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LAST    FIRST                       VOLUME:PAGE
JACKLIN, Carol                          II:30                         
JACKMAN, John                           VIII:92                       
JACKSON, ----                           IX:128                        
JACKSON, Benjamin                       IX:128                        
JACKSON, Blodwyn E.                     IX:120                        
JACKSON, Bruce                          VIII:62,107                   
JACKSON, Carlos H.                      III:53                        
JACKSON, Charlie N.                     IX:2                          
JACKSON, Claymingo                      VIII:99                       
JACKSON, Clell                          VIII:108                      
JACKSON, Fannie                         IV:68                         
JACKSON, Frances L.                     V:4                           
JACKSON, George H.                      VIII:62                       
JACKSON, H. A.                          IV:91                         
JACKSON, Henrietta                      I:37                          
JACKSON, Henrietta                      XI:45                         
JACKSON, Jack Charlton                  III:19                        
JACKSON, Jesse                          VIII:106                      
JACKSON, Jessie                         XI:45                         
JACKSON, John H.                        V:4                           
JACKSON, John V.                        X:112                         
JACKSON, Laura M.                       V:39                          
JACKSON, Linda L.                       VIII:2                        
JACKSON, Lyle                           VIII:108                      
JACKSON, M.                             IX:2                          
JACKSON, M. J.                          X:112                         
JACKSON, Mary                           VIII:62                       
JACKSON, Mary E.                        X:112                         
JACKSON, Meghan Lorraine                X:28                          
JACKSON, Nellie M.                      X:64                          
JACKSON, Nettie                         VIII:116                      
JACKSON, Peter Charlton                 III:1                         
JACKSON, Robert E.                      IX:120                        
JACKSON, Ruth                           V:71                          
JACKSON, Samantha A.                    IV:91                         
JACKSON, Sarah F.                       V:4                           
JACKSON, Sylvia E.                      VI:48                         
JACKSON, T.                             X:112                         
JACKSON, T. A.                          IX:2                          
JACKSON, Thelma G.                      IV:69                         
JACKSON, Virginia                       VIII:113                      
JACKSON, Willey                         VIII:109                      
JACKSON, William                        VIII:100                      
JACKSON, William Sherman                X:64                          
JACKSON, Wm. H.                         IX:112                        
JACO, Anna                              I:87                          
JACO, Anna                              XI:90                         
JACO, Goldie                            I:87                          
JACO, Goldie                            XI:90                         
JACO, Hanna                             I:88                          
JACO, Hanna                             XI:92                         
JACOB, Charles                          IX:75                         
JACOB, Doretta                          IX:75                         
JACOB, Emory J.                         IX:100                        
JACOB, Frederick                        I:27                          
JACOB, Frederick                        XI:11                         
JACOB, John                             IX:100                        
JACOB, John E.                          I:27                          
JACOB, John E.                          XI:11                         
JACOB, Lida                             I:27                          
JACOB, Lida                             XI:11                         
JACOB, Martlin                          I:87                          
JACOB, Nick                             IX:57                         
JACOB, Pleasant                         IX:100                        
JACOBS, (stone)                         IX:54                         
JACOBS, Abraham                         VIII:88                       
JACOBS, Amasa                           V:105                         
JACOBS, Andy                            IX:54                         
JACOBS, Bertha A.                       IX:74                         
JACOBS, David                           VIII:88                       
JACOBS, Edward H.                       VI:76                         
JACOBS, Edward H.                       XI:146                        
JACOBS, Esther                          I:108                         
JACOBS, Esther                          XI:115                        
JACOBS, Frank                           VIII:98                       
JACOBS, Gerald C.                       V:85                          
JACOBS, Henrietta                       VIII:89                       
JACOBS, Ida S.                          III:99                        
JACOBS, John M.                         VI:76                         
JACOBS, John M.                         XI:146                        
JACOBS, Mary                            IX:54                         
JACOBS, Minnie C.                       IX:75                         
JACOBS, Nellie                          V:105                         
JACOBS, Shirley                         V:85                          
JACOBS, Solomon                         XI:115                        
JACOBS, William C.                      IX:74                         
JACOBS, William M.                      IX:75                         
JACOBSON, Joe                           VIII:112                      
JACQUES, Maurice J.                     V:45                          
JAEGER, Dorcas M.                       II:25                         
JAEGER, Sophia                          VII:85                        
JAFFE, Herbert                          I:89                          
JAFFE, Herbert                          XI:93                         
JAFFE, Sevel                            I:89                          
JAFFE, Sevel                            XI:93                         
JAFFEE, Ralph Asriel                    I:106                         
JAFFEE, Ralph Asriel                    XI:113                        
JAHM, August                            VIII:65                       
JAHN, Albert C.                         VIII:65                       
JAHN, August                            X:11                          
JAHN, Bennard J.                        X:48                          
JAHN, Brian D.                          VIII:50                       
JAHN, Carl A.                           X:12                          
JAHN, Christena                         X:11                          
JAHN, Dorothy Ann                       X:14                          
JAHN, Elenora P.                        X:6                           
JAHN, Elizabeth Mae                     X:73                          
JAHN, Elmer R.                          X:73                          
JAHN, Elsie Shirkey                     X:71                          
JAHN, Elva Breckenridge                 X:73                          
JAHN, Emil                              X:6                           
JAHN, Erma E.                           VIII:29                       
JAHN, Ethel M.                          X:14                          
JAHN, Everett L.                        X:73                          
JAHN, Florence F.                       VIII:65                       
JAHN, Inf Son                           X:9                           
JAHN, Jacob T.                          X:12                          
JAHN, Katherine                         X:6                           
JAHN, Larry R.                          VIII:50                       
JAHN, Laura B.                          X:6                           
JAHN, Lawrence C.                       VIII:29                       
JAHN, Leo                               X:7                           
JAHN, Mina                              X:29                          
JAHN, Norma Jean                        X:14                          
JAHN, Norman A.                         X:14                          
JAHN, Paulina A.                        X:12                          
JAHN, Theodor                           X:30                          
JAHN, Virgil C.                         X:6                           
JAHN, Virgil R.                         X:14                          
JAHN, William                           X:6                           
JAKEWAY, Alfred                         IV:17                         
JAKEWAY, Mary J.                        IV:17                         
JAKEWAY, Stacey E.                      IV:17                         
JAMES, Ada                              IV:25                         
JAMES, Albert A.                        IX:16                         
JAMES, Albert Paul                      IX:48                         
JAMES, Amanda Nicole                    IX:29                         
JAMES, Anna                             VII:44                        
JAMES, Chloe                            IV:112                        
JAMES, David J.                         III:96                        
JAMES, Donald                           IV:112                        
JAMES, Elizabeth                        VIII:53                       
JAMES, Frances E.                       IV:112                        
