:26                          
WILLIAMSON, John                        II:17                         
WILLIAMSON, John                        IV:40                         
WILLIAMSON, John                        VIII:52                       
WILLIAMSON, John                        XI:12,25                      
WILLIAMSON, Joseph A.                   IV:8                          
WILLIAMSON, Julia M.                    III:92                        
WILLIAMSON, Kasper                      IV:8                          
WILLIAMSON, Levi B.                     I:26                          
WILLIAMSON, Levi B.                     XI:25                         
WILLIAMSON, Lillian M.                  IV:34                         
WILLIAMSON, M.                          V:26                          
WILLIAMSON, Martha J.                   III:92                        
WILLIAMSON, Martha Peffers              XI:14                         
WILLIAMSON, Mary A.                     I:26                          
WILLIAMSON, Mary A.                     XI:25                         
WILLIAMSON, Mary E.                     X:117                         
WILLIAMSON, Nova M.                     IX:63                         
WILLIAMSON, Quilley                     IV:8                          
WILLIAMSON, Rebecca                     IV:41                         
WILLIAMSON, Ruby E.                     IV:28                         
WILLIAMSON, Samuel A.                   IX:63                         
WILLIAMSON, Thomas                      III:92                        
WILLIAMSON, W. Earl                     X:96                          
WILLIAMSON, Warren                      IV:40                         
WILLIAMSON, Wm. H.                      III:84                        
WILLIE, Augustus                        II:16                         
WILLIE, Clara                           II:16                         
WILLIE, David M.                        II:24                         
WILLIE, Ellen                           II:16                         
WILLIE, Martha A.                       II:16                         
WILLIE, Martha Ann                      II:16                         
WILLIE, Mary A.                         II:24                         
WILLIE, Mary Annetta                    II:24                         
WILLIE, Raymond                         II:24                         
WILLIE, Thomas C.                       II:16,20                      
WILLIMS, Anthony                        X:29                          
WILLIMS, F.                             X:29                          
WILLIMS, H.                             X:29                          
WILLING, Ada                            X:54                          
WILLING, Amelia P.                      X:16                          
WILLING, Charles F.                     X:25                          
WILLING, Christian                      X:8                           
WILLING, Elmer B.                       X:66                          
WILLING, Ernst A.                       X:16                          
WILLING, Esther                         X:20                          
WILLING, F. W.                          X:33                          
WILLING, Frederick                      X:54                          
WILLING, H. F.                          X:33                          
WILLING, Helena P. "Lena"               X:54                          
WILLING, Lura M. Strader                X:66                          
WILLING, Magdalena nee Gerbirdt         X:8                           
WILLING, Otto E.                        X:20                          
WILLIS, Charles                         VIII:94                       
WILLIS, Dayton M.                       II:27                         
WILLIS, Florence C.                     II:27                         
WILLIS, Harry C.                        IV:27                         
WILLIS, James C.                        III:55                        
WILLIS, John                            II:108                        
WILLIS, Julie                           II:108                        
WILLIS, Martha J.                       III:92                        
WILLIS, Virginia                        III:55                        
WILLIS, Virginia                        IV:4                          
WILLISON, Elizabeth                     VIII:1                        
WILLISON, Elsie M.                      IV:39                         
WILLISON, George F.                     VIII:1                        
WILLISON, Jennette                      IV:36                         
WILLISON, Jeremiah                      IV:36                         
WILLOUGHBY, Basil Thomas C.             IX:99                         
WILLS, Chuckie Lee                      II:7                          
WILLSON, Annabel T.                     V:52                          
WILLSON, Christin 0.                    XI:149(2)                     
WILLSON, Emily                          XI:149                        
WILLSON, Frank C.                       V:65                          
WILLSON, Freeman R.                     V:52                          
WILLSON, Howard                         V:17                          
WILMER, Oscar M.                        IX:8                          
WILMERS, Walter J.                      IX:10                         
WILMONT, Cynthia B.                     III:54                        
WILMONT, Edward D.                      III:54                        
WILSDON, Agnes M.                       VI:57                         
WILSDON, John F.                        VI:57                         
WILSON, Albert M.                       VIII:27                       
WILSON, Aldora J.                       X:101                         
WILSON, Alice                           VIII:13                       
WILSON, Allen                           V:71                          
WILSON, Ann                             V:34                          
WILSON, Anna                            X:101                         
WILSON, Anna P.                         IX:26                         
WILSON, Audrey J.                       IX:8                          
WILSON, Augusta                         IV:20                         
WILSON, Barton M.                       III:106                       
WILSON, Belle L.                        V:68                          
WILSON, Bert                            VIII:97                       
WILSON, Bertha                          III:96                        
WILSON, Bertha V.                       IX:91                         
WILSON, Beryl C.                        IX:8                          
WILSON, Blanch                          III:106                       
WILSON, Carrie A.                       III:66                        
WILSON, Carrie G.                       IV:20                         
WILSON, Catherine                       VIII:53                       
WILSON, Catherine A.                    II:92                         
WILSON, Charlene M.                     IV:22                         
WILSON, Charles                         VIII:109,117                  
WILSON, Charles 0.                      IV:101                        
WILSON, Charles E.                      V:54                          
WILSON, Charles F.                      V:77                          
WILSON, Charles H.                      II:92                         
WILSON, Charles R.                      X:101                         
WILSON, Cleora                          X:45                          
WILSON, Curtis                          IX:8                          
WILSON, Curtis F.                       X:5                           
WILSON, Cynthia J.                      VIII:12                       
WILSON, Daisie Heise                    IX:5                          
WILSON, Daisy                           III:7                         
WILSON, Dolly                           V:13                          
WILSON, E. M.                           V:49                          
WILSON, E.B.                            XI:29                         
WILSON, Earl C.                         IX:8                          
WILSON, Edward J.                       X:45                          
WILSON, Edward S.                       V:13                          
WILSON, Edwin A.                        IV:101                        
WILSON, Eliza                           IV:20                         
WILSON, Eliza                           V:11                          
WILSON, Eliza Jane                      III:21                        
WILSON, Elizabeth                       IV:52                         
WILSON, Elizabeth                       V:13                          
WILSON, Elizabeth                       VIII:53                       
WILSON, Ella Fry                        III:13                        
WILSON, Ellen A.                        IX:57                         
WILSON, Elmer G.                        IX:57                         
WILSON, Elmira                          IV:129                        
WILSON, Elsie A.                        V:8                           
WILSON, Emma E.                         IV:73                         
WILSON, Ernest                          VII:46                        
WILSON, Ernest M.                       IV:101                        
WILSON, Esther May                      X:45                          
WILSON, F.                              X:101                         
WILSON, Florence A.                     IX:8                          
WILSON, Frances                         VIII:47                       
WILSON, Frank                           VIII:13,120                   
WILSON, Frank L.                        I:32                          
WILSON, Frank L.                        XI:29                         
WILSON, Fred J.                         V:68                          
WILSON, Geo.                            V:29                          
WILSON, George W.                       III:7,21                      
WILSON, George W.                       VIII:12                       
WILSON, Glenna                          IV:31                         
WILSON, Gloria E.                       VIII:27                       
WILSON, Grace B.                        III:99                        
WILSON, Grace E.                        III:7                         
WILSON, Harold T.                       V:8                           
WILSON, Harriet I.                      VII:4                         
WILSON, Harry C.                        V:32                          
WILSON, Harry J.                        V:77                          
WILSON, Hazel T.                        V:77                          
WILSON, Helen                           V:16                          
WILSON, Henry C.                        I:54                          
WILSON, Henry C.                        XI:60                         
WILSON, Hiram H.                        II:29                         
WILSON, Ida M.                          VIII:6o                       
WILSON, Ira V.                          VIII:12                       
WILSON, Isaac                           I:86                          
WILSON, Isaac                           III:9                         
WILSON, Isaac                           XI:89                         
WILSON, Isaac E.                        VIII:53                       
WILSON, Iva Mae                         I:54                          
WILSON, Iva Mae                         XI:60                         
WILSON, J. H.                           X:114                         
WILSON, James                           V:34                          
WILSON, James                           VII:51                        
WILSON, Jane                            V:84                          
WILSON, Jane D.                         V:13                          
WILSON, Jesse                           X:7                           
WILSON, Jessie                          V:54                          
WILSON, Jessie                          VII:46                        
WILSON, Joanne                          IX:8                          
WILSON, Job                             IV:20                         
WILSON, John                            VIII:98                       
WILSON, John                            X:114                         
WILSON, John A.                         V:8,13                        
WILSON, John C.                         IV:20                         
WILSON, John F. Sr.                     IV:4                          
WILSON, John M.                         V:11                          
WILSON, John P.                         IV:129                        
