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CABARD, Frances A.                      III:41                        
CABARD, J. A.                           III:41                        
CABEL, Arnaut K.                        IX:72                         
CABEL, S.                               IX:77                         
CABLE, Carl D.                          IV:70                         
CABLE, Cora C.                          IX:72                         
CABLE, George                           VII:56                        
CABLE, Laura                            VII:56                        
CABLE, Thurman L.                       IX:72                         
CACCIATORE, Caesar                      IV:69                         
CACCIATORE, Lucille A.                  IV:69                         
CADE, Paul Evertt                       IX:105                        
CADWELL, Jane                           V:104                         
CADY, Amanda                            III:9                         
CADY, Anna Marie                        III:32                        
CADY, Charles E.                        I:55                          
CADY, Charles E.                        XI:60                         
CADY, Clara B.                          XI:60                         
CADY, Ethel                             I:64                          
CADY, Ethel                             XI:69                         
CADY, Ira A.                            V:101                         
CADY, Johnie                            III:9                         
CADY, Louisa                            III:9                         
CADY, Lydia                             I:55                          
CADY, Lydia                             XI:60                         
CADY, Mary E.                           III:32                        
CADY, Raymond L.                        III:32                        
CADY, Rosa L.                           III:32                        
CADY, Samuel                            III:9                         
CADY, Sarah                             III:9                         
CADY, Wilbur F.                         I:64                          
CADY, Wilbur F.                         XI:69                         
CADY, William F.                        I:55                          
CADY, William H.                        III:32                        
CADY, William H.                        XI:60                         
CADY,, Clara B.                         I:55                          
CAFFEL, Ruth                            IV:90                         
CAFFREY, Sr. M. Marcella                XI:34                         
CAGG, Hester                            V:41                          
CAGG, John                              XI:66                         
CAGG, John F.                           I:62                          
CAGG, Parley L.                         V:41                          
CAIN, ----                              IV:18                         
CAIN, "Lou" Oeda M.                     III:17                        
CAIN, Anna M.                           IX:20                         
CAIN, Charles William Jr.               X:80                          
CAIN, Clara E.                          IV:18                         
CAIN, J. P.                             VIII:43                       
CAIN, Lois                              VIII:44                       
CAIN, Lois                              XI:152                        
CAIN, Martha                            VIII:43                       
CAIN, Mary                              VIII:8                        
CAIN, Owen                              VIII:43                       
CAIN, William                           VIII:44                       
CAIN, William Guy, Sr.                  IX:20                         
CAIN, William W.                        IV:18                         
CAINE, Doris E.                         VI:37                         
CAINE, Lewis E.                         X:70                          
CAINE, William C.                       VI:37                         
CALDWELL, A.                            IX:2                          
CALDWELL, Alexander                     IX:2                          
CALDWELL, Alexander                     VIII:77                       
CALDWELL, Catharine                     VIII:77                       
CALDWELL, Christina Louise              IX:126                        
CALDWELL, Clarissa                      IX:2                          
CALDWELL, Cpl. Mark H.                  I:60                          
CALDWELL, E.                            IX:2                          
CALDWELL, Elizabeth                     IX:2                          
CALDWELL, Faithe                        VII:18                        
CALDWELL, Gilbert M. I.                 IX:2                          
CALDWELL, Harold L.                     I:60                          
CALDWELL, Harold L.                     XI:65                         
CALDWELL, James                         II:40                         
CALDWELL, James A.                      IX:2                          
CALDWELL, James A.                      V:102                         
CALDWELL, Judith Ann                    IX:126                        
CALDWELL, M.                            IX:2                          
CALDWELL, M. A.                         IX:2                          
CALDWELL, Mark H.                       XI:65                         
CALDWELL, Mary I.                       I:60                          
CALDWELL, Mary I.                       XI:65                         
CALDWELL, Sarah                         IX:2                          
CALDWELL, T.                            IX:2                          
CALDWELL, William H., Jr.               IX:119                        
CALDWELL, William M.                    IX:2                          
CALDWELL, Wm.                           VIII:77                       
CALHOON, Smith                          IX:124                        
CALHOUN, Emma                           V:55                          
CALHOUN, James                          V:55                          
CALHOUN, Kevin L.                       IV:61                         
CALIF, Esther Revia                     I:101                         
CALIF, Ida                              I:101                         
CALKINS, Alford                         II:12                         
CALKINS, Alford E.                      II:20                         
CALKINS, Kily                           II:20                         
CALKINS, Mary Ann                       II:12,20                      
CALKINS, Riley                          II:12                         
CALL, Adele N.                          X:23                          
CALL, Dale                              X:20                          
CALL, Ira                               I:75                          
CALL, Ira                               XI:77                         
CALL, Ocie                              I:75                          
CALL, Ocie                              XI:77                         
CALLAHAN, Allen G.                      V:82                          
CALLAHAN, Diana                         V:82                          
CALLAHAN, J. M.                         V:83                          
CALLAHAN, Joseph                        V:82,83                       
CALLAHAN, Mary                          VIII:108                      
CALLAHAN, Mary C.                       V:83                          
CALLAHAN, Nettie B.                     V:82                          
CALLAHAN, Sarah A.                      V:83                          
CALLER, Esther                          I:108                         
CALLER, Esther Berg                     XI:115                        
CALLICOAT, Clovis                       III:21                        
CALLICOAT, Effie Mae                    III:21                        
CALLICOAT, Ervin "Jake"                 III:21                        
CALLICOAT, John F.                      III:21                        
CALLIF, Esther Revia                    XI:107                        
CALLIF, Goldie                          XI:104                        
CALLIF, Harris                          XI:107                        
CALLIF, Ida                             XI:107                        
CALLIN, Leo                             VIII:118                      
CALLOWAY, Allen G.                      IX:19                         
CALLOWAY, Augustus                      V:40                          
CALLOWAY, George W.                     X:104                         
CALLOWAY, Irene                         I:91                          
CALLOWAY, Irene                         XI:95                         
CALLOWAY, Iva M.                        X:104                         
CALLOWAY, Lula                          V:4o                          
CALLOWAY, Mamie C.                      IX:19                         
CALLOWAY, Neil                          X:104                         
CALLOWAY, Russell E.                    X:105                         
CALLOWAY, Ruth E.                       X:105                         
CALLOWAY, Sallie                        VIII:105                      
CALVERT, Clara B.                       IX:47                         
CALVERT, George W.                      IX:17                         
CALVERT, John                           IX:17                         
CALVERT, Olive M.                       IX:17                         
CAMB., A.                               IV:50                         
CAMB., A.                               IV:50                         
CAMB., D.                               IV:50                         
CAMB., Mary C.                          IV:50                         
CAMBEL, Hannah                          IV:63                         
CAMBRIDGE, Esther                       II:60                         
CAMBRIDGE, John                         II:60                         
CAMEL, Johnny                           IX:127                        
CAMEL, Newton                           IX:127                        
CAMERON, Alexander                      II:35                         
CAMERON, Anna                           II:35                         
CAMERON, Rebecca                        II:10                         
CAMERON, Robert R.                      VIII:50                       
CAMERON, William                        VIII:87                       
CAMERON., Don                           IV:106                        
CAMERUCA, David K.                      I:71                          
CAMERUCA, David K.                      XI:74                         
CAMP, Charles L.                        III:53                        
CAMP, Mary Eliza                        III:53                        
CAMPBELL, A. J.                         IV:50                         
CAMPBELL, Alice C.                      VI:23                         
CAMPBELL, Amandy                        IV:49                         
CAMPBELL, Andrew H.                     III:87                        
CAMPBELL, Bertha M.                     III:84                        
CAMPBELL, Bretta Hill                   I:56                          
CAMPBELL, Bretta Hill                   XI:61                         
CAMPBELL, Catharine                     IV:35                         
CAMPBELL, Charles                       II:12,18                      
CAMPBELL, Daniel                        VIII:118                      
CAMPBELL, David                         IV:85                         
CAMPBELL, Dewey R.                      IX:63                         
CAMPBELL, Dorotha A.                    IV:38                         
CAMPBELL, Edward A.                     IV:38                         
CAMPBELL, Eliza                         IV:21                         
CAMPBELL, Emeline                       II:12,18                      
CAMPBELL, Emeline M.                    II:18                         
CAMPBELL, Emily A.                      III:87                        
CAMPBELL, George                        II:12,18                      
CAMPBELL, George                        IV:49                         
CAMPBELL, George A.                     V:100                         
CAMPBELL, George W.                     IX:84                         
CAMPBELL, Hazel                         VII:64                        
CAMPBELL, Helen                         V:100                         
CAMPBELL, Henry                         II:12,18                      
CAMPBELL, Hercules                      IV:44,50                      
CAMPBELL, Hetty                         II:34                         
CAMPBELL, James                         III:47                        
CAMPBELL, James                         IV:21,35                      
CAMPBELL, James A.                      IX:61                         
CAMPBELL, James Albert                  IX:80                         
CAMPBELL, James E.                      III:84                        
CAMPBELL, James W.                      VI:23                         
CAMPBELL, Jane                          III:47                        
CAMPBELL, Jane                          IV:50                         
CAMPBELL, Jasper                        II:34                         
CAMPBELL, John                          IV:49                         
CAMPBELL, John B.                       VIII:71                       
CAMPBELL, John W.                       II:34                         
CAMPBELL, Joseph D.                     X:105                         
CAMPBELL, Josephine A.                  II:12,18                      
CAMPBELL, Laura May                     II:9                          
CAMPBELL, Lucy Matilda                  IX:80                         
CAMPBELL, M.                            IV:50                         
CAMPBELL, Margaret                      V:100                         
CAMPBELL, Mary                          XI:148                        
CAMPBELL, Minerva E.                    IX:84                         
CAMPBELL, Nellie N.                     III:105                       
CAMPBELL, Norman                        IV:64                         
CAMPBELL, Olive E.                      IV:34                         
CAMPBELL, P. A.                         IV:44                         
CAMPBELL, Pheba                         IV:50                         
CAMPBELL, Phebe A.                      IV:50                         
CAMPBELL, Rhonda Suzette                IX:54                         
CAMPBELL, Robert                        IV:50                         
CAMPBELL, Robert                        XI:148                        
CAMPBELL, Rose                          IV:38                         
CAMPBELL, Roy 0.                        VI:23                         
CAMPBELL, Serena E.                     VIII:71                       
CAMPBELL, Sophia                        IV:64                         
CAMPBELL, Sr. M. Michael                XI:33                         
CAMPBELL, Stephen                       VII:64                        
CAMPBELL, Stuart R.                     V:100                         
CAMPBELL, Susan A.                      IV:49                         
CAMPBELL, Theodocia                     IV:44                         
CAMPBELL, Theron                        IV:64                         
CAMPBELL, Victor A.                     IV:35                         
CAMPBELL, Walter T.                     VI:37                         
CAMPBELL, William                       IV:38                         
CAMPBELL, Wm. S.                        III:105                       
CAMPER, Albert F.                       IX:60                         
CAMPER, Bertha M.                       IX:127                        
CANADAY, Enid M.                        IV:36                         
CANE, Benjamin                          VIII:100                      
CANEDY, Cordelia                        V:37                          
CANIDA, Joe D.                          IX:10                         
CANIDA, Juanita M.                      IX:10                         
CANNADAY, Margaret R.                   X:25                          
CANNON, Alowese B.                      IX:25                         
CANNON, C. B.                           II:88                         
CANNON, Cora M.                         IX:84                         
CANNON, Harriet J.                      V:72                          
CANNON, Harry W.                        IX:84                         
CANNON, Henry W.                        IX:25                         
CANNON, James                           II:53,56                      
CANNON, Mary E.                         II:88                         
CANNON, Ralph 0.                        V:72                          
CANNY, Beulah M.                        IX:121                        
CANNY, Elmer A.                         I:48                          
CANNY, Elmer A.                         XI:54                         
CANNY, Gertrude M.                      XI:54                         
CANNY, Gertrude W.                      I:48                          
CANNY, Joseph E.                        IX:121                        
CANNY, William E.                       IX:121                        
CANOWITZ, Abe J.                        XI:96                         
CANOWITZ, Fannie May                    I:92                          
CANOWITZ, Fannie May                    XI:96                         
CANOWITZ, Nesha                         I:92                          
CANOWITZ, Nesha G.                      XI:96                         
CANTERBURY, James F.                    X:71                          
CANTERBURY, Jan David                   X:71                          
CANTERBURY, Thelma J.                   X:71                          
CANTRELL, Beulah                        VII:39                        
CANTRELL, Buleah                        VII:35                        
CANTRELL, Ginny                         VIII:40                       
CANTRELL, Jimmie                        VII:35                        
CANTRELL, Ray                           VIII:40                       
CAPPEL, Earl Jr.                        I:66                          
CAPPEL, Earl Jr.                        XI:70                         
CAPPEL, Mark A.                         VI:52                         
CAPPEL, Roy                             I:65                          
CAPPEL, Roy                             XI:69                         
CAPUANA, Albert F.                      VIII:51                       
CAPUANA, Lolita A.                      VIII:51                       
CARBONE, Amy L.                         X:5                           
CARBONE, Frank                          X:5                           
CARBONE, Joseph                         X:80                          
CARDER, Arminta                         II:27                         
CARDER, Blanch M.                       II:24                         
CARDER, Clark                           II:29                         
CARDER, E.                              II:12                         
CARDER, E. G.                           II:12                         
CARDER, Edmund                          II:24                         
CARDER, Emma                            II:24                         
CARDER, George                          II:12,19                      
CARDER, Henry                           II:12,19                      
CARDER, Ida                             II:29                         
CARDER, Lafayette                       II:12,20                      
CARDER, Maggie S.                       II:24                         
CARDER, S.                              II:12,19                      
CARDER, Susannah                        II:12                         
CARDER, Turner A.                       II:27                         
CARDIFF, Charles S.                     IX:72                         
CARDIFF, Elizabeth Saylor               IX:90                         
CARDIFF, Florence E.                    X:68                          
CARDIFF, Francis M.                     IX:72                         
CARDIFF, Grace W.                       X:38                          
CARDIFF, Marie L.                       IX:72                         
CARDIFF, Max                            X:68                          
CARDIFF, Robert Elliott                 X:68                          
CARDIFF, Theo (Young)                   X:68                          
CARDOSI, Alimando                       VIII:70                       
CARDOSI, Angelina                       VIII:70                       
CARDOSI, James                          VIII:70                       
CARDOSI, Joann                          VIII:70                       
CARDWELL, Isaac                         VIII:83                       
CARDWELL, James                         VIII:87                       
CARDWELL, Lula                          VII:69                        
CARDWELL, Wm.                           VIII:96                       
CAREGHEY, Trecy                         VIII:104                      
CAREY, Clark                            VII:28                        
CAREY, Ethel                            VII:28                        
CAREY, Howard                           VII:28                        
CAREY, Jackie                           X:8                           
CAREY, Janet                            VII:28                        
CAREY, Martin                           VII:28                        
CAREY, Mary                             VII:28                        
CAREY, Silas                            VII:28                        
CARFADER, Savannah                      VIII:100                      
CARFREY, George C.                      X:48                          
CARFREY, Sarah F.                       X:48                          
CARILLA, Joseph                         VIII:106                      
CARIS, C. Richard                       IV:30                         
CARIS, Margaret E.                      IV:30                         
CARIS, Ona S.                           IV:38                         
CARL, Anna M.                           VIII:36                       
CARL, Caroline                          VIII:36                       
CARL, Christian                         VI:35                         
CARL, Christian                         VIII:36                       
CARL, Clyde Lee                         IX:118                        
CARL, Delbert P.                        IX:57                         
CARL, Dora                              VIII:36                       
CARL, Elisabeth                         VII:86                        
CARL, Elizabeth                         VII:80                        
CARL, Ethel                             VI:35                         
CARL, Isaac F.                          VIII:11                       
CARL, Jane                              VIII:36                       
CARL, Joh. Ludwig                       VII:85                        
CARL, Johann                            VII:87                        
CARL, John                              VII:81                        
CARL, L. Alberta                        VIII:11                       
CARL, Ludwig                            VII:79                        
CARL, Magdalena                         VII:86                        
CARL, Magdelene                         VII:81                        
CARL, Rosalee M.                        IX:57                         
CARL, Sidonia                           VII:85                        
CARL, Valeria                           VII:86                        
CARL, William C.                        VIII:36                       
CARLE, Catherine C.                     IX:11                         
CARLE, Howard E.                        IX:11                         
CARLE, Sr. M. Adelaide                  XI:36                         
CARLETON, E. E.                         V:46                          
CARLETON, Edith                         V:46                          
CARLEY, Anna M.                         IX:18                         
CARLEY, George R.                       IX:9                          
CARLEY, Harley C.                       IX:18                         
CARLEY, Icel L.                         IX:8                          
CARLEY, Kenneth R.                      IX:8                          
CARLEY, Kimberly Kay                    IX:115                        
CARLEY, Sr. M. Teresita                 XI:36                         
CARLILE, Samantha                       I:13                          
CARLILE, Samatha                        XI:15                         
CARLISLE, Elton W.                      V:50                          
CARLISLE, Ida L.                        V:50                          
CARLISLE, John W.                       V:50                          
CARLISLE, Pauline M.                    V:50                          
CARLISLE, Ralph K.                      V:50                          
CARLOCH, Shadrach B.                    III:2                         
CARLOCH, Shadrich B.                    III:1                         
CARLOS, James                           VIII:102                      
CARLSON, Bertha C.                      IV:77                         
CARLSON, Cindy Lou                      I:11                          
CARLSON, Cindy Lou                      XI:14                         
CARLSON, Ethel                          VII:52                        
CARLSON, Louise                         I:105                         
CARLSON, Louise                         XI:111                        
CARLSON, Worthie                        VII:52                        
CARLSTEIN, Benjamin                     I:102                         
CARLSTEIN, Benjamin                     XI:109                        
CARLSTEIN, Elke Gittle                  I:104                         
CARLSTEIN, Elke Gittle                  XI:110                        
CARLSTEIN, Sadie                        I:104                         
CARLSTEIN, Sadie                        XI:110                        
CARLSTEIN, Sarah                        I:102                         
CARLSTEIN, Sarah                        XI:109                        
CARLSTEIN, Wolf                         I:104                         
CARLSTEIN, Wolf                         XI:110                        
CARMACK, Della R.                       I:73                          
CARMACK, Della R.                       XI:75                         
CARMEAN, Amy A. Spencer                 X:98                          
CARMEAN, Arden A.                       IX:19                         
CARMEAN, Leroy                          X:98                          
CARMEAN, Mary Murphy                    IX:48                         
CARMICHAEL, Cathryn E.                  X:17                          
CARMICHAEL, Shannon G.                  X:17                          
CARMINE, Chester                        VIII:79                       
CARNAHAN, Flora A.                      VIII:10                       
CARNAHAN, John H.                       VIII:10                       
CARNAHAN, Libbie                        VIII:10                       
CARNAHAN, Robert A.                     VIII:10                       
CARNAHAN, Wayne B.                      VIII:10                       
CARNAY, J. E.                           II:19                         
CARNAY, Jemima                          II:19                         
CARNES, Annie                           VIII:81                       
CARNES, Mary                            VIII:105                      
CARNEY, Edward                          V:9                           
CARNEY, Edward H.                       V:8                           
CARNEY, Ethel                           V:8                           
CARNEY, J. E.                           II:12                         
CARNEY, Jennie M.                       II:12                         
CAROLL, Agnes                           III:39                        
CAROLL, E.                              III:39                        
CAROLL, F. Re (Dr)                      III:3                         
CARP, Daniel                            VI:67                         
CARP, E.                                VI:67                         
CARP, Harriett                          VI:67                         
CARP, James                             VI:67                         
CARPENTER, Abigail                      V:14                          
CARPENTER, Abigail J.                   I:20                          
CARPENTER, Abigail J.                   XI:9,21                       
CARPENTER, Alexander                    IV:38                         
CARPENTER, Arthur E.                    IV:13                         
CARPENTER, Aujusta                      V:26                          
CARPENTER, Bertha                       VI:31                         
CARPENTER, C. C.                        V:88                          
CARPENTER, C. H.                        IV:124                        
CARPENTER, Cecelia                      III:32                        
CARPENTER, Charles                      V:84                          
CARPENTER, Charlotte                    V:14                          
CARPENTER, Clyde C.                     IV:21                         
CARPENTER, Daniel H.                    IV:31                         
CARPENTER, David                        VI:73                         
CARPENTER, David T.                     IV:31                         
CARPENTER, Della                        III:111                       
CARPENTER, Dora L.                      V:47                          
CARPENTER, E.                           IV:21                         
CARPENTER, E. J.                        III:9                         
CARPENTER, Electa                       V:14                          
CARPENTER, Eliza C.                     IV:96                         
CARPENTER, Elizabeth                    IV:21                         
CARPENTER, Elton T.                     IV:21                         
CARPENTER, Ervilla                      V:14                          
CARPENTER, Estella                      IV:29                         
CARPENTER, Frances E.                   IV:21                         
CARPENTER, Frank P.                     IV:29                         
CARPENTER, Freddie                      IV:21                         
CARPENTER, George                       VIII:110                      
CARPENTER, Gertrude                     IV:31                         
CARPENTER, Harry E.                     I:31                          
CARPENTER, Harry E.                     XI:29                         
CARPENTER, Helen B.                     IV:31                         
CARPENTER, Henrietta                    I:5                           
CARPENTER, Henrietta                    XI:4                          
CARPENTER, Henry                        I:5                           
CARPENTER, Henry                        XI:4                          
CARPENTER, Hosea E.                     IV:24                         
CARPENTER, I.                           V:88                          
CARPENTER, I. B.                        III:9                         
CARPENTER, Isaac                        I:6                           
CARPENTER, Isaac                        XI:6                          
CARPENTER, J. R.                        V:84                          
CARPENTER, James                        IV:21                         
CARPENTER, Jasper                       I:62                          
CARPENTER, Jasper                       XI:67                         
CARPENTER, John M.                      IV:110                        
CARPENTER, John W.                      I:20                          
CARPENTER, John W.                      XI:21                         
CARPENTER, Kenneth M.                   IV:31                         
CARPENTER, Laura J.                     V:88                          
CARPENTER, Lenora                       IV:110                        
CARPENTER, Lizzie G.                    IV:13                         
CARPENTER, M. A.                        V:84                          
CARPENTER, Margaret G.                  I:72                          
CARPENTER, Margaret G.                  XI:75                         
CARPENTER, Margaret I.                  III:111                       
CARPENTER, Marian I.                    XI:70                         
CARPENTER, Marion I.                    I:66                          
CARPENTER, Martha                       I:31                          
CARPENTER, Martha                       XI:29                         
CARPENTER, Martha J.                    IV:14                         
CARPENTER, Mary                         V:32                          
CARPENTER, Mary J.                      IV:124                        
CARPENTER, Meryl                        IV:13                         
CARPENTER, Minnie                       I:62                          
CARPENTER, Minnie                       XI:67                         
CARPENTER, Moses                        V:14                          
CARPENTER, Mrs. Archy                   XI:133                        
CARPENTER, Naomi                        V:14                          
CARPENTER, Nathan                       V:14                          
CARPENTER, Nellie M.                    IV:13                         
CARPENTER, Orlando W.                   I:72                          
CARPENTER, Orlando W.                   XI:75                         
CARPENTER, Ralph M.                     V:47                          
CARPENTER, Rodney                       I:5                           
CARPENTER, Rodney                       XI:4                          
CARPENTER, Rodney C.                    V:14                          
CARPENTER, Ronald A.                    V:47                          
CARPENTER, Roxsena                      IV:124                        
CARPENTER, Royal                        IV:124                        
CARPENTER, S.                           I:5                           
CARPENTER, S.                           XI:4                          
CARPENTER, S. J.                        IV:124                        
CARPENTER, Sarah                        I:6                           
CARPENTER, Sarah                        XI:6                          
CARPENTER, Solomon                      I:20                          
CARPENTER, Solomon                      XI:9,21                       
CARPENTER, Sophronia                    IV:24                         
CARPENTER, T.                           I:5                           
CARPENTER, T.                           IV:21                         
CARPENTER, T.                           XI:4                          
CARPENTER, Theodore                     I:6                           
CARPENTER, Theodore                     XI:6                          
CARPENTER, Thomas                       IV:21                         
CARPENTER, Thos. L.                     III:111                       
CARPENTER, Washington                   VIII:100                      
CARPENTER, William                      I:31                          
CARPENTER, William                      XI:29                         
CARPENTER, William R.                   III:9                         
CARPENTER, Wm. H.                       V:32                          
CARPENTER, Wm. R.                       VI:31                         
CARPENTER, Zelotis                      VIII:110                      
CARR, Betty Jane                        VIII:33                       
CARR, Blanche                           VIII:33                       