JAMES, George D.                        IX:113                        
JAMES, Gilbert H.                       IV:112                        
JAMES, Harold                           IV:112                        
JAMES, Hazel                            IV:112                        
JAMES, Hobart                           IV:112                        
JAMES, Isaac                            VII:44                        
JAMES, Josephine                        IX:29                         
JAMES, Laurens                          II:56                         
JAMES, Lester G.                        IX:29                         
JAMES, Maud                             III:96                        
JAMES, May J.                           IX:16                         
JAMES, May L.                           III:96                        
JAMES, Rozena L.                        IX:113                        
JAMES, V. Robert                        IV:78                         
JAMES, William                          VIII:79                       
JAMESON, Betsy A.                       IV:123                        
JAMESON, Charles                        IV:123                        
JAMESON, Ellen                          IV:122                        
JAMESON, James                          VI:72                         
JAMESON, James W.                       IV:122                        
JAMESON, Margaret                       IV:122                        
JAMESON, Margaret J.                    IV:122                        
JAMESON, Mary                           VI:72                         
JAMESON, Moses B.                       IV:123                        
JAMESON, Nancy L.                       IV:122                        
JAMESON, Robert                         IV:122                        
JAMESON, Robert R.                      IV:123                        
JAMESON, Sarah S.                       IV:122                        
JAMESON, Thomas                         IX:126                        
JAMISON, Anne                           III:49                        
JAMISON, Chas. W.                       III:42                        
JAMISON, Chas. W.                       XI:122                        
JAMISON, J. A.                          III:42                        
JAMISON, James W.                       III:49                        
JAMISON, Lewis C.                       IV:103                        
JAMISON, T. A.                          III:42                        
JAMISON, Thomas                         III:4                         
JAMSON, John Wm.                        II:14                         
JANES, Anna                             V:93                          
JANES, August C.                        V:97                          
JANES, Carl W.                          V:97                          
JANES, Luna C.                          V:97                          
JANES, Samuel W.                        V:97                          
JANES, Sara W.                          V:97                          
JANIS, Cilia                            VIII:97                       
JANOCH, Charles                         VII:61                        
JAQUES, Infant son                      XI:25                         
JAQUES, L. M.                           I:26                          
JAQUES, L.M.                            XI:25                         
JAQUES, P. E.                           I:26                          
JAQUES, P.E.                            XI:25                         
JARRELLS, Deborah J.                    IX:117                        
JARVIS, Bertha                          IV:118                        
JARVIS, Bertha                          XI:91                         
JARVIS, James E.                        IV:69                         
JARVIS, James M.                        IV:118                        
JARVIS, Lydia M.                        IV:118                        
JARVIS, Samuel                          IV:118                        
JARVIS, William                         VIII:95                       
JASHENOSKY, Carrie                      VIII:89                       
JASNAU, Harold W.                       IV:75                         
JASON, Alfred J.                        VIII:71                       
JASPER, Goldie V.                       IX:75                         
JASPER, Jessie                          VII:51                        
JASPER, Kathryn                         VII:60                        
JASPER, Mabel                           VII:60                        
JASPER, Mary M.                         IV:82                         
JASPER, Melvin H.                       IX:75                         
JASPER, Olgar W.                        IV:82                         
JASPER, Ossed                           VII:60                        
JASPER, Robert                          VII:59                        
JAVIS, Bertha                           I:87                          
JAY, ------                             III:8                         
JAY, Anna Bell                          II:84                         
JAY, Audrey C.                          IV:34                         
JAY, Bertha May                         II:84                         
JAY, Blanch                             II:84                         
JAY, Diana D.                           IV:34                         
JAY, Floyd E.                           IV:34                         
JAY, Samuel E.                          II:84                         
JAY, Samuel Edwin                       II:74                         
JAY, William H.                         II:84                         
JAYCOCK, Gilbert B.                     V:87                          
JAYCOX, Ambrose                         V:29                          
JAYCOX, Anna L.                         V:29                          
JAYCOX, Burr Z.                         V:19                          
JAYCOX, Cora                            IV:91                         
JAYCOX, Femino                          V:19                          
JAYCOX, Flora V.                        V:27                          
JAYCOX, George W.                       V:19                          
JAYCOX, Harry                           IV:114                        
JAYCOX, Howard C.                       IV:114                        
JAYCOX, James                           V:19                          
JAYCOX, James B.                        V:27                          
JAYCOX, James D.                        V:27                          
JAYCOX, James S.                        V:29                          
JAYCOX, John                            IV:119                        
JAYCOX, L. A.                           IV:114                        
JAYCOX, Louella                         V:19                          
JAYCOX, Margaret H.                     V:85                          
JAYCOX, Merrick                         V:19                          
JAYCOX, Miles                           V:68                          
JAYCOX, Minnie                          VII:19                        
JAYCOX, Nora D.                         V:19                          
JAYCOX, Robert A.                       V:19                          
JAYCOX, Sarah E.                        V:85                          
JAYCOX, Sina E.                         V:29                          
JAYCOX, T. Edward                       V:85                          
JAYCOX, Thomas S.                       V:68                          
JAYCOX, V.                              IV:114                        
JAYCOX, Willie L.                       V:27                          
JAYJOHN, Emmett E.                      VIII:36                       
JAYJOHN, Ethel E.                       VIII:36                       
JAYJOHN, Mary E.                        VIII:22                       
JAYJOHN, Willard O.                     VIII:22                       
JAYNES, Emily                           V:83                          
JEBB, Ida                               VII:42                        
JEBKER, Harry                           VIII:108                      
JEERIS, Mary                            VI:73                         
JEFFERS, Bertha P.                      V:59                          
JEFFERS, Eva                            V:59                          
JEFFERS, Herman P.                      V:59                          
JEFFERS, Herman P. Jr.                  V:59                          
JEFFERS, John A.                        V:59                          
JEFFRIES, Ada Huffman                   X:60                          
JEFFRIES, Emily                         II:14,19                      
JEFFRIES, John                          II:14,19                      
JEFFRIES, Malcolm K.                    X:60                          
JEFFRIES, Mark E.                       X:60                          
JEFFRIES, Mary J.                       II:14                         
JEFFRIES, Mary Jane                     II:19                         
JEFFRIES, William Donald                X:60                          
JENKINS, ---                            V:80                          
JENKINS, Alma Eleanor                   X:55                          
JENKINS, Andrew                         VII:29                        
JENKINS, Angelic                        VII:29                        
JENKINS, Ann E. Sampson                 IX:107                        
JENKINS, Birdzle L.                     V:3                           
JENKINS, Campbell                       V:66                          
JENKINS, Campbell K.                    V:66                          
JENKINS, D. G.                          IX:107                        
JENKINS, Daniel                         VIII:107                      
JENKINS, David Andrew                   X:55                          
JENKINS, Early R.                       VI:54                         