WILSON, Josephine                       VII:51                        
WILSON, Kathyleen                       IV:22                         
WILSON, Kenneth                         III:86                        
WILSON, Kenneth E.                      IV:22                         
WILSON, Kermit E.                       IV:22                         
WILSON, Laura J.                        IV:29                         
WILSON, Lee                             IX:8                          
WILSON, Levi                            II:62,67                      
WILSON, Lizz                            VIII:53                       
WILSON, Lizzie                          V:13                          
WILSON, Lizzie F.                       VIII:53                       
WILSON, Lloyd W.                        I:66                          
WILSON, Lloyd W.                        XI:70                         
WILSON, Loraine                         X:65                          
WILSON, Louella R.                      IV:11                         
WILSON, Louis M.                        I:93                          
WILSON, Louis M.                        XI:97,105                     
WILSON, Louis W.                        I:100                         
WILSON, Lucinda E.                      III:7                         
WILSON, Lula M.                         V:32                          
WILSON, Luther T. Sr.                   X:65                          
WILSON, M. Helene                       V:50                          
WILSON, Mae B.                          V:82                          
WILSON, Margaret B.                     III:53                        
WILSON, Marjorie                        V:54                          
WILSON, Mary                            II:92                         
WILSON, Mary                            V:54                          
WILSON, Mary                            VIII:13,44,80                 
WILSON, Mary A.                         IX:8                          
WILSON, Mary E.                         IV:73,129                     
WILSON, Mary G.                         I:66                          
WILSON, Mary G.                         XI:70                         
WILSON, May                             V:35                          
WILSON, Nancy                           II:3                          
WILSON, Nettie                          III:65                        
WILSON, Newton G.                       X:114                         
WILSON, Otha S.                         IX:8                          
WILSON, P. J.                           II:67                         
WILSON, Paul A.                         III:14                        
WILSON, Phebe                           III:106                       
WILSON, R.                              X:114                         
WILSON, Rachel N.                       X:101                         
WILSON, Raymond G.                      VIII:12                       
WILSON, Rebecca                         III:9                         
WILSON, Rebecca                         X:114                         
WILSON, Rhoda Chaney                    II:85                         
WILSON, Robert                          IV:10                         
WILSON, Robert C.                       III:99                        
WILSON, Robert E.                       IV:120                        
WILSON, Rosalyn G.                      I:93                          
WILSON, Rosalyn G.                      XI:98                         
WILSON, Roy Sherman                     IX:58                         
WILSON, Russell L.                      IX:49                         
WILSON, Ruth                            V:71                          
WILSON, Ruth                            VII:58                        
WILSON, S. E.                           IV:101                        
WILSON, Samuel                          II:41,102                     
WILSON, Samuel                          V:13                          
WILSON, Samuel S.                       V:34                          
WILSON, Samuel W.                       V:8                           
WILSON, Sarah                           I:86                          
WILSON, Sarah                           XI:89                         
WILSON, Sarah A.                        II:29                         
WILSON, Sarah E.                        IV:129                        
WILSON, Sarah L.                        X:45                          
WILSON, Sarah Ocie                      X:102                         
WILSON, Sr. Dominica                    XI:33                         
WILSON, Stanley C.                      III:106                       
WILSON, Starlight                       VIII:101                      
WILSON, Stella S.                       V:49                          
WILSON, Stewart                         III:106                       
WILSON, Thaddeus S.                     IV:29                         
WILSON, Theodore                        V:32                          
WILSON, Uriah A.                        VIII:53                       
WILSON, Vada Abbott                     II:28                         
WILSON, Victor R.                       IX:26                         
WILSON, W.A.                            XI:29                         
WILSON, Wanda                           IX:9                          
WILSON, William                         II:77,92                      
WILSON, William                         IX:99                         
WILSON, William                         V:34                          
WILSON, William                         VIII:60                       
WILSON, William                         X:101                         
WILSON, William 0.                      VIII:60                       
WILSON, William E.                      IX:5                          
WILSON, Willie                          VIII:119                      
WILSON, Willie                          XI:148                        
WILSON, Wilton H.                       V:50                          
WILSON, Wm. E.                          IV:73                         
WILSON, Wm. L.                          II:92                         
WILSON, Wm. S.                          V:8                           
WILSON, Yvonna                          IX:8                          
WILSON. Charles J.                      VI:1                          
WILSON. Crum                            VI:1                          
WILSON. David E.                        VI:44                         
WILSON. David H.                        VI:45                         
WILSON. Delbert                         VI:45                         
WILSON. Elwood D.                       VI:44                         
WILSON. Etta J.                         VI:1                          
WILSON. Frederick P.                    VI:44                         
WILSON. Harry A.                        VI:50                         
WILSON. Holmes S.                       VI:1                          
WILSON. Howard R.                       VI:1                          
WILSON. J. C.                           VI:72                         
WILSON. Joan V.                         VI:1                          
WILSON. John                            VI:71                         
WILSON. Joseph C.                       VI:5                          
WILSON. L.                              VI:5                          
WILSON. Lena                            VI:45                         
WILSON. Lena B.                         VI:44                         
WILSON. Lena E.                         VI:45                         
WILSON. Lionel L.                       VI:40                         
WILSON. Lionell                         VI:45                         
WILSON. Margaret A.                     VI:5                          
WILSON. Marina E.                       VI:1                          
WILSON. Mildred H.                      VI:44,45                      
WILSON. O. Berniece                     VI:1                          
WILSON. Olive                           VI:71                         
WILSON. Rachael                         VI:71                         
WILSON. Viola. E.                       VI:1                          
WILT, Beaulah L.                        III:16                        
WILT, Elvina C. Musgrove                X:66                          
WIMMER, Louvisa S.                      X:14                          
WIMMER, William F.                      X:14                          
WINCE, Silas                            VIII:111                      
WINCHESTER, Samuel J.                   VI:55                         
WINDERS, M.                             II:77                         
WINDERS, Nettie                         II:77                         
WINDFIELDS, ----                        II:50                         
WINDLE, Abraham                         VI:66                         
WINDLE, Amy                             VI:66                         
WINDLE, Belinda J.                      VI:18                         
WINDLE, Bertha                          VII:10                        
WINDLE, Carrie                          VII:10                        
WINDLE, Charles E.                      VIII:5                        
WINDLE, Cicero T.                       VI:3                          
WINDLE, Cicero T.                       XI:139                        
WINDLE, Clifford T.                     I:50                          
WINDLE, Clifford T.                     XI:56                         
WINDLE, E.                              VI:66                         
WINDLE, Em.                             VI:66                         
WINDLE, Emanuel                         VI:21                         
WINDLE, Ethel                           VI:11                         
WINDLE, Florence A.                     VI:3                          
WINDLE, Florence L.                     I:62                          
WINDLE, Florence L.                     XI:67                         
WINDLE, George R.                       VI:51                         
WINDLE, Grace B.                        VIII:5                        
WINDLE, Harry D.                        VIII:5                        
WINDLE, Howard W.                       VIII:5                        
WINDLE, Isaac                           VII:10                        
WINDLE, J. A.                           VI:18                         
WINDLE, Jacob                           VI:66                         
WINDLE, Laura L.                        VI:11                         
WINDLE, Margretta E.                    VIII:3                        
WINDLE, Mary                            VI:66                         
WINDLE, Mary A.                         VI:51                         
WINDLE, Mary V.                         VI:18                         
WINDLE, Nancy J.                        VII:10                        
WINDLE, Nellie                          VII:10                        
WINDLE, Norma                           VI:3                          
WINDLE, Robert T.                       I:62                          
WINDLE, Robert T.                       XI:67                         
WINDLE, Roland A.                       VI:11                         
WINDLE, S.                              VI:18                         
WINDLE, Samuel                          VI:11                         
WINDLE, Thelma I.                       VIII:5                        
WINDLE, Wilhelmina                      VI:11                         
WINDSOR, Archibald                      I:41                          
WINDSOR, Archibald C.                   XI:49                         
WINDSOR, Harold "Pete"                  X:56                          
WINDSOR, Ruth Ziegenspeck               X:56                          
WINDSOR, Sarah                          I:41                          
WINDSOR, Sarah                          XI:49                         
WINE, Alice M.                          III:110                       
WINE, Chas. H.                          III:110                       
WINE, James D. Jr.                      I:78                          
WINE, James D. Jr.                      XI:79                         
WINEGAR, Arthur E.                      IX:69                         
WINEGAR, Ida B.                         IX:69                         
WINEGARDNER, Edna                       VII:12                        
WINEGARDNER, Harold                     VII:55                        
WINEGARDNER, Isabel                     IV:73                         
WINEGARDNER, J.                         VII:88                        
WINEGARDNER, Kenneth                    IV:73                         