CARR, C. E.                             X:81                          
CARR, Charles E.                        VIII:33                       
CARR, Clara                             VII:60                        
CARR, Donald Lee Sr.                    I:78                          
CARR, Donald Lee Sr.                    XI:79                         
CARR, Frank                             VII:46                        
CARR, Geneva R.                         II:25                         
CARR, John                              VII:24                        
CARR, Josephine                         VIII:80                       
CARR, Lezzette L.                       X:81                          
CARR, Luella                            VII:46                        
CARR, Margaret                          VII:11                        
CARR, Mary C.                           X:81                          
CARR, Mary M.                           XI:83                         
CARR, Mildred                           VII:24                        
CARR, Ruth                              VIII:42                       
CARR, Sarah                             VII:46                        
CARR, Sr. M. Rosalie                    XI:36                         
CARR, Thomas                            VII:46                        
CARR, Walter Jr.                        II:25                         
CARR, William                           VII:60                        
CARREL, Clarence W.                     IX:117                        
CARREL, E. H.                           IX:129                        
CARREL, Elizabeth                       IX:127                        
CARREL, Esther F.                       IX:117                        
CARREL, Henry                           IX:127                        
CARREL, Maxwell                         IX:118                        
CARREL, Melvina                         IX:118                        
CARRICK, Harold R.                      IV:76                         
CARRICK, Nancy H.                       IV:76                         
CARRIER, Sidney E.                      IX:7                          
CARRINGHAM, Rebecca                     VIII:100                      
CARROL, ----                            IX:129                        
CARROL, Joe                             IX:129                        
CARROLL D.                              VIII:5                        
CARROLL Emma                            VIII:5                        
CARROLL Marjory E.                      VIII:5                        
CARROLL, Alice M.                       IX:110                        
CARROLL, Bessie Jane                    IX:110                        
CARROLL, Clyde R.                       IX:122                        
CARROLL, Dorthy E.                      IX:122                        
CARROLL, Edward F.                      IX:110                        
CARROLL, Henry L.                       IX:122                        
CARROLL, John A.                        IX:122                        
CARROLL, Laura                          VII:37                        
CARROLL, Marie H.                       IX:100                        
CARROLL, Minnie V.                      IX:122                        
CARROLL, Morris L.                      I:102                         
CARROLL, Morris L.                      XI:108                        
CARROLL, Noel G.                        IX:100                        
CARROLL, Patrick                        VIII:92                       
CARROLL, Sr. M. Rose                    XI:35                         
CARROLL, Stanley J.                     IX:100                        
CARROLL, William                        VII:37                        
CARROLL, Yetta                          I:102                         
CARROLL, Yetta                          XI:108                        
CARRUTHERS, Freddie                     II:88                         
CARRUTHERS, G.                          II:87                         
CARRUTHERS, Gertrude                    II:88                         
CARRUTHERS, Herma                       IX:88                         
CARRUTHERS, Hugh                        II:87                         
CARRUTHERS, Mary                        II:88                         
CARRUTHERS, Vora M.                     II:101                        
CARSEY, Marie                           VIII:120                      
CARSON M.                               II:60,63                      
CARSON, A. N.                           IV:100                        
CARSON, Anna A.                         V:41                          
CARSON, Annabelle                       IV:27                         
CARSON, Annie M.                        III:101                       
CARSON, Barbara L.                      I:63                          
CARSON, Barbara L.                      XI:66                         
CARSON, Bessie                          III:88                        
CARSON, Blanche                         VI:54                         
CARSON, Calista                         II:60,63                      
CARSON, Charles E.                      V:41                          
CARSON, Chauncey E.                     III:101                       
CARSON, Cora V.                         II:7                          
CARSON, Delcie                          XI:55                         
CARSON, Dorothy J.                      VIII:63                       
CARSON, Elenora S.                      III:88                        
CARSON, Ethel Hope                      II:60,63                      
CARSON, Floyd G.                        IV:27                         
CARSON, Frank A.                        IV:100                        
CARSON, Frank R.                        VIII:63                       
CARSON, Harry                           I:48                          
CARSON, Harry                           XI:55                         
CARSON, Harry Jr.                       I:48                          
CARSON, Harry Jr.                       XI:55                         
CARSON, Harry N.                        IV:100                        
CARSON, Hazel B.                        II:7                          
CARSON, Hubert A.                       III:110                       
CARSON, James                           II:60,63,68                   
CARSON, James H.                        II:7                          
CARSON, James W.                        I:48                          
CARSON, James W.                        XI:55                         
CARSON, Joe                             III:12                        
CARSON, John E.                         V:58                          
CARSON, Joseph C.                       III:88                        
CARSON, Leo F.                          II:53                         
CARSON, M. E.                           II:60,63                      
CARSON, M. Ellen                        III:82                        
CARSON, Mabel M.                        V:58                          
CARSON, Mary E.                         III:101,110                   
CARSON, Matilda                         II:53                         
CARSON, Matilda                         III:82                        
CARSON, Nannie N.                       IV:100                        
CARSON, Olive R.                        VI:54                         
CARSON, Orville R.                      V:58                          
CARSON, Oswy Floy                       II:60                         
CARSON, Owsy Floy                       II:63                         
CARSON, Rilla                           VIII:63                       
CARSON, S.                              II:60,63                      
CARSON, Samuel G.                       III:101                       
CARSON, Sarah E.                        II:7                          
CARSON, W. L.                           II:60                         
CARSON, W. L.                           III:82                        
CARSON, Walker                          VI:54                         
CARSON, William R.                      VI:54                         
CARSON, Wm. M.                          II:53                         
CARTER, Almeda                          V:36                          
CARTER, Alta                            VIII:30                       
CARTER, Anna 17 Belle J.                V:39                          
CARTER, Benj. F.                        V:101                         
CARTER, Bessie H.                       IV:9                          
CARTER, Bonnie Lou                      IX:60                         
CARTER, Bradford E.                     IV:105                        
CARTER, Calvin C.                       IV:9                          
CARTER, Catherine                       VIII:81                       
CARTER, Cephas                          V:36                          
CARTER, Charles J.                      V:39                          
CARTER, Chas. G.                        V:17                          
CARTER, Dedan                           IV:9                          
CARTER, Dorothy M.                      IX:30                         
CARTER, Eliza                           V:36                          
CARTER, Elvy                            VIII:30                       
CARTER, Emmett                          VIII:30                       
CARTER, Emzy C.                         IV:9                          
CARTER, Eskridge                        IV:95                         
CARTER, Fleta K.                        IV:4                          
CARTER, George W.                       IV:4                          
CARTER, Helen                           V:36                          
CARTER, Henry                           VI:27                         
CARTER, Howard K.                       IV:4                          
CARTER, Jack Graye                      IX:61                         
CARTER, James S.                        IX:30                         
CARTER, Jennie M.                       V:84                          
CARTER, John                            V:36                          
CARTER, John                            VIII:30                       
CARTER, John Edward                     IX:60                         
CARTER, Joseph                          V:88                          
CARTER, Josephine                       IV:25                         
CARTER, Katherine                       V:40                          
CARTER, Kevyn D.                        IV:59                         
CARTER, Lloyd                           VIII:36                       
CARTER, Louise                          VIII:81                       
CARTER, Lucille                         VIII:117                      
CARTER, Lyman L.                        V:40                          
CARTER, Maggie                          VIII:78                       
CARTER, Mary                            VI:27                         
CARTER, Mary A.                         IV:95                         
CARTER, Maude A.                        VIII:36                       
CARTER, Nancy                           IV:9                          
CARTER, Nancy                           VII:32                        
CARTER, Nancy                           VIII:92                       
CARTER, Nancy Lee                       IX:30                         
CARTER, Nellie N.                       IV:4                          
CARTER, Octavia A.                      IV:105                        
CARTER, Pauline L.                      V:100                         
CARTER, R. G.                           VII:32                        
CARTER, Ralph                           IX:49                         
CARTER, Robert                          IX:30                         
CARTER, Robert R.                       VI:34                         
CARTER, Roseline                        VIII:30                       
CARTER, Russell L.                      V:100                         
CARTER, Simmie                          VIII:87                       
CARTER, Violet                          IX:30                         
CARTMELL, Bessie                        X:97                          
CARTMELL, Charles L.                    X:97                          
CARTMELL, Henry C.                      X:97                          
CARTMELL, Mary N.                       X:97                          
CARTMELL, Walter N.                     X:97                          
CARTON, Sr. M. Dolorita                 XI:35                         
CARTT, Dorothy L.                       IX:58                         
CARTWRIGHT, May                         VII:58                        
CARTY, Diana                            II:72                         
CARTY, Dianna A.                        II:99                         
CARTY, Elizabeth                        II:99                         
CARTY, Jacob                            II:72,99                      
CARTY, Mary                             II:99                         
CARTY, Saluda                           II:99                         
CARTY, Samuel                           II:72                         
CARTY, Samuel T.                        II:99                         
CARUTHERS, Martha                       V:57                          
CARUTHERS, Paul R.                      V:57                          
CARVER, James                           IV:92                         
CARVER, John W.                         IV:85                         
CARVER, Richard                         VIII:118                      
CARVER, Sarah                           IV:92                         
CARWELL, Edward                         VIII:106                      
CARWIN, Elmer                           VIII:93                       
CARY, Alice                             IV:124                        
CARY, Charles                           VII:32                        
CARY, Mary                              VII:32                        
CARY, Ola                               VII:32                        
CARY, Ray                               VII:32                        
CASAD, M.                               XI:11                         
CASAD, Minnie                           I:28                          
CASAD, Minnie                           XI:26                         
CASAD, Napoleon B.                      I:28                          
CASAD, Napoleon B.                      XI:11                         
CASAD, Rose E.                          I:28                          
CASAD, Rose E.                          XI:11                         
CASE, 0. I.                             V:15                          
CASE, A. J.                             V:15                          
CASE, Abner                             V:15                          
CASE, Adell                             V:21                          
CASE, Alice                             VI:72                         
CASE, Alice J.                          V:21                          
CASE, Allice                            VI:71                         
CASE, Alvin 0.                          V:23                          
CASE, Amabetta P.                       V:15                          
CASE, Anne E.                           III:47                        
CASE, Bessie                            V:84                          
CASE, Calvin Dr.                        XI:131                        
CASE, Calvin H.                         V:88                          
CASE, Catherine                         III:47                        
CASE, Cecil B.                          V:9                           
CASE, Charity M.                        V:23                          
CASE, Charles C.                        X:10                          
CASE, Charles D.                        V:9                           
CASE, Charles H.                        V:21,51                       
CASE, Clara L.                          V:21                          
CASE, Clarinda                          V:21                          
CASE, Dan                               VI:71,72                      
CASE, Edward S.                         V:26                          
CASE, Electa                            V:14                          
CASE, Elizabeth                         V:15                          
CASE, Elizabeth P.                      X:10                          
CASE, Ella B.                           VI:60                         
CASE, Ella D.                           VI:61                         
CASE, Ellen B.                          V:37                          
CASE, Emily                             V:20                          
CASE, Emily D.                          V:51                          
CASE, Ettie                             V:51                          
CASE, Fidelia J.                        V:37                          
CASE, Flora                             VI:7                          
CASE, Frank P.                          V:23                          
CASE, Frank R.                          V:15                          
CASE, Fredonia                          V:27                          
CASE, Friend D.                         VI:60                         
CASE, Gennette                          V:23                          
CASE, George I.                         V:50,51                       
CASE, George W.                         V:26                          
CASE, Hannah                            V:26                          
CASE, Hector                            V:88                          
CASE, Helen M.                          V:23                          
CASE, Hiram A.                          VI:74                         
CASE, Horace                            V:20                          
CASE, I. N.                             V:20                          
CASE, I.P.                              XI:135                        
CASE, Isaac                             V:20,88                       
CASE, Israel                            XI:131                        
CASE, Israel P.                         V:88                          
CASE, Ivan Lee Jr.                      III:53                        
CASE, Jacob                             III:47                        
CASE, James C.                          V:21                          
CASE, James R.                          V:23                          
CASE, Jane                              V:20                          
CASE, Jessie B.                         V:51                          
CASE, Job W.                            V:88,92                       
CASE, John C.                           V:21                          
CASE, Josephine                         V:15                          
CASE, Josephine M.                      III:27                        
CASE, Julia                             V:88                          
CASE, L.                                V:37                          
CASE, Laura                             XI:135                        
CASE, Lawrence B.                       V:88                          
CASE, Lester                            V:36                          
CASE, Lewis                             III:47                        
CASE, Lillian M.                        V:9                           
CASE, Lovinia                           V:14                          
CASE, Lucy Sophia                       V:14                          
CASE, Luther                            V:26                          
CASE, Lydia L.                          VI:74                         
CASE, M.                                V:37                          
CASE, Marcus                            V:23                          
CASE, Mary                              V:50                          
CASE, Mary Ann                          VI:74                         
CASE, Mary E.                           V:37                          
CASE, Mary H.                           V:88                          
CASE, Mary I.                           V:21                          
CASE, Mila                              V:23                          
CASE, Mrs.                              XI:131                        
CASE, Myrtle                            V:21                          
CASE, Newton C.                         III:27                        
CASE, Orlando                           V:15                          
CASE, Orrin H.                          VI:74                         
CASE, Patricia Ann                      III:27                        
CASE, Pinney                            V:14                          
CASE, Rachael                           VI:72                         
CASE, Richard E.                        V:51                          
CASE, Rose                              VI:10                         
CASE, Sarah                             V:15                          
CASE, Sarah                             VIII:92                       
CASE, Sarah A.                          V:21                          
CASE, Stern I.                          VI:61                         
CASE, Susan                             V:84                          
CASE, Willard E.                        V:21                          
CASEY, Amanda E.                        VI:28                         
CASEY, Angela Marie                     III:12                        
CASEY, Edna G.                          IX:50                         
CASEY, Eli J.                           VI:28                         
CASEY, Estella                          VIII:67                       
CASEY, Herbert L.                       IX:77                         
CASEY, Howard G.                        VIII:67                       
CASEY, Isaac                            VI:28                         
CASEY, James A.                         VI:28                         
CASEY, Mary                             VI:28                         
CASHDOLLAR, Betty                       III:30,31                     
CASHDOLLAR, Bonnie L.                   III:19                        
CASHDOLLAR, C. Raymond                  III:30                        
CASHDOLLAR, Dana                        III:18                        
CASHDOLLAR, Elmer E.                    III:19                        
CASHDOLLAR, Elmer J.                    III:30                        
CASHDOLLAR, Ernestine B.                III:19                        
CASHDOLLAR, Jason                       III:18                        
CASHDOLLAR, Jenny L.                    III:19                        
CASHDOLLAR, Jerry L.                    III:18,19                     
CASHDOLLAR, Richard H.                  III:30                        
CASHDOLLAR, Wayne                       III:18                        
CASHMAN, Mary                           IX:125                        
CASHMAN, Sr. Irenaeus                   XI:34                         
CASHNER, Elizabeth                      IV:101                        
CASHNER, Hettie S.                      I:12                          
CASHNER, Hettie S.                      XI:15                         
CASHNER, Lottie F.                      IV:101                        
CASHNER, Samuel                         XI:38,85                      
CASHNER, Samuel H.                      I:12                          
CASHNER, Samuel H.                      XI:15                         
CASHNER, Wm.                            IV:101                        
CASLI, Mary                             VI:15                         
CASLLOW, Anna                           II:72                         
CASLLOW, Peter                          II:72                         
CASLOW, Clara B.                        XI:68                         
CASLOW, Daniel                          II:60,63,68                   
CASLOW, Robert C.                       I:63                          
CASLOW, Robert C. Penn                  XI:68                         
CASNET, Sr. M. Vincent Delores          XI:36                         
CASSELMAN, Amos J.                      VIII:5                        
CASSIDY, John W.                        X:57                          
CASSIDY, Sr. M. Germaine                XI:36                         
CASTEEL, Henry A.                       IV:16                         
CASTEEL, Ida E.                         X:80                          
CASTEEL, John A.                        X:80                          
CASTEEL, Mary M.                        IV:16                         
CASTINGER, Flora A.                     IV:87                         
CASTINGER, Francis X.                   IV:87                         
CASTLE, Blanche                         IX:117                        
CASTLE, Charles R.                      V:25                          
CASTLE, Clara B.                        VIII:26                       
CASTLE, Edward Sr.                      V:25                          
CASTLE, Eleanor                         V:69                          
CASTLE, Herman                          IX:118                        
CASTLE, Janet R.                        V:25                          
CASTLE, John G.                         V:69                          
CASTLE, Linda Kay                       X:66                          
CASTLE, Lona Mae                        X:66                          
CASTLE, Margaret                        V:25                          
CASTLE, William Arnold                  X:66                          
CASTLE, William W.                      X:66                          
CASTLOW, Agnes M.                       IX:100                        
CASTLOW, Florence A.                    IX:100                        
CASTLOW, George A.                      IX:100                        
CASTLOW, Hanford W.                     IX:100                        
CASTNER, Peter                          IX:50                         
CASTO, Bernice E. L.                    X:56                          
CASTO, Bertha E.                        IX:59                         
CASTO, Carl Lesley                      IX:59                         
CATER, Leah                             II:93,99                      
CATER, William H.                       II:72,93,99                   
CATHEL, Elta A.                         X:66                          
CATHEL, Herman M.                       X:66                          
CATHERS, Leslie M.                      VI:48                         
CATHERS, Margaret                       VI:48                         
CATHERS, Paul H.                        VI:48                         
CATON, Margaret                         VI:69                         
CATRELL, J.L.                           XI:59                         
CATRELL, L.M. Whitmore                  XI:59                         
CATRON, William E.                      IX:53                         
CATS, Maria                             IV:4                          
CATTERLIN, Elizabeth                    IX:127                        
CATTERLIN, Joseph                       IX:127                        
CATTRELL, Charles F.                    II:6                          
CATTRELL, J. L.                         I:54                          
CATTRELL, L.                            II:6                          
CATTRELL, L. M. Whitmore                I:54                          
CATTRELL, S.                            II:6                          
CATTRELL, Sarah                         II:6                          
CAUDILL, Sola A.                        VIII:52                       
CAUDILL, Willie                         VIII:52                       
CAUGHY, Trecy                           VIII:104                      
CAULKER, Joseph H.                      IV:108                        
CAULKINS, Edith                         V:38                          
CAULKINS, Edwin C.                      V:38                          
CAULKINS, Elizabeth                     V:42                          
CAULKINS, H. E.                         V:42                          
CAULKINS, Texanna                       V:38                          
CAVANAUGH, Ann                          VIII:96                       
CAVANAUGH, Hattie E.                    IV:67                         
CAVENDISH, Charlie                      IV:19                         
CAVENDISH, Elfiedia                     IV:19                         
CAVENDISH, F. C.                        IV:39                         
CAVENDISH, Henry H.                     III:23                        
CAVENDISH, Herbert E.                   III:23                        
CAVENDISH, Herbert Lee                  III:1,4                       
CAVENDISH, Ida                          III:23                        
CAVENDISH, John                         IV:19                         
CAVENDISH, John E.                      IV:39                         
CAVENDISH, M. J.                        IV:19                         
CAVENDISH, Mary                         III:23                        
CAVENDISH, Matilda                      IV:39                         
CAVENDISH, Verna May                    III:14                        
CAVENDISH, William                      IV:39                         
CAVENER, Nancy L.                       X:97                          
CAVENER, Richard O.                     X:97                          
CAVINEE, Jacob                          II:12                         
CAVINEE, John                           II:96                         
CAVINEE, Sarah                          II:12                         
CAY---, Ben                             IX:105                        
CAYLOR, Elmer                           IX:127                        
CAYLOR, Eva                             IX:127                        
CAYLOR, Evaline                         IX:104                        
CAYLOR, George                          IX:127                        
CAYLOR, John                            IX:104                        
CAYLOR, John                            IX:127                        
CECIL, Chester                          VIII:120                      
CEEBLE, Benjamin                        I:20                          
CEEBLE, Christiana                      I:20                          
CEEBLE, Wheeler                         I:20                          
CELLAR, Alford B.                       V:103                         
CELLAR, Alma A.                         V:103                         
CERNY, Edward J.                        IV:61                         
CERNY, Gertrude M.                      IV:61                         
CERULLI, Dorothy L.                     III:65                        
CEYER/GEYER, Mary Wade                  VIII:10                       
CHADWICK, (Infant)                      III:6                         
CHADWICK, Aaron                         III:8                         
CHADWICK, Jesse                         IX:63                         
CHADWICK, M---                          IX:61                         
CHADWICK, Sue                           IX:63                         
CHAFFEE, Gladys                         IV:104                        
CHAFFIN, Cecil C.                       X:49                          
CHAFFIN, Clarence                       VII:77                        
CHAFFIN, Dorothy S.                     VI:15                         
CHAFFIN, Elizabeth J. McCann            X:49                          
CHAFFIN, Emma J.                        VI:38                         
CHAFFIN, James R.                       VI:38                         
CHAFFIN, Kay                            IX:17                         
CHAFFIN, Laura                          IX:17                         
CHAFFIN, Michael Eugene                 X:61                          
CHAFFIN, Oscar                          IX:79                         
CHAFFIN, Ralph                          VII:62                        
CHAFFIN, Russell E.                     X:61                          
CHAFFIN, Vicky Lynn                     X:61                          
CHAIN, Mathew                           II:63                         
CHAIN, Matthew                          II:60                         
CHAMBERLAIN, Anna                       III:105                       
CHAMBERLAIN, Anna R.                    III:106                       
CHAMBERLAIN, Benjamin                   III:41                        
CHAMBERLAIN, Charles C.                 III:101                       
CHAMBERLAIN, Claude                     III:106                       
CHAMBERLAIN, Electa                     V:19                          
CHAMBERLAIN, Elena                      III:106                       
CHAMBERLAIN, Eliza                      III:41                        
CHAMBERLAIN, Eliza                      XI:121                        
CHAMBERLAIN, Harley                     III:106                       
CHAMBERLAIN, Homer C.                   III:101                       
CHAMBERLAIN, Ida M.                     III:101                       
CHAMBERLAIN, James                      III:101                       
CHAMBERLAIN, Jane M.                    III:41                        
CHAMBERLAIN, Jane M.                    XI:121                        
CHAMBERLAIN, John                       III:105                       
CHAMBERLAIN, Lydia                      III:106                       
CHAMBERLAIN, N.                         III:41                        
CHAMBERLAIN, N.                         XI:120                        
CHAMBERLAIN, S.                         III:41                        
CHAMBERLAIN, Samuel                     III:106                       
CHAMBERLAIN, Vesta H.                   III:101                       
CHAMBERLAIN, Wm. C.                     III:106                       
CHAMBERLIN, Barsina                     VIII:63                       
CHAMBERLIN, Geo. W.                     VIII:63                       
CHAMBERLIN, Maryann                     VIII:69                       
CHAMBERS, Addie A.                      V:78                          
CHAMBERS, Alta B.                       V:98                          
CHAMBERS, Anna M.                       V:78                          
CHAMBERS, Artiemisha                    VIII:57                       
CHAMBERS, Betty J.                      X:26                          
CHAMBERS, C.                            X:81                          
CHAMBERS, Catharine H.                  VIII:72                       
CHAMBERS, Cyrus A.                      V:78                          
CHAMBERS, E.                            VIII:72                       
CHAMBERS, Edward Jr.                    V:78                          
CHAMBERS, Edward Sr.                    V:78                          
CHAMBERS, Elisha                        VIII:72                       
CHAMBERS, Elizabeth                     VIII:72                       
CHAMBERS, Elizabeth L.                  IV:119                        
CHAMBERS, Frances                       VII:66                        
CHAMBERS, Frances H.                    X:87                          
CHAMBERS, George D.                     V:79                          
CHAMBERS, George M.                     VIII:57                       
CHAMBERS, George W.                     X:87                          
CHAMBERS, H.                            V:37                          
CHAMBERS, Hannah                        X:87                          
CHAMBERS, Harvey E.                     V:78                          
CHAMBERS, Hurshel                       V:70                          
CHAMBERS, J. H.                         VIII:8                        
CHAMBERS, J. R.                         VIII:72                       
CHAMBERS, Jack D.                       X:26                          
CHAMBERS, James H.                      V:98                          
CHAMBERS, John M.                       VIII:57                       
CHAMBERS, Kathryn A.                    X:26                          