JENKINS, Edith M.                       IX:92                         
JENKINS, Eleanor Virginia               X:55                          
JENKINS, Florence E.                    IX:94                         
JENKINS, George W.                      IX:92                         
JENKINS, Gladith A.                     VI:54                         
JENKINS, Irene M.                       VI:38                         
JENKINS, J.                             II:14                         
JENKINS, Joan                           IX:95                         
JENKINS, John                           VII:88                        
JENKINS, John F.                        IX:94                         
JENKINS, John J.                        IV:109                        
JENKINS, Judia                          VII:88                        
JENKINS, Julia M.                       V:3                           
JENKINS, Karr                           V:66                          
JENKINS, Luke N.                        II:17                         
JENKINS, Luke V.                        II:14                         
JENKINS, Mary E.                        VI:38                         
JENKINS, Mary Margaret                  X:55                          
JENKINS, Parley L.                      II:14,17                      
JENKINS, Pearley A.                     V:81                          
JENKINS, Robert L.                      V:66                          
JENKINS, Roger A.                       VI:38                         
JENKINS, Sarah E.                       V:66                          
JENKINS, Theresa L. Miller              X:2                           
JENKINS, Troy V.                        X:64                          
JENKINS, Vera Coontz                    X:64                          
JENKINS, W.                             II:14                         
JENKINS, William                        VI:38                         
JENKINS, William                        VIII:100                      
JENNINGS, Alva                          V:48                          
JENNINGS, Annie Q.                      VI:7                          
JENNINGS, Belle                         V:48                          
JENNINGS, Carol Lynn                    I:65                          
JENNINGS, Carol Lynn                    XI:69                         
JENNINGS, Cassius M.                    IV:36                         
JENNINGS, Charles A.                    IV:36                         
JENNINGS, Clarence                      X:50                          
JENNINGS, Cordelia                      III:42                        
JENNINGS, Cordelia                      XI:122                        
JENNINGS, Cynthia Mitchell              X:50                          
JENNINGS, Dorthea                       VIII:80                       
JENNINGS, Douglas                       III:12                        
JENNINGS, Emma T.                       V:25                          
JENNINGS, Evelyn J.                     I:65                          
JENNINGS, Evelyn J.                     XI:69                         
JENNINGS, Frank C.                      VI:7                          
JENNINGS, Helen                         IV:71                         
JENNINGS, Ida I.                        IV:36                         
JENNINGS, J.                            III:42                        
JENNINGS, James E.                      IV:71                         
JENNINGS, Joseph                        III:42                        
JENNINGS, Joseph                        XI:122                        
JENNINGS, Leander L.                    V:25                          
JENNINGS, M.                            III:42                        
JENNINGS, M.E.                          XI:122                        
JENNINGS, Marinda                       II:78                         
JENNINGS, Marry                         III:12                        
JENNINGS, Myrtle A.                     V:58                          
JENNINGS, Rebekah                       III:42                        
JENNINGS, Robert                        V:58                          
JENNINGS, Thos. P.                      X:23                          
JENNY, Anna Marie                       X:33                          
JENNY, Carl W.                          X:11                          
JENNY, Caroline R.                      X:34                          
JENNY, Charlse M.                       X:34                          
JENNY, Dorothy                          X:11                          
JENNY, Nicholas                         X:33                          
JENNY, Robert C.                        X:11                          
JERDEN, Cora R.                         X:39                          
JERDEN, F.                              X:39                          
JERDEN, N. J.                           X:39                          
JERMAN, Charles                         VII:58                        
JERMAN, Etta                            VII:74                        
JERMAN, Evelyn                          VII:58                        
JERMAN, Geneva                          VII:58                        
JERMAN, Lola                            VII:64                        
JERMAN, Olive                           VII:58                        
JERMAN, Richard                         VII:74                        
JERMAN, William                         VII:64                        
JESTER, Gladys M.                       IX:25                         
JESTER, William H.                      IX:25                         
JETT, Esta Mae                          IX:40                         
JEWELL, Eva C.                          III:87                        
JEWELL, James M.                        III:87                        
JEWETT, Alpheus C.                      III:103                       
JEWETT, B. F.                           VI:74                         
JEWETT, B. F.                           XI:139                        
JEWETT, Catherine                       VI:74                         
JEWETT, Charles                         IX:74                         
JEWETT, Charles E.                      V:64                          
JEWETT, Charles F.                      IX:74                         
JEWETT, Dorothy H.                      V:64                          
JEWETT, Edna M.                         V:31                          
JEWETT, Effie                           III:103                       
JEWETT, Elam                            VI:74                         
JEWETT, Eliza                           VI:74                         
JEWETT, Eliza J.                        III:103                       
JEWETT, Ella G.                         III:103                       
JEWETT, Ernest                          VII:74                        
JEWETT, Esther                          VII:74                        
JEWETT, Fred                            V:32                          
JEWETT, Hannah                          V:32                          
JEWETT, Harry C.                        III:103                       
JEWETT, Harry R.                        V:31                          
JEWETT, Helena                          V:33                          
JEWETT, Henry                           III:103                       
JEWETT, Ida M.                          IX:74                         
JEWETT, Ida M.                          V:64                          
JEWETT, Jacob                           VII:74                        
JEWETT, Jared 0.                        V:31                          
JEWETT, Jennie E.                       VI:60                         
JEWETT, Jerry                           V:31                          
JEWETT, John B.                         VI:60                         
JEWETT, John D.                         III:103                       
JEWETT, Kate E.                         V:32                          
JEWETT, Laura E.                        VI:74                         
JEWETT, Lester                          IX:74                         
JEWETT, Lucinda                         VI:74                         
JEWETT, Lucy                            VI:74                         
JEWETT, Lucy E.                         V:32                          
JEWETT, Martin G.                       V:32                          
JEWETT, Mary                            V:32                          
JEWETT, Mary P.                         V:31                          
JEWETT, Mary V.                         VI:56                         
JEWETT, Ray 0.                          V:33                          
JEWETT, Robert                          V:32                          
JEWETT, Sarah                           VII:74                        
JEWETT, Serapta                         VI:74                         
JEWETT, Wilbur 0.                       V:31                          
JEWETT, William                         VI:56                         
JEWETT, Wm. H.                          V:32                          
JEWETT, Wm. H.                          VI:74                         
JIMISON, Eliza                          VI:7                          
JIMISON, Eva                            VI:7                          
JIMISON, Iantha                         VI:7                          
JIMISON, James                          VI:7                          
JINKS, Amanda J.                        IX:23                         
JINKS, Frank                            IX:23                         
JINKS, G. David                         IX:23                         
JINKS, S. Leora                         IX:23                         
JIVIDEN, Delmas R.                      X:102                         
JIVIDEN, Deloras L.                     X:102                         
JIVIDEN, Dulcie A.                      X:102                         
JIVIDEN, Robert M.                      X:102                         
JOBES, Abraham                          II:74,79                      