WINEGARDNER, Lucinda                    VII:88                        
WINEGARDNER, Mildred                    VII:55                        
WINEGARDNER, Rebecca                    VII:88                        
WINEGARDNER, Stanley                    VII:55                        
WINEGARDNER, Steven                     VII:56                        
WINEGARNER, B. C.                       III:101                       
WINEGARNER, C. M.                       III:101                       
WINEGARNER, Eliz. C.                    III:101                       
WINEGARNER, Grover                      VII:77                        
WINEGARNER, Guy R.                      III:101                       
WINEGARNER, Narcissa                    III:100                       
WINEGARNER, Ruby E.                     III:100                       
WINEGARNER, Susannah R.                 III:58                        
WINFIELD, Dorothy A.                    X:65                          
WINFIELD, George Edw.                   X:65                          
WINFOUGH, Bertha Mae                    X:25                          
WING, ---                               V:14                          
WING, Albert L.                         VI:41                         
WING, Amanda                            VI:19                         
WING, Amelia                            VI:21                         
WING, Ann                               V:75                          
WING, Celinda                           VI:19                         
WING, Charles D.                        V:66                          
WING, Daisie                            VI:19                         
WING, Edgar T.                          V:75                          
WING, Edith L.                          VI:49                         
WING, Elizabeth                         V:75                          
WING, Emma F.                           VI:21                         
WING, Eugene C.                         V:75                          
WING, F. F.                             VI:19                         
WING, Florence                          VI:19                         
WING, Forest W.                         VI:21                         
WING, Fred'k. F.                        V:75                          
WING, Fred                              V:46                          
WING, Frederick                         VI:21                         
WING, G. A.                             VI:19                         
WING, George W.                         VI:21                         
WING, Geraldine                         VI:41                         
WING, Harriet P.                        V:66                          
WING, Helen                             V:52                          
WING, Herbert C.                        V:7                           
WING, Iva                               VI:22                         
WING, Jesse                             VI:19                         
WING, Jessie F.                         VI:13                         
WING, John A.                           VI:21                         
WING, Joseph L.                         VI:21                         
WING, Minnie M.                         VI:19                         
WING, Ruth                              VI:21                         
WING, Sarah B.                          V:54                          
WING, Thomas R.                         VI:49                         
WINGATE, Louis                          V:41                          
WINGER, Lee                             VIII:93                       
WINGERT, Delta                          II:91                         
WINGERT, John W.                        II:91                         
WINGERT, Martha J.                      II:91                         
WINGERT, Zella May                      II:91                         
WINKLE, Derek L.                        IV:59                         
WINKLER, Clara J.                       IV:110                        
WINKLER, E. A.                          I:5                           
WINKLER, E.A.                           XI:4                          
WINKLER, Paul                           I:5                           
WINKLER, Paul                           XI:4                          
WINKLER, S. J.                          I:5                           
WINKLER, S.J.                           XI:4                          
WINKLER, Samuel G.                      IV:110                        
WINKLER, William                        VIII:101                      
WINN, Blossom M.                        IV:17                         
WINN, James A.                          IV:17                         
WINN, Mary A.                           IV:107                        
WINNETT, Alpha G.                       V:12                          
WINNETT, Margaret A.                    V:12                          
WINNETT, Martha 0.                      V:12                          
WINNETT, Vernetta M.                    V:50                          
WINNETT, Vernon E.                      V:50                          
WINNEY, Josephine                       V:9                           
WINSOR, Adda                            XI:60                         
WINSOR, Arda                            I:54                          
WINSOR, Catherine                       XI:49                         
WINSOR, Charles                         I:54                          
WINSOR, Charles                         XI:60(2)                      
WINSOR, Dallas                          I:52                          
WINSOR, Dallas                          XI:58                         
WINSOR, E.                              XI:83                         
WINSOR, Eliza Jane                      IX:1                          
WINSOR, Infant dau                      XI:60                         
WINSOR, Jasper                          XI:49                         
WINSOR, John                            I:83                          
WINSOR, John                            XI:83                         
WINSOR, John W.                         IX:1                          
WINSOR, Margaret                        I:83                          
WINSOR, Margaret                        XI:83                         
WINSOR, Maria C.                        I:41                          
WINSOR, Maria C.                        XI:49                         
WINSOR, Philip                          I:41                          
WINSOR, Philip                          XI:49                         
WINSOR, Sallie A.                       I:41                          
WINSOR, Sallie A.                       XI:49                         
WINSOR, Sophia                          I:41                          
WINSOR, Sophia                          XI:49                         
WINSOR, William                         I:41                          
WINSOR, William                         XI:49(2)                      
WINSTON, Edmund J.                      V:92                          
WINTER, Abraham                         IV:92                         
WINTER, Catharine                       IV:92                         
WINTER, Chauncey                        V:53                          
WINTER, Eliza                           V:53                          
WINTER, Elizabeth                       IV:91                         
WINTER, Hattie                          IV:91                         
WINTER, Isaac                           IV:91                         
WINTER, J. M.                           IV:91                         
WINTER, Jacob                           IV:92                         
WINTER, John S.                         V:53                          
WINTER, Leah                            IV:92                         
WINTER, Louis                           I:93                          
WINTER, Louis                           XI:97                         
WINTER, Sarah J.                        IV:92                         
WINTERHOFF, Clarinda H.                 II:88                         
WINTERRINGER, Frank                     VII:22                        
WINTERRINGER, John                      VII:16                        
WINTERRINGER, Kate                      VII:22                        
WINTERRINGER, Maud                      VII:22                        
WINTERRINGER, Sarah                     VII:16                        
WINTERS, Ady                            III:45                        
WINTERS, Ady                            XI:124                        
WINTERS, Bernald W.                     III:17                        
WINTERS, Charles R.                     III:30                        
WINTERS, J. G.                          III:45                        
WINTERS, Jack                           I:107                         
WINTERS, Jack                           XI:114                        
WINTERS, Jan E.                         VI:52                         
WINTERS, Judy L.                        V:92                          
WINTERS, L.                             XI:124                        
WINTERS, Laura M.                       III:45                        
WINTERS, Louis                          III:45                        
WINTERS, Martha F.                      III:74                        
WINTERS, Mary E.                        III:17                        
WINTERS, Robert L.                      X:72                          
WINTERS, S. A.                          III:45                        
WINTERS, Sarah                          III:45                        
WINTERS, Sarah                          XI:124                        
WINTERS, Zopher                         III:4                         
WINTERS, Zopher                         XI:124                        
WINTERSTEIN, Abigail                    II:44                         
WINTERSTEIN, John                       II:44                         
WION, Harley                            VIII:87                       
WIRAM, Carious                          I:61                          
WIRAM, Carrellous                       XI:66                         
WIRES, Albert                           VIII:79                       
WIRICK, Della                           VII:27                        
WIRICK, John                            VII:27                        
WIRICK, Joseph                          X:37                          
WIRICK, Wm.                             X:37                          
WIRTH, James Wm.                        IV:82                         
WIRTH, Peter                            VIII:112                      
WIRZ, Elisebeth                         VII:84                        
WISE, Fannie S.                         V:47                          
WISE, George W.                         IV:119                        
WISE, Grace V.                          IV:114                        
WISE, Herbert H.                        IV:114                        
WISE, John                              VII:49                        
WISE, Mary                              V:47                          
WISE, Olive J.                          IV:119                        
WISECUP, Mahlon                         VIII:87                       
WISEMAN, Anne                           XI:102                        
WISEMAN, Ben                            I:104                         
WISEMAN, Ben                            XI:110                        
WISEMAN, Bertha H.                      XI:110                        
WISEMAN, Betty M.                       X:105                         
WISEMAN, Carl C.                        X:105                         
WISEMAN, Ella Fay                       IX:7                          
WISEMAN, Ethel O.                       IX:62                         
WISEMAN, Fred G.                        IX:7                          
WISEMAN, Ida                            I:104                         
WISEMAN, Ida                            XI:110                        
WISEMAN, Virginia A.                    IX:7                          
WISEMAN, William H.                     IX:7                          
WISWELL, Amasa                          VI:75                         
WISWELL, George W.                      III:6                         
WISWELL, Keziah                         III:6                         
WISWELL, Lydia                          III:6                         
WISWELL, Moses                          III:6                         
WISWELL, Polly                          VI:75                         
WISWELL, Wm.                            III:6                         
WITHAM, S. Oliver                       V:6                           