CHAMBERS, Lawrence I.                   X:26                          
CHAMBERS, Loving                        V:37                          
CHAMBERS, M.                            VIII:72                       
CHAMBERS, M. J.                         VIII:72                       
CHAMBERS, Margaret A.                   X:69                          
CHAMBERS, Mary                          VIII:15,72                    
CHAMBERS, Mathilda                      V:78                          
CHAMBERS, Mattie A.                     VI:41                         
CHAMBERS, Myron                         V:78                          
CHAMBERS, Orvel                         VIII:72                       
CHAMBERS, Pauline                       V:70                          
CHAMBERS, R.                            IV:119                        
CHAMBERS, Ray M.                        X:69                          
CHAMBERS, Roland W.                     V:78                          
CHAMBERS, Stella                        V:78                          
CHAMBERS, Viola                         V:28                          
CHAMBERS, William                       V:78                          
CHAMBERS, William                       VII:66                        
CHAMBERS, Wm. G.                        VI:41                         
CHAMBERS, Zella H.                      VIII:58                       
CHAMBLIN, Elizabeth                     III:7                         
CHAMBLIN, Jesse                         III:7                         
CHAMP, ----                             IX:129                        
CHAMP, Alice M.                         IX:112                        
CHAMP, Frederick B.                     IX:113                        
CHAMP, John                             IX:112                        
CHAMP, John                             IX:113                        
CHAMP, John                             VII:88                        
CHAMP, Mar thy H.                       IX:113                        
CHAMP, Mary                             IX:113                        
CHAMP, Mary I.                          IX:113                        
CHAMP, Phebe                            VII:88                        
CHAMP, Phebe A.                         IX:113                        
CHAMP, Ralph                            VIII:84                       
CHAMP, Rebekah                          IX:112                        
CHAMP, Sarah Ann                        II:47,49                      
CHAMP, Thelma R.                        IV:58                         
CHAMP, Thomas M.                        II:47,49                      
CHAMP, Wm.                              IX:112                        
CHAMPE, Alfarata 0.                     II:22                         
CHAMPE, D. R.                           II:12                         
CHAMPE, Damaris R.                      II:22                         
CHAMPE, George P.                       II:12,22                      
CHAMPE, Leander D.                      II:12,22                      
CHAMPION, Mary                          VIII:78                       
CHAMPS, Alic J.                         VII:4                         
CHAMPS, Mary M.                         VII:4                         
CHAMPS, S.                              VII:4                         
CHANCEY, Inez Heiss                     I:68                          
CHANCEY, Inez Heiss                     XI:71                         
CHANDLER, Adda                          II:12                         
CHANDLER, Addie                         II:21                         
CHANDLER, Albert R.                     V:19                          
CHANDLER, Edgar A.                      II:12,21                      
CHANDLER, Henry W.                      IX:28                         
CHANDLER, Henry Warren, Jr.             IX:27                         
CHANDLER, Johnnie W., Jr.               IX:27                         
CHANDLER, Joseph                        VIII:111                      
CHANDLER, Joseph L.                     IX:5                          
CHANDLER, Leona A.                      IX:5                          
CHANDLER, Marianne                      V:40                          
CHANDLER, Mary S.                       V:19                          
CHANDLER, Wm.                           II:12,21                      
CHANEY, Abigail                         I:4                           
CHANEY, Abigail                         XI:3                          
CHANEY, Alice B.                        II:85                         
CHANEY, Alpheus                         II:85                         
CHANEY, Arthur A.                       II:82                         
CHANEY, Bertha                          II:53                         
CHANEY, Carey                           VIII:117                      
CHANEY, Caroline M.                     II:85                         
CHANEY, Clarence C.                     II:82                         
CHANEY, Clinton C.                      II:72                         
CHANEY, Clinton T.                      II:85                         
CHANEY, E. K.                           II:72                         
CHANEY, Edward K.                       II:72,85                      
CHANEY, Eliza                           II:72                         
CHANEY, Eliza A.                        II:82                         
CHANEY, Elizabeth                       II:102                        
CHANEY, Elizabeth B.                    II:82                         
CHANEY, Eph C.                          II:82                         
CHANEY, Freddie T.                      II:85                         
CHANEY, Gertrude E.                     II:82                         
CHANEY, J.                              II:53                         
CHANEY, James                           II:82                         
CHANEY, James K.                        II:85                         
CHANEY, James L.                        II:72,85                      
CHANEY, John F.                         II:82                         
CHANEY, John L.                         II:102                        
CHANEY, John Sr.                        II:102                        
CHANEY, Josephine                       II:82                         
CHANEY, Kearney F.                      II:85                         
CHANEY, Lorrain                         II:102                        
CHANEY, Mary A.                         II:85,102                     
CHANEY, Nell S.                         II:82                         
CHANEY, Oliver P.                       II:82                         
CHANEY, Rhoda                           II:85                         
CHANEY, Ruth                            VIII:119                      
CHANEY, S. C.                           II:53                         
CHANEY, Samuel                          IV:55                         
CHANEY, Vernon                          VIII:115                      
CHANEY, Walter B.                       II:82                         
CHANEY, William E.                      II:27                         
CHANEY, Zeda Decker                     II:27                         
CHANG, Yung Sook                        IV:76                         
CHANTLER, Stella                        IV:45                         
CHANTLER, Warren W.                     IV:45                         
CHAPDELAINE, Ede (Dr)                   III:55                        
CHAPDELAINE, Rose S.                    III:55                        
CHAPIN, Alf'd.                          V:65                          
CHAPIN, Anna M.                         V:68                          
CHAPIN, Arnold M.                       V:41                          
CHAPIN, Arthur                          V:29                          
CHAPIN, Chester                         V:68                          
CHAPIN, Ethel                           V:57                          
CHAPIN, Grace B.                        V:64                          
CHAPIN, Grace E.                        V:41                          
CHAPIN, Harold S.                       X:59                          
CHAPIN, Jack L.                         V:57                          
CHAPIN, Jno.                            IV:108                        
CHAPIN, Leland S.                       V:64                          
CHAPIN, Leonard                         V:64                          
CHAPIN, LeRoy                           V:57                          
CHAPIN, P. Henry                        V:57                          
CHAPIN, Peggy M.                        X:59                          
CHAPIN, Phoebe J.                       V:64                          
CHAPIN, Ralph E.                        V:105                         
CHAPIN, Riley M.                        V:63                          
CHAPIN, Rosalie M.                      V:63                          
CHAPIN, Walter                          V:64                          
CHAPIN, Wm. R.                          V:64                          
CHAPMAN, Albert                         VI:59,61,64                   
CHAPMAN, Celia M.                       VI:9                          
CHAPMAN, Charles T.                     IX:74                         
CHAPMAN, Chas.                          VII:59                        
CHAPMAN, Cynthia                        IX:74                         
CHAPMAN, Donald                         III:26                        
CHAPMAN, Dorothy                        VIII:79                       
CHAPMAN, Ellen                          VI:27                         
CHAPMAN, Elsie M.                       III:20                        
CHAPMAN, Emerson                        VI:61                         
CHAPMAN, Francis R.                     VI:27                         
CHAPMAN, Glen W.                        I:73                          
CHAPMAN, Glen W.                        XI:76                         
CHAPMAN, Homer L.                       VI:9                          
CHAPMAN, Irwin B.                       V:85                          
CHAPMAN, Lacy                           VI:59                         
CHAPMAN, Lucinda                        VI:64                         
CHAPMAN, Lucinda                        XI:142                        
CHAPMAN, Lucy                           VI:16,59,64                   
CHAPMAN, Lydia                          VI:61                         
CHAPMAN, Martha                         VIII:120                      
CHAPMAN, Mary A.                        IV:106                        
CHAPMAN, Mary M.                        VI:27                         
CHAPMAN, Nettie R.                      VI:10                         
CHAPMAN, Rodney                         VII:76                        
CHAPMAN, Simeon                         IV:106                        
CHAPMAN, Sylvia Bogatin                 I:107                         
CHAPMAN, Sylvia Bogatin                 XI:114                        
CHAPMAN, Thomas J.                      IX:74                         
CHAPMAN, Velva                          III:87                        
CHAPMAN, Vernon F.                      III:2                         
CHARLES, Daniel R.                      VIII:38                       
CHARLES, Ethel                          VIII:46                       
CHARLES, Golden                         VIII:46                       
CHARLES, Pressley                       VII:1                         
CHARLES, Vance                          VIII:106                      
CHARLTON, Edith                         VIII:18                       
CHASE, Carrie                           V:68                          
CHASE, Earl                             V:68                          
CHASE, Freda M.                         II:31                         
CHASE, Katherine G.                     V:68                          
CHASE, Mary                             V:88                          
CHASE, Mrs.                             XI:132                        
CHASE, Philander Sr.                    V:88                          
CHASIN, Abraham                         I:97                          
CHASIN, Abraham                         XI:102                        
CHASIN, Goldie                          I:94                          
CHASIN, Goldie                          XI:98                         
CHAYET, Herschel                        I:89                          
CHAYET, Herschel                        XI:93                         
CHEADLE, Clifford W.                    VIII:48                       
CHEADLE, Grace J.                       VIII:48                       
CHEATWOOD, E. Ray                       III:53                        
CHEATWOOD, Evert                        III:53                        
CHEATWOOD, Lenora I.                    III:53                        
CHEATWOOD, Mary E.                      III:53                        
CHEESEMAN, Anna M.                      III:64                        
CHEESEMAN, Elizabeth                    II:12,18                      
CHEESEMAN, Flossie                      V:104                         
CHEESEMAN, Geraldine                    III:64                        
CHEESEMAN, Glen                         III:64                        
CHEESEMAN, I.                           II:12                         
CHEESEMAN, J.                           II:18                         
CHEESEMAN, John                         II:18                         
CHEESEMAN, John                         V:104                         
CHEESEMAN, R.                           II:12,18                      
CHEEVER, Nathan                         IV:92                         
CHENAULT, John F.                       IX:18                         
CHENAULT, Marvin                        X:62                          
CHENAULT, Sarah E.                      IX:18                         
CHENEY, Amanda                          III:21                        
CHENEY, Arthur P .                      III:92                        
CHENEY, D.                              III:6                         
CHENEY, Dorothy M.                      III:80                        
CHENEY, Erma R.                         III:92                        
CHENEY, Helen R.                        III:31                        
CHENEY, Jesper                          III:4                         
CHENEY, Kate E.                         III:32                        
CHENEY, Lutegia                         III:6                         
CHENEY, Maude M.                        III:31                        
CHENEY, Myrtle C.                       III:12                        
CHENEY, Oliver J.                       III:31                        
CHENEY, Oliver T.                       III:32                        
CHENEY, Ralph L.                        III:31                        
CHENEY, Rebecca                         III:4                         
CHENEY, Washington                      III:4                         
CHENEY, Wendell M.                      III:31                        
CHENOS, Georgia F.                      VIII:38                       
CHENOS, John J.                         VIII:38                       
CHENOWETH, Cassander M.                 X:114                         
CHENOWETH, Catharine                    X:114                         
CHENOWETH, E.                           X:112                         
CHENOWETH, E.                           X:114                         
CHENOWETH, E. W.                        IV:129                        
CHENOWETH, Earl B.                      IV:129                        
CHENOWETH, Elijah                       X:114                         
CHENOWETH, Elijah F.                    X:114                         
CHENOWETH, Elijah Jr.                   X:112                         
CHENOWETH, Elijah Jr.                   X:114                         
CHENOWETH, Flora                        V:31                          
CHENOWETH, Inf Son of Louis & Lucille   X:9                           
CHENOWETH, J. M.                        V:30                          
CHENOWETH, John                         X:112                         
CHENOWETH, Joseph                       X:112                         
CHENOWETH, Joseph H.                    IV:115                        
CHENOWETH, Margaret                     X:112                         
CHENOWETH, Mary                         X:114                         
CHENOWETH, Mary H.                      IV:115                        
CHENOWETH, Mina L.                      IV:129                        
CHENOWETH, N.                           X:114                         
CHENOWETH, Nancy                        X:114                         
CHENOWETH, R.                           X:112                         
CHENOWETH, Rachel                       X:114                         
CHENOWETH, Rebecca J.                   X:112                         
CHENOWETH, S.                           X:114                         
CHENOWETH, S. Jr.                       X:112                         
CHENOWETH, Thomas                       X:115                         
CHENOWETH, Thomas T.                    X:112                         
CHENOWETH, Thos.                        IV:114                        
CHENOWETH, W. B.                        X:112                         
CHENOWETH, William M.                   X:112                         
CHERNOFSKY, Ele                         I:97                          
CHERNOFSKY, Ele                         XI:102                        
CHERRINGTON, Clarice                    IV:48                         
CHERRINGTON, Emma                       I:34                          
CHERRINGTON, Emma                       XI:42                         
CHERRINGTON, Lois E.                    I:34                          
CHERRINGTON, Lois E.                    XI:42                         
CHERRINGTON, William C.                 I:34                          
CHERRINGTON, William C.                 XI:42                         
CHERRY, 0.                              II:12,17                      
CHERRY, Anna                            IV:27                         
CHERRY, C.                              IX:2                          
CHERRY, Carey E.                        I:74                          
CHERRY, Carey E.                        XI:76                         
CHERRY, Charlie                         IV:40                         
CHERRY, Etta                            V:25                          
CHERRY, George                          VIII:114                      
CHERRY, Jerusha B.                      IV:40                         
CHERRY, Joseph                          VII:60                        
CHERRY, Kate S.                         IX:2                          
CHERRY, L. A.                           II:12,17                      
CHERRY, Lou                             IV:27                         
CHERRY, M.                              IX:2                          
CHERRY, Marie S.                        I:74                          
CHERRY, Marie S.                        XI:76                         
CHERRY, Matthew                         IV:40                         
CHERRY, Michael                         IX:2                          
CHERRY, Nettye I.                       III:91                        
CHERRY, Sarah                           IX:2                          
CHESNEY, Edward C.                      IX:22                         
CHESNEY, Edward P.                      IX:22                         
CHESSER, Clarence                       V:71                          
CHESTER, Anna M.                        II:109                        
CHESTER, Elias                          II:109                        
CHESTER, Elias Sr.                      II:60,63,68                   
CHESTER, Franklin                       II:63                         
CHESTER, Franklin B.                    II:60                         
CHESTER, Hannah                         II:60,63                      
CHESTER, Hannah V.                      II:68                         
CHESTER, Mary Ann                       II:60,63                      
CHESTER, N. Horatio                     II:60,63                      
CHESTER, S.                             II:60                         
CHESTER, Thad. Smith                    II:109                        
CHICKERING, Oliver                      IX:111                        
CHICO, Margaret                         VIII:95                       
CHIDESTER, S. B.                        VIII:93                       
CHILCOTE, Daisy E.                      IX:53                         
CHILCOTE, Harry E.                      IX:55                         
CHILCOTE, Noah                          II:80                         
CHILCOTE, Rebecca                       II:80                         
CHILDERS, Matilda                       X:58                          
CHILDERS, Noah                          X:58                          
CHILDERS, Roy E.                        V:9                           
CHILDS, Hanna A.                        II:35                         
CHILDS, Hannah A.                       II:17                         
CHILDS, John                            II:17,35                      
CHILDS, Lydia L.                        II:35                         
CHILDS, Mary                            II:35                         
CHILDS, William                         II:35                         
CHILIOTCHE, ----                        IX:129                        
CHILLES, Hannah                         II:12                         
CHILLES, John                           II:12                         
CHILLES, Wm. S. W.                      II:12                         
CHINKY, ----                            XI:8                          
CHIPMAN, Selma M.                       X:10                          
CHIPPY, Lena M.                         IV:12                         
CHIPPY, Lucinda                         IV:12                         
CHIPPY, W. E.                           IV:12                         
CHITTEM, Eleazer                        IX:108                        
CHITTEM, J.                             IX:108                        
CHITTEM, Lewis                          IX:108                        
CHITTEM, Lusetta                        IX:108                        
CHITTENDEN, Cecile H.                   X:94                          
CHITTENDEN, George I.                   X:94                          
CHITTUM, Carabell                       IX:3                          
CHITTUM, Ida                            IX:108                        
CHITTUM, Ida                            IX:3                          
CHITTUM, J.                             IX:108                        
CHITTUM, J.                             IX:3                          
CHITTUM, J. W.                          IX:3                          
CHITTUM, John W.                        IX:3                          
CHITTUM, Joseph M.                      IX:108                        
CHITTUM, M.                             IX:108                        
CHITTUM, Mary                           IX:3                          
CHOATE, Shirley D.                      IX:100                        
CHOPIN, Gloria Eileen                   X:23                          
CHORJEL, Bertha Y.                      III:75                        
CHORJEL, Geo. E.                        III:75                        
CHRISTENSEN, Lucy                       V:70                          
CHRISTIAN, Earl                         III:12                        
CHRISTIAN, Harrison                     IX:54                         
CHRISTIAN, John N.                      IX:8                          
CHRISTIAN, Linden A.                    I:76                          
CHRISTIAN, Linden A.                    XI:77                         
CHRISTIAN, Mary N.                      I:76                          
CHRISTIAN, Mary N.                      XI:77                         
CHRISTIAN, Roxie Ann                    IX:8                          
CHRISTIE, Asbury                        VI:3                          
CHRISTIE, Elizabeth R.                  VI:3                          
CHRISTIE, Henry                         VI:3                          
CHRISTIE, John F.                       VI:3                          
CHRISTMAN, Catharine                    IV:94                         
CHRISTMAN, E. Magdalene                 X:103                         
CHRISTMAN, Henry                        IV:94                         
CHRISTMAN, Herman T.                    X:103                         
CHRISTOFF, Olive                        VIII:108                      
CHRISTOPHERSON, George                  V:11                          
CHRISTY, Myrtle                         VIII:83                       
CHRITRAND, George                       VIII:103                      
CHRYSLER, Ann G.                        I:13                          
CHRYSLER, Ann G.                        XI:15                         
CHRYSLER, Charles H.                    I:15                          
CHRYSLER, Charles H.                    XI:17                         
CHRYSLER, Clara Palmer                  I:15                          
CHRYSLER, Clara Palmer                  XI:17                         
CHRYSLER, Claude H.                     I:13                          
CHRYSLER, Claude H.                     XI:15                         
CHRYSLER, Eli                           I:32                          
CHRYSLER, Eli                           XI:11,38,85                   
CHRYSLER, Elias                         I:18                          
CHRYSLER, Elias                         XI:9                          
CHRYSLER, Fred                          I:18                          
CHRYSLER, Fred                          XI:19                         
CHRYSLER, J. D.                         I:14                          
CHRYSLER, J.D.                          XI:16                         
CHRYSLER, Lucy                          I:18                          
CHRYSLER, Lucy                          XI:9                          
CHRYSLER, Nettie Ann                    I:14                          
CHRYSLER, Nettie Ann                    XI:16                         
CHRYSLER, Rhoda                         XI:28                         
CHRYSLER, Ruth                          I:14                          
CHRYSLER, Ruth                          XI:16                         
CHRYSLER, Susan                         I:32                          
CHRYSLER, Susan                         XI:11                         
CHRYSLER, William B.                    I:14                          
CHRYSLER, William B.                    XI:16                         
CHRYSTAL, John                          V:85                          
CHURCH, Annie                           III:99                        
CHURCH, David                           III:58                        
CHURCH, John                            III:103                       
CHURCH, Mary                            III:103                       
CHURCH, Mary Ann                        III:58                        
CHURCHILL, Fred                         V:37                          
CHURCHMAN, Elias                        II:12,21                      
CHURCHMAN, Wealthy                      II:12                         
CHUVORDICH, John                        IX:52                         
CHUVORDICH, Rosa                        IX:52                         
CISSNE, Edwin W.                        V:101                         
CISSNE, Mabel W.                        V:101                         
CLABAUGH, Arza                          III:41                        
CLABAUGH, Nicholas                      III:35                        
CLABAUGH, Rebecca                       III:35                        
CLAFFEY, Clarence M.                    II:29                         
CLAFFEY, David                          II:18                         
CLAFFEY, David E.                       II:26                         
CLAFFEY, Emma E.                        IX:75                         
CLAFFEY, Emma Etta                      II:26                         
CLAFFEY, Emma M.                        II:29                         
CLAFFEY, Joel M.                        IX:75                         
CLAFFEY, Lillie                         II:26                         
CLAFFEY, Mary J.                        II:26                         
CLAFFEY, Tessa N.                       II:28                         
CLAFFEY, Wm. Dale                       II:29                         
CLAFFEY, Wm. T.                         II:26,28                      
CLAFLIN, Helen M.                       I:71                          
CLAFLIN, Helen M.                       XI:74                         
CLAFLIN, Morton W.                      I:71                          
CLAFLIN, Morton W.                      XI:74                         
CLANCY, James                           VIII:99                       
CLANCY, Sr. M. Patrick                  XI:35                         
CLAPHAM, Albert                         IV:120                        
CLAPHAM, Alice M.                       IV:25                         
CLAPHAM, Alpheus                        IV:64                         
CLAPHAM, Amy L.                         IV:65                         
CLAPHAM, Blanche M.                     IV:25                         
CLAPHAM, Candace                        IV:51,52                      
CLAPHAM, Charles                        IV:52                         
CLAPHAM, Clarence R.                    IV:62                         
CLAPHAM, Clayton H.                     IV:62                         
CLAPHAM, E. Curtis                      IV:62                         
CLAPHAM, Edward R.                      IV:74                         
CLAPHAM, Essie M.                       IV:64                         
CLAPHAM, Estella                        IV:120                        
CLAPHAM, Florence M.                    IV:65                         
CLAPHAM, George                         IV:52                         
CLAPHAM, Gertrude R.                    IV:74                         
CLAPHAM, Gladys                         IV:120                        
CLAPHAM, Harriet                        IV:51                         
CLAPHAM, Helen D.                       IV:64                         
CLAPHAM, Henry                          IV:106                        
CLAPHAM, Howard J.                      IV:65                         
CLAPHAM, John                           IV:51                         
CLAPHAM, Joseph                         IV:51,52                      
CLAPHAM, Lucille L.                     IV:62                         
CLAPHAM, Malvina,                       IV:52                         
CLAPHAM, Margaret                       IV:25                         
CLAPHAM, Marila                         IV:52                         
CLAPHAM, Mary A.                        IV:52                         
CLAPHAM, Mary Ann                       IV:52                         
CLAPHAM, Muriel L.                      IV:65                         
CLAPHAM, Nettie                         IV:62                         
CLAPHAM, Olive M.                       IV:62                         
CLAPHAM, Rachel B.                      IV:64                         
CLAPHAM, Raymond C.                     IV:25                         
CLAPHAM, Richard E.                     IV:60                         
CLAPHAM, Robert T.                      IV:65                         
CLAPHAM, Rosetta                        IV:51                         
CLAPHAM, Sarah G.                       IV:121                        
CLAPHAM, Sarah H.                       IV:52                         
CLAPHAM, Sherman                        IV:52                         
CLAPHAM, Tracy M.                       IV:52                         
CLAPHAM, Vernon J.                      IV:65                         
CLAPHAM, William                        XI:128                        
CLAPP, -ancy 88 Mary                    VII:88                        
CLAPP, Abner                            VII:88                        
CLAPPER, Hazel                          IV:35                         
CLAPPER, John A.                        VIII:30                       
CLAPPER, Lester A.                      VIII:30                       
CLAPPER, Mary J.                        VIII:30                       
CLAPPER, Rolla                          IV:35                         
CLARBAUGH, B. D.                        II:12                         
CLARBAUGH, Ida Melissa                  II:12                         
CLARBAUGH, Sarah J.                     II:12                         
CLARK, A. H.                            IX:103                        
CLARK, Ada D.                           III:27                        
CLARK, Albert                           IV:48                         
CLARK, Alice                            XI:48                         
CLARK, Allen                            I:40                          
CLARK, Allen                            XI:48                         
CLARK, Alva                             IX:7                          
CLARK, Alva B.                          IX:7                          
CLARK, Amy F.                           IV:117                        
CLARK, Anjaline                         III:41                        
CLARK, Ann E.                           IX:111                        
CLARK, Anna                             VI:3                          
CLARK, Anna                             X:104                         
CLARK, Anna E.                          III:47                        
CLARK, Arthur W.                        IV:3                          
CLARK, Bertha E.                        V:73                          
CLARK, Bertha M.                        V:30                          
CLARK, Betty                            VII:62                        
CLARK, Billy                            VIII:57                       
CLARK, Boyd W.                          V:73                          
CLARK, C.                               XI:129                        
CLARK, C. Ross                          I:61                          
CLARK, C. Ross                          XI:66                         
CLARK, Caroline G.                      VI:3                          
CLARK, Catharine                        IV:85                         
CLARK, Catherine                        VI:3                          
CLARK, Charles F.                       IX:124                        
CLARK, Daisy M.                         X:16                          
CLARK, Daniel                           VI:3                          
CLARK, Debra M.                         IV:48                         
CLARK, Delbert A. Jr.                   III:54                        
CLARK, Della                            IV:48                         
CLARK, Della M.                         IV:118                        
CLARK, Diana                            VI:64                         
CLARK, Dudley                           VI:32                         
CLARK, Earl Jr.                         IV:48                         
CLARK, Earl L.                          VI:61                         
CLARK, Edith                            VIII:78                       
CLARK, Edward E.                        IV:118                        
CLARK, Elizabeth                        IV:84                         
CLARK, Elizabeth                        IX:43                         
CLARK, Elnora I.                        VIII:59                       
CLARK, Emaly J.                         VI:3                          
CLARK, Emery                            I:12                          
CLARK, Emery                            XI:14                         
CLARK, Emma Layton                      X:75                          