JOBES, Luther                           VIII:111                      
JOES, Hannah                            II:14                         
JOES, Jacob                             II:14                         
JOES, Julian Edgar                      II:14                         
JOHANSON. Fred G.                       IV:61                         
JOHE, Dorothy D.                        IV:76                         
JOHE, Edward H.                         IV:76                         
JOHN, Adam                              II:14                         
JOHN, Adam                              XI:118                        
JOHN, H. D.                             VI:8                          
JOHN, Mary E.                           VI:8                          
JOHNS, George                           V:74                          
JOHNS, Gola                             V:74                          
JOHNS, John W.                          III:16                        
JOHNS, LaDonna Lee                      III:16                        
JOHNSON, -------                        III:2                         
JOHNSON, 0.                             XI:136                        
JOHNSON, 011ie M.                       IV:4                          
JOHNSON, A. Beaumont                    IV:29                         
JOHNSON, Abm.                           III:49                        
JOHNSON, Ada B.                         X:3                           
JOHNSON, Agnes P.                       IX:95                         
JOHNSON, Albert                         VII:53                        
JOHNSON, Alfred L.                      V:7                           
JOHNSON, Alice                          IV:112                        
JOHNSON, Alice A.                       IV:67                         
JOHNSON, Alice C.                       IX:74                         
JOHNSON, Alice M.                       VI:42                         
JOHNSON, Amanda                         VII:12                        
JOHNSON, Amanda                         X:83                          
JOHNSON, Amanda M.                      II:14,20                      
JOHNSON, Amelia R.                      III:89                        
JOHNSON, Andrew                         III:42                        
JOHNSON, Andrew                         VIII:104                      
JOHNSON, Andrew J.                      IX:126                        
JOHNSON, Anna                           III:95                        
JOHNSON, Anna                           V:7                           
JOHNSON, Annabel                        V:82                          
JOHNSON, Archie                         IX:20                         
JOHNSON, Ascha                          V:89                          
JOHNSON, B. F.                          V:89                          
JOHNSON, Barbara                        IX:93                         
JOHNSON, Beatrice M.                    I:79                          
JOHNSON, Beatrice M.                    XI:80                         
JOHNSON, Blanch                         IX:93                         
JOHNSON, Blodwen Evans                  IX:23                         
JOHNSON, Bobby                          IX:99                         
JOHNSON, Burtie                         V:83                          
JOHNSON, C. P.                          I:36                          
JOHNSON, C.P.                           XI:44                         
JOHNSON, Carl                           VI:50                         
JOHNSON, Carl A.                        V:102                         
JOHNSON, Carl R.                        IV:76                         
JOHNSON, Carolyn Wagner                 IX:37                         
JOHNSON, Charles                        VIII:86                       
JOHNSON, Charles H.                     V:83                          
JOHNSON, Charles J.                     IX:7                          
JOHNSON, Chas. W.                       IV:20                         
JOHNSON, Chester W.                     III:88                        
JOHNSON, Clarie E.                      V:83                          
JOHNSON, Clifford C.                    II:29                         
JOHNSON, Crissa                         V:21                          
JOHNSON, Cynthia A.                     V:83                          
JOHNSON, D.                             IV:125                        
JOHNSON, Daniel                         X:105                         
JOHNSON, Dayton A.                      IV:81                         
JOHNSON, Dewey.                         III:16                        
JOHNSON, E.                             VIII:77                       
JOHNSON, E.                             XI:146                        
JOHNSON, E. B.                          V:83                          
JOHNSON, E. L.                          IV:112                        
JOHNSON, Edward C.                      V:7                           
JOHNSON, Edward J.                      II:30                         
JOHNSON, Edythe                         V:62                          
JOHNSON, Effie                          III:78                        
JOHNSON, Elbert                         VII:57                        
JOHNSON, Elder                          VIII:87                       
JOHNSON, Eleanor                        V:104                         
JOHNSON, Eleanor L.                     IX:99                         
JOHNSON, Elena                          IV:106                        
JOHNSON, Eli Wordan                     X:83                          
JOHNSON, Elisabeth                      X:87                          
JOHNSON, Elizabeth                      III:95                        
JOHNSON, Elizabeth                      IV:29                         
JOHNSON, Ella                           IV:125                        
JOHNSON, Ella F.                        III:88                        
JOHNSON, Ellen M.                       V:7                           
JOHNSON, Elmore                         VII:22                        
JOHNSON, Elsie M.                       V:104                         
JOHNSON, Ema                            VIII:107                      
JOHNSON, Emily G.                       V:89                          
JOHNSON, Emily M.                       III:16                        
JOHNSON, Emma                           IX:69                         
JOHNSON, Emma N.                        III:89                        
JOHNSON, Ephrian                        VII:36                        
JOHNSON, Ethel M.                       III:69                        
JOHNSON, Eugene                         IX:53                         
JOHNSON, Eva                            IX:126                        
JOHNSON, Eva A.                         II:29                         
JOHNSON, F.                             III:42                        
JOHNSON, Fern                           VII:56                        
JOHNSON, Floyd                          III:88                        
JOHNSON, Forest                         VII:53                        
JOHNSON, Fota R.                        IX:31                         
JOHNSON, Frances E.                     II:17                         
JOHNSON, Frances L.                     II:20                         
JOHNSON, Francis L.                     II:14                         
JOHNSON, Frank                          III:88                        
JOHNSON, Frank M.                       V:54                          
JOHNSON, Fred                           VIII:106                      
JOHNSON, Geo.                           II:20                         
JOHNSON, George                         VIII:19,113                   
JOHNSON, George A.                      IV:125                        
JOHNSON, George D.                      IV:9                          
JOHNSON, George W.                      II:30                         
JOHNSON, George W.                      V:7                           
JOHNSON, Gertrude                       VIII:19                       
JOHNSON, Gertrude H.                    IX:23                         
JOHNSON, Gilbert                        III:78                        
JOHNSON, Gregory Jay                    X:22                          
JOHNSON, H. George                      IV:119                        
JOHNSON, H. W.                          V:83                          
JOHNSON, Hadassah H.                    III:89                        
JOHNSON, Harold G.                      III:69                        
JOHNSON, Harrison R.                    II:14,20                      
JOHNSON, Harry C.                       III:69                        
JOHNSON, Harvey                         V:83                          
JOHNSON, Hazel G.                       X:105                         
JOHNSON, Helen                          VII:53                        
JOHNSON, Helen K.                       IV:76                         
JOHNSON, Henry                          III:42,49                     
JOHNSON, Henry                          V:83                          
JOHNSON, Henry                          XI:122                        
JOHNSON, Henry C.                       V:83                          
JOHNSON, Hilda W.                       X:22                          
JOHNSON, Inf Dau                        X:83                          
JOHNSON, Irene                          VIII:110                      
JOHNSON, Isaac                          III:49                        
JOHNSON, Isaac T.                       II:14,20                      
JOHNSON, Isabelle L.                    IV:9                          
JOHNSON, Isaiah                         VIII:87                       
JOHNSON, J.                             II:17                         
JOHNSON, J. Albert                      IX:74                         
JOHNSON, J. H.                          II:17                         