WITHROW, Arthur                         VII:38                        
WITHROW, Bonnie L.                      VIII:19                       
WITHROW, Edgar                          VIII:6,19                     
WITHROW, Glenna M.                      VIII:6                        
WITHROW, Nellie                         VII:38                        
WITMAN, Arthur O.                       V:47                          
WITMAN, Robert M.                       V:47                          
WITMAN, Starr                           V:47                          
WITT, Carl A.                           V:78                          
WITT, Johana M.                         II:79                         
WITT, John                              II:79                         
WITT, Mae B.                            V:82                          
WITT, Oscar R.                          V:82                          
WITT, Ruby                              V:82                          
WITTEMAN, Agnes P.                      X:60                          
WITTEMAN, Blanche M.                    X:60                          
WITTEMAN, David                         X:89                          
WITTEMAN, Dianna                        X:89                          
WITTEMAN, G.                            XI:154                        
WITTEMAN, George                        X:3                           
WITTEMAN, Harry A.                      X:60                          
WITTEMAN, Hebert A.                     X:77                          
WITTEMAN, Henry                         X:54                          
WITTEMAN, Henry Legrand                 X:80                          
WITTEMAN, Hermina                       X:54                          
WITTEMAN, John                          X:89                          
WITTEMAN, Katherine                     X:3                           
WITTEMAN, M.                            XI:154                        
WITTEMAN, Maria                         X:89                          
WITTEMAN, Nellie                        X:77                          
WITTEMAN, Philip H.                     X:89                          
WITTEMAN, Phillip                       VIII:56                       
WITTEMAN, Phillip W.                    X:60                          
WITTEMAN, Stella Thomas                 X:60                          
WITTEMAN, Wilhelmina A.                 X:80                          
WITTENMANN, Christian                   X:31                          
WITTENMANN, Eva Barbara                 X:31                          
WITTENMEYER, D.                         I:1                           
WITTENMEYER, G.                         I:1                           
WITTENMEYER, George                     I:1                           
WITTENMEYER, Katharin                   I:1                           
WITTENMYER, G.                          XI:1                          
WITTENMYER, George                      XI:1                          
WITTENMYER, Katheryn                    XI:1                          
WITTIER, Mabel                          IV:60                         
WITTIER, Oscar H.                       IV:60                         
WODA, Chester H.                        VIII:4                        
WODA, George H.                         X:18                          
WODA, Lena                              VIII:6                        
WODA, Lottie D.                         X:18                          
WODA, Olive E.                          VIII:4                        
WODA, Rudolph C.                        VIII:4                        
WODA, William A.                        VIII:4                        
WOEHLERT, Richard L.                    X:64                          
WOEHRLE, Andreas                        VII:83                        
WOEHRLE, Anna                           VII:79,83                     
WOEHRLE, Charles L.                     VIII:16                       
WOEHRLE, David J.                       VIII:23                       
WOEHRLE, Drucilla                       VIII:11                       
WOEHRLE, Edna F.                        VIII:16                       
WOEHRLE, Edward A.                      VIII:16                       
WOEHRLE, Elnora                         VIII:11                       
WOEHRLE, Florence                       VIII:23                       
WOEHRLE, Georg                          VII:79,83                     
WOEHRLE, Jacob                          VIII:11                       
WOEHRLE, Johannis                       VII:83                        
WOEHRLE, Mary                           VIII:16                       
WOERLEY, Nettie                         VI:47                         
WOERNER, Albert                         VIII:26                       
WOERNER, Anna E.                        VI:19                         
WOERNER, J. Lawrence                    VI:19                         
WOERNER, Louis                          VIII:26                       
WOERNER, Sarah                          VIII:26                       
WOFELL, T. A.                           III:29                        
WOGAN, Frank                            VIII:82                       
WOGAN, Lona                             VIII:78                       
WOHLSTEIN, Leah                         XI:99                         
WOHLSTEIN, Morris                       I:88                          
WOHLSTEIN, Morris                       XI:91                         
WOHRLEY, Amelia                         VI:49                         
WOHRLEY, Chester J.                     VI:49                         
WOHRLEY, Gracie A.                      VI:49                         
WOHRLEY, Grover H.                      VI:36                         
WOHRLEY, Jacob M.                       VI:49                         
WOHRLEY, Jay R.                         VI:49                         
WOHRLEY, Louise C.                      VI:36                         
WOHRLEY, Wayne E.                       VI:49                         
WOLCOTT, Bertis A.                      X:22                          
WOLCOTT, Clara I.                       IV:13                         
WOLCOTT, David L.                       III:97                        
WOLCOTT, Elizabeth                      III:102                       
WOLCOTT, Horace                         VIII:76                       
WOLCOTT, Horace                         XI:144                        
WOLCOTT, Lucy                           V:75                          
WOLCOTT, Lucy                           VIII:76                       
WOLCOTT, Margaret L.                    III:97                        
WOLF, A.                                IX:101                        
WOLF, A.                                XI:19                         
WOLF, Aaron                             X:98                          
WOLF, Abram                             IV:50                         
WOLF, Abram L.                          IV:50                         
WOLF, Acenath                           IX:101                        
WOLF, Agnes Louise                      IX:40                         
WOLF, Alford A.                         XI:86                         
WOLF, Alfred                            I:18                          
WOLF, Andrew Lawrence                   IX:129                        
WOLF, Annie                             I:91                          
WOLF, Annie                             XI:95                         
WOLF, C.                                IX:65                         
WOLF, C.                                XI:19                         
WOLF, Carl E.                           III:15                        
WOLF, Catherine                         II:32,39                      
WOLF, Christenia                        I:18                          
WOLF, Christian                         IX:78                         
WOLF, Clyde H.                          III:10                        
WOLF, Cora D.                           III:15                        
WOLF, Donald Carl 15 H.                 III:45                        
WOLF, E.                                IX:129                        
WOLF, E. D.                             IX:85                         
WOLF, Eleanor                           IX:125                        
WOLF, Elizabeth                         IX:65                         
WOLF, Ella                              VII:22                        
WOLF, Emil                              I:101                         
WOLF, Emmely                            X:104                         
WOLF, Floyd                             IX:101                        
WOLF, G.                                IX:125                        
WOLF, G.                                IX:129                        
WOLF, Geo.                              IX:125                        
WOLF, Hannah                            II:33,39                      
WOLF, Henry                             VII:22                        
WOLF, Herman                            I:88                          
WOLF, Herman                            XI:92                         
WOLF, Howard D.                         III:10                        
WOLF, I.                                XI:124                        
WOLF, I. F.                             IX:125                        
WOLF, Infant                            IX:125                        
WOLF, Isaac                             III:45                        
WOLF, J. L,                             IX:101                        
WOLF, Jacob                             III:45                        
WOLF, Jacob L.                          III:45                        
WOLF, Jacob, Sr.                        IX:124                        
WOLF, Jennie                            I:91                          
WOLF, Jennie                            XI:95                         
WOLF, Jennie 0.                         III:76                        
WOLF, Jesse M.                          III:94                        
WOLF, John L.                           IX:101                        
WOLF, Joseph C.                         IX:129                        
WOLF, Katherine                         II:33,39                      
WOLF, Kathryn P.                        III:94                        
WOLF, L.                                III:45                        
WOLF, Lawrence J.                       VIII:19                       
WOLF, Levi                              III:105                       
WOLF, Lewis                             XI:95                         
WOLF, Lewis E.                          III:76                        
WOLF, Louis                             I:91                          
WOLF, M.                                IX:65                         
WOLF, Maggie                            VI:38                         
WOLF, Margaret                          III:45                        
WOLF, Margaret                          XI:124                        
WOLF, Margret                           IX:124                        
WOLF, Maria B.                          IX:124                        
WOLF, Marie                             VIII:19                       
WOLF, Mary                              IV:50                         
WOLF, Mary A.                           III:89                        
WOLF, Mary C.                           III:105                       
WOLF, Mary E.                           VIII:19                       
WOLF, Mary R.                           III:45                        
WOLF, Mathias                           II:32,39                      
WOLF, Millie                            XI:106                        
WOLF, Milton J.                         III:76                        
WOLF, Nancy E.                          IX:85                         
WOLF, Nancy K.                          IX:40                         
WOLF, Nathan                            XI:106                        
WOLF, Ora M.                            III:10                        
WOLF, Philip                            II:39                         
WOLF, Phillip                           II:33                         
WOLF, S.                                III:45                        
WOLF, Sally Ann                         IX:125                        
WOLF, Samuel                            IX:124                        
WOLF, Samuel                            IX:125                        
WOLF, Savage                            I:18                          
WOLF, Savage                            XI:19                         
WOLF, Susan                             XI:124                        
WOLF, Virginia M.                       IV:73                         
WOLFE, Alice                            II:5                          