CLARK, Eunice                           VIII:95                       
CLARK, Flora                            IX:124                        
CLARK, Florence M.                      IV:114                        
CLARK, Frank E.                         V:8                           
CLARK, Genny                            IV:48                         
CLARK, George 0.                        IV:84                         
CLARK, George M.                        IX:103                        
CLARK, George W.                        IX:43                         
CLARK, Gregory W.                       IV:3                          
CLARK, H. G.                            IX:103                        
CLARK, Harry                            V:40                          
CLARK, Harry H.                         IV:114                        
CLARK, Hattie                           I:15                          
CLARK, Hattie                           XI:17                         
CLARK, Helen L.                         IV:74                         
CLARK, Herman J.                        IX:111                        
CLARK, Holms                            XI:129                        
CLARK, Ida                              IX:34                         
CLARK, Inez                             IV:62                         
CLARK, Irad C.                          VI:42                         
CLARK, Isaac                            VIII:72                       
CLARK, Isaac S.                         IV:117                        
CLARK, J.                               IX:2                          
CLARK, J.                               X:37                          
CLARK, J.                               XI:129                        
CLARK, Jack                             III:41                        
CLARK, Jack                             XI:120                        
CLARK, James                            X:84                          
CLARK, James C.                         IV:74                         
CLARK, James C.                         VI:61                         
CLARK, Jane C.                          IX:111                        
CLARK, Jas. Jr.                         XI:138                        
CLARK, Jeremiah                         IX:111                        
CLARK, Jeremiah                         IX:125                        
CLARK, Jesse                            V:39                          
CLARK, John                             I:15                          
CLARK, John                             IV:123                        
CLARK, John                             VI:3                          
CLARK, John                             VI:64                         
CLARK, John                             XI:17                         
CLARK, John D.                          IX:111                        
CLARK, John F.                          IX:124                        
CLARK, John P.                          XI:121                        
CLARK, John Sr.                         IV:92                         
CLARK, John W.                          VIII:29                       
CLARK, John W.                          X:84                          
CLARK, Joseph                           VI:3,64                       
CLARK, Josephine                        VIII:110                      
CLARK, Julia A.                         IX:111                        
CLARK, Julia A. Fox                     IX:125                        
CLARK, Laura                            IV:19                         
CLARK, Laura M.                         VIII:29                       
CLARK, Leslie                           IX:6                          
CLARK, Lillian                          VIII:57                       
CLARK, Lillian E.                       I:76                          
CLARK, Lillian E.                       XI:78                         
CLARK, Mabel A.                         V:8                           
CLARK, Mabel M.                         V:73                          
CLARK, Mae                              IX:6                          
CLARK, Mae E.                           IX:6                          
CLARK, Marcus                           IX:124                        
CLARK, Margaret                         IX:124                        
CLARK, Margie                           IX:6                          
CLARK, Maria                            IV:93                         
CLARK, Marsella F.                      IV:84                         
CLARK, Mary                             VII:74                        
CLARK, Mary A.                          IV:3                          
CLARK, Mary E.                          I:61                          
CLARK, Mary E.                          III:86                        
CLARK, Mary E.                          XI:66                         
CLARK, Mary H.                          IV:92                         
CLARK, Mary J.                          IX:2                          
CLARK, Mary L.                          VI:32                         
CLARK, Melissa E.                       IV:56                         
CLARK, Mike                             IX:7                          
CLARK, Minnie B.                        X:64                          
CLARK, Minnie E.                        IX:30                         
CLARK, Mollie A.                        IV:123                        
CLARK, Nancy                            VI:3                          
CLARK, Nancy M.                         IX:124                        
CLARK, Naomi                            VIII:82                       
CLARK, Ned E.                           IX:30                         
CLARK, Nellie A.                        VI:32                         
CLARK, Nora                             V:40                          
CLARK, Oma L.                           V:34                          
CLARK, Paul                             IX:6                          
CLARK, Phineas                          IX:31                         
CLARK, Rees                             X:16                          
CLARK, Richard L.                       IX:6                          
CLARK, Robert H.                        I:76                          
CLARK, Robert H.                        XI:78                         
CLARK, Robert Lewis                     IX:7                          
CLARK, Robert W.                        VIII:59                       
CLARK, Roberta                          IV:78                                                 
CLARK, Roy L.                           IX:6                          
CLARK, S. B.                            III:41                        
CLARK, Sarah                            X:84                          
CLARK, Sarah C.                         IX:31                         
CLARK, Son                              XI:17(2)                      
CLARK, Stanley                          I:15                          
CLARK, Stanley                          XI:17                         
CLARK, Stephen                          XI:14                         
CLARK, Susan R.                         III:41                        
CLARK, Susan R.                         XI:120                        
CLARK, T. R.                            IV:84                         
CLARK, Uriah                            VI:3                          
CLARK, Vivian V.                        IX:106                        
CLARK, W. H.                            IV:103                        
CLARK, William                          VII:74                        
CLARK, William                          VIII:57,105,112               
CLARK, William C.                       X:24                          
CLARK, Wm.                              IV:56,85                      
CLARK, Wm. F.                           IX:124                        
CLARK, Wolfe E.                         V:73                          
CLARKE, Charles W.                      V:51                          
CLARKE, Ella J.                         IV:107                        
CLARKE, Mindwell E.                     V:53                          
CLARKE, Rachel L.                       V:51                          
CLARY, Margaret                         VIII:81                       
CLASPILL, Carl                          VII:56                        
CLASPILL, Estella                       VII:56                        
CLASPILL, Lillian                       VII:58                        
CLASPILL, May                           VII:58                        
CLASPILL, William                       VII:58                        
CLAUS, Anna                             VIII:91                       
CLAUS, Barnhard                         VIII:91                       
CLAUS, George                           VIII:91                       
CLAUS, John                             VIII:91                       
CLAWSON, Charles W.                     IV:69                         
CLAWSON, Erma K.                        IV:69                         
CLAXTON, Burrell                        VIII:83                       
CLAY, Abner                             VIII:116                      
CLAY, Frank                             VIII:63                       
CLAY, Hattie                            VIII:63                       
CLAY, Homer                             VIII:86                       
CLAY, James A.                          VIII:68                       
CLAY, Jane                              VII:49                        
CLAY, John H.                           VIII:63                       
CLAY, Julia                             VIII:63                       
CLAY, Mabel G.                          X:107                         
CLAY, Pearl                             VIII:63                       
CLAY, Verner L.                         X:107                         
CLAYPOOL, Gerald                        VIII:83                       
CLAYPOOL, Mary A.                       IV:34                         
CLAYTON, C. 0.                          I:46                          
CLAYTON, Charles                        I:49                          
CLAYTON, Charles                        XI:55                         
CLAYTON, Clyde                          I:49                          
CLAYTON, Clyde                          XI:55                         
CLAYTON, Collins J.                     I:49                          
CLAYTON, Collins J.                     XI:55                         
CLAYTON, Frances D.                     I:49                          
CLAYTON, Frances D.                     XI:55                         
CLAYTON, Hazel                          I:49                          
CLAYTON, Hazel                          XI:55                         
CLAYTON, Ida                            I:46,49                       
CLAYTON, Ida                            XI:53,55                      
CLAYTON, Mary                           I:49                          
CLAYTON, Mary                           XI:55                         
CLAYTON, Wilbur                         I:49                          
CLAYTON, Wilbur                         XI:55                         
CLAYTON,BERTHA                          IV:128                        
CLAYTON,BERTHA Esther M.                IV:128                        
CLAYTON,BERTHA Forest E.                IV:128                        
CLAYTON,BERTHA Forrest D.               IV:128                        
CLAYTON,BERTHA Paul                     IV:128                        
CLAYTON,BERTHA Stephen                  IV:113                        
CLEAGE, Virgil                          VIII:110                      
CLEARY, John                            VIII:113                      
CLEARY, Joseph D.                       V:25                          
CLEARY, Lora L.                         V:25                          
CLEARY, Sr. M. Raymond                  XI:33                         
CLEBONE, Albert                         I:94                          
CLEBONE, Albert                         XI:99                         
CLEBONE, Liba Lena                      XI:98                         
CLEBONE, Lila Lena                      I:94                          
CLELLAND, Adelaide A.                   II:101                        
CLEMENS, Bessie                         VIII:35                       
CLEMENS, Emeline                        IX:36                         
CLEMENS, Harry                          IX:129                        
CLEMENS, Herbert C.                     IX:125                        
CLEMENS, Jeremiah Clark                 IX:125                        
CLEMENS, Jos. B.                        IX:125                        
CLEMENS, Mary E.                        IX:125                        
CLEMENS, Ray                            IX:129                        
CLEMENS, Thomas S.                      IX:125                        
CLEMENS, Walter                         IX:125                        
CLEMENS, Wm. Oda                        IX:36                         
CLEMENTHE, Tony                         VIII:101                      
CLEMENTS, Benjamin                      V:79                          
CLEMENTS, Charles W.                    V:79                          
CLEMENTS, Earl J.                       V:101                         
CLEMENTS, Edith B.                      V:67                          
CLEMENTS, Esther D.                     V:102                         
CLEMENTS, Goldie M.                     V:101                         
CLEMENTS, Harry J.                      V:67                          
CLEMENTS, James F.                      V:101                         
CLEMENTS, James M.                      V:85                          
CLEMENTS, Lee Ann                       V:102                         
CLEMENTS, Leslie A.                     V:102                         
CLEMENTS, Lester                        V:79                          
CLEMENTS, Mannie M.                     V:79                          
CLEMENTS, Margaret                      IX:125                        
CLEMENTS, Marlene A.                    V:102                         
CLEMENTS, Mary A.                       V:79                          
CLEMENTS, Mary S.                       V:85                          
CLEMENTS, Melissa                       IX:125                        
CLEMENTS, Melissa                       V:79                          
CLEMENTS, Norman L.                     V:102                         
CLEMENTS, R.                            V:85                          
CLEMENTS, Ransom                        V:84                          
CLEMENTS, S.                            V:85                          
CLEMENTS, Sarah A.                      V:83                          
CLEMENTS, Susan W.                      V:84                          
CLEMENTS, Thos.                         IX:125                        
CLEMENTS, Vennie M.                     V:101                         
CLEMENTS, Wm. A.                        V:79                          
CLEMMENS, Thomas S.                     IX:125                        
CLEMMONS, Jerry E.                      VI:17                         
CLEMMONS, Mae                           VI:17                         
CLEMONS, Avery B.                       X:66                          
CLEMONS, Bessie                         X:4                           
CLEMONS, Betty L.                       X:66                          
CLEMONS, Ezra S.                        X:73                          
CLEMONS, Gladys I.                      X:73                          
CLEMONS, Helen                          X:4                           
CLEMONS, Ida M.                         X:66                          
CLEMONS, John C.                        X:4                           
CLEMONS, Katy                           X:58                          
CLEMONS, La Roy M.                      X:66                          
CLEMONS, Lee D.                         X:58                          
CLEMONS, Rachel A.                      X:4                           
CLEMONS, Richard                        X:58                          
CLEMONS, Richard Jr.                    X:66                          
CLEMS, Sr. M. Veronica                  XI:34                         
CLENDENNING, C. C.                      III:47                        
CLENDENNING, J.                         III:47                        
CLENDENNING, Royal                      III:47                        
CLEVELAND, Allen J.                     V:49                          
CLEVELAND, Etta                         VI:59                         
CLEVELAND, Ruth A.                      VI:59                         
CLEVELAND, Wm.                          VI:59                         
CLEVENGER, Daniel O.                    IX:86                         
CLEVENGER, Dora F.                      IX:86                         
CLEVENGER, L. Olive                     IX:86                         
CLEVENGER, Wm. Howard                   VI:19                         
CLEVINGER, Ben. M. C.                   II:34                         
CLEVINGER, Esther                       II:34                         
CLEVINGER, Wm.                          II:34                         
CLICK, _ari_et                          IV:46                         
CLICK, Bernice                          III:79                        
CLICK, Brother                          XI:25                         
CLICK, Catherine                        IV:46                         
CLICK, Charles                          I:30                          
CLICK, Charles                          IV:46                         
CLICK, Charles                          XI:28,85                      
CLICK, Chas.                            VII:32                        
CLICK, Clara                            VII:32                        
CLICK, Fred J.                          III:75                        
CLICK, George H.                        III:79                        
CLICK, Harriet M.                       III:54                        
CLICK, John                             IV:46                         
CLICK, Jonas                            I:30                          
CLICK, Jonas                            XI:28,85                      
CLICK, Lafayette M.                     III:80                        
CLICK, Lillian A.                       III:80                        
CLICK, Mary                             XI:9                          
CLICK, Mother                           XI:25                         
CLICK, Robert L.                        III:54                        
CLICK, Sarah                            XI:9,22                       
CLICK, Sister                           XI:25(2)                      
CLICK, W.                               I:25                          
CLICK, W. Father                        XI:25                         
CLICKENGER, Albert S.                   IX:82                         
CLICKENGER, Alexander                   IX:62                         
CLICKENGER, Alice                       IX:82                         
CLICKENGER, Barbara                     IX:82                         
CLICKENGER, Charles S.                  IX:81                         
CLICKENGER, Clara                       IX:82                         
CLICKENGER, Cora E.                     IX:82                         
CLICKENGER, Earle                       IX:81                         
CLICKENGER, Emma M.                     IX:82                         
CLICKENGER, Ethel L.                    IX:82                         
CLICKENGER, Infant                      IX:81                         
CLICKENGER, J. Adolphus                 IX:82                         
CLICKENGER, Jeremiah                    IX:82                         
CLICKENGER, John B.                     IX:82                         
CLICKENGER, John W.                     IX:82                         
CLICKENGER, Laura A                     IX:82                         
CLICKENGER, Laverne M.                  IX:118                        
CLICKENGER, Louisa                      IX:81                         
CLICKENGER, Marie M.                    IX:82                         
CLICKENGER, Martha Jane                 IX:82                         
CLICKENGER, Mary Jane                   IX:62                         
CLICKENGER, Murray                      IX:82                         
CLICKENGER, Nettie Simms                IX:82                         
CLICKENGER, Roland A.                   IX:82                         
CLICKENGER, Suydam                      IX:82                         
CLICKENGER, Walter R.                   IX:118                        
CLICKINGER, Ann                         IX:50                         
CLICKINGER, Elizabeth J.                IX:50                         
CLICKINGER, Geo. W.                     IX:50                         
CLICKINGER, George                      IX:50                         
CLICKINGER, Jacob                       IX:50                         
CLICKINGER, Tunis T.                    IX:50                         
CLIFFORD, Jack                          X:25                          
CLIFFORD, John F.                       X:25                          
CLIFFORD, Mildred R.                    X:25                          
CLIFFORD, Sarah                         VIII:110                      
CLIFFORD, William                       VIII:92                       
CLIFTON, Catherine E.                   X:105                         
CLIFTON, Charles                        X:105                         
CLIFTON, Jennie Mae                     X:107                         
CLIFTON, Jno.                           X:92                          
CLIFTON, Lewis                          VII:59                        
CLIFTON, Nancy E.                       X:92                          
CLIFTON, Sarah Jane                     X:99                          
CLIFTON, Thomas                         X:99                          
CLIME, Conrad                           VIII:75                       
CLIME, Rebecca                          VIII:75                       
CLINCH, John                            XI:30,85                      
CLINCH, Rebecca                         XI:30                         
CLINE, Adeline                          VI:70                         
CLINE, Albert L.                        IX:58                         
CLINE, Charles                          VIII:87                       
CLINE, Chester Glen                     X:68                          
CLINE, Emanuel                          X:117                         
CLINE, Jacob                            VI:70                         
CLINE, John                             VII:38                        
CLINE, Jonathan                         VI:70                         
CLINE, Margaret J.                      IV:108                        
CLINE, Margaret Marie                   IX:49                         
CLINE, Randall Paul                     X:68                          
CLINE, Sarah                            VII:38                        
CLINE, Thomas A.                        IV:108                        
CLIPPER, Alan A.                        IV:79                         
CLIPSON, Ada                            III:74                        
CLIPSON, Isabelle                       III:70                        
CLIPSON, James T.                       III:74                        
CLIPSON, Thos. G.                       III:70                        
CLOSSON, Cornelius                      IX:111                        
CLOSSON, Edward P.                      IV:130                        
CLOSSON, Elizabeth                      IV:130                        
CLOSSON, Elizabeth                      IX:111                        
CLOSSON, Henry L.                       IV:47                         
CLOSSON, Mary E.                        IV:47                         
CLOSSON, Rosie                          IV:47                         
CLOTS, Barbara                          I:6                           
CLOTS, Barbara                          XI:6                          
CLOTS, Elizabeth                        I:25                          
CLOTS, Elizabeth                        I:6                           
CLOTS, Elizabeth                        XI:6,12,25                    
CLOTS, John                             I:25                          
CLOTS, John                             I:6                           
CLOTS, John                             XI:6,12,25                    
CLOTS, Joseph                           I:6                           
CLOTS, Joseph                           I:8                           
CLOTS, Joseph                           XI:5,6                        
CLOTS, Mary                             I:6                           
CLOTS, Mary                             XI:6                          
CLOTS, Sallie                           I:8                           
CLOTS, Sallie                           XI:5                          
CLOTTS, Barbara A.                      I:23                          
CLOTTS, Barbara A.                      XI:23                         
CLOTTS, Champy                          I:23                          
CLOTTS, Clampy I.                       XI:23                         
CLOTTS, Daniel                          I:23                          
CLOTTS, Daniel                          XI:23                         
CLOTTS, Edwin                           III:20                        
CLOTTS, Elizabeth J.                    I:24                          
CLOTTS, Elizabeth J.                    XI:23                         
CLOTTS, Flora                           III:24                        
CLOTTS, Jessie Murphy                   XI:29                         
CLOTTS, Joseph                          I:24                          
CLOTTS, Joseph                          XI:23                         
CLOTTS, Katie                           III:24                        
CLOTTS, Malinda M.                      XI:23                         
CLOTTS, Wm.                             III:24                        
CLOUD, C.                               I:10                          
CLOUD, C.                               XI:8                          
CLOUD, Leo F.                           VIII:52                       
CLOUD, Louella L.                       VIII:52                       
CLOUD, Martha J.                        VIII:52                       
CLOUD, Mary Elizabeth Hol               IX:25                         
CLOUD, Milon N.                         I:10                          
CLOUD, Milton M.                        XI:8                          
CLOUD, Nellie M.                        IX:25                         
CLOUD, Nolan 0.                         IX:25                         
CLOUD, R. W.                            I:10                          
CLOUD, R.W.                             XI:8                          
CLOUD, Thurman P.                       IX:25                         
CLOUSE, A.                              I:5                           
CLOUSE, Absalom                         IV:1                          
CLOUSE, Adam                            I:5                           
CLOUSE, Adam                            XI:4                          
CLOUSE, Carl D.                         IV:31                         
CLOUSE, Catharine                       IV:2                          
CLOUSE, Catherine                       I:30                          
CLOUSE, Catherine                       III:11                        
CLOUSE, Catherine                       XI:28                         
CLOUSE, Charles                         IV:10                         
CLOUSE, Charles E.                      IV:26                         
CLOUSE, Clyde G.                        IV:33                         
CLOUSE, Cora B.                         I:16                          
CLOUSE, Cora B.                         XI:18                         
CLOUSE, Cora S.                         IV:10                         
CLOUSE, Daniel                          IV:1                          
CLOUSE, David                           IV:1                          
CLOUSE, Della                           IV:10,26                      
CLOUSE, Dr. Thomas J.                   I:16                          
CLOUSE, Eldora E.                       IV:25                         
CLOUSE, Elizabeth                       IV:9                          
CLOUSE, Ella                            I:30                          
CLOUSE, Ella A.                         XI:11                         
CLOUSE, George                          IV:10                         
CLOUSE, George E.                       IV:9                          
CLOUSE, George W.                       IV:10                         
CLOUSE, Gladys M.                       IV:10                         
CLOUSE, Henry                           IV:25                         
CLOUSE, Jacob                           IV:10                         
CLOUSE, Jeremiah                        IV:10                         
CLOUSE, John                            III:11                        
CLOUSE, John                            IV:2                          
CLOUSE, John                            XI:128                        
CLOUSE, John N.                         IV:1                          
CLOUSE, John W.                         IV:10                         
CLOUSE, Judith                          IV:10                         
CLOUSE, Lafayette                       IV:9                          
CLOUSE, Loia L.                         IV:26                         
CLOUSE, Lucinda                         IV:10                         
CLOUSE, Lucy                            IV:105                        
CLOUSE, Mab G.                          IV:1                          
CLOUSE, Mae                             IV:10                         
CLOUSE, Margaret A.                     I:41                          
CLOUSE, Margaret A.                     XI:48                         
CLOUSE, Martha                          IV:10                         
CLOUSE, Mary                            IV:41                         
CLOUSE, Michael                         I:41                          
CLOUSE, Michael                         XI:48                         
CLOUSE, Mildred M.                      IV:31                         
CLOUSE, Nettie                          IV:10                         
CLOUSE, Oliver                          I:30                          
CLOUSE, Oliver                          XI:28                         
CLOUSE, S. J.                           XI:18                         
CLOUSE, Sarah                           I:5                           
CLOUSE, Sarah                           XI:4                          
CLOUSE, Stanley S.                      IV:10                         
CLOUSE, Susen                           IV:10                         
CLOUSE, Thomas J. Dr.                   XI:18                         
CLOUSE, Velma E.                        IV:10                         
CLOUSE, Willa M.                        IV:33                         
CLOVER, A.                              VII:8                         
CLOVER, Aaron                           VIII:35                       
CLOVER, Aaron                           X:92                          
CLOVER, Alice M.                        VIII:11                       
CLOVER, Annie W.                        VIII:15                       
CLOVER, Austin B.                       VIII:43                       
CLOVER, Austin B.                       XI:151                        
CLOVER, Bertha                          VIII:35                       
CLOVER, Bessie                          VIII:35                       
CLOVER, Blanche                         VII:26                        
CLOVER, Caroline                        VIII:8                        
CLOVER, Carrie C.                       VIII:42                       
CLOVER, Carrie C.C.                     XI:150                        
CLOVER, Catherine                       VIII:8,43                     
CLOVER, Catherine                       XI:151(2)                     
CLOVER, Charles Albert                  X:92                          
CLOVER, Charles B.                      VIII:14                       
CLOVER, Chloe                           VIII:8                        
CLOVER, Christina                       XI:151,152                    
CLOVER, Clinton                         VII:18                        
CLOVER, Cora G.                         VIII:11                       
CLOVER, Edward                          VIII:11,32                    
CLOVER, Effie                           VIII:8                        
CLOVER, Elenorah                        VIII:8                        
CLOVER, Elija                           VIII:35                       
CLOVER, Eliz.                           XI:152                        
CLOVER, Elizabeth                       VII:11                        
CLOVER, Ell---nah                       X:115                         
CLOVER, Ely G.                          VIII:8                        
CLOVER, Emeret J.                       VIII:44                       
CLOVER, Emeret J.                       XI:152                        
CLOVER, Eula                            VII:58                        
CLOVER, Florance                        VII:11                        
CLOVER, Francis A.                      VIII:32                       
CLOVER, Frank                           VIII:6                        
CLOVER, Fred C.                         VIII:14                       
CLOVER, G. M.                           VIII:44                       
CLOVER, Geo. M.                         XI:152                        
CLOVER, Harvey E.                       V:12                          
CLOVER, Hattie                          VIII:35                       
CLOVER, Henry                           VIII:43,44,45                 
CLOVER, Henry                           X:92                          
CLOVER, Henry                           XI:151(2),152(2)              
CLOVER, Howard                          VII:58                        
CLOVER, J.                              VIII:43                       
CLOVER, J. B.                           VIII:4,42                     
CLOVER, J. N.                           VII:9                         
CLOVER, J.C.                            XI:150                        
CLOVER, Jacob                           VIII:43                       
CLOVER, Jacob                           XI:151                        
CLOVER, James                           VII:8,35                      
CLOVER, James W.                        VIII:14,15                    
CLOVER, Jesse S.                        VIII:13                       
CLOVER, Joshua                          VIII:43                       
CLOVER, Joshua                          XI:151(2)                     
CLOVER, Joshua B.                       XI:150                        
CLOVER, Levi                            VIII:43                       
CLOVER, Levi                            XI:151                        
CLOVER, Levin.                          VII:9                         
CLOVER, Lizzie                          VIII:15                       
CLOVER, M.                              VIII:42                       
CLOVER, Margaret                        XI:150                        
CLOVER, Margaret M.                     VIII:4                        
CLOVER, Martha                          VII:33                        
CLOVER, Martha                          VIII:44                       
CLOVER, Martha                          XI:152                        
CLOVER, Mary                            VIII:3,25,44                  
CLOVER, Mary A.                         X:92                          
CLOVER, Mary E.                         V:12                          