JOHNSON, J. W.                          X:3
LAST    FIRST                       VOLUME:PAGE
JOHNSON, Jack                           III:68                        
JOHNSON, James                          VIII:99                       
JOHNSON, James                          X:83                          
JOHNSON, Jane                           IX:99                         
JOHNSON, Jarusha G.                     IV:119                        
JOHNSON, Jennie                         V:35                          
JOHNSON, Joe                            VII:36                        
JOHNSON, John                           III:1                         
JOHNSON, John                           IX:95                         
JOHNSON, John                           VII:22                        
JOHNSON, John                           VIII:110                      
JOHNSON, John G.                        IX:95                         
JOHNSON, John H.                        III:88                        
JOHNSON, John J.                        VI:42                         
JOHNSON, John R.                        IX:99                         
JOHNSON, John W.                        IX:74                         
JOHNSON, Joseph                         V:89                          
JOHNSON, Joseph                         VIII:93                       
JOHNSON, Joseph B.                      II:53                         
JOHNSON, Joseph C.                      VI:63                         
JOHNSON, Josephine Wade                 X:57                          
JOHNSON, Kate C.                        V:7                           
JOHNSON, Kerry Glendon                  IX:53                         
JOHNSON, Leonard                        III:95                        
JOHNSON, Lester M.                      I:79                          
JOHNSON, Lester M.                      XI:80                         
JOHNSON, Lewis                          V:83                          
JOHNSON, Lillian                        IX:37                         
JOHNSON, Lizzie                         VII:53                        
JOHNSON, Lloyd                          VII:36                        
JOHNSON, Loretta                        VII:56                        
JOHNSON, Louise L.                      IX:93                         
JOHNSON, Lucille                        IV:71                         
JOHNSON, Lucy E.                        III:89                        
JOHNSON, Lucy H.                        V:7                           
JOHNSON, Luella                         VII:74                        
JOHNSON, M.                             X:117                         
JOHNSON, M. B.                          V:83                          
JOHNSON, M. J.                          VIII:88                       
JOHNSON, Mable                          VIII:102                      
JOHNSON, Mae E.                         V:38                          
JOHNSON, Mahala                         X:108                         
JOHNSON, Mahala Dyer                    X:108                         
JOHNSON, Major                          VIII:101                      
JOHNSON, Margaret                       V:104                         
JOHNSON, Margaret T.                    V:38                          
JOHNSON, Marion                         VIII:77                       
JOHNSON, Marion                         XI:146                        
JOHNSON, Marion Jr.                     III:78                        
JOHNSON, Marion Sr.                     III:78                        
JOHNSON, Marshall F.                    X:22                          
JOHNSON, Martha                         II:53                         
JOHNSON, Martha C.                      X:117                         
JOHNSON, Martha E.                      VI:34                         
JOHNSON, Martin                         VII:14                        
JOHNSON, Marvin R.                      IX:55                         
JOHNSON, Mary                           III:49                        
JOHNSON, Mary                           IV:30,125                     
JOHNSON, Mary                           VII:36                        
JOHNSON, Mary Ann                       V:89                          
JOHNSON, Mary F.                        V:54                          
JOHNSON, Mary H.                        I:79                          
JOHNSON, Mary H.                        IV:9                          
JOHNSON, Mary H.                        XI:80                         
JOHNSON, Mary Jane                      IX:74                         
JOHNSON, Mary K.                        V:102                         
JOHNSON, Mary L.                        II:32                         
JOHNSON, Mary Lee                       IX:99                         
JOHNSON, Maud P.                        III:94                        
JOHNSON, Maxie                          VI:42                         
JOHNSON, Maxine                         IX:115                        
JOHNSON, Miles L.                       IV:4                          
JOHNSON, Millicent                      III:95                        
JOHNSON, Minnie A.                      IV:35                         
JOHNSON, Monvel                         X:77                          
JOHNSON, Myrta                          V:16                          
JOHNSON, Myrtle                         VIII:2                        
JOHNSON, N. Edna                        IX:31                         
JOHNSON, Nancy S.                       II:53                         
JOHNSON, Naomi                          III:78                        
JOHNSON, Neal                           VII:36                        
JOHNSON, Nellie                         V:35                          
JOHNSON, Norman K.                      IV:124                        
JOHNSON, Orange                         V:35,89                       
JOHNSON, Orange                         XI:137                        
JOHNSON, Orville                        IX:20                         
JOHNSON, Orville                        V:7                           
JOHNSON, Pamelia                        V:83                          
JOHNSON, Patricia                       IX:95                         
JOHNSON, Peggy Lou                      II:29                         
JOHNSON, Peter                          IX:95                         
JOHNSON, Peter                          VI:63                         
JOHNSON, Peter L.                       IX:23                         
JOHNSON, Phillip                        VII:56                        
JOHNSON, Phoebe B.                      III:53                        
JOHNSON, Ray C.                         V:26                          
JOHNSON, Rebecca                        III:1                         
JOHNSON, Richard                        III:15                        
JOHNSON, Richard M.                     III:57                        
JOHNSON, Robert Dean                    III:17                        
JOHNSON, Robert L.                      III:56                        
JOHNSON, Robert L.                      IX:54                         
JOHNSON, Rose M.                        I:36                          
JOHNSON, Rose M.                        XI:44                         
JOHNSON, Ruth J.                        III:78                        
JOHNSON, S.                             III:42                        
JOHNSON, S.                             VIII:77                       
JOHNSON, S. N.                          II:53                         
JOHNSON, Samuel                         VIII:77                       
JOHNSON, Samuel                         XI:146                        
JOHNSON, Sarah                          III:49                        
JOHNSON, Sarah                          VII:22,57                     
JOHNSON, Sarah                          VIII:105                      
JOHNSON, Sarah J.                       III:95                        
JOHNSON, Sebastian                      V:16                          
JOHNSON, Shirley                        IX:99                         
JOHNSON, Sophia                         XI:136                        
JOHNSON, Stephen                        X:87                          
JOHNSON, Susan                          VIII:98                       
JOHNSON, Susan F.                       VI:70                         
JOHNSON, Susannah                       II:60,64                      
JOHNSON, Thaddeus                       VIII:108                      
JOHNSON, Thelma                         I:81                          
JOHNSON, Thelma                         XI:81                         
JOHNSON, Theodore                       I:81                          
JOHNSON, Theodore                       IX:115                        
JOHNSON, Theodore                       XI:81                         
JOHNSON, Theodore R.                    II:32                         
JOHNSON, Thomas                         II:60,64                      
JOHNSON, Thomas                         III:94                        
JOHNSON, Thomas                         VIII:101                      
JOHNSON, Thomas C.                      V:38                          
JOHNSON, Thomas E.                      V:104                         
JOHNSON, Ulysses                        VII:12                        
JOHNSON, Veneman                        IV:66                         
JOHNSON, Vernon H.                      I:79                          
JOHNSON, Vernon H.                      XI:80                         
JOHNSON, Vinora                         II:30                         
JOHNSON, Virginia Coe                   XI:43                         
JOHNSON, W. S.                          VIII:99                       
JOHNSON, Walter                         IX:23                         
JOHNSON, Walter                         VII:56                        
JOHNSON, Walter                         VIII:86                       