WOLFE, Almina                           II:77                         
WOLFE, Almiro H.                        II:91                         
WOLFE, Anna M.                          VI:22                         
WOLFE, Brenda Gay                       IX:59                         
WOLFE, Charles                          VII:48                        
WOLFE, Cora                             VII:50                        
WOLFE, Donald Theodore                  IX:76                         
WOLFE, Edna                             VII:50                        
WOLFE, Edna S.                          VIII:24                       
WOLFE, Effy P.                          II:91                         
WOLFE, Emil                             XI:107                        
WOLFE, Ernest                           IX:63                         
WOLFE, Forest                           VII:65                        
WOLFE, Frank L.                         IX:84                         
WOLFE, Fred Milton                      X:75                          
WOLFE, Fred William                     IX:49                         
WOLFE, George M. Sr.                    IV:4                          
WOLFE, Harry C.                         V:101                         
WOLFE, Harry D.                         II:91                         
WOLFE, Harry G.                         II:91                         
WOLFE, Harry S.                         IX:84                         
WOLFE, Hawley, Rev.                     IX:47                         
WOLFE, Hazel R.                         IX:84                         
WOLFE, Jessie J.                        XI:31                         
WOLFE, Jim Dean                         IV:60                         
WOLFE, John V.                          VIII:23                       
WOLFE, Joseph P.                        II:91                         
WOLFE, Kenneth E.                       IV:61                         
WOLFE, Louise B.                        IV:61                         
WOLFE, M. J.                            II:77                         
WOLFE, Mabel                            V:99                          
WOLFE, Margery L.                       II:91                         
WOLFE, Margie E.                        IV:61                         
WOLFE, Mary A.                          IX:84                         
WOLFE, Morgan S.                        IX:63                         
WOLFE, Newton J.                        II:91                         
WOLFE, Nora 0.                          IX:47                         
WOLFE, Norah A.                         IX:63                         
WOLFE, Percy M.                         II:77,91                      
WOLFE, Robert                           VII:50                        
WOLFE, Shirley                          VII:48                        
WOLFE, Wayne W.                         V:9                           
WOLFE, William H.                       VI:22                         
WOLFE, William L.                       VI:52                         
WOLFE, Wm. B.                           IV:61                         
WOLFEL, Teresa J.                       IV:69                         
WOLFENBERGER, Earl                      X:72                          
WOLFF, Oliver                           X:49                          
WOLFORD, Alfred C.                      VI:56                         
WOLFORD, Ann M.                         VI:56                         
WOLFORD, Arthur C.                      VI:56                         
WOLFORD, Carotene                       IX:84                         
WOLFORD, Charles L.                     VI:56                         
WOLFORD, Chas.                          IX:34                         
WOLFORD, George                         IX:130                        
WOLFORD, George                         X:25                          
WOLFORD, J. B.                          IX:35                         
WOLFORD, Jane S.                        IX:35                         
WOLFORD, Jennie                         IX:34                         
WOLFORD, Larry G.                       X:25                          
WOLFORD, Laura B.                       VI:56                         
WOLFORD, Lawrence J.                    VI:36                         
WOLFORD, Mary A.                        IX:35                         
WOLFORD, Minerva F.                     IX:35                         
WOLFORD, Ruth V.                        VI:56                         
WOLFORD, Unita M.                       VI:36                         
WOLFORD, Zella                          X:25                          
WOLFSON, Rebecca                        I:94                          
WOLFSON, Rebecca                        XI:98                         
WOLINS, Mathew H.                       I:103                         
WOLINS, Mathew H.                       XI:109                        
WOLK, Minnie                            VIII:105                      
WOLLAM, Frank L.                        VI:6                          
WOLLAM, Henry C.                        III:9                         
WOLLPERT, ---                           VII:83                        
WOLMAN, Daughter                        XI:99                         
WOLMAN, Esther Marie                    I:91                          
WOLMAN, Esther Miriam                   XI:95                         
WOLMAN, Gladys                          I:95                          
WOLMAN, Gladys                          XI:99                         
WOLMAN, Mother                          XI:99                         
WOLMAN, Philip                          I:91                          
WOLMAN, Philip                          XI:95                         
WOLPERT, Anna                           VII:14                        
WOLPERT, C. J.                          VI:38                         
WOLPERT, Catharina                      VI:68                         
WOLPERT, Cathrine                       VI:68                         
WOLPERT, Chris G.                       VI:57                         
WOLPERT, Clara                          VI:68                         
WOLPERT, Clara                          VII:86                        
WOLPERT, Emma E.                        VI:34                         
WOLPERT, Esther                         VI:68                         
WOLPERT, Flora                          VII:14                        
WOLPERT, Frederick W.                   VI:55                         
WOLPERT, Frieda                         VI:68                         
WOLPERT, George H.                      VI:68                         
WOLPERT, Harold E.                      VI:38                         
WOLPERT, Henry                          VII:14                        
WOLPERT, Henry L.                       VI:40                         
WOLPERT, Herbert A.                     VI:55                         
WOLPERT, Jacob W.                       VI:38                         
WOLPERT, Joh. C.                        VI:68                         
WOLPERT, Kate M.                        VI:38                         
WOLPERT, Kenneth                        VI:68                         
WOLPERT, Leappa                         VI:55                         
WOLPERT, Leonard                        VII:14                        
WOLPERT, Lorenz                         VI:68                         
WOLPERT, Louis                          VII:82                        
WOLPERT, Louis P.                       VI:68                         
WOLPERT, Magdalena                      VI:40,68                      
WOLPERT, Magdalena                      VII:86                        
WOLPERT, Maria                          VII:87                        
WOLPERT, Martha L.                      VI:34                         
WOLPERT, Martin H.                      VI:68                         
WOLPERT, Mary                           VII:82                        
WOLPERT, Mary K.                        VI:38                         
WOLPERT, Minnie                         VI:68                         
WOLPERT, Paul P.                        VI:34                         
WOLPERT, Philip                         VI:68                         
WOLPERT, Robert A.                      VI:57                         
WOLPERT, Ronald K.                      VI:34                         
WOLPERT, Theodore                       VI:68                         
WOLPERT, Walter                         VI:68                         
WOLTZ, Cora B.                          I:63                          
WOLTZ, Cora B.                          XI:68                         
WOLTZ, Samuel                           IX:56                         
WOLTZ, Stella                           IX:56                         
WOLTZ, Walter                           I:63                          
WOLTZ, Walter H.                        XI:68                         
WOLVERTON, Betty S.                     IV:131                        
WOLVERTON, James H.                     IV:131                        
WOMACK, Arthur                          VIII:86                       
WOMELDORF, Geneva                       V:100                         
WOOD, A. Kenneth                        IV:130                        
WOOD, A. S.                             VI:55                         
WOOD, A.M.                              XI:124                        
WOOD, Aaron                             VI:55                         
WOOD, Alice V.                          II:7                          
WOOD, Anna S.                           VI:60                         
WOOD, Annie E.                          VI:60                         
WOOD, Audrey M.                         X:70                          
WOOD, Baby                              VI:42                         
WOOD, Bertha M.                         IV:94                         
WOOD, Catharine H.                      II:4                          
WOOD, Cecil                             VIII:95                       
WOOD, Charles                           II:114                        
WOOD, Charles F.                        XI:124                        
WOOD, Charles Lee                       IX:104                        
WOOD, Clara                             IV:68                         
WOOD, Currillar                         VI:55                         
WOOD, D.K.                              XI:124                        
WOOD, David Robin, Jr.                  IX:29                         
WOOD, Diane Elaine                      IX:60                         
WOOD, Earl W.                           XI:46                         
WOOD, Elizabeth                         II:62,67,68,114               
WOOD, Etta M.                           III:13                        
WOOD, Frances S.                        VI:55                         
WOOD, G. W.                             VI:55                         
WOOD, George F.                         III:13                        
WOOD, George W.                         VI:60                         
WOOD, Hubert S.                         X:70                          
WOOD, J. Wilson                         VI:60                         
WOOD, Jack                              VIII:101                      
WOOD, Jerome B.                         IX:48                         
WOOD, Jesse E.                          VI:55                         
WOOD, John                              II:62,67,68                   
WOOD, John S.                           VI:55                         
WOOD, Lavilla J.                        IV:94                         
WOOD, Leo L.                            IV:95                         
WOOD, Lewis C.                          IX:48                         
WOOD, Lottie                            VIII:110                      
WOOD, Lucy A.                           IV:17                         
WOOD, Margaret                          VIII:120                      
WOOD, Marie G.                          III:64                        
WOOD, Martha                            II:67                         
WOOD, Martha A.                         II:62                         
WOOD, Mary G. Strader                   X:74                          
WOOD, Mary R.                           IV:95                         
WOOD, Mildred                           VI:60                         
WOOD, Mildred I.                        IV:130                        
WOOD, Minnie                            IX:37                         
WOOD, Morris D.                         IV:2                          
WOOD, Nerva                             VI:55                         
WOOD, Norman                            VIII:81                       