CLOVER, Mary J.                         XI:152                        
CLOVER, Millia                          VIII:43                       
CLOVER, Millis                          XI:151                        
CLOVER, N.                              VII:8                         
CLOVER, Nancy                           XI:152                        
CLOVER, Nancy E.                        VIII:14,35                    
CLOVER, Nathan                          VIII:8                        
CLOVER, Norah E.                        VIII:32                       
CLOVER, Orin                            VIII:8                        
CLOVER, Peter                           XI:151(2),152                 
CLOVER, Philip                          XI:152                        
CLOVER, Phillip                         VIII:42                       
CLOVER, R.                              VIII:43                       
CLOVER, Rachael                         VIII:42                       
CLOVER, Rachael                         XI:150                        
CLOVER, Rachel                          VIII:43                       
CLOVER, Rachel                          XI:151(2)                     
CLOVER, Rebecca                         VIII:8                        
CLOVER, Robert W.                       VIII:15                       
CLOVER, Russell B.                      VIII:35                       
CLOVER, s.                              VIII:44                       
CLOVER, S. M.                           VIII:44                       
CLOVER, Samuel                          VII:11                        
CLOVER, Sarah                           VII:16                        
CLOVER, Sarah                           VIII:14                       
CLOVER, Sarah M.                        XI:152                        
CLOVER, Savilla                         VIII:11                       
CLOVER, Solomon                         VIII:8,11                     
CLOVER, Susanah                         X:115                         
CLOVER, Susannah                        X:115                         
CLOVER, T. H.                           VIII:44                       
CLOVER, Theodore                        VIII:35                       
CLOVER, Thomas H.                       XI:152                        
CLOVER, William                         VIII:14,43                    
CLOVER, William                         XI:151                        
CLOVER, Willis                          VII:11,16                     
CLOVER, Zebulon                         XI:151                        
CLOVER, Zeruah                          VIII:42                       
CLOVER, Zeruah                          XI:150                        
CLOVER?, Peter                          VIII:43                       
CLYDE, Arabelle                         I:56                          
CLYDE, Arabelle                         XI:61                         
CLYDE, John                             I:56                          
CLYDE, John                             XI:61                         
CLYMER, Abraham                         IV:49                         
CLYMER, Anna                            IV:105,106                    
CLYMER, Betty                           V:55                          
CLYMER, Charles A.                      V:46                          
CLYMER, Eva F.                          IV:129                        
CLYMER, Frank D.                        IV:129                        
CLYMER, Jane                            V:82                          
CLYMER, John                            IV:49,106                     
CLYMER, John F.                         IV:20                         
CLYMER, Lucy Ann                        IV:20                         
CLYMER, M. A.                           IV:105,106                    
CLYMER, M. A.                           V:82                          
CLYMER, Mary                            IV:49,106                     
CLYMER, Mercia E.                       V:46                          
CLYMER, Susannah                        IV:106                        
CLYMER, Thuzzy                          IV:49                         
CLYMER, Willie H.                       IV:105                        
COAKLEY, John                           VIII:119                      
COAT, Elsie                             I:29                          
COATES, Harry L.                        IV:130                        
COATES, Lorene                          IV:130                        
COATS, Elizabeth                        IV:10                         
COBB, Maggie                            IX:129                        
COBB, Rose                              IX:53                         
COBBAN, Etta M.                         V:103                         
COBBAN, Franke F.                       V:103                         
COBERLY, Edward N.                      X:95                          
COBERLY, Margaret                       X:92                          
COBERLY, Margaret                       X:93                          
COBERLY, Melissa                        X:95                          
COBERLY, Sarah A.                       X:92                          
COBERLY, William                        X:93                          
COBEY, Harry                            XI:111                        
COBEY, Herbert Todd                     XI:111                        
COBEY, Minnie                           XI:111                        
COBLE, Daniel W.                        IV:118                        
COBLE, J.                               II:4                          
COBLE, Jacob                            II:1,3                        
COBLE, James H.                         II:4                          
COBLE, Jane                             II:1,4                        
COBLE, John                             II:1,4                        
COBLE, John C.                          II:4                          
COBLE, Phonie L.                        IV:118                        
COBLE, S.                               II:4                          
COCHRAN, Amos E.                        III:47                        
COCHRAN, Arthur                         VIII:52                       
COCHRAN, Catharine                      VI:71                         
COCHRAN, E. T.                          III:47                        
COCHRAN, Edward                         III:68                        
COCHRAN, Emily                          III:47                        
COCHRAN, Emily                          IX:108                        
COCHRAN, Emma E.                        XI:18                         
COCHRAN, Esther                         III:47                        
COCHRAN, Forrest H.                     VIII:26                       
COCHRAN, Francis E.                     III:47                        
COCHRAN, G.                             III:47                        
COCHRAN, Harriet                        VIII:95                       
COCHRAN, J. R.                          III:47                        
COCHRAN, John                           III:47                        
COCHRAN, John T.                        III:47                        
COCHRAN, Maggie                         III:68                        
COCHRAN, Margaret                       VI:71                         
COCHRAN, Mary                           III:47                        
COCHRAN, Nathaniel                      VI:71                         
COCHRAN, S.                             III:47                        
COCHRAN, Sarah                          VIII:26,52                    
COCHRAN, Thomas                         I:16                          
COCHRAN, Thomas                         XI:18,85                      
COCHRAN, William                        VIII:94                       
COCHRON, S.                             X:37                          
COCHRON, Sarah                          X:37                          
COCHRUN, Effe                           X:113                         
COCHRUN, Hannah J.                      VIII:36                       
COCHRUN, Harry M.                       VIII:36                       
COCHRUN, Josiah C.                      VIII:36                       
COCHRUN, Margaret                       VIII:66                       
COCHRUN, Paul E.                        VIII:50                       
COCHRUN, S.                             X:113                         
COCHRUN, Simon E.                       X:113                         
COCHRUN, Simon M. H.                    X:113                         
COCHRUN, William C.                     VIII:66                       
COCKERELL, Andrew J.                    IV:120                        
COCKERELL, Bernice                      IV:120                        
COCKRELL, Abbie E.                      IV:116                        
COCKRELL, Ada M.                        IV:116                        
COCKRELL, Mattie H.                     IV:116                        
COCKRELL, Nancy E.                      IV:116                        
COCKRELL, Otto F.                       IV:116                        
COCKRELL, W. Burr                       IV:116                        
COCKRON, Thomas                         XI:40                         
CODER, Edna M.                          VIII:39                       
CODER, Leon D.                          VIII:39                       
CODNER, Amanda S.                       II:6                          
CODNER, Andrew T.                       II:6                          
CODNER, Ann                             II:60,63                      
CODNER, Anna M.                         II:24                         
CODNER, Frank S.                        II:28                         
CODNER, Fred L.                         II:29                         
CODNER, John                            II:4                          
CODNER, Joseph P.                       II:6                          
CODNER, Mabel M.                        II:28                         
CODNER, Mamie A.                        II:29                         
CODNER, Margaret                        II:1,4                        
CODNER, Margaret Ann                    II:6                          
CODNER, Mark                            II:6                          
CODNER, Mary                            II:1,4                        
CODNER, Mary E.                         II:28                         
CODNER, Oliver                          II:1,4,60,63,68               
CODNER, Quintillis                      II:4                          
CODNER, Raymond L.                      II:29                         
CODNER, Robert                          II:1,4                        
CODNER, Robert S.                       II:24                         
CODNER, Samuel                          II:60,63                      
COE, A. T.                              VI:70
LAST    FIRST                       VOLUME:PAGE
COE, Albert A.                          V:2                           
COE, Della                              XI:44                         
COE, Della Earl                         I:36                          
COE, Don A.                             IV:77                         
COE, Earl                               I:36                          
COE, Earl G.                            III:86                        
COE, Flossie A.                         VIII:68                       
COE, George R.                          I:36                          
COE, Glenn                              IV:77                         
COE, Grace                              I:54                          
COE, Grace                              XI:44,60                      
COE, Harvey                             I:54                          
COE, Harvey                             XI:60                         
COE, Henry A.                           I:49                          
COE, Henry A.                           XI:56                         
COE, Homer                              XI:59                         
COE, Homer J.                           I:54                          
COE, Homer J.                           XI:44,59(2),60                
COE, J.                                 XI:86                         
COE, James H.                           I:54                          
COE, James H.                           XI:60                         
COE, Jane                               I:54                          
COE, Jane                               XI:60                         
COE, John W.                            VI:70                         
COE, Jonathan                           XI:56                         
COE, Jonathon                           I:49                          
COE, Lillian Mae                        I:54                          
COE, Lillian Mae                        XI:59                         
COE, Mary B.                            IV:77                         
COE, Mary E.                            I:49                          
COE, Mary E.                            XI:56                         
COE, Oma B.                             V:2                           
COE, Rebecca                            I:54                          
COE, Rebecca                            XI:60                         
COE, Vera Ione                          IV:77                         
COE, Virginia                           I:54                          
COE, Virginia                           XI:43,60                      
COE, Virginia B.                        XI:59                         
COE, William F.                         VIII:68                       
COEN, Harry C. Jr.                      IV:3                          
COEN, J. Robert                         V:1                           
COEN, J. Wallace                        V:1                           
COEN, John D.                           V:1                           
COEN, Velma I.                          V:1                           
COEN, Wanda J.                          V:1                           
COEY, Gertrude                          IX:48                         
COEY, James                             IX:63                         
COEY, M.                                IX:63                         
COEY, Mary E.                           IX:8                          
COEY, Mary M.                           IX:20                         
COEY, Philip                            IX:63                         
COEY, Roy W.                            IX:8                          
COEY, W. D.                             IX:63                         
COEY, Wm. D.                            IX:20                         
COFFEE, John                            VIII:95                       
COFFEY, Charles V.                      I:66                          
COFFEY, Charles V.                      XI:70                         
COFFEY, Eliz. Klamfoth                  IX:83                         
COFFEY, John L.                         IX:83                         
COFFEY, Nancy                           I:66                          
COFFEY, Nancy                           XI:70                         
COFFEY, Roy                             V:50                          
COFFMAN, Aurelia K.                     V:17                          
COFFMAN, Carl H.                        VI:15                         
COFFMAN, Clara M.                       VI:25                         
COFFMAN, Clark L.                       VI:50                         
COFFMAN, Fletcher                       VI:7,15                       
COFFMAN, Frank L.                       VI:15                         
COFFMAN, George W.                      VI:35                         
COFFMAN, Helen A.                       VI:50                         
COFFMAN, Henry                          VI:63                         
COFFMAN, Henry                          XI:142                        
COFFMAN, Henry C.                       VI:15                         
COFFMAN, Ida M.                         VI:15                         
COFFMAN, Laura B.                       VI:25                         
COFFMAN, Lena F.                        V:100                         
COFFMAN, Ludwick                        XI:142                        
COFFMAN, Margaret                       VI:15                         
COFFMAN, Margaret                       XI:142                        
COFFMAN, Marinda                        VI:15                         
COFFMAN, Roberta E.                     X:25                          
COFFMAN, Sarah                          VI:25                         
COFFMAN, Sarah E.                       VI:15                         
COFFMAN, Sue P.                         VI:7                          
COFFMAN, Tucker B.                      V:100                         
COFFMAN, Viola D.                       VI:15                         
COFFMAN, William                        VI:15                         
COFFMAN, Wray R.                        VI:7                          
COFFMAN, Wray W.                        VI:25                         
COGEL, Jesse                            VIII:109                      
COGHRAN, Thomas                         XI:10                         
COHAGAN, C. W.                          II:106                        
COHAGAN, Delma                          IV:69                         
COHAGAN, Geo. W.                        II:72                         
COHAGAN, Mary A.                        II:106                        
COHAGAN, Starling                       IV:69                         
COHAGEN, George W.                      III:35                        
COHAGEN, John                           III:35                        
COHAGEN, Mary J.                        III:35                        
COHAGEN, Matilda                        III:35                        
COHAN, Sr. M. Anthony                   XI:35                         
COHEN, A.                               I:94                          
COHEN, Abraham                          I:106                         
COHEN, Abraham                          XI:113                        
COHEN, Ann                              XI:89                         
COHEN, Anna                             I:86                          
COHEN, Barnett                          I:86                          
COHEN, Barnett                          XI:89                         
COHEN, Ben                              I:94                          
COHEN, Ben                              XI:98                         
COHEN, Bessie F.                        I:107                         
COHEN, Bessie F.                        XI:114                        
COHEN, David                            I:91,108                      
COHEN, David                            VIII:90                       
COHEN, David                            XI:115                        
COHEN, Dora                             I:106                         
COHEN, Dora                             XI:113                        
COHEN, Eli                              I:86                          
COHEN, Eli                              XI:89                         
COHEN, Esther                           I:98,105                      
COHEN, Esther                           XI:103,112,115                
COHEN, Eva                              I:94                          
COHEN, Eva                              XI:99                         
COHEN, Fannie                           I:97                          
COHEN, Fannie                           VIII:84                       
COHEN, Fannie                           XI:102                        
COHEN, Harry                            I:98                          
COHEN, Harry                            XI:103                        
COHEN, Hattie                           I:105                         
COHEN, Hattie                           XI:111                        
COHEN, Ida                              I:95,106                      
COHEN, Ida                              XI:100,113                    
COHEN, Infant                           XI:108                        
COHEN, Israel                           I:94,96                       
COHEN, Israel                           XI:98,101                     
COHEN, Jacob                            XI:95                         
COHEN, Joseph                           I:108                         
COHEN, Joseph                           XI:115                        
COHEN, Julia                            VIII:90                       
COHEN, Julius                           I:108                         
COHEN, Julius Harry                     XI:115                        
COHEN, Lizzie                           I:102                         
COHEN, Lizzie                           XI:108                        
COHEN, Louis                            I:102                         
COHEN, Louis                            XI:108(2)                     
COHEN, Max                              I:105,108                     
COHEN, Max                              XI:112,116                    
COHEN, Morris                           I:95,102                      
COHEN, Morris                           XI:100,108                    
COHEN, Moses                            I:89                          
COHEN, Moses                            XI:93                         
COHEN, Nathan                           I:90,106                      
COHEN, Nathan                           XI:94,113                     
COHEN, Pearl                            I:98                          
COHEN, Pearl                            XI:103                        
COHEN, Rachel Leah                      I:88                          
COHEN, Rachel Leah                      XI:92                         
COHEN, Rebecca                          I:98                          
COHEN, Rebecca                          XI:104                        
COHEN, Rose Ruth                        I:99                          
COHEN, Rose Ruth                        XI:104                        
COHEN, Sam L.                           I:93                          
COHEN, Sam L.                           XI:97                         
COHEN, Sopha                            I:94                          
COHEN, Sopha                            XI:98                         
COHEN, Tobie                            XI:112                        
COHN, Baily                             I:89                          
COHN, Baily                             XI:92                         
COHN, Ethel                             I:106                         
COHN, Ethel                             XI:113                        
COHN, Joseph                            XI:92                         
COHN, Moses                             XI:93                         
COHN, Rudolph                           I:106                         
COHN, Rudolph                           XI:113                        
COIL, Clifford C.                       VIII:21                       
COIL, E.                                IX:36                         
COIL, E. J.                             IX:36                         
COIL, Elias                             IX:36                         
COIL, Eliza J. Kemp                     IX:36                         
COIL, Maggie                            IX:36                         
COIT, E. W.                             III:47                        
COIT, Huldah                            III:47                        
COIT, Hyram J.                          III:47                        
COIT, Julia H.                          III:47                        
COKEY, Harry                            I:104                         
COKEY, Minnie                           I:104                         
COLBERT, Zilda                          III:9                         
COLBORN, Rita                           IV:28                         
COLBURN, Bert                           V:6                           
COLBURN, Edith                          V:31                          
COLBURN, Ella M.                        VIII:61                       
COLBURN, Fidelia                        VIII:61                       
COLBURN, Grace                          V:6                           
COLBURN, James F.                       V:66                          
COLBURN, James F.                       VIII:61                       
COLBURN, Marguerite                     V:99                          
COLBURN, Nannie                         V:12                          
COLBURN, Richard                        V:31                          
COLBURN, Ruth S.                        II:87                         
COLBURN, Wm.                            V:12                          
COLBURN, Wm. H.                         V:12                          
COLBY, Richard Dale                     I:63                          
COLBY, Richard Dale                     XI:67                         
COLDREN, Mary E.                        III:31                        
COLDREN, Russell M.                     III:31                        
COLE, Abram B.                          XI:149                        
COLE, Albert                            VIII:116                      
COLE, Alva B.                           VI:70                         
COLE, Arminta                           II:35                         
COLE, Athaliah                          IX:113                        
COLE, Bessie M.                         V:11                          
COLE, Broad                             II:35                         
COLE, C.                                IV:1                          
COLE, C. S.                             IV:1                          
COLE, Carolina                          VI:40                         
COLE, Caroline W.                       VIII:7                        
COLE, Catherine                         VI:34                         
COLE, Charles M.                        IV:13                         
COLE, Clyde L.                          VIII:69                       
COLE, Cora McDaniel                     IX:86                         
COLE, D.B.                              XI:149                        
COLE, Daniel                            II:47                         
COLE, Dora                              VI:61                         
COLE, Edward                            IV:13                         
COLE, Eliza J.                          II:89                         
COLE, Elizabeth.                        V:2                           
COLE, Elsie May                         III:25                        
COLE, Eva M.                            V:2                           
COLE, F.                                IV:1                          
COLE, F.                                VIII:7                        
COLE, Florence                          IV:13                         
COLE, Frank B.                          V:2                           
COLE, Frank E. II                       X:61                          
COLE, Frederick                         IV:13                         
COLE, George                            III:25                        
COLE, George C.                         VI:40                         
COLE, H. M.                             VI:70                         
COLE, Hazel                             III:29                        
COLE, Homer Lynn                        V:2                           
COLE, Jack A.                           X:24                          
COLE, James                             IV:1                          
COLE, Joshua                            VIII:43                       
COLE, Katharine                         IV:23                         
COLE, Kenneth W.                        IV:77                         
COLE, Leor                              VI:34                         
COLE, Lloyd                             V:2                           
COLE, Ludesta                           III:25                        
COLE, M.                                XI:149                        
COLE, Major                             II:47                         
COLE, Margaret                          VIII:43                       
COLE, Maria                             IV:1                          
COLE, Marie                             II:89                         
COLE, Martha                            IV:13                         
COLE, Mary                              II:35                         
COLE, Mary E.                           IV:77                         
COLE, Olive C.                          IV:4                          
COLE, Oscar E.                          IV:4                          
COLE, Otto                              III:25                        
COLE, Paul A.                           V:11                          
COLE, Peggy                             IV:80                         
COLE, Peter W.                          IV:1                          
COLE, Polly                             II:35                         
COLE, Rebecca                           VIII:7,21                     
COLE, Rose Ann                          VIII:43                       
COLE, Rose Ann                          XI:151                        
COLE, Ruthy                             II:47                         
COLE, Sarah                             IV:1                          
COLE, Sarah                             V:76                          
COLE, Shadrach                          II:35                         
COLE, Sylvia M.                         VIII:69                       
COLE, Wesley                            II:35                         
COLE, William D.                        VI:70                         
COLE, William E.                        IV:1                          
COLE, William H.                        II:72,89                      
COLE, William H.                        IV:1                          
COLEBECK, Fannie                        I:23                          
COLEBECK, Fannie                        XI:23                         
COLEBECK, Hattie                        I:23                          
COLEBECK, Hattie L.                     XI:23                         
COLEBECK, Lucinda                       I:23                          
COLEBECK, Lucinda                       XI:23                         
COLEBECK, Thomas                        I:23                          
COLEBECK, Thomas                        XI:23                         
COLEBECK, William                       I:23                          
COLEBECK, William                       XI:23                         
COLEGROVE, Alvin W.                     IV:67                         
COLEMAN, Anthony                        IX:56                         
COLEMAN, Brandon C.                     IV:58                         
COLEMAN, Buss                           VIII:108                      
COLEMAN, Charles                        V:64                          
COLEMAN, Dorothy                        II:42                         
COLEMAN, Eliza                          V:95                          
COLEMAN, James                          V:95                          
COLEMAN, John                           II:42                         
COLEMAN, Joseph                         VIII:88,110                   
COLEMAN, Louise G.                      VI:8                          
COLEMAN, Mable B.                       VIII:56                       
COLEMAN, Mary                           II:42                         
COLEMAN, Mary                           V:95                          
COLEMAN, Mary                           VII:49                        
COLEMAN, Patrick                        VIII:105                      
COLEMAN, Philip J.                      IX:94                         
COLEMAN, Robert                         IX:14                         
COLEMAN, Sr. M. Irene                   XI:35                         
COLEMAN, Theresa                        IX:94                         
COLEMAN, William J.                     VIII:56                       
COLEMAN, Zora L.                        V:64                          
COLES, John A.                          I:81                          
COLES, John A.                          XI:81                         
COLES, Lela M.                          I:81                          
COLES, Lela M.                          XI:81                         
COLFLESH, Alta M.                       V:3                           
COLFLESH, Betty                         V:3                           
COLFLESH, Charles H.                    V:3                           
COLFLESH, Gene                          V:3                           
COLFLESH, Homer                         VII:75                        
COLFLESH, Jean R.                       V:6                           
COLFLESH, Robert H.                     V:6                           
COLFLESH, Sarah                         VII:75                        
COLIN, Mary L.                          II:26                         
COLLET, Charles E.                      V:44                          
COLLET, Jennie M.                       V:44                          
COLLEY, Armintha C.                     V:9                           
COLLEY, Barbara                         V:105                         
COLLEY, Betty J.                        VIII:20                       
COLLEY, Carolyn M.                      V:63                          
COLLEY, Cleo                            VIII:20                       
COLLEY, Frank J.                        V:63                          
COLLEY, Irving E.                       V:9                           
COLLEY, John                            VIII:20                       
COLLIER, B. F.                          X:103                         
COLLIER, Charlotte B.                   V:52                          
COLLIER, Dan C.                         IV:89                         
COLLIER, Eloise V.                      IV:89                         
COLLIER, George                         V:52                          
COLLIER, Grace                          V:52                          
COLLIER, James                          III:47                        
COLLIER, John L.                        V:52                          
COLLIER, Nancy                          IX:95                         
COLLIER, R. B.                          V:52                          
COLLIER, Ransom B.                      V:52                          
COLLIER, Susan M.                       V:52                          
COLLIER, Wm.                            III:47                        
COLLINS, A. M.                          IV:108                        
COLLINS, Alice                          V:45                          
COLLINS, Baby                           XI:84                         
COLLINS, Barbara                        V:50                          
COLLINS, Charles                        VIII:25                       
COLLINS, Charles B.                     IV:122                        
COLLINS, Charles E.                     V:82                          
COLLINS, Charles H.                     X:69                          
COLLINS, Clara S.                       I:84                          
COLLINS, Clara S.                       XI:84                         
COLLINS, Clayton                        VI:31                         
COLLINS, Edith K.                       V:45                          
COLLINS, Elizabeth                      V:45                          
COLLINS, Ellen                          V:45                          
COLLINS, Ellis                          X:107                         
COLLINS, Ernest                         X:104                         
COLLINS, Etta J.                        IV:122                        
COLLINS, Eva                            X:104                         
COLLINS, Eveline E.                     IV:1                          
COLLINS, F. Louise                      V:39                          