JOHNSON, Will S.                        III:53                        
JOHNSON, William                        III:49                        
JOHNSON, William                        VIII:94                       
JOHNSON, William H.                     IV:9                          
JOHNSON, William M.                     IX:93                         
JOHNSON, William M.                     XI:137                        
JOHNSON, Willie                         V:35                          
JOHNSON, Willis C.                      IV:35                         
JOHNSON, Wm, G.                         III:89                        
JOHNSON, Wm. M.                         V:89                          
JOHNSON, Wm. Rollo                      V:36                          
JOHNSON, Wm. W.                         III:95                        
JOHNSTON, A.                            VI:69                         
JOHNSTON, A. D.                         III:36                        
JOHNSTON, A. E.                         VI:63                         
JOHNSTON, Abbie M.                      IV:17                         
JOHNSTON, Abigail                       IV:18                         
JOHNSTON, Ada M.                        IX:88                         
JOHNSTON, Alex.                         VI:69                         
JOHNSTON, Alta F.                       VI:48                         
JOHNSTON, Amanda A.                     VI:69                         
JOHNSTON, Arma E.                       VI:24                         
JOHNSTON, Barbra                        IX:76                         
JOHNSTON, Benjamin F.                   IX:76                         
JOHNSTON, Chas. S.                      III:36                        
JOHNSTON, Dale J.                       V:6                           
JOHNSTON, E.                            IX:124                        
JOHNSTON, E.                            IX:76                         
JOHNSTON, E. A.                         III:36                        
JOHNSTON, Edith                         IX:88                         
JOHNSTON, Edmund                        IX:124                        
JOHNSTON, Elias                         IX:76                         
JOHNSTON, Eliza                         IX:123                        
JOHNSTON, Eliza                         VI:30                         
JOHNSTON, Eliza A.                      III:105                       
JOHNSTON, Elsie Jewell                  X:69                          
JOHNSTON, Evaline                       VI:48                         
JOHNSTON, F.                            IX:124                        
JOHNSTON, Faye R. Vaughn                X:107                         
JOHNSTON, Francis                       IV:18                         
JOHNSTON, Frank L.                      IX:87                         
JOHNSTON, Fred E.                       VI:48                         
JOHNSTON, H. F.                         VI:63                         
JOHNSTON, Harlan                        VI:24                         
JOHNSTON, Harold E.                     VI:48                         
JOHNSTON, Harry N.                      X:107                         
JOHNSTON, Hattie V.                     III:36                        
JOHNSTON, Helen E.                      IX:87                         
JOHNSTON, Infant                        IX:124                        
JOHNSTON, John                          IV:18                         
JOHNSTON, John F.                       IV:17                         
JOHNSTON, Joseph                        IV:18                         
JOHNSTON, L. S.                         IX:88                         
JOHNSTON, Lanah Ann                     IX:76                         
JOHNSTON, Linda A.                      VI:48                         
JOHNSTON, M.                            IX:124                        
JOHNSTON, M.                            IX:76                         
JOHNSTON, M. M.                         IX:88                         
JOHNSTON, Magdalene                     IX:76                         
JOHNSTON, Margaret                      III:36                        
JOHNSTON, Martha A.                     III:36                        
JOHNSTON, Mary                          IV:18                         
JOHNSTON, Mary                          IX:124                        
JOHNSTON, Mary M.                       IX:88                         
JOHNSTON, Olivia S.                     IX:124                        
JOHNSTON, Paul                          III:39                        
JOHNSTON, R. R.                         III:36,105                    
JOHNSTON, Rebecca A.                    IX:76                         
JOHNSTON, Roland E.                     VI:43                         
JOHNSTON, Rollin F.                     III:3                         
JOHNSTON, Roy D.                        V:6                           
JOHNSTON, S.                            VI:69                         
JOHNSTON, S. M. P.                      VI:69                         
JOHNSTON, Samuel B.                     IX:124                        
JOHNSTON, Sarah E.                      IV:18                         
JOHNSTON, Susan                         VI:69                         
JOHNSTON, Thomas                        VI:30                         
JOHNSTON, William                       IX:123                        
JOHNSTON, Wm. B.                        IV:18                         
JOHNSTON, Wm. H.                        IV:17,18                      
JOHNSTONE, Esther B.                    VI:50                         
JOHNSTONE, Walter D.                    VI:50                         
JOICE, David                            VI:75                         
JOICE, David                            XI:146                        
JOICE, Edward                           XI:146                        
JOICE, Thomas                           XI:146(2)                     
JOINER, Alice A.                        IX:2                          
JOINER, John V.                         V:11                          
JOINER, Laura E.                        V:11                          
JOINER, Louisa                          IX:2                          
JOINER, Simon                           IX:2                          
JOLLEY, Charles                         VII:74                        
JOLLEY, Elmer L.                        IV:75                         
JOLLEY, Nellie                          VII:74                        
JOLLEY, Nellie M.                       IV:75                         
JOLLY, Mary L.                          I:74                          
JOLLY, Mary L.                          XI:76                         
JONAS, Carrie                           XI:108                        
JONAS, Eva                              I:102                         
JONAS, Morris                           I:102                         
JONAS, Morris                           XI:108                        
JONAS, Reva                             XI:108                        
JONES, A. W.                            IV:94                         
JONES, Abel                             V:89                          
JONES, Absalom W.                       IV:94                         
JONES, Alfred E.                        III:72                        
JONES, Alice E.                         II:8                          
JONES, Alice E.                         X:105                         
JONES, Alonzo                           VII:38                        
JONES, Andrew B. Sr.                    I:65                          
JONES, Andrew B. Sr.                    XI:69                         
JONES, Angeline                         VII:14                        
JONES, Anna                             IX:12                         
JONES, Anna                             VIII:1                        
JONES, Annie                            VIII:11                       
JONES, B.                               III:50                        
JONES, Beatrice                         VII:68                        
JONES, Bertha E.                        I:65                          
JONES, Bertha E.                        XI:69                         
JONES, Bessie                           VIII:5,35                     
JONES, Bessie F.                        X:62                          
JONES, Blanche M.                       III:55                        
JONES, Bruce M.                         II:8                          
JONES, C. L.                            VIII:94                       
JONES, Carva C.                         V:65                          
JONES, Catherine S.                     VIII:45                       
JONES, Charles                          III:73                        
JONES, Charles                          IV:63                         
JONES, Charles                          IX:12                         
JONES, Charles R.                       X:106                         
JONES, Charley                          IX:129                        
JONES, Clair                            VII:68                        
JONES, Clara M.                         X:106                         
JONES, Clifford                         VIII:116                      
JONES, Cyrus M.                         VI:23                         
JONES, David                            VII:68                        
JONES, David                            VIII:99                       
JONES, David C.                         V:62                          
JONES, David E.                         V:62                          
JONES, David W. Sr.                     III:111                       
JONES, E. S.                            IV:62                         
JONES, E. Stanton                       IV:62                         
JONES, Easter                           X:6                           
JONES, Ed                               VIII:116                      
JONES, Edith H.                         X:60                          