WOOD, Pantha M.                         IV:2                          
WOOD, Robert                            II:62,67                      
WOOD, Robert R.                         III:53                        
WOOD, Robert R.                         X:74                          
WOOD, Robert S.                         VI:50                         
WOOD, Robert S.                         X:74                          
WOOD, Sabrina Lee                       IX:29                         
WOOD, Samuel                            IV:94                         
WOOD, Temperance                        IV:51                         
WOOD, Vivian M.                         VI:50                         
WOOD, William                           VI:55                         
WOOD, William H.                        IV:17                         
WOOD, William M.                        III:64                        
WOOD, William S.                        II:7                          
WOODARD, Pamelia S.                     IX:24                         
WOODARD, William M.                     IX:24                         
WOODBRIDGE, Amy Sue                     X:24                          
WOODCOX, Janie E.                       III:14                        
WOODHOUSE, May P.                       III:95                        
WOODHOUSE, Win F.                       III:95                        
WOODLEY, Mary                           VIII:79                       
WOODRING, C. D.                         II:113                        
WOODRING, C. P.                         II:16,22,113                  
WOODRING, Catherine                     II:113                        
WOODRING, David M.                      II:16                         
WOODRING, Henry                         II:16                         
WOODRING, Henry F.                      II:22,114                     
WOODRING, Howard M.                     IX:117                        
WOODRING, Lucinda                       II:113                        
WOODRING, M. A.                         II:16                         
WOODRING, Mary                          II:22,113                     
WOODRING, Mildred V.                    IX:117                        
WOODRING, Nancy                         II:113                        
WOODRING, Nettie                        II:16                         
WOODRING, Sarah                         II:113                        
WOODRING, Solomon                       II:16,22,113                  
WOODROW, Myers                          III:112                       
WOODRUFF, A. Y.                         III:45                        
WOODRUFF, Adaline                       III:61                        
WOODRUFF, Almira                        III:52                        
WOODRUFF, Aota R.                       III:45                        
WOODRUFF, Aota R.                       XI:124                        
WOODRUFF, B.                            III:52                        
WOODRUFF, Benj. A.                      III:31                        
WOODRUFF, Brace                         III:61                        
WOODRUFF, Chas. W.                      III:110                       
WOODRUFF, E.                            III:4,52                      
WOODRUFF, Earl W.                       I:39                          
WOODRUFF, Eldora                        III:4                         
WOODRUFF, Eliza                         III:61                        
WOODRUFF, Elizabeth                     III:52                        
WOODRUFF, Eveline                       III:110                       
WOODRUFF, Floris E.                     III:62                        
WOODRUFF, George                        III:52                        
WOODRUFF, H.                            III:45                        
WOODRUFF, Harold                        IV:8                          
WOODRUFF, Hiram                         III:61                        
WOODRUFF, Hiram S.                      III:62                        
WOODRUFF, John                          III:82                        
WOODRUFF, Lucy J.                       I:39                          
WOODRUFF, Lucy J.                       XI:46                         
WOODRUFF, M.                            III:4                         
WOODRUFF, Margaret                      III:52                        
WOODRUFF, Mary                          III:31                        
WOODRUFF, Minnie B.                     III:62                        
WOODRUFF, N. B.                         III:61                        
WOODRUFF, Nellie                        III:107                       
WOODRUFF, Nellie H.                     III:65                        
WOODRUFF, Norman                        III:110                       
WOODRUFF, Olivia                        III:82                        
WOODRUFF, Rachael                       III:61                        
WOODRUFF, Rice                          III:52                        
WOODRUFF, Richard M.                    VI:25                         
WOODRUFF, Rosa                          III:S.4                       
WOODRUFF, Ruth                          III:52                        
WOODRUFF, Ruth E.                       III:52                        
WOODRUFF, Sarah A.                      III:32,52,61                  
WOODRUFF, Sarah A.                      VI:25                         
WOODRUFF, Theodore F.                   III:32                        
WOODRUFF, W. W.                         III:61                        
WOODRUFF, Wiard                         III:52                        
WOODRUFF, Wm. W.                        III:65                        
WOODS, Bertman E.                       V:79                          
WOODS, Blanch Fink                      I:56                          
WOODS, Blanch Fink                      XI:61                         
WOODS, Celia D.                         IV:39                         
WOODS, Cora                             VIII:64                       
WOODS, Daniel D.                        IV:39                         
WOODS, Eliza                            VIII:83                       
WOODS, Estella                          V:106                         
WOODS, Florence M.                      V:79                          
WOODS, Francis J.                       VIII:70                       
WOODS, Gale E.                          IV:6                          
WOODS, George                           V:106                         
WOODS, Hannah                           VIII:70                       
WOODS, Henry                            VIII:104                      
WOODS, Herman E.                        V:102                         
WOODS, James                            VIII:64                       
WOODS, James A.                         I:56                          
WOODS, Jeanette                         I:56                          
WOODS, Jeanette James A.                XI:61                         
WOODS, Jessie                           VIII:64                       
WOODS, John                             VIII:64                       
WOODS, Joseph                           III:6                         
WOODS, Keziah                           III:6                         
WOODS, Lewis A.                         I:56                          
WOODS, Lewis A.                         XI:61                         
WOODS, Lois Jean Karch                  IX:83                         
WOODS, Madge                            VIII:64                       
WOODS, Marea                            IV:39                         
WOODS, Mary                             VIII:70                       
WOODS, Matilda                          I:76                          
WOODS, Matilda                          XI:77                         
WOODS, Mildred V.                       IV:39                         
WOODS, Miller                           VIII:107                      
WOODS, Myrtle                           I:76                          
WOODS, Myrtle Z.                        XI:77                         
WOODS, Nora                             V:102                         
WOODS, Norma L.                         IV:31                         
WOODS, Parker                           I:76                          
WOODS, Parker L.                        XI:77                         
WOODS, Patrick                          VIII:70                       
WOODS, Thelma I.                        IV:6                          
WOODS, Verna A.                         IV:39                         
WOODWARD, Charles M.                    V:60                          
WOODWARD, Mary L.                       V:60                          
WOODWORTH, Hilda M.                     II:97                         
WOODWORTH, John Charles                 X:66                          
WOODWORTH, Virginia                     X:66                          
WOOLARD, A. Freeman                     III:77                        
WOOLARD, Alice                          III:104                       
WOOLARD, David H.                       III:104                       
WOOLARD, Harvey A.                      III:104                       
WOOLARD, Mabel W.                       III:77                        
WOOLARD, Margaret                       III:104                       
WOOLDRIDGE, Cindy L.                    X:25                          
WOOLDRIDGE, Dorothy L.                  III:53                        
WOOLEY, Benjamin                        V:94                          
WOOLEY, Jno.                            VII:16                        
WOOLEY, Lillian                         VII:63                        
WOOLEY, Owen                            VII:63                        
WOOLEY, Rosa Gray                       IX:78                         
WOOLEY, Sarah                           V:94                          
WOOLF, A.                               XI:10                         
WOOLF, Catherine                        III:93                        
WOOLF, Christine                        XI:10                         
WOOLF, Savage                           XI:10                         
WOOLFE, Saml. H.                        III:93                        
WOOLLEY, Gertrude M.                    VIII:34                       
WOOLLEY, Robert T.                      VIII:34                       
WOOLRIDGE, Ida                          VIII:109                      
WOOLUMS, Elsie M.                       IV:77                         
WOOLUMS, John W.                        IV:77                         
WOOTEN, Anna B.                         IX:114                        
WOOTEN, Beatrice                        IX:110                        
WOOTEN, Chas. I.                        IX:114                        
WOOTEN, George                          I:84                          
WOOTEN, Marian F.                       XI:78                         
WOOTEN, Marion F.                       I:76                          
WOOTEN, Mary Lue                        IX:9                          
WOOTEN, Norma J.                        V:44                          
WOOTEN, William T.                      I:81                          
WOOTEN, William T.                      XI:81                         
WORCH, Charles                          VII:11                        
WORCH, Ida M.                           VII:11                        
WORDEN, Albert                          IX:57                         
WORDEN, Ralph R.                        V:44                          
WORK, Leora D.                          V:102                         
WORK, Ray A.                            V:102                         
WORKMAN, Betsy                          X:24                          
WORKMAN, Charles W.                     X:24                          
WORKMAN, David C.                       X:24                          
WORKMAN, Dorothy E.                     X:24                          
WORKMAN, James Robert                   X:24                          
WORKMAN, John C.                        X:24                          
WORKMAN, John C. Jr.                    X:24                          
WORKMAN, Mabel L.                       X:64                          
WORKMAN, Mack                           X:24                          
WORKMAN, Martha                         X:20                          
WORKMAN, Walter F.                      X:64                          
WORKMAN, William                        X:20                          
WORLEY, Della M.                        VIII:2                        
WORLEY, Fred I.                         IV:131                        
WORLEY, George                          VIII:2                        
WORLEY, Helen W.                        IV:131                        