COLLINS, Frances C.                     X:107                         
COLLINS, Frank                          VII:31                        
COLLINS, G.                             VI:31                         
COLLINS, George H.                      V:45                          
COLLINS, George V.                      I:84                          
COLLINS, George V.                      XI:84                         
COLLINS, George W.                      VI:31                         
COLLINS, Hattie J.                      VIII:54                       
COLLINS, Helen                          V:32                          
COLLINS, James                          VIII:38                       
COLLINS, James                          XI:39                         
COLLINS, James M.                       VI:49                         
COLLINS, John                           XI:137                        
COLLINS, John D.                        IV:1                          
COLLINS, John H.                        V:45                          
COLLINS, Judy                           VIII:25                       
COLLINS, Katheryn B.                    XI:58                         
COLLINS, Kathryn B.                     I:52                          
COLLINS, Leslie                         VI:31                         
COLLINS, Louise                         VIII:115                      
COLLINS, Lyda M.                        VI:49                         
COLLINS, M.                             VI:31                         
COLLINS, Margaret                       VIII:99                       
COLLINS, Mary B.                        I:79                          
COLLINS, Mary B.                        XI:80                         
COLLINS, Mary M.                        IX:106                        
COLLINS, Mildred                        VIII:25,38                    
COLLINS, Mildred M.                     V:45                          
COLLINS, Minnie                         VII:31                        
COLLINS, Nannie                         VI:31                         
COLLINS, Nora G.                        V:39                          
COLLINS, Peter T.                       X:104                         
COLLINS, Ralph                          X:23                          
COLLINS, Robert V.                      I:79                          
COLLINS, Robert V.                      XI:80                         
COLLINS, Stella                         V:45                          
COLLINS, Walter                         V:45                          
COLLINS, Walter                         VIII:118                      
COLLINS, Walter H.                      V:45                          
COLLINSON, Eva                          VII:34                        
COLLINSWORTH, Edward                    IX:9                          
COLLINSWORTH, Marie H.                  IX:9                          
COLLISON, Beal                          IX:103                        
COLLUM, E. M.                           III:35                        
COLLUM, J.                              III:35                        
COLLUM, James W.                        III:35                        
COLMAN, Albert                          II:93                         
COLMAN, Charles                         II:93                         
COLMAN, Jacob                           II:42                         
COLMAN, James                           II:94                         
COLMAN, Jesse                           II:72,93                      
COLMAN, John                            II:40,42                      
COLMAN, John L.                         II:94                         
COLMAN, Mary                            II:40,42                      
COLMAN, Sarah                           II:94                         
COLMAN, William                         II:93                         
COLMER, Wilbert E.                      V:103                         
COLQUEIT, Yearney                       VIII:82                       
COLTER, Harold R.                       VIII:15                       
COLVERT, Catherine                      VIII:106                      
COLVILL, Margaret S.                    V:61                          
COLVILL, Robert M.                      V:61                          
COLVILLE, I. B.                         IV:57                         
COLVILLE, Melinda                       IV:57                         
COLVIN, Addie F.                        VIII:59                       
COLVIN, Adonijah                        VIII:59                       
COLVIN, Almina                          VIII:59                       
COLVIN, Caroline C.                     VIII:59                       
COLVIN, Daniel                          VI:74                         
COLVIN, George                          VIII:45                       
COLVIN, Lydia                           VI:74                         
COLVIN, Mrs. M. L.                      V:95                          
COLVIN, Sarah A.                        V:21                          
COLVIN, William                         VIII:59                       
COLWELL, Jacob                          IX:114                        
COLWELL, Mary Jane Weaver               IX:114                        
COLWILL, Grace T.                       VII:8                         
COLWILL, John                           VII:8                         
COLWILL, Nancy                          XI:152                        
COLWILL, Thomas V.                      VIII:6,44                     
COLWILL, Thomas V.                      XI:152                        
COMBINE, Mabel                          IV:53                         
COMBS, Lena                             VIII:81                       
COMBS, Naomi B.                         III:95                        
COMEANS, Aaron                          X:92                          
COMEANS, David L.                       X:101                         
COMEANS, Ellen                          X:102                         
COMEANS, Elsworth                       X:92                          
COMEANS, Lelia A.                       X:101                         
COMEANS, Luvada                         X:101                         
COMEANS, Nancy A.                       X:95                          
COMEANS, R. H.                          X:101                         
COMEANS, R. H.                          X:97                          
COMEANS, Ralph                          X:101                         
COMEANS, Robert                         X:102                         
COMEANS, Rosanna                        X:102                         
COMEANS, Secratos C.                    X:95                          
COMER, Elizabeth B.                     IV:12                         
COMER, James                            VIII:113                      
COMER, John Jr.                         IV:12                         
COMER, John M.                          IV:12                         
COMER, John N.                          III:65                        
COMER, Mary L.                          III:65                        
COMERY, Thomas D.                       IV:79                         
COMMEANER, Inf Son                      X:92                          
COMMEANS, David W.                      X:95                          
COMMEANS, Janice May                    X:95                          
COMMEANS, Leonard O.                    X:95                          
COMMEANS, Mable Hays                    X:95                          
COMMEANS, Madge May                     X:95                          
COMMEANS, Ransom Otto                   X:95                          
COMMEANS, Virginia M.                   X:95                          
COMPAW, James P.                        III:24                        
COMPAW, Wilminia                        III:24                        
COMPTON, Addie                          III:33                        
COMPTON, Alice M.                       IV:5                          
COMPTON, Angela Kay                     IX:52                         
COMPTON, Bertha                         III:104                       
COMPTON, Bobby                          III:28                        
COMPTON, Charles E.                     III:108                       
COMPTON, Charley H.                     III:21                        
COMPTON, Clara A.                       III:108                       
COMPTON, Clara B.                       X:99                          
COMPTON, Clarence G.                    X:21                          
COMPTON, Donald R.                      III:74                        
COMPTON, E.                             III:41                        
COMPTON, E.                             XI:120                        
COMPTON, Esther W.                      VI:47                         
COMPTON, Ezekial                        III:21                        
COMPTON, Frank                          III:33                        
COMPTON, George                         III:10,104                    
COMPTON, Glenn H.                       III:28                        
COMPTON, Glenora E.                     II:87                         
COMPTON, Grace E.                       III:74                        
COMPTON, Grace I.                       II:87                         
COMPTON, Harvey D.                      III:65                        
COMPTON, I.E.                           XI:120                        
COMPTON, Infant                         X:99                          
COMPTON, Irvin T.                       III:21                        
COMPTON, John                           III:27,32                     
COMPTON, John                           VIII:92                       
COMPTON, L. F.                          III:41                        
COMPTON, Laura E.                       III:13                        
COMPTON, Lewis H.                       II:87                         
COMPTON, Lois E.                        III:21                        
COMPTON, Mabel                          III:10                        
COMPTON, Margaret                       X:100                         
COMPTON, Marshall                       X:100                         
COMPTON, Martha R.                      III:41                        
COMPTON, Martha R.                      XI:120                        
COMPTON, Mary                           III:7                         
COMPTON, Mary C.                        III:74                        
COMPTON, Mary E.                        III:21                        
COMPTON, Mary J.                        III:108                       
COMPTON, Monnie B.                      VI:47                         
COMPTON, Omega                          III:32                        
COMPTON, Omega M.                       III:27                        
COMPTON, Ora                            III:32                        
COMPTON, Phillip E.                     III:13                        
COMPTON, Raymond C.                     III:12                        
COMPTON, Steven B.                      V:92                          
COMPTON, Thomas                         III:108                       
COMPTON, Vera                           VI:47                         
COMPTON, Violet N.                      X:21                          
COMPTON, Walter                         X:99                          
COMPTON, Walter D.                      VI:47                         
COMPTON, Willard A.                     IV:5                          
COMPTON, William                        III:7,32                      
COMPTON, William E.                     X:99                          
COMPTON, Wm.                            X:99                          
COMPTON, Wm. H.                         III:108                       
COMSTOCK, Addie Mae                     V:31                          
COMSTOCK, Alice S.                      V:31                          
COMSTOCK, Annie B.                      V:31                          
COMSTOCK, Arthur                        V:26                          
COMSTOCK, Aytch C.                      III:88                        
COMSTOCK, Buckley                       V:88                          
COMSTOCK, Catharine E.                  V:88                          
COMSTOCK, Charlotte S.                  V:88                          
COMSTOCK, Cicero                        V:88                          
COMSTOCK, Eliz.                         V:88                          
COMSTOCK, Emmeline                      V:88                          
COMSTOCK, Eugene R.                     V:88                          
COMSTOCK, Eugene Renssellaer            XI:138                        
COMSTOCK, Frank S.                      V:31                          
COMSTOCK, H. W.                         V:27                          
COMSTOCK, Hannah                        V:88                          
COMSTOCK, Henry C.                      III:88                        
COMSTOCK, Henry W.                      V:88                          
COMSTOCK, John B.                       V:88                          
COMSTOCK, John R.                       V:69                          
COMSTOCK, Josephine                     V:88                          
COMSTOCK, Kate B.                       III:88                        
COMSTOCK, Margret                       V:88                          
COMSTOCK, Martha E.                     V:69                          
COMSTOCK, Mary                          V:27                          
COMSTOCK, Mary B.                       V:26                          
COMSTOCK, Maryan                        V:88                          
COMSTOCK, Mildred B.                    III:88                        
COMSTOCK, Mira M.                       III:88                        
COMSTOCK, Noah                          V:88                          
COMSTOCK, Rodney S.                     V:26                          
COMSTOCK, Ruggles                       V:88                          
COMSTOCK, Sophia                        V:88                          
COMSTOCK, Theodore                      V:88                          
COMSTOCK, Wertler L.                    V:88                          
CONARD, Bertha                          VIII:115                      
CONAWAY, Elizabeth                      II:99                         
CONAWAY, Michael A.                     IV:60                         
CONAWAY, Royce                          IV:60                         
CONAWAY, Sue                            IV:60                         
CONAWAY, William                        II:99                         
CONDIT, Edward G.                       III:13                        
CONDIT, Geneva M.                       III:1                         
CONDON, Effie K.                        V:76                          
CONDON, Lilla                           VIII:116                      
CONDON, Thomas A.                       V:76                          
CONDREN, H.                             VI:67                         
CONDREN, Helen                          VI:66                         
CONDREN, J.                             VI:67                         
CONDREN, John                           VI:66                         
CONDREN, Marian                         VI:67                         
CONDREN, William                        VI:66                         
CONFARE, Martha                         V:5                           
CONFARE, Raymond                        V:5                           
CONGENDEFFER, Michael                   VIII:91                       
CONGER, Abraham                         V:32                          
CONGROVE, Velma                         III:9                         
CONINE, Adelia E.                       VI:12                         
CONINE, Alice                           VI:13                         
CONINE, Evelyn H.                       VI:12                         
CONINE, Harvey E.                       VI:12                         
CONINE, Jennie R.                       VI:13                         
CONINE, Joseph E.                       VI:13                         
CONKEL, Harold R.                       VIII:26                       
CONKEY, Samuel T.                       V:88                          
CONKEY, Samuel T.                       XI:130                        
CONKILE, Gertie A.                      III:46                        
CONKILE, L.                             III:46                        
CONKILE, S.                             III:46                        
CONKLE, A.A.                            XI:121                        
CONKLE, Adam                            III:41                        
CONKLE, Charles A.                      I:27                          
CONKLE, Charles A.                      XI:26                         
CONKLE, Charles E.                      I:27                          
CONKLE, Charles E.                      XI:26                         
CONKLE, Clara                           II:80                         
CONKLE, Ethel                           I:27                          
CONKLE, Ethel                           XI:26                         
CONKLE, Frank A.                        III:20                        
CONKLE, Frank E.                        XI:121                        
CONKLE, Gertie A.                       II:80                         
CONKLE, Harry                           II:80                         
CONKLE, Henry                           III:41                        
CONKLE, James H.                        IV:44                         
CONKLE, Jennie                          I:49                          
CONKLE, Jennie                          XI:55                         
CONKLE, Lucinda                         XI:121                        
CONKLE, M. A.                           III:41                        
CONKLE, M.A.                            XI:121                        
CONKLE, Margaret J.                     I:27                          
CONKLE, Margaret J.                     XI:26                         
CONKLE, Noah S.                         II:80                         
CONKLE, Raymond S.                      I:27                          
CONKLE, Raymond S.                      XI:26                         
CONKLE, Rebecca T.                      III:41                        
CONKLE, Rebecca T.                      XI:120                        
CONKLE, Rosa L.                         III:20                        
CONKLIN, (mausoleum)                    IX:92                         
CONKLIN, Anna C.                        V:106                         
CONKLIN, Arthur P.                      X:19                          
CONKLIN, Burke A.                       V:106                         
CONKLIN, Carrie J.                      IV:86                         
CONKLIN, Chris                          VIII:97                       
CONKLIN, David                          IV:87                         
CONKLIN, Edward C.                      V:17                          
CONKLIN, George M.                      IV:104                        
CONKLIN, Glen W.                        V:17                          
CONKLIN, Goldie H.                      V:69                          
CONKLIN, Helen A.                       V:17                          
CONKLIN, J. V.                          IX:92                         
CONKLIN, Laura M.                       V:17                          
CONKLIN, Margaret                       VI:23                         
CONKLIN, Massia                         IV:104                        
CONKLIN, Mildred E.                     X:19                          
CONKLIN, Peter A.                       IV:104                        
CONKLIN, Richard                        V:106                         
CONKLIN, Sr. M. Thomas                  XI:34                         
CONKLIN, Wesley                         V:69                          
CONLEN, Ellen                           VI:75                         
CONLEN, Ellen                           XI:145                        
CONLEN, John A.                         VI:75                         
CONLEN, John A.                         XI:145                        
CONLEN, Mary E.                         VI:75                         
CONLEN, Mary E.                         XI:145                        
CONLEN, Michael                         VI:75                         
CONLEN, Michael                         XI:145                        
CONLEN, William P.                      XI:145                        
CONLEN, Wm. P.                          VI:75                         
CONLEY, Charles E.                      VIII:61                       
CONLEY, Dorothy E.                      V:60                          
CONLEY, Frances                         VIII:61                       
CONLEY, Josephine                       IX:6                          
CONLEY, Kenneth                         IX:6                          
CONLEY, Marjorie J.                     X:65                          
CONLEY, Nola                            VIII:52                       
CONLEY, Oscar                           VIII:117                      
CONLEY, Paul David                      X:65                          
CONLEY, Pearlie                         VIII:50                       
CONLEY, Ralph S.                        V:60                          
CONLEY, Robert B.                       X:65                          
CONLEY, Tracy Marg.                     V:92                          
CONLEY, Wallace                         VIII:50                       
CONN, Emaretta                          II:19                         
CONN, John                              IX:51                         
CONN, Lydia                             VI:25                         
CONN, Norma Jean                        X:27                          
CONNAL, Flora B.                        III:47                        
CONNAL, Flora Bell                      III:73                        
CONNAL, Helen                           III:47                        
CONNAL, James                           III:47,73                     
CONNAL, Rachel                          III:47,73                     
CONNEL, Andrew                          III:48                        
CONNEL, H.                              III:48                        
CONNEL, J.                              III:48                        
CONNEL, Jas.                            III:52                        
CONNELL, Albert                         III:73                        
CONNELL, Andrew                         III:73                        
CONNELL, Clara A.                       III:26                        
CONNELL, E. Marie                       III:99                        
CONNELL, Ella A.                        III:73                        
CONNELL, Ella S.                        III:73                        
CONNELL, Ernest A.                      III:26                        
CONNELL, Helen E.                       III:72                        
CONNELL, Ida J.                         III:99                        
CONNELL, James M.                       III:99                        
CONNELL, James R.                       III:72                        
CONNELL, Janet S.                       III:48                        
CONNELL, John W.                        III:73                        
CONNELL, Mabel C.                       III:91                        
CONNELL, Mattie M.                      III:73                        
CONNELL, Minnie H.                      III:73                        
CONNELL, Rachel  E.                     III:72                        
CONNELL, Ruth                           III:69                        
CONNELL, Wm.                            III:48                        
CONNELLY, Edward                        IV:51                         
CONNELLY, Edward Jr.                    XI:125                        
CONNELLY, Emeline                       IV:51                         
CONNELLY, Emeline                       XI:125                        
CONNELLY, Henry                         IV:51                         
CONNELLY, John M.                       XI:125                        
CONNELLY, Mary                          IV:51                         
CONNELLY, Mary                          XI:125                        
CONNELLY, Sr. M. Edmund                 XI:34                         
CONNELLY, Unelta                        IV:51                         
CONNELLY, Wm.                           XI:125                        
CONNER, Caraline                        VIII:86                       
CONNER, John                            II:114                        
CONNER, Mary                            II:114                        
CONNOLLY, Sr. M. Sebastian              XI:35                         
CONNOR, B. Ann                          VII:52                        
CONNOR, Jessie                          VII:52                        
CONNOR, Joseph                          VII:52                        
CONNOR, William                         VII:52                        
CONRAD, Addie B.                        V:26                          
CONRAD, Angelyn                         VII:59                        
CONRAD, Arthur P.                       II:8                          
CONRAD, Belle                           VII:6                         
CONRAD, Charles                         X:34                          
CONRAD, Christian                       IV:18                         
CONRAD, Io                              VII:6                         
CONRAD, Isiah                           VIII:42                       
CONRAD, John Wm.                        VII:6                         
CONRAD, Solomon                         XI:85                         
CONRAD, Woolery                         XI:86                         
CONRAD, Woolery W.                      I:83                          
CONRAD, Woolery W.                      XI:83                         
CONRADE, Solomon                        XI:38                         
CONRADE, Wm W.                          XI:38                         
CONROD, William                         VII:8                         
CONROY, Albert F.                       VI:48                         
CONROY, Donald E.                       VI:47                         
CONROY, Elizabeth N.                    VI:47                         
CONROY, Helen R.                        VI:48                         
CONROY, Joseph                          VIII:108                      
CONROY, Martha E.                       VI:47                         
CONROY, Merrick E.                      VI:48                         
CONROY, Robert E.                       VI:48                         
CONROY, Thomas F.                       VI:47                         
CONSER, Clayton                         VIII:21                       
CONSER, Elizabeth                       VIII:21                       
CONSIER, Augustus                       VIII:108                      
CONSIGLE, Mary                          VIII:99                       
CONVERSE, Alexander J.                  V:66                          
CONVERSE, Alice                         V:66                          
CONVERSE, Almina                        VII:12                        
CONVERSE, C. Leigh                      VII:11                        
CONVERSE, Clara R.                      V:66                          
CONVERSE, Clyde                         VII:47                        
CONVERSE, Daniel D.                     VI:72                         
CONVERSE, Demmon R.                     VI:72                         
CONVERSE, Georgia                       VII:47                        
CONVERSE, John                          VII:12                        
CONVERSE, Madell                        VII:33                        
CONVERSE, Maud E.                       II:92                         
CONVERSE, Rachel P.                     VI:72                         
CONWAY, Aaron                           VII:10                        
CONWAY, Elizabeth                       II:72                         
CONWAY, George                          VIII:104                      
CONWAY, William                         VIII:109                      
COOGLE, Jack                            VIII:97                       
COOK, ---                               IV:78                         
COOK, Abraham                           III:10                        
COOK, Aegesta                           V:16                          
COOK, Alexander                         XI:120                        
COOK, Alice                             III:10                        
COOK, Alice                             VI:10                         
COOK, Alice D.                          III:75                        
COOK, Alice G.                          III:86                        
COOK, C.                                I:1                           
COOK, C.                                XI:1(2)                       
COOK, Catharine                         IV:8                          
COOK, Charles                           IV:68                         
COOK, Charles                           VIII:86                       
COOK, Charles A. B.                     V:16                          
COOK, Charles E.                        X:61                          
COOK, Charles F.                        I:78                          
COOK, Charles F.                        XI:79                         
COOK, Cornelius                         III:41                        
COOK, Cornelius                         XI:120                        
COOK, Dania S.                          IV:77                         
COOK, Deeanna                           VII:67                        
COOK, Delila                            III:10                        
COOK, Dewitt C.                         VI:10                         
COOK, Dorothy E.                        IV:73                         
COOK, Dorthy                            IX:61                         
COOK, Edgar                             VI:10                         
COOK, Edith J.                          IV:82                         
COOK, Edw. R.                           III:84                        
COOK, Edwin R.                          III:84                        
COOK, Elizabeth                         III:7,10                      
COOK, Emerson R.                        VI:6                          
COOK, Emma G.                           V:10                          
COOK, Emyel                             III:10                        
COOK, Florence M.                       I:78                          
COOK, Florence M.                       XI:79                         
COOK, Fred A.                           V:10                          
COOK, Frederick                         VIII:92                       
COOK, G. B.                             IV:83                         
COOK, George W.                         VI:6                          
COOK, Goldie E.                         III:84                        
COOK, Hannah                            III:10                        
COOK, Harriet                           VI:10                         
COOK, Harry M.                          V:103                         
COOK, Ida M.                            III:74                        
COOK, Jacob                             IV:8                          
COOK, James E.                          VI:11                         
COOK, John                              I:1                           
COOK, John                              XI:1(2)                       
COOK, Joseph                            VIII:72                       
COOK, L. B.                             VI:10                         
COOK, Laura G.                          V:103                         
COOK, Leo                               IX:54                         
COOK, Linnie May                        X:61                          
COOK, Louis D.                          III:41                        
COOK, Louisa                            XI:120                        
COOK, Lyman B.                          VI:11                         
COOK, Lyman N.                          V:36                          
COOK, M. E.                             XI:120                        
COOK, Mabel G.                          VI:6                          
COOK, Mabell B.                         V:45                          
COOK, Mack R.                           V:45                          
COOK, Mae E.                            VI:6                          
COOK, Margaret L.                       IV:92                         
COOK, Marie L.                          V:10                          
COOK, Marilla J.                        III:7                         
COOK, Marina Jane                       III:7                         
COOK, Mary                              IX:105                        
COOK, Mary E.                           III:41                        
COOK, Matilda                           III:10                        
COOK, N.                                III:7                         
COOK, N. E.                             III:7                         
COOK, N. R.                             VI:10                         
COOK, Nancy E.                          III:7                         
COOK, Nathaniel                         III:7                         
COOK, Nettie R.                         VI:11                         
COOK, Orlie M.                          III:75                        
COOK, Rachael N.                        V:22                          
COOK, Rebecca                           VIII:72                       
COOK, Richard                           III:10,84                     
COOK, Robert M.                         III:84                        
COOK, Samuel                            I:1                           
COOK, Samuel                            XI:1                          
COOK, Sheldon                           III:41                        
COOK, Sheldon                           XI:120                        
COOK, Shirley Ann                       IX:56                         
COOK, Smith C.                          IV:83                         
COOK, Sr. Margaret Mary                 XI:34                         
COOK, Theodore N.                       V:15                          
COOK, W. M.                             III:41                        
COOK, W.M.                              XI:120                        
COOK, William                           VIII:105                      
COOK, Wm.                               III:10                        
COOKE, Caroline                         V:20,93                       
COOKE, Charlotte                        IV:1                          
COOKE, Chauncy                          V:20,93                       
COOKE, Elects                           V:15                          
COOKE, Emma                             V:26                          
COOKE, F. T.                            V:20                          
COOKE, Florence                         V:9,20                        
COOKE, Justin 0.                        V:20                          
COOKE, M. N.                            V:20                          
COOKE, Maria                            V:20                          
COOKE, Minnie                           V:9                           
COOKE, Nathan                           IV:1                          
COOKE, Peter                            V:93                          
COOKE, Richard                          V:20                          
COOKE, Theodore N.                      V:15                          
COOKE, Thomas                           V:9                           
COOKES, George                          XI:121                        