JONES, Edith I.                         VI:36                         
JONES, Edward                           VIII:6,32,101                 
JONES, Eleanor                          VII:68                        
JONES, Eliz. C.                         III:50                        
JONES, Eliza J.                         IV:112                        
JONES, Elizabeth                        IX:93                         
JONES, Elizabeth                        VIII:17                       
JONES, Ellen M.                         IV:94                         
JONES, Ellis                            VIII:41                       
JONES, Elmer R.                         X:62                          
JONES, Elwood Edison                    IX:93                         
JONES, Emma                             VIII:97                       
JONES, Emma R.                          IX:8                          
JONES, Ernest W.                        IX:8                          
JONES, Estella G.                       V:70                          
JONES, Esther E.                        VIII:41                       
JONES, Eva                              VII:50                        
JONES, Evan                             VII:50                        
JONES, Evan                             VIII:17,35                    
JONES, Everett                          VIII:88                       
JONES, Fern Ogan                        I:15                          
JONES, Fern Ogan                        XI:17                         
JONES, Flora A.                         IV:118                        
JONES, Flora E.                         VIII:32                       
JONES, Florence                         III:72                        
JONES, Florence                         VIII:1,5                      
JONES, Florence M.                      III:72                        
JONES, Frances                          V:9                           
JONES, Fred                             X:24                          
JONES, Freda E.                         X:71                          
JONES, Gardner                          IV:112                        
JONES, George                           VIII:113                      
JONES, Gertrude B.                      VIII:5                        
JONES, Gilbert K.                       I:51                          
JONES, Gilbert K.                       XI:57                         
JONES, Go J.                            IX:59                         
JONES, Harold L.                        IV:23                         
JONES, Harry M.                         I:61                          
JONES, Harry M.                         XI:66                         
JONES, Harry R.                         V:65                          
JONES, Hazel M.                         IV:23                         
JONES, Helen                            VIII:114                      
JONES, Helen H.                         V:62                          
JONES, Helen J.                         X:106                         
JONES, Helen W.                         V:62                          
JONES, Henry A.                         IX:40                         
JONES, Henry C.                         VI:33                         
JONES, Henry R.                         VIII:5                        
JONES, Herman Louis                     X:29                          
JONES, Horace W.                        V:62                          
JONES, Ida Sabin                        I:108                         
JONES, Ida Sobin                        XI:115                        
JONES, Inf Son                          X:6                           
JONES, Inf. Son                         X:29                          
JONES, Issac O.                         X:6                           
JONES, Iva                              VII:17                        
JONES, J.                               III:50                        
JONES, J.                               VIII:45                       
JONES, James                            IV:67                         
JONES, James Joseph                     IX:49                         
JONES, Jane                             VII:12                        
JONES, Jane                             VIII:1,35                     
JONES, Jean                             VII:67                        
JONES, Jennie D.                        V:58                          
JONES, Jesse W.                         IX:48                         
JONES, John                             VIII:11,115,118               
JONES, John                             X:29                          
JONES, John 0.                          III:72                        
JONES, John C.                          III:50                        
JONES, John N.                          X:46                          
JONES, John P.                          V:81                          
JONES, John W.                          III:50                        
JONES, John W.                          IV:94                         
JONES, Joseph                           VIII:116                      
JONES, Julia                            V:38                          
JONES, Leonora F.                       VI:33                         
JONES, Lily M.                          VI:13                         
JONES, Lizzie                           X:46                          
JONES, Lloyde S.                        V:70                          
JONES, Lola M.                          IX:48                         
JONES, Lonnie J.                        X:105                         
JONES, Louise B.                        IV:62                         
JONES, Louise Miller                    X:70                          
JONES, Lucille J.                       V:62                          
JONES, Lyman W.                         IV:94                         
JONES, M.                               III:50                        
JONES, M.                               VII:78                        
JONES, M.                               VIII:45                       
JONES, M. G.                            IV:91                         
JONES, M. Jewell                        IV:62                         
JONES, Madeline                         V:65                          
JONES, Margaret                         II:22                         
JONES, Margaret                         IX:48                         
JONES, Margaret                         VIII:5,6,32                   
JONES, Margaret I.                      III:73                        
JONES, Marie                            X:95                          
JONES, Marjorie R.                      IV:63                         
JONES, Mark H.                          X:71                          
JONES, Mary                             IV:67                         
JONES, Mary                             V:65                          
JONES, Mary                             VII:68,78                     
JONES, Mary                             VIII:5,17,80,96,109           
JONES, Mary Ellen                       II:93                         
JONES, Mary F.                          III:55                        
JONES, Mary L.                          IV:118                        
JONES, Matt M.                          IV:71                         
JONES, Maud Towner                      IX:93                         
JONES, Meada E.                         I:61                          
JONES, Meads E.                         XI:66                         
JONES, Millie Sobin                     XI:109                        
JONES, Minnie                           VIII:41                       
JONES, Minta                            III:50                        
JONES, Molly                            I:103                         
JONES, Murl                             V:56                          
JONES, Myron                            VII:67                        
JONES, Myrtle Blanche                   IX:114                        
JONES, Nellie                           IX:6                          
JONES, Nina                             IV:71                         
JONES, Norma 80 Ray                     VIII:32                       
JONES, Ogden E.                         IX:93                         
JONES, Olive M.                         IV:94                         
JONES, Oliver Floyd                     IX:114                        
JONES, Opal                             VII:38                        
JONES, Oscar                            IX:114                        
JONES, R.                               III:50                        
JONES, R. R.                            X:46                          
JONES, Rachel                           X:29                          
JONES, Raymond H.                       III:73                        
JONES, Rees                             VIII:1,35                     
JONES, Reese S.                         IX:48                         
JONES, Richard                          III:50                        
JONES, Richard D.                       III:73                        
JONES, Robert E.                        X:62                          
JONES, Robert S.                        VII:12                        
JONES, Robert W.                        IV:94                         
JONES, Rollie S.                        IV:91                         
JONES, Ronella                          III:50                        
JONES, Rosana                           VIII:94                       
JONES, Roscoe W.                        V:44                          
JONES, Rosemary                         X:24                          
JONES, Roxie Edith                      I:37                          
JONES, Roxie Edith                      XI:44                         
JONES, Roy                              VII:38                        
JONES, Roy W.                           V:44                          