WORLEY, Isaac F.                        VIII:50                       
WORLEY, John F.                         VIII:18                       
WORLEY, Lacy                            VIII:38                       
WORLEY, Mittie E.                       VIII:38                       
WORMAN, Emma G.                         IV:91                         
WORMAN, Eugene C.                       IV:91                         
WORRELL, Caroline                       XI:150                        
WORRELL, John                           II:77                         
WORRELL, M.                             XI:150                        
WORRELL, Margaret E.                    XI:150                        
WORRELL, Mary A.                        II:77,106                     
WORRELL, Samuel                         XI:150                        
WORRELL, Sarah                          XI:150                        
WORSTELL, Hiram A.                      III:111                       
WORSTELL, Lydia F.                      III:111                       
WORTHINGTON, Albert                     X:14                          
WORTHINGTON, Ann                        X:49                          
WORTHINGTON, Bob                        X:14                          
WORTHINGTON, Carmen M.                  X:43                          
WORTHINGTON, Clara E.                   X:14                          
WORTHINGTON, Clyde                      V:40                          
WORTHINGTON, Dale                       X:14                          
WORTHINGTON, Ella                       V:40                          
WORTHINGTON, Elmer C.                   X:38                          
WORTHINGTON, Emma L. Lambert            X:52                          
WORTHINGTON, F. Clark                   X:38                          
WORTHINGTON, George S.                  X:56                          
WORTHINGTON, George W.                  X:56                          
WORTHINGTON, Grace W. Cardiff           X:38                          
WORTHINGTON, Hannah                     VI:63                         
WORTHINGTON, Harriet C.                 X:46                          
WORTHINGTON, Helen J.                   X:38                          
WORTHINGTON, Israel N.                  VI:63                         
WORTHINGTON, John W.                    X:46                          
WORTHINGTON, Joseph                     X:56                          
WORTHINGTON, Josephine Wade             X:38                          
WORTHINGTON, Kathryn Swagler            X:43                          
WORTHINGTON, Louis                      X:14                          
WORTHINGTON, Mary                       X:14                          
WORTHINGTON, Mary Alice                 X:4                           
WORTHINGTON, Mary C.                    X:38                          
WORTHINGTON, Melba                      X:14                          
WORTHINGTON, Nellie E. Schultz          X:43                          
WORTHINGTON, Ralph                      X:14                          
WORTHINGTON, Randall M.                 X:43                          
WORTHINGTON, Robert M.                  X:4                           
WORTHINGTON, Robert M.                  X:49                          
WORTHINGTON, Sarah Ann                  X:56                          
WORTHINGTON, Stanley R.                 X:4                           
WORTHINGTON, W. D. Dr                   X:52                          
WORTHINGTON, Wm. H.                     V:40                          
WORTMAN, ----ttle                       XI:48                         
WORTMAN, David                          XI:48                         
WOTRING, Amelia A.                      VIII:12                       
WOTRING, Fred Wm.                       VIII:12                       
WOTRING, Philip                         VIII:12                       
WOTRING, Violet                         VII:39                        
WRAY, Floyd E.                          IX:30                         
WRAY, Johnnie  R.                       IX:20                         
WRENN, Adelaide                         VI:21                         
WRENN, Eber                             VI:21                         
WRENN, Emily                            VI:21                         
WRENN, Ethel                            VI:21                         
WRENN, Fred                             VI:21                         
WRENN, John                             VI:21                         
WRENN, Margary                          VI:21                         
WRIGHT, Agnes                           II:37                         
WRIGHT, Agnes Marie                     X:25                          
WRIGHT, Albert                          VI:2                          
WRIGHT, Albert Lester                   X:67                          
WRIGHT, Albert Lester Jr.               X:68                          
WRIGHT, Albert T.                       V:12                          
WRIGHT, Albert W.                       II:6                          
WRIGHT, Alice                           V:12                          
WRIGHT, Almira                          IX:51                         
WRIGHT, Altha                           VII:63                        
WRIGHT, Amanda                          II:79                         
WRIGHT, Ann E.                          IX:51                         
WRIGHT, Ann M.                          VI:19                         
WRIGHT, Anna                            V:12                          
WRIGHT, Anna                            VIII:119                      
WRIGHT, Arlene M.                       VIII:57                       
WRIGHT, Asa                             V:20                          
WRIGHT, Asahel                          V:91                          
WRIGHT, Augustus Frank                  X:98                          
WRIGHT, Barbra Johnston                 IX:76                         
WRIGHT, Bernard                         V:12                          
WRIGHT, Bill                            X:98                          
WRIGHT, Billy                           V:61                          
WRIGHT, Carrie                          VI:5                          
WRIGHT, Catharine                       VI:56                         
WRIGHT, Charles E.                      X:101                         
WRIGHT, Charles T.                      V:12                          
WRIGHT, Charlotte                       IX:124                        
WRIGHT, Chas. F.                        VI:56                         
WRIGHT, Clyde M.                        IV:82                         
WRIGHT, Cora A.                         IV:82                         
WRIGHT, Cora Effa                       II:105                        
WRIGHT, Cora Enid                       I:50                          
WRIGHT, Cora Enid                       XI:56                         
WRIGHT, Cynthia                         V:12                          
WRIGHT, Cynthia A.S.                    II:86                         
WRIGHT, Daniel                          II:77,79,105                  
WRIGHT, Daniel                          VI:2,4                        
WRIGHT, Daniel W.                       VI:5                          
WRIGHT, David                           VI:19                         
WRIGHT, David A.                        II:86                         
WRIGHT, David Albert                    II:86                         
WRIGHT, David C.                        V:61                          
WRIGHT, Deborah                         VIII:43                       
WRIGHT, Delia K.                        III:85                        
WRIGHT, Deliah E.                       II:77,79                      
WRIGHT, Della                           VIII:30                       
WRIGHT, Dille A.                        VI:5                          
WRIGHT, E.                              VI:1                          
WRIGHT, E. Amelia                       VI:2                          
WRIGHT, Earl                            II:105                        
WRIGHT, Edith                           V:18                          
WRIGHT, Edith                           VI:4                          
WRIGHT, Edward                          VI:56                         
WRIGHT, Eldon Sr.                       VIII:57                       
WRIGHT, Eliz. C.                        V:12                          
WRIGHT, Eliza                           VI:10                         
WRIGHT, Eliza E.                        V:65                          
WRIGHT, Elizabeth                       IV:125                        
WRIGHT, Elizabeth                       V:37                          
WRIGHT, Elizabeth                       X:101                         
WRIGHT, Elizabeth D.                    VI:4                          
WRIGHT, Elizabeth Waite                 IX:124                        
WRIGHT, Ella                            X:98                          
WRIGHT, Elmer V.                        X:80                          
WRIGHT, Emma                            VIII:106                      
WRIGHT, Emma H.                         V:12                          
WRIGHT, Ernest Lee                      IX:10                         
WRIGHT, Esther                          III:85                        
WRIGHT, Fannie                          VIII:78                       
WRIGHT, Forest                          VIII:57                       
WRIGHT, Francis M.                      V:94                          
WRIGHT, Frank                           X:98                          
WRIGHT, Frank H.                        V:61                          
WRIGHT, Franklin                        IV:57                         
WRIGHT, Gary L.                         VIII:26                       
WRIGHT, George H.                       X:110                         
WRIGHT, Gloria                          VII:58                        
WRIGHT, Grace                           VI:44                         
WRIGHT, Grace N.                        VIII:57                       
WRIGHT, Gus                             X:98                          
WRIGHT, Hariet                          III:9                         
WRIGHT, Harriet                         V:12                          
WRIGHT, Harriet                         VII:43                        
WRIGHT, Helen                           V:62                          
WRIGHT, Henrietta                       V:12                          
WRIGHT, Henrietta E.                    X:11                          
WRIGHT, Henry                           V:12                          
WRIGHT, Henry A.                        VI:2                          
WRIGHT, Henry W.                        IV:125                        
WRIGHT, Horace W.                       V:12                          
WRIGHT, Horatio                         V:12                          
WRIGHT, Howard C.                       X:101                         
WRIGHT, Ida R.                          I:50                          
WRIGHT, Ida R.                          XI:56                         
WRIGHT, Isaac                           III:9                         
WRIGHT, Isaac B.                        II:77,79                      
WRIGHT, J. C.                           VI:19                         
WRIGHT, J. H.                           IX:124                        
WRIGHT, J. N.                           II:79                         
WRIGHT, J. P.                           II:37                         
WRIGHT, J. S.                           IX:124                        
WRIGHT, Jacob                           V:94                          
WRIGHT, Jacob S.                        IX:124                        
WRIGHT, James                           VII:43,63                     
WRIGHT, James C.                        VI:3                          
WRIGHT, James E.                        VI:4                          
WRIGHT, James F.                        V:61                          
WRIGHT, James P.                        V:12                          
WRIGHT, James T.                        VIII:57                       
WRIGHT, Jane                            II:98                         
WRIGHT, John                            II:77,105                     
WRIGHT, John                            IX:51                         
WRIGHT, John                            V:93                          
WRIGHT, John                            VI:2                          
WRIGHT, John                            VII:43                        
WRIGHT, John A.                         V:12                          
WRIGHT, John E.                         VI:19                         