COOKES, H.                              XI:121                        
COOKES, M.                              XI:121                        
COOKS, Laura                            VI:72                         
COOKS, Rodney                           VI:72                         
COOL, F. Theodosia                      II:23                         
COOL, Stamper S.                        II:23                         
COOLEY, Calvin                          IX:92                         
COOLEY, Clinton E.                      IX:92                         
COOLEY, Fannie G.                       IX:92                         
COOLEY, Mary                            IX:92                         
COOLEY, Thomas                          IX:129                        
COOLIDGE, Cole                          IV:72                         
COOLIDGE, Elizabeth H.                  IV:72                         
COOLIDGE, Mary I.                       IV:72                         
COOMBS, Edward                          VIII:93                       
COON, Abraham                           X:84                          
COON, Charles F.                        II:6                          
COON, Charles W.                        IX:21                         
COON, Curtis L.                         VIII:11                       
COON, Edith V.                          II:6                          
COON, Edward R.                         VIII:27                       
COON, Elizabeth                         VI:1                          
COON, Elnora S.                         IX:44                         
COON, Emma                              IX:12                         
COON, Enos Cutler                       IX:12                         
COON, Florence                          IX:12                         
COON, George W.                         IX:44                         
COON, George W.                         VIII:11                       
COON, J.                                VI:1                          
COON, Mildred Irene                     IX:44                         
COON, Murrell M.                        IX:21                         
COON, Neal S.                           IX:43                         
COON, Raymond                           IX:21                         
COON, Susan V.                          IX:13                         
COON, Susie                             IX:115                        
COON, Theodore F.                       IX:13                         
COONFARE, Edna                          V:52                          
COONROD, ----                           IX:129                        
COONS, Ann G.                           III:35                        
COONS, Annis M.                         IV:41                         
COONS, Elizabeth                        IV:41                         
COONS, John                             IV:41                         
COONS, John (Maj)                       III:35                        
COONS, John Jr.                         III:57                        
COONS, Josiah                           III:35                        
COONS, Kittie L.                        III:35                        
COONS, Louisa                           III:57                        
COONS, M. A.                            III:104                       
COONS, Madison                          III:35                        
COONS, Martha E.                        III:104                       
COONS, Mary                             III:104                       
COONS, O. F.                            III:35                        
COONS, Rachel                           III:35                        
COONS, Rebecca                          IV:39,41                      
COONS, T.                               III:104                       
COONS, T. S.                            III:104                       
COONS, Thomas C.                        III:104                       
COONTZ, Clyde W. Sr.                    X:57                          
COONTZ, Clyde Wm. Jr.                   X:57                          
COONTZ, Emil W.                         IX:12                         
COONTZ, Emma                            IX:18                         
COONTZ, Guy E.                          IX:18                         
COONTZ, Osa E.                          X:57                          
COONTZ, Peter Fornoff                   X:58                          
COONTZ, Rachel L.                       X:58                          
COONTZ, Ralph Wayne                     IX:12                         
COONTZ, Sylvia E.                       IX:12                         
COONTZ, William A.                      X:58                          
COOPER, A.                              IV:96                         
COOPER, Abram                           IV:96                         
COOPER, Annie                           V:25                          
COOPER, Archibald                       III:61                        
COOPER, C.                              IV:53                         
COOPER, C. L.                           V:27                          
COOPER, Charles J.                      X:23                          
COOPER, Charles R.                      V:46                          
COOPER, Clarissa C.                     IV:96                         
COOPER, Clinton R.                      VI:44                         
COOPER, E. P.                           X:33                          
COOPER, Edna D.                         VI:27                         
COOPER, Eleanor                         IV:97                         
COOPER, Eliza E.                        IV:123                        
COOPER, Elizabeth S.                    III:61                        
COOPER, Elsie P.                        X:3                           
COOPER, Flora G.                        V:27                          
COOPER, Florence                        V:27                          
COOPER, Francis                         VIII:108                      
COOPER, Frank                           VIII:118                      
COOPER, Freeman T.                      V:1                           
COOPER, George                          VII:64                        
COOPER, George W.                       IV:97                         
COOPER, H.                              IX:87                         
COOPER, H. L.                           X:33                          
COOPER, Hannah L.                       XI:128                        
COOPER, Harold M.                       X:3                           
COOPER, Harry L.                        X:3                           
COOPER, Henry                           VIII:98                       
COOPER, Howard G.                       IV:129                        
COOPER, Inf.                            X:33                          
COOPER, Jacob                           VIII:93                       
COOPER, Jane                            IV:125                        
COOPER, John                            IV:123                        
COOPER, John                            VIII:85                       
COOPER, John A.                         IV:123                        
COOPER, John W.                         V:25                          
COOPER, Lena E.                         VI:45                         
COOPER, Lena W.                         VI:44                         
COOPER, Lester Bruce                    I:79                          
COOPER, Lester Bruce                    XI:79                         
COOPER, Louise M.                       IV:68                         
COOPER, Lucey Bell                      X:23                          
COOPER, Margaret                        V:46                          
COOPER, Margareta                       III:61                        
COOPER, Mary                            IV:97                         
COOPER, Mary                            VII:64                        
COOPER, Mary A.                         IV:123                        
COOPER, Mary E.                         IV:97                         
COOPER, Mary L.                         IV:129                        
COOPER, Melissa                         IV:123                        
COOPER, Patsy C.                        IV:123                        
COOPER, Phebe                           IV:53                         
COOPER, Phebe                           XI:128                        
COOPER, Polly                           IV:123                        
COOPER, Polly C.                        IV:123                        
COOPER, Sarah A.                        IV:96                         
COOPER, Sarah E.                        IX:87                         
COOPER, Sarah H.                        IV:129                        
COOPER, Victoria C.                     IV:96                         
COOPER, Victory V.                      IV:53                         
COOPER, Virginia D.                     IV:42                         
COOPER, William                         IV:123                        
COOPER, Wm.                             IV:53                         
COOPER, Wm.                             XI:128                        
COOPER, Wm. Calvin                      IV:97                         
COOPERIDER, Carl C.                     IX:89                         
COOPERIDER, Irma                        IX:89                         
COOPERRIDER, Donald E.                  IV:10                         
COOPERRIDER, Grace J.                   IV:10                         
COOPERRIDER, Guss E.                    IV:10                         
COOPERRIDER, Ruth                       IV:10                         
COOPERSMITH, Jacob                      I:107                         
COOPERSMITH, Jacob                      XI:114                        
COOPERSMITH, Sarah                      I:107                         
COOPERSMITH, Sarah                      XI:114                        
COOT ----                               I:29                          
COOT(COAT), Elsie                       XI:28                         
COPAS, Charles C.                       IX:6                          
COPAS, Edith                            VIII:38                       
COPAS, Frank                            VIII:38                       
COPAS, Kathryn I.                       IX:6                          
COPE, Martha                            IX:58                         
COPELAND, Alvin G.                      VIII:57                       
COPELAND, Anna B.                       IV:117                        
COPELAND, Benjamin                      X:88                          
COPELAND, Harriet E.                    IV:112                        
COPELAND, Mary                          X:88                          
COPELAND, Mary E.                       VIII:57                       
COPELAND, Richard                       IX:98                         
COPELAND, Sarah E.                      IX:98                         
COPENHAVER, Clara Pauline               X:13                          
COPENHAVER, Howard Edward               X:13                          
COPENHAVER, Ralph Leon                  X:13                          
COPENHAVER, Roma                        X:14                          
COPENHAVER, Sallie P.                   X:14                          
COPLEY, Florence                        I:67                          
COPLEY, Florence                        XI:71                         
COPLEY, Harold L.                       X:63                          
COPLEY, Ruby V.                         X:64                          
COPLEY, Ruth L.                         X:63                          
COPPEDGE, Charles D.                    IV:86                         
COPPEDGE, Cyrus                         IV:86                         
COPPEDGE, Sarah                         IV:86                         
COPPEL, Edna H.                         III:65                        
COPPEL, John E.                         III:65                        
CORBETT, Sr. M. Angelica                XI:36                         
CORBIN, Albert                          VI:28                         
CORBIN, Amanda                          VI:28,56                      
CORBIN, Ann                             VI:63                         
CORBIN, Ann                             XI:14                         
CORBIN, Anna                            VI:11,58                      
CORBIN, Anna M.                         VII:6                         
CORBIN, B. F.                           VII:6                         
CORBIN, Benigna                         VI:40                         
CORBIN, Bertha E.                       V:41                          
CORBIN, Calvin                          VI:40                         
CORBIN, Catherine                       XI:129                        
CORBIN, Charles W.                      VI:31,40                      
CORBIN, Chas. J.                        VI:28                         
CORBIN, Clifford                        VII:75                        
CORBIN, Cornelia                        V:74                          
CORBIN, Dillie M.                       VI:26                         
CORBIN, Edith L.                        V:74                          
CORBIN, Ellen                           VII:13                        
CORBIN, Elva                            VII:39                        
CORBIN, Fannie                          VII:75                        
CORBIN, Florence L.                     VI:45                         
CORBIN, Frank                           V:74                          
CORBIN, George                          VII:13                        
CORBIN, George W.                       VI:31                         
CORBIN, Harry D.                        VI:28                         
CORBIN, J. W.                           VI:11                         
CORBIN, Jessie                          VII:36                        
CORBIN, John                            XI:140                        
CORBIN, John H.                         VI:4                          
CORBIN, John I.                         VI:31                         
CORBIN, Lafayette                       VII:39                        
CORBIN, Leonard A.                      VI:45                         
CORBIN, Lizzie M.                       VI:31                         
CORBIN, Margaret                        VI:28                         
CORBIN, Margret                         VI:31                         
CORBIN, Marion                          VI:11                         
CORBIN, Mary                            VI:28                         
CORBIN, Mildred                         VII:39                        
CORBIN, Millard                         VI:28                         
CORBIN, Naomi                           VI:40                         
CORBIN, Nettie                          VI:28                         
CORBIN, Newton                          VI:11                         
CORBIN, Norris                          VI:28                         
CORBIN, O. S.                           VI:11                         
CORBIN, Owen                            VI:11                         
CORBIN, S. A.                           VI:11                         
CORBIN, S. C.                           VII:6                         
CORBIN, Sally                           VI:46                         
CORBIN, Samuel G.                       V:74                          
CORBIN, Sarah E.                        VI:4                          
CORBIN, Simon D.                        VI:28                         
CORBIN, Thomas W.                       V:74                          
CORBIN, Vinton                          VI:28                         
CORBIN, W. T.                           VI:63                         
CORBIN, W.T.                            XI:140                        
CORBIN, Washington                      VI:10                         
CORBIN, William C.                      V:41                          
CORBIN, Wm. T.                          VI:11                         
CORCORAN, Eugenia A.                    V:42                          
CORDEL, Green                           IX:129                        
CORDELL, ----                           IX:129                        
CORDELL, Anna B.                        VIII:70                       
CORDELL, Buck                           IX:63                         
CORDELL, Charlotte Marie                IX:55                         
CORDELL, Ewa J.                         IX:97                         
CORDELL, Hubbard                        IX:124                        
CORDELL, James T.                       IX:95                         
CORDELL, Jennie M.                      VIII:30                       
CORDELL, John M.                        IX:97                         
CORDELL, Mable E.                       IX:124                        
CORDELL, Mattie M.                      IX:53                         
CORDELL, May                            IX:63                         
CORDELL, Monroe                         VIII:68                       
CORDELL, Nina A.                        VIII:30                       
CORDELL, Oscar                          VIII:70                       
CORDELL, Oscar D.                       IX:53                         
CORDELL, Robert E.                      VIII:70                       
CORDELL, Turner A.                      VIII:30                       
CORDER, Alex                            VIII:111                      
CORDIN, Mildred                         VI:20                         
CORDLE, Alice J.                        VIII:28                       
CORDLE, Arthur                          VIII:28                       
CORDLE, Aught                           VIII:3                        
CORDLE, Edith                           IX:62                         
CORDLE, Eliza C.                        VIII:28                       
CORDLE, Jennings                        VIII:3                        
CORDLE, Jerry B.                        IX:61                         
CORDLE, Norma E.                        VIII:3                        
CORDLE, Shannon L.                      VIII:3                        
CORDLE, Sirens                          IX:61                         
CORDLE, Stella                          VIII:3                        
CORE, Lydia                             VIII:43                       
CORFEE, Donald W.                       IX:103                        
CORFEE, George H.                       IX:103                        
CORFEE, Hilda Berneice                  IX:103                        
CORFINE, Arthur                         I:102                         
CORKWELL, Arthur H.                     X:14                          
CORKWELL, Denver A.                     X:72                          
CORKWELL, Helen M.                      X:72                          
CORKWELL, Minnie M.                     X:14                          
CORNARD, Libbie M.                      XI:49                         
CORNELL, Alice S.                       III:24                        
CORNELL, Amelia                         III:24                        
CORNELL, Angeline                       IV:84                         
CORNELL, Bertie                         VII:39                        
CORNELL, Blanche                        IV:108                        
CORNELL, Charles J.                     III:25,26                     
CORNELL, Cora E.                        III:104                       
CORNELL, Dale R.                        III:30                        
CORNELL, Edythe                         III:25                        
CORNELL, Elias                          IV:84                         
CORNELL, Eliza A.                       IV:84                         
CORNELL, Frank H.                       IV:93                         
CORNELL, Frank L.                       III:24                        
CORNELL, Harry                          IV:97                         
CORNELL, J. E.                          IV:97                         
CORNELL, J. W.                          III:35                        
CORNELL, John B.                        IV:97                         
CORNELL, John W.                        III:104                       
CORNELL, Kenneth L.                     IV:97                         
CORNELL, L. L.                          IV:97                         
CORNELL, Lanetta K.                     IV:93                         
CORNELL, Lillian M.                     III:30                        
CORNELL, Lucinda L.                     IV:97                         
CORNELL, M. U.                          III:35                        
CORNELL, Margery                        III:104                       
CORNELL, Mattie B.                      III:25,26                     
CORNELL, Merriss                        IV:97                         
CORNELL, Minnie M.                      V:23                          
CORNELL, Otto B.                        IV:97                         
CORNELL, Permelia                       III:35                        
CORNELL, Rose S.                        IV:97                         
CORNELL, Royal                          IV:97                         
CORNELL, William                        III:35,105                    
CORNELL, Wm. A.                         III:104                       
CORNER, Eva                             IV:27                         
CORNER, Newell D.                       IV:27                         
CORNETTS, Jack B.                       V:79                          
CORNFIELD, Virginia E.                  IX:86                         
CORNS, ----                             IX:130                        
CORNWALL, Hoyt                          I:67                          
CORNWALL, Myrtle                        I:67                          
CORNWELL, Arthur C.                     I:64                          
CORNWELL, Arthur C.                     XI:68                         
CORNWELL, Ella                          I:64                          
CORNWELL, Ella                          XI:68                         
CORNWELL, Horatio                       I:54                          
CORNWELL, Horatio                       XI:60                         
CORNWELL, Hoyt                          XI:71                         
CORNWELL, Lulu                          I:54                          
CORNWELL, Lulu                          XI:60                         
CORNWELL, Myrtle                        XI:71                         
CORR---, Amanda M.                      IX:107                        
CORR---, John                           IX:107                        
CORR---, Rachel                         IX:107                        
CORRIGAN, Charles                       V:99                          
CORRIGAN, Dora                          V:99                          
CORRY, ___ son of J & L                 X:83                          
CORRY, Catharine                        X:83                          
CORRY, G. E.                            X:83                          
CORRY, James                            X:83                          
CORRY, James H.                         X:65                          
CORRY, Lucy A.                          X:83                          
CORRY, Luemma                           X:83                          
CORRY, Norma J.                         X:65                          
CORRY, Owen T.                          X:83                          
CORRY, Virginia C.                      X:83                          
CORTRIGHT, John                         II:11                         
CORTRIGHT, Mary                         II:11                         
CORTRIGHT, Palmyra                      II:11                         
CORTRIGHT, Rebecca                      II:11                         
CORTRIGHT, Sarah                        II:11                         
CORTS, Bunk                             IX:129                        
CORTS, Dick                             IX:129                        
CORWIN, Charles                         VIII:99                       
CORWIN, Flora                           VII:63                        
CORWIN, Marion                          II:103                        
CORWIN, Robert F.                       II:103                        
CORZILIUS, Elizabeth                    X:7                           
CORZILIUS, Ella Louise                  I:57                          
CORZILIUS, Ella Louise                  XI:62                         
CORZILIUS, Jay William                  X:7                           
CORZILIUS, Oscar                        I:57                          
CORZILIUS, Oscar                        XI:62                         
COSGRAY, Adelbert                       VI:30                         
COSGRAY, Amines                         VI:49                         
COSGRAY, Barnet                         VI:29                         
COSGRAY, Barnett J.                     VI:29                         
COSGRAY, Benjamine                      VI:23                         
COSGRAY, Betsy                          VI:5                          
COSGRAY, Carrie                         VI:23                         
COSGRAY, Cassie E.                      VI:23                         
COSGRAY, Elizabeth                      VI:27,29,34                   
COSGRAY, Estelle E.                     VI:5                          
COSGRAY, Ethel M.                       VI:30                         
COSGRAY, Flora M.                       VI:49                         
COSGRAY, George Jr.                     VI:34                         
COSGRAY, George W.                      VI:26                         
COSGRAY, Grover B.                      VI:23                         
COSGRAY, Janet                          VI:23                         
COSGRAY, Jeremiah                       VI:30                         
COSGRAY, John A.                        VI:5                          
COSGRAY, John G.                        VI:26                         
COSGRAY, John K.                        VI:30                         
COSGRAY, Joseph                         VI:27,29                      
COSGRAY, Leonard                        VI:55                         
COSGRAY, Lucy                           VI:55                         
COSGRAY, Mary                           VI:30                         
COSGRAY, Mattie M.                      VI:26                         
COSGRAY, Maude M.                       VI:55                         
COSGRAY, Moses                          VI:23                         
COSGRAY, Nora L.                        VI:23                         
COSGRAY, Oliver                         VI:55                         
COSGRAY, Sarah                          VI:29                         
COSGRAY, Susannah                       VI:30                         
COSGRAY, William                        VI:49                         
COSGRAY, Wm. H.                         VI:34                         
COSIBOOM, Jennie                        X:104                         
COSIBOOM, William                       X:104                         
COSLETT, Elizabeth M.                   I:60                          
COSLETT, Elizabeth M.                   XI:65                         
COSLETT, Norman R.                      I:60                          
COSLETT, Norman R.                      XI:65                         
COSMA, Joseph                           VIII:111                      
COSNER, Cora                            IX:114                        
COSNER, Frank                           IX:114                        
COSNER, Virginia                        IX:128                        
COSS, Alan B.                           VIII:41                       
COSS, Kathryn A.                        VIII:41                       
COSS, Sanford                           VIII:112                      
COSS, William                           VIII:111                      
COSSIN, Arthur W.                       IX:58                         
COSSIN, Clarence W.                     IX:70                         
COSSIN, Hersel                          IX:71                         
COSSIN, William A.                      IX:71                         
COST, Sr. M. Leona                      XI:36                         
COSTLOW, Albert C.                      IX:100                        
COSTLOW, George, Jr.                    IX:100                        
COSTLOW, Helen                          IX:120                        
COSTLOW, Luther                         IX:120                        
COSTLOW, Maggie A.                      IX:100                        
COSTLOW, Raymond                        IX:120                        
COTE, Adelard J.                        VIII:19                       
COTE, Gladys P.                         VIII:19                       
COTE, Patricia M.                       VIII:19                       
COTT, Elizabeth H.                      V:63                          
COTT, Emerson R.                        V:63                          
COTT, Florence V.                       V:64                          
COTT, Marilyn G.                        V:64                          
COTT, Mary E.                           V:63                          
COTT, Thomas                            V:64                          
COTTINGHAM, Harold C.                   III:88                        
COTTINGHAM, Mary E.                     III:8                         
COTTINGHAM, Sr. Philomena               XI:34                         
COTTON, Frances J.                      X:68                          
COTTON, Roy E.                          X:68                          
COTTRILL, Martha                        IX:7                          
COTTRILL, Sarah E.                      IX:105                        
COUCH, Elizabeth                        X:116                         
COUCH, Jane E.                          X:116                         
COUCH, Lewis K.                         X:116                         
COUCH, Priscilla                        V:15                          
COUCH, Rebecca A.                       X:116                         
COUGHLIN, John F.                       V:2                           
COULSON, Pearl Y.                       III:8                         
COULTER, Isaac                          VIII:93                       
COULTER, Joseph                         VII:71                        
COULTER, Mary                           VIII:15                       
COULTER, Peter                          X:48                          
COULTER, Samuel H.                      VIII:15                       
COULTER, Sarah                          VII:71                        
COUNKLE, Wm. Henry                      II:70                         
COURCEY, Ida                            VII:57                        
COURT, John                             VIII:102                      
COURT, Juliaett                         III:9                         
COURT, Nathan R.                        II:100                        
COURTLAND ----                          I:43                          
COURTLAND, -----                        XI:50                         
COURTNEY, Catherine                     VIII:94                       
COURTNEY, Vincent T.                    X:94                          
COURTRIGHT, Arilla                      VIII:64                       
COURTRIGHT, Bertha M.                   VIII:64                       
COURTRIGHT, Carolyn J. Speakman         X:80                          
COURTRIGHT, Edith J.                    X:106                         
COURTRIGHT, Edward                      VIII:62                       
COURTRIGHT, Elizabeth                   II:41                         
COURTRIGHT, Emma E.                     VIII:64                       
COURTRIGHT, Esther                      II:60,63                      
COURTRIGHT, Florence                    VIII:62                       
COURTRIGHT, George F.                   X:106                         
COURTRIGHT, George V.                   VIII:64                       
COURTRIGHT, Grace                       II:84                         
COURTRIGHT, Guy E.                      VIII:64                       
COURTRIGHT, H. C.                       II:84                         
COURTRIGHT, Hannah T.                   II:87                         
COURTRIGHT, Ira L.                      III:46                        
COURTRIGHT, Jennie                      VIII:64                       
COURTRIGHT, Jessie                      VIII:64                       
COURTRIGHT, John                        II:41,60,63                   
COURTRIGHT, John E.                     VIII:64                       
COURTRIGHT, Larry James                 X:80                          
COURTRIGHT, Leona                       VIII:64                       
COURTRIGHT, Lillian                     VIII:62                       
COURTRIGHT, M. J.                       II:84                         
COURTRIGHT, Margaret                    II:41                         
COURTRIGHT, Martha                      VIII:64                       
COURTRIGHT, Mary                        VIII:62                       
COURTRIGHT, Melinda                     III:4                         
COURTRIGHT, Milton                      VIII:64                       
COURTRIGHT, Newton                      VIII:64                       
COURTRIGHT, Pearl                       II:84                         
COURTRIGHT, Richard                     II:11                         
COURTRIGHT, Samuel                      VIII:64                       
COURTS, Fannie                          IX:47                         
COURTS, John                            IX:47                         
COURTS, Patricia Ann                    IX:49                         
COUSINEAU, Eloise H.                    V:72                          
COUSINEAU, Louis R.                     V:72                          
COVE, Clara                             VI:46                         
COVEL, Aaron H.                         I:99                          
COVEL, Aaron H.                         XI:105                        
COVEL, Rose Celia                       I:99                          
COVEL, Rose Celia                       XI:105                        
COVERDALE, Anzie W.                     I:37                          
COVERDALE, Anzie W.                     XI:44                         
COVERDALE, Earl J.                      IX:92                         
COVERDALE, Edward R.                    IX:62                         
COVERDALE, Glenn E.                     IX:63                         
COVERDALE, Ida                          IX:61                         
COVERDALE, Leroy                        I:37                          
COVERDALE, Leroy                        XI:44                         
COVERDALE, Lily Belle                   IX:92                         
COVERDALE, Sarah J.                     IX:92                         
COVERDALE, Wm.                          IX:61                         
COVERT-PIERSON, Mary                    III:10                        
COVERT, Elizabeth                       VI:39                         
COVERT, Elizabeth                       X:113                         
COVERT, Ephraem                         X:112                         
COVERT, S. H.                           X:113                         
COVERT, Salvanius                       VI:39                         
COVERT, Saml. H.                        X:113                         
COVINGTON, Anna                         VIII:100                      
COW, Rachel Caroline                    IX:55                         
COWAN, Anna                             I:96                          
COWAN, Anna                             XI:100                        
COWAN, George                           V:87                          