JONES, Russell W.                       VI:53                         
JONES, S. P.                            X:46                          
JONES, Sadie                            VII:50                        
JONES, Samuel                           II:8                          
JONES, Sarah                            VII:17                        
JONES, Sarah A.                         X:46                          
JONES, Sarah M.                         IX:40                         
JONES, Sarah Nell                       III:5                         
JONES, Sidney E.                        VIII:2                        
JONES, Sr. M. Samuel                    XI:34                         
JONES, Stella M.                        V:81                          
JONES, Stephen K.                       IX:93                         
JONES, Stephen K. Jr.                   IX:93                         
JONES, Susan                            II:93                         
JONES, Susan                            VIII:35                       
JONES, Thed J.                          V:58                          
JONES, Theophilus                       IV:118                        
JONES, Thomas                           VIII:86                       
JONES, Urshel                           VII:68                        
JONES, Vernal                           IX:6                          
JONES, Virgie                           VII:38                        
JONES, W. Ralph                         VI:36                         
JONES, Walter                           VII:58                        
JONES, Walter M.                        IV:71                         
JONES, Walter S.                        IX:93                         
JONES, Walter S.                        X:62                          
JONES, Walter W.                        VIII:1                        
JONES, Wilbur W.                        II:8                          
JONES, Wilhelmina V.                    IX:48                         
JONES, William                          IV:91                         
JONES, William                          VII:17                        
JONES, William                          VIII:46,86,106,119            
JONES, William B.                       IX:47                         
JONES, William R.                       II:93                         
JONES, Woodrow                          VIII:87                       
JONSKI, Joseph                          VIII:97                       
JONSTON, Anna                           VIII:80                       
JORDAN, ----                            IX:10                         
JORDAN, Clara L.                        III:17                        
JORDAN, Della M.                        III:14                        
JORDAN, Effie Farley                    II:5                          
JORDAN, Emma J.                         IX:59                         
JORDAN, Frank N.                        III:14                        
JORDAN, Geneva Oletta                   X:68                          
JORDAN, George Washington               XI:118                        
JORDAN, Gladys P.                       II:5                          
JORDAN, Guy Melvin                      X:68                          
JORDAN, Hazel                           V:39                          
JORDAN, John                            VIII:61,99                    
JORDAN, Joseph                          I:105                         
JORDAN, Joseph                          XI:112                        
JORDAN, Margaret B.                     X:21                          
JORDAN, Marlin                          III:17                        
JORDAN, Mary                            I:105                         
JORDAN, Mary                            XI:112                        
JORDAN, Mathew H.                       X:21                          
JORDAN, Millard E.                      II:6                          
JORDAN, Nancy Alice                     XI:118                        
JORDAN, Norine A.                       II:6                          
JORDAN, Oliver M.                       IX:59                         
JORDAN, Ora                             III:17                        
JORDAN, Ramona                          III:17                        
JORDAN, Robert                          IX:59                         
JORDAN, Robert E.                       IX:63                         
JORDAN, William                         IX:59                         
JORDAN, Worley                          V:56                          
JOSEPHSON, Israel                       I:93                          
JOSEPHSON, Israel                       XI:98                         
JOSEPHSON, Katie                        I:93                          
JOSEPHSON, Katie W.                     XI:98                         
JOSEPHSON, Simon                        I:93                          
JOSEPHSON, Simon                        XI:98                         
JOSLIN, Lucretia                        V:33                          
JOSSELYN, Virginia                      VIII:109                      
JOY, Celesta                            IX:103                        
JOY, Naomi Cotton                       X:72                          
JOYCE, Abe                              VIII:115                      
JOYCE, Edward                           VI:75                         
JOYCE, Frank                            I:46                          
JOYCE, Frank                            XI:53                         
JOYCE, Mildred J.                       IV:106                        
JOYCE, Minnie May Beers                 I:46                          
JOYCE, Minnie May Beers                 XI:53                         
JOYCE, Thomas                           VI:75                         
JOYNER, Mildred V.                      I:73                          
JOYNER, Mildred V.                      XI:75                         
JOYNER, William H.                      I:73                          
JOYNER, William H.                      XI:75                         
JUDE, Infant                            IX:55                         
JUDE, Jo Myrlene                        VIII:82                       
JUDE, L. M.                             IX:55                         
JUDE, M. R.                             IX:55                         
JUDSON, Alwilda                         VI:61                         
JUDSON, Betsey                          VI:63                         
JUDSON, Charles M.                      VI:61                         
JUDSON, Dell R.                         VI:47                         
JUDSON, Elizabeth                       VI:28                         
JUDSON, Francis W.                      VI:61                         
JUDSON, Frank                           VI:41                         
JUDSON, Franklin B.                     VI:47                         
JUDSON, Gladys M.                       VI:37                         
JUDSON, H. Frances                      VI:61                         
JUDSON, Hattie                          VI:41                         
JUDSON, Hiram                           VI:21                         
JUDSON, Irvin J.                        VI:37                         
JUDSON, Jane                            VII:30                        
JUDSON, Josephine                       VI:39                         
JUDSON, Lovenia J.                      VI:61                         
JUDSON, Matilda                         VI:47                         
JUDSON, Noah J.                         VI:61                         
JUDSON, Oliver B.                       VI:13                         
JUDSON, Sam F.                          VI:61                         
JUDSON, Samantha                        VI:21                         
JUDSON, William                         VI:28                         
JUDY, A.                                IV:82                         
JUDY, Christian                         II:82                         
JUDY, Clifford E.                       II:89                         
JUDY, Emma F.                           IV:94                         
JUDY, Luella M.                         II:89                         
JUDY, Margaret A.                       IV:82                         
JUDY, Olive                             II:82                         
JUDY, Orion C.                          IV:94                         
JUDY, Raymond W.                        IV:94                         
JUDY, S.                                II:82                         
JULIEN, Edson S.                        X:53                          
JULIEN, Mary E.                         X:53                          
JUNKER, Christine                       VII:83                        
JUNKER, Louise                          VII:83                        
JURJOKO, John                           VIII:113                      
JURLINA, Mary                           IX:54                         
JURLINA, Rudolph                        IX:54                         
JURY, Andrew J.                         IX:84                         
JURY, Edna R.                           IX:84                         
JUSTICE, Berenice F.                    VI:14                         
JUSTICE, Bessie F.                      VI:14                         
JUSTICE, H. W.                          VI:14                         
JUSTICE, J. R.                          II:74                         
JUSTICE, Marguerite S.                  VI:14                         
JUSTICE, Solomon                        VI:14                         
JUSTICE, T. C.                          VI:14                         
JUSTUS, Hannah Eply                     II:109                        
JUSTUS, James R.                        II:109                        
JUSTUS, John N.                         VIII:37                       
JUSTUS, Myrtle E.                       VIII:37                       
JUSTUS, Samantha                        II:109