WRIGHT, John R.                         II:77,79                      
WRIGHT, John S.                         IX:124                        
WRIGHT, John T.                         II:105                        
WRIGHT, John W.                         II:79                         
WRIGHT, Jonathan                        II:105                        
WRIGHT, Jonathan                        VIII:43                       
WRIGHT, Joseph                          II:77,79                      
WRIGHT, Joseph                          VI:56                         
WRIGHT, Joseph M.                       I:50                          
WRIGHT, Joseph M.                       XI:56                         
WRIGHT, Kate                            V:12                          
WRIGHT, Laura                           II:105                        
WRIGHT, Laura J.                        V:12                          
WRIGHT, Leona A.                        I:50                          
WRIGHT, Leona G.                        X:68                          
WRIGHT, Leora A.                        XI:56                         
WRIGHT, Louisa                          V:91                          
WRIGHT, Louisa H.                       V:12                          
WRIGHT, Louise                          X:67                          
WRIGHT, Lovisa                          V:12                          
WRIGHT, Lucille                         VII:69                        
WRIGHT, Lucinda                         II:105                        
WRIGHT, Lyman                           VI:10                         
WRIGHT, Lynn W.                         V:61                          
WRIGHT, Maggie C.                       II:77                         
WRIGHT, Maggie C. W.                    II:105                        
WRIGHT, Mande R.                        III:53                        
WRIGHT, Margaret                        V:12                          
WRIGHT, Margaret                        VI:2                          
WRIGHT, Margaret C.                     VI:4                          
WRIGHT, Margaret E.                     VI:3                          
WRIGHT, Marie                           VII:58                        
WRIGHT, Martha                          VI:23                         
WRIGHT, Martha E.                       II:77,79                      
WRIGHT, Mary                            II:77,79                      
WRIGHT, Mary                            V:44,94                       
WRIGHT, Mary Bunn                       II:37                         
WRIGHT, Mary L.                         V:12                          
WRIGHT, Mary W. N.                      II:83                         
WRIGHT, Matilda L.                      X:110                         
WRIGHT, Mattie D.                       VI:4                          
WRIGHT, Maude M.                        V:53                          
WRIGHT, Merrill                         VII:69                        
WRIGHT, Minnie E.                       II:6                          
WRIGHT, Moses J.                        VI:5                          
WRIGHT, Nancy                           II:77,105                     
WRIGHT, Nathan                          II:79                         
WRIGHT, Nelle                           VI:5                          
WRIGHT, Nellie J.                       V:61                          
WRIGHT, Orpha                           VI:2                          
WRIGHT, Orpha G.                        VI:1                          
WRIGHT, Oscar                           VII:63                        
WRIGHT, Otto E.                         II:104                        
WRIGHT, Paul L,                         VI:5                          
WRIGHT, Peter                           V:91                          
WRIGHT, Phemelia                        III:9                         
WRIGHT, Polly                           II:79                         
WRIGHT, Potter                          V:12                          
WRIGHT, Rachel                          VI:27                         
WRIGHT, Ricky L.                        VIII:26                       
WRIGHT, Rob't                           XI:127                        
WRIGHT, Roger Wm.                       IX:50                         
WRIGHT, Roy                             VIII:30                       
WRIGHT, Russell L.                      VIII:30                       
WRIGHT, Ruth                            V:20,49                       
WRIGHT, Ruth E.                         V:62                          
WRIGHT, Ruth M.                         V:61                          
WRIGHT, S.                              II:79                         
WRIGHT, S.                              VI:1                          
WRIGHT, S. M.                           VI:2                          
WRIGHT, Sadie E.                        X:80                          
WRIGHT, Sam'l                           I:50                          
WRIGHT, Sam'l                           XI:56                         
WRIGHT, Samuel                          VI:2                          
WRIGHT, Samuel                          XI:40                         
WRIGHT, Samuel M.                       VI:44                         
WRIGHT, Samuel P.                       I:50                          
WRIGHT, Samuel P.                       XI:56(2),87                   
WRIGHT, Sarah                           IX:51                         
WRIGHT, Sarah                           V:91                          
WRIGHT, Sarah C.                        II:105                        
WRIGHT, Sarah E.                        I:16                          
WRIGHT, Sarah E.                        XI:18                         
WRIGHT, Sarah M.                        XI:152                        
WRIGHT, Sherman K.                      II:79                         
WRIGHT, Susan                           II:77,79                      
WRIGHT, Susanna,                        VI:2                          
WRIGHT, Susannah                        XI:127                        
WRIGHT, Thelma J.                       III:54                        
WRIGHT, Theodore B.                     III:85                        
WRIGHT, Thomas                          IX:124                        
WRIGHT, Torrey                          VII:58                        
WRIGHT, Uriah H.                        V:12                          
WRIGHT, Valeria                         V:61                          
WRIGHT, W. Leon                         V:103                         
WRIGHT, Walter P.                       V:46                          
WRIGHT, Walter W.                       X:68                          
WRIGHT, Wayne K.                        X:76                          
WRIGHT, William                         II:37                         
WRIGHT, William                         IV:125                        
WRIGHT, William B.                      IV:125                        
WRIGHT, William H.                      X:11                          
WRIGHT, William P.                      III:54                        
WRIGHT, Wm. W.                          V:12                          
WRIGLEY, Madge                          V:72                          
WRITESEL, Audrey M.                     IV:126                        
WRITESEL, Freda T.                      IV:127                        
WRITSEL, Ernest L.                      X:76                          
WRITSEL, Mary E.                        X:76                          
WROTAN/ROTAN, Rachel                    XI:151                        
WRYCH, Anna                             VIII:79                       
WUERTZ, Clara                           VII:69                        
WUERTZ, Clarence R.                     VIII:34                       
WUERTZ, George C.                       VI:68                         
WUERTZ, Henry                           VI:47                         
WUERTZ, Iragene                         VIII:34                       
WUERTZ, John                            VI:44                         
WUERTZ, Katherine                       VI:42                         
WUERTZ, Margaret                        VI:44                         
WUERTZ, Mary                            VIII:49                       
WUERTZ, Michael                         VII:69                        
WUERTZ, Minnie M.                       VI:43                         
WUERTZ, Nettie                          VI:47                         
WUERTZ, Pauline                         VI:68                         
WUERTZ, Philip                          VIII:49                       
WUERTZ, William                         VI:43                         
WUERZWEILER, Ernestine                  I:105                         
WUERZWEILER, Ernestine Mass             XI:111                        
WULFF, Esther                           V:92                          
WUNDERLE, Mary L.                       VIII:23                       
WURM, A. M.                             IV:88                         
WURM, Ann Barbara                       IV:46                         
WURM, Ann M.                            IV:46                         
WURM, Anna C.                           IV:88                         
WURM, Anna M.                           IV:88                         
WURM, C.                                IV:88                         
WURM, Carl R.                           IV:88                         
WURM, Carrie                            I:15                          
WURM, Carrie                            XI:17                         
WURM, Charles G.                        IV:89                         
WURM, Conrad E.                         IV:88                         
WURM, George A.                         I:15                          
WURM, George A.                         XI:17                         
WURM, Henry                             IV:88                         
WURM, Homer R.                          IV:89                         
WURM, John George                       IV:88                         
WURM, John M.                           IV:88                         
WURM, John M. V.                        IV:46                         
WURM, Mabel                             IV:89                         
WURM, Magdalene                         IV:88                         
WURM, Mina M.                           IV:88                         
WURM, Minnie                            IV:89                         
WURM, William T.                        IV:88                         
WURSTER, Anna                           VIII:16                       
WURTZ, Pauline                          VII:87                        
WYATT, Natalia J.                       IV:29                         
WYATT, Paul S.                          IV:29                         
WYATT, Walter W.                        I:80                          
WYATT, Walter W.                        XI:80                         
WYCKOFF, Bertha                         IV:83                         
WYCUFF, Della I.                        III:22                        
WYCUFF, John E.                         III:22                        
WYLEY, Dr.                              XI:137                        
WYLEY, Isaac                            XI:137                        
WYLIE, Wm. M.                           III:72                        
WYLTE, Mary                             VIII:46                       
WYLTE, Samuel                           VIII:46                       
WYMER, Isaac                            VIII:97                       
WYMER, Lee                              X:23                          
WYMER, Malinda W.                       X:17                          
WYMER, Reba J.                          X:17                          
WYMER, William Lee                      X:17                          
WYNCOOP, Gerodus                        VII:15                        
WYNCOOP, Strickland                     VII:6                         
WYNKOOP, Stephen R.                     VIII:26                       
WYNN, Naomi                             IX:129                        
WYNN, S.                                IX:114                        
WYNN, Samuel                            IX:114                        
WYNN, Samuel                            IX:129                        
WYNN, W.                                IX:114                        
WYNN, William                           IX:129                        
WYNNE, Crystal                          III:68                        
WYNNE, Herbert                          III:68                        
WYNNE, Lorin C.                         III:67                        
WYNNE, Rose M.                          III:67