COWAN, Lulu                             VIII:102                      
COWAN, Thomas                           II:100                        
COWDEN, A. S. (Dr)                      III:48                        
COWDEN, David                           II:68                         
COWDEN, Margaret C.                     II:68                         
COWDEN, Margaret J.                     III:4                         
COWDEN, William                         II:68                         
COWGILL, Bob                            X:25                          
COWGILL, Elizabeth M.                   VIII:5                        
COWGILL, Gladys G.                      VIII:5                        
COWGILL, Glenn                          X:25                          
COWGILL, Harry                          X:25                          
COWGILL, Harvey W.                      VIII:5                        
COWGILL, Jim                            X:25                          
COWGILL, Larry M.                       VIII:6                        
COWGILL, Phil                           X:25                          
COWLES, Gertrude                        V:89                          
COWLES, Granville                       V:89                          
COWLES, Havens                          V:89                          
COWLES, Hector K.                       V:89                          
COWLES, James W.                        V:89                          
COWLES, Laura K.                        V:89                          
COWLES, Mary A.                         V:89                          
COWLES, Mary H.                         V:90                          
COWLES, Rensselaer                      V:89                          
COWLES, Rensselaer W.                   XI:135                        
COWLES, Whitfield                       V:90                          
COWLES, Whiting D.                      V:89                          
COX, "Babies"                           X:57                          
COX, Addie M.                           X:57                          
COX, Ansel                              VII:13                        
COX, Arminda                            IV:101                        
COX, Caleb                              II:10                         
COX, Catherine                          VIII:22                       
COX, Catherine M.                       III:81                        
COX, Charles D.                         I:67                          
COX, Charles V.                         VI:37                         
COX, Chester D.                         XI:71                         
COX, Cynthia S.                         IX:56                         
COX, David                              VII:35                        
COX, David B.                           IV:101                        
COX, Dorothy P.                         X:66                          
COX, Edith E.                           VI:37                         
COX, Edna                               IX:55                         
COX, Edward M.                          X:66                          
COX, Effie                              VIII:35                       
COX, Elden 0.                           VIII:11                       
COX, Elmer                              II:10                         
COX, Elmer W.                           VIII:40                       
COX, Elzie C.                           VIII:25                       
COX, Etta                               VIII:32                       
COX, Frances M.                         VIII:40                       
COX, Franklin                           VIII:11                       
COX, Howard                             IX:55                         
COX, Hugh                               VIII:22                       
COX, Ida                                VII:33                        
COX, Jacob                              IV:68                         
COX, Joey                               IX:55                         
COX, John                               II:10                         
COX, John T.                            IX:54                         
COX, John W.                            X:57                          
COX, Joseph M.                          VIII:29                       
COX, Joseph R.                          X:66                          
COX, June                               VII:35                        
COX, Laura L.                           VIII:11                       
COX, Long.                              VIII:29                       
COX, Lucy M.                            VI:9                          
COX, Mahlon                             VII:33                        
COX, Mary                               VII:13                        
COX, Mary                               VIII:35                       
COX, Mary A.                            IX:54                         
COX, Melvin W.                          VI:9                          
COX, Oliver                             VIII:32                       
COX, Rosa                               VII:35                        
COX, Ruth V.                            III:9                         
COX, Sara V.                            V:79                          
COX, Sarah                              II:10                         
COX, Susie                              IX:65                         
COX, Virgil A.                          IX:103                        
COX, William                            VIII:22,35                    
COX, Wm.                                II:10                         
COX, Wm. R.                             II:10                         
COY, Andrew                             V:7                           
COY, Eileen                             IX:61                         
COY, Emma L.                            V:55                          
COY, Felicie                            V:7                           
COY, Guy Maxwell                        IX:117                        
COY, Helen F.                           V:7                           
COY, Jennie                             IX:117                        
COY, Lee                                IX:60                         
COY, Lee                                IX:61                         
COY, May                                V:55                          
COY, Viola                              IX:61                         
COY, Viola B.                           IX:60                         
COYLE, Sr. M. Adrian                    XI:36                         
COYLE, Sr. M. Bertille                  XI:36                         
COYLE, Will A.                          IV:108                        
COYNE, Jeannette                        VI:46                         
CRABB, E.                               X:37                          
CRABB, J.                               X:37                          
CRABB, Thomas F.                        X:37                          
CRABBE, Florence E.                     III:19                        
CRABBE, George R.                       III:19                        
CRABBE, Helen M.                        III:1                         
CRABBE, Ray                             VII:61                        
CRABBS, Albert W.                       II:79                         
CRABBS, Fannie                          II:86                         
CRABBS, James A.                        II:86                         
CRABBS, Mary                            II:79                         
CRABLE, Arthur                          V:33                          
CRABLE, Margaret                        V:33                          
CRABLE, Mary                            V:33                          
CRABLE, Mary E.                         V:33,98                       
CRABLE, Mary V.                         V:98                          
CRABLE, Ralph                           V:33                          
CRABTREE, Brenda Venann                 IX:58                         
CRABTREE, Carl E.                       X:80                          
CRABTREE, Charles L.                    IX:9                          
CRABTREE, Clarice M.                    X:73                          
CRABTREE, Clyde 0.                      II:7                          
CRABTREE, Clyde E.                      X:73                          
CRABTREE, Cora                          IX:9                          
CRABTREE, Delorse Jean                  IX:48                         
CRABTREE, Donald L.                     IX:58                         
CRABTREE, Ethel H.                      IX:59                         
CRABTREE, George W.                     IX:59                         
CRABTREE, James                         IX:116                        
CRABTREE, Lucenda J.                    IX:58                         
CRABTREE, Mabel A.                      X:80                          
CRABTREE, Mary Ann                      IX:113                        
CRABTREE, Myrtle B.                     IX:116                        
CRABTREE, Richard                       IX:9                          
CRABTREE, Ruthie                        IX:113                        
CRABTREE, Sarah                         IX:113                        
CRABTREE, Sarah(aunt)                   IX:129                        
CRABTREE, Vent                          IX:58                         
CRADER, Brenda B.                       III:56                        
CRADER, Burl D. Jr.                     III:5                         
CRAFT, Anna                             VII:62                        
CRAFT, Clarence                         VII:62                        
CRAFT, Clarence                         VII:82                        
CRAFT, George                           VII:62                        
CRAGER, Anna                            VII:25                        
CRAGER, Annie                           VII:30                        
CRAGER, Blanche                         VII:66                        
CRAGER, Elizabeth                       VII:17                        
CRAGER, Everett                         VII:25                        
CRAGER, Howard                          VII:63                        
CRAGER, Kirk                            VII:66                        
CRAGER, Margaret                        VII:63                        
CRAGER, Nora                            VII:66                        
CRAGER, Reuben                          VII:66                        
CRAGER, Ruby                            VII:65                        
CRAGO, Anna L.                          IX:11                         
CRAGO, Jimmy                            IX:11                         
CRAGO, Lisa K.                          IX:11                         
CRAGO, Lloyd J.                         IX:11                         
CRAIG, Alexander                        IV:56                         
CRAIG, Chloie                           VII:9                         
CRAIG, Clarence D.                      VIII:21                       
CRAIG, Clarinda W.                      IV:11                         
CRAIG, Cora                             VIII:1                        
CRAIG, Daniel                           VIII:7                        
CRAIG, David                            II:12,19                      
CRAIG, Delmar                           VII:45                        
CRAIG, Edna                             VIII:20                       
CRAIG, Elizabeth                        VIII:1                        
CRAIG, Ella E.                          VIII:20                       
CRAIG, Harland                          VIII:7                        
CRAIG, Harry                            VII:45                        
CRAIG, Isabel                           IV:56                         
CRAIG, James                            VII:9                         
CRAIG, Jasper                           VIII:20                       
CRAIG, John                             VII:9                         
CRAIG, Mary                             VIII:20                       
CRAIG, Matilda                          VIII:7                        
CRAIG, Nancy E.                         II:100                        
CRAIG, Orrin                            VIII:21                       
CRAIG, Polly                            IV:123                        
CRAIG, Rachel C.                        IV:56                         
CRAIG, Raymond                          VII:60                        
CRAIG, Rose                             VIII:97                       
CRAIG, Samuel S.                        I:28                          
CRAIG, Samuel S.                        XI:27                         
CRAIG, Walter                           VIII:7                        
CRAIGHEAD, Charles                      VII:69                        
CRAIGHEAD, Margaret                     VII:69                        
CRAMBLET, Phoebes                       VIII:110                      
CRAMBLIT, Amos F.                       X:80                          
CRAMBLIT, Gladys M.                     X:80                          
CRAMBLIT, Irvin T.                      III:12                        
CRAMBLIT, Isaac N.                      X:80                          
CRAMBLIT, Naomi E.                      III:12                        
CRAMER, A.                              II:1,9                        
CRAMER, A.                              XI:142                        
CRAMER, Abraham                         VI:11                         
CRAMER, Addie                           II:8                          
CRAMER, Amanda A.                       VI:25                         
CRAMER, Archie C.                       VIII:15                       
CRAMER, Carrie                          VII:71                        
CRAMER, Catharine                       II:78                         
CRAMER, Chester                         VII:71                        
CRAMER, Dana Gill                       IX:56                         
CRAMER, Daniel                          IX:59                         
CRAMER, Della                           IX:59                         
CRAMER, Dorence E.                      III:1                         
CRAMER, E.                              VI:67                         
CRAMER, E. A.                           II:12                         
CRAMER, Eliza.                          VI:18                         
CRAMER, Elizabeth                       II:25                         
CRAMER, Emma T.                         VI:25                         
CRAMER, Emma W.                         VI:44                         
CRAMER, F.                              VI:67                         
CRAMER, F. Purd                         VII:71                        
CRAMER, Frank V.                        VI:25                         
CRAMER, Frederick                       VI:25                         
CRAMER, Frederick A.                    VI:58                         
CRAMER, G.                              II:12                         
CRAMER, George                          II:70                         
CRAMER, Geraldine                       VII:26                        
CRAMER, Gwen                            VII:55                        
CRAMER, H.                              VI:69                         
CRAMER, H.                              VI:69                         
CRAMER, Henry                           VII:71                        
CRAMER, Herbert                         IX:57                         
CRAMER, Herbert, Jr.                    IX:57                         
CRAMER, Homer H.                        II:9                          
CRAMER, Hugh L.                         II:12                         
CRAMER, Hughie L.                       II:12,24                      
CRAMER, Isaac                           I:88                          
CRAMER, Isaac                           XI:92                         
CRAMER, Jacob                           II:40                         
CRAMER, James M.                        VI:67                         
CRAMER, John                            II:25,78                      
CRAMER, John A.                         VI:18                         
CRAMER, John C.                         II:12                         
CRAMER, John W.                         I:61                          
CRAMER, John W.                         XI:66                         
CRAMER, Josephine                       I:61                          
CRAMER, Josephine                       XI:66                         
CRAMER, Kathryn                         VII:71                        
CRAMER, Leroy                           VI:18                         
CRAMER, Lillie M.                       II:1,9                        
CRAMER, Lucy H.                         VIII:15                       
CRAMER, Luiza                           II:40                         
CRAMER, M.                              XI:142                        
CRAMER, M. C.                           II:24                         
CRAMER, Mahala A.                       II:12                         
CRAMER, Margaret                        II:70                         
CRAMER, Margaret                        VI:16                         
CRAMER, Margaret                        VII:71                        
CRAMER, Mary E.                         II:12                         
CRAMER, Mary Louise                     I:61                          
CRAMER, Mary Louise                     XI:66                         
CRAMER, Minnie B.                       VI:58                         
CRAMER, N. Edward                       IV:57                         
CRAMER, Owen T.                         VI:16                         
CRAMER, Peter                           II:78                         
CRAMER, Phillip                         II:78                         
CRAMER, Rebecca                         II:25                         
CRAMER, Robert K.                       VI:25                         
CRAMER, Robert W.                       VI:16                         
CRAMER, S.                              II:24                         
CRAMER, Sarah A.                        II:12                         
CRAMER, Sarah J.                        VI:18                         
CRAMER, Theodocia                       VI:25                         
CRAMER, Verna V.                        IX:57                         
CRAMER, Virginia                        VII:26                        
CRAMER, W.                              II:12                         
CRAMER, W. E. Jr.                       II:8                          
CRAMER, Wilbur I.                       VI:44                         
CRAMER, William                         II:25                         
CRAMER, William                         VII:55                        
CRAMER, William H.                      II:1,9                        
CRAMER, William Jr.                     II:1                          
CRAMER, William K.                      VI:69                         
CRAMER, William K.                      XI:142                        
CRAMER, Wm. W.                          II:12                         
CRAMER, Wm. W.                          VI:25                         
CRAMP---, R.                            XI:62                         
CRANDALL, Forrest W.                    V:100                         
CRANDALL, Homer W.                      V:100                         
CRANDALL, Sarah B.                      V:100                         
CRANE, Ada                              VII:66                        
CRANE, E. D.                            IV:24                         
CRANE, E. J.                            IV:24                         
CRANE, Helen                            V:63                          
CRANE, Joseph B.                        IV:55                         
CRANE, Lydia                            IV:55                         
CRANE, Mary                             VII:66                        
CRANE, Philip K.                        IV:95                         
CRANE, Robert                           VII:66                        
CRANE, Ruthie                           IV:24                         
CRANE, Sr. M. Vincent                   XI:34                         
CRANMER, David                          VIII:117                      
CRAPSEY, Laura                          VII:59                        
CRAVEN, Beulah B.                       IX:5                          
CRAVEN, Edward R.                       IX:5                          
CRAVEN, Frances                         XI:145                        
CRAVEN, Francis                         VI:76                         
CRAVEN, Leffie                          IX:22                         
CRAVEN, William                         IX:22                         
CRAVER, Craig                           V:49                          
CRAWBUCK, Clifford V.                   V:82                          
CRAWBUCK, Muriel                        V:82                          
CRAWFORD, Albert                        III:74                        
CRAWFORD, Bertha                        VIII:84                       
CRAWFORD, Dimmie                        VIII:113                      
CRAWFORD, Edwin R.                      VIII:70                       
CRAWFORD, Eliz. B.                      V:32                          
CRAWFORD, Elizabeth                     VIII:17                       
CRAWFORD, Ella                          III:74                        
CRAWFORD, Ella                          VIII:93                       
CRAWFORD, Eulalia                       V:32                          
CRAWFORD, Geo.                          VIII:17                       
CRAWFORD, George W.                     V:65                          
CRAWFORD, Harison                       VII:42                        
CRAWFORD, Harriet E.                    IV:100                        
CRAWFORD, J. R.                         IV:100                        
CRAWFORD, J.S.                          XI:38                         
CRAWFORD, James                         III:48                        
CRAWFORD, Laura A.                      V:65                          
CRAWFORD, Levi D.                       V:32                          
CRAWFORD, Lillie                        V:32                          
CRAWFORD, Louis                         V:106                         
CRAWFORD, Luetta                        V:65                          
CRAWFORD, Malisse Kingery               X:42                          
CRAWFORD, Maribah                       VII:42                        
CRAWFORD, Martha 48 Mathew              III:48                        
CRAWFORD, Mary                          VIII:99                       
CRAWFORD, Melissa                       VII:42                        
CRAWFORD, Ross A.                       VIII:70                       
CRAWFORD, Sarah E.                      VIII:28                       
CRAWFORD, Sarah.                        V:27                          
CRAWFORD, Stephen                       IV:100                        
CRAWFORD, W. H.                         VII:42                        
CRAWORD, Anna                           VIII:82                       
CRAWSHAW, James 0.                      III:81                        
CRAWSHAW, Maude B.                      III:81                        
CRAYTON, J. A.                          IV:100                        
CRAYTON, Mary M.                        IV:100                        
CREAGER, Nancy Ann                      IX:23                         
CREAGER, William A.                     IX:23                         
CREAGER, Wilma Ellen                    IX:23                         
CREAMEANS, Bernice                      IX:129                        
CREAMER, Mehalia                        II:4                          
CREASAP, Catherine                      VII:72                        
CREASAP, Chester                        VII:72                        
CREASAP, Thelma Esta                    X:57                          
CREEKBAUM, Annie                        V:25                          
CREEKBAUM, Francis M.                   V:25                          
CREEKBAUM, Melinda                      V:25                          
CREIGHTON, Isaac                        III:35                        
CREIGHTON, Melvina                      VIII:104                      
CREIGHTON, Wilson                       III:35                        
CREMEANS, Alice Mae                     IX:15                         
CREMEANS, Anna                          IX:54                         
CREMEANS, Clyde C.                      IX:10                         
CREMEANS, Dale M.                       IX:14                         
CREMEANS, Effie                         IX:54                         
CREMEANS, Haddon P.                     IX:122                        
CREMEANS, Helen C.                      IX:48                         
CREMEANS, Helen L.                      II:26                         
CREMEANS, James Isaac                   IX:127                        
CREMEANS, Kenneth                       IX:42                         
CREMEANS, Marjorie M.                   IX:54                         
CREMEANS, Martha C.                     IX:118                        
CREMEANS, Montigue                      IX:15                         
CREMEANS, Orrin E.                      IX:33                         
CREMEANS, Raymond D.                    IX:33                         
CREMEANS, Samuel Curtis                 IX:58                         
CREMEANS, Shirley H.                    IX:113                        
CREMEANS, Vernal W.                     IX:33                         
CREMEANS, Virgil E.                     IX:28                         
CREMEANS, William A.                    IX:54                         
CREMEANS, William E.                    IX:118                        
CREMEANS, Woodrow W.                    IX:48                         
CRESS, Rachel                           VIII:100                      
CRESSEY, Helen F.                       V:36                          
CRETHERS, Lillie M.                     V:53                          
CRIDER, Amanda                          VIII:97                       
CRIDER, John                            IX:106                        
CRIDER, William                         VIII:97                       
CRINER, Ruby                            IX:30                         
CRIPP, Rhine                            XI:38                         
CRIPPEN, Ada M.                         IV:114                        
CRIPPEN, Charles L.                     V:51                          
CRIPPEN, Helen M.                       V:51                          
CRIPPEN, Ruth                           IV:114                        
CRIPS, Edmund                           VIII:77                       
CRIPS, Elizabeth                        VIII:77                       
CRIPS, James                            VIII:77                       
CRIPS, Matheny                          VIII:77                       
CRISLIP, Julia K.                       IX:48                         
CRIST, A.                               IV:46                         
CRIST, A. B.                            IV:85                         
CRIST, Abraham                          IV:46,47                      
CRIST, Abram                            IV:46                         
CRIST, Abram, Sr.                       XI:126                        
CRIST, Adam B.                          III:41                        
CRIST, Adam B.                          XI:121                        
CRIST, Barbara L.                       IV:33                         
CRIST, Cornelia A.                      III:4                         
CRIST, Cornelia Ann                     XI:121                        
CRIST, Cyrus D.                         IV:47,130                     
CRIST, Elias V.                         IV:113                        
CRIST, Elizabeth                        IV:113                        
CRIST, Fanny R.                         IV:46                         
CRIST, Flora M.                         IV:47                         
CRIST, G. Edward                        IV:33                         
CRIST, Girtrude                         IV:46                         
CRIST, Henry P.                         IV:45                         
CRIST, Jacob                            IV:47                         
CRIST, John W.                          IV:45                         
CRIST, Jonathan                         IV:46,47                      
CRIST, Lucy A.                          IV:45                         
CRIST, Margaret                         IV:47                         
CRIST, Martha                           IV:83                         
CRIST, Martha                           XI:126                        
CRIST, Mary E.                          IV:47                         
CRIST, Robert                           II:105                        
CRIST, Rosa V.                          IV:130                        
CRIST, S. Jr.                           IV:46                         
CRIST, Sarah                            IV:46,47                      
CRIST, Sarah                            XI:126                        
CRIST, Sarah E.                         VI:48                         
CRIST, Susannah B.                      IV:46                         
CRIST, Tracy                            IV:130                        
CRIST, William E.                       IV:46                         
CRITTON, Griffin                        V:15                          
CRITTON, Kathryn                        V:15                          
CRIVINGSTON, Rebeca                     XI:147                        
CRIZER, Pearl G.                        IV:63                         
CROCKETT, Anna                          IX:18                         
CROCKETT, Harry                         IX:18                         
CROCKETT, Issac                         VIII:51                       
CROCKETT, Mary                          VIII:51                       
CROFT, Bertha                           VII:62                        
CROFT, William                          VII:62                        
CROGGINS, A. C. Sr.                     I:28                          
CROMLEY, Homer                          X:49                          
CROMLEY, Marguerite McCann              X:49                          
CROMLEY, Tillie D.                      VI:14                         
CROMLEY, Wm. A.                         VI:14                         
CROMWELL, Charles C.                    II:111                        
CROMWELL, Clarence B.                   II:97                         
CROMWELL, Fannie C.                     II:97                         
CROMWELL, Richard T.                    II:97                         
CROMWELL, Richard Thos.                 II:72                         
CRONIN, Claudia M.                      IV:59                         
CRONIN, Emma                            VIII:95                       
CRONIN, Mary                            IV:J.                         
CRONIN, Ward L.                         IV:59                         
CRONSON, Juda                           XI:92                         
CRONSTEIN, Sarah R.                     I:88                          
CRONSTEIN, Sarah R.                     XI:92                         
CROOK, Eugene                           VII:46                        
CROOK, Geo.                             II:40                         
CROOK, Kenneth                          VII:46                        
CROOK, Leonard                          VII:47                        
CROOK, Lora                             VII:47                        
CROOK, Rachel                           II:40                         
CROOK, William                          II:40                         
CROOKS, Delmar                          VII:76                        
CROOKS, F.                              VI:10                         
CROOKS, Maryann                         VI:10                         
CROOKS, Robert                          VII:76                        
CROOKS, Samuel                          VI:10                         
CROPPER, Frank                          VIII:118                      
CROSBY, Charles W.                      II:31                         
CROSBY, Emily                           V:88                          
CROSBY, Henry                           V:88                          
CROSBY, Infant                          IX:129                        
CROSBY, John T.                         IV:70                         
CROSBY, Mary J.                         IV:70                         
CROSBY, Murray T.                       IV:70                         
CROSBY, Thomas S.                       II:22                         
CROSS, Alex                             XI:19                         
CROSS, Alice C.                         V:66                          
CROSS, Basil                            IV:48                         
CROSS, Benjamin                         IV:48                         
CROSS, Charles                          II:40                         
CROSS, Christens                        IV:48                         
CROSS, Elizabeth                        II:40                         
CROSS, Emily Jane                       II:40                         
CROSS, Genevieve                        I:20                          
CROSS, Genevieve                        XI:19                         
CROSS, George W.                        IV:74                         
CROSS, Israel                           II:40                         
CROSS, James B.                         IV:48                         
CROSS, Janie                            IV:74                         
CROSS, Jessie F.                        X:99                          
CROSS, John                             II:72                         
CROSS, John                             IV:48                         
CROSS, John                             X:104                         
CROSS, Minnie                           XI:19                         
CROSS, Perry V.                         X:99                          
CROSS, Ralph Frederick                  V:66                          
CROSS, Ruth                             IV:48                         
CROSS, Urcie                            X:104                         
CROSS, Verba M.                         III:1                         
CROSS, Ward                             X:104                         
CROSSIT, Ann                            II:58                         
CROSSIT, Jenney                         II:59                         
CROSSIT, Jenny                          II:58                         
CROSSIT, John                           II:58                         
CROSSIT, Samuel                         II:58,59                      
CROSSLEY, Albert M.                     VIII:37                       
CROSSLEY, Alma                          VII:82                        
CROSSLEY, J. W.                         IX:40                         
CROSSLEY, Louis J.                      IX:5                          
CROSSLEY, Mahala Hudson                 IX:40                         
CROSSLEY, Rosalee C.                    IX:5                          
CROSSLEY, Samuel S.                     IX:40                         
CROSSLY, Henry                          II:35                         
CROSSLY, Mary Ann                       II:35                         
CROSSON, Sr. M. Scholastics             XI:35                         
CROTTY, Sr. M. Justina                  XI:34                         
CROUCH, Haden                           III:65                        
CROUCH, Olive                           III:65                        
CROUSE, Abigail                         II:47                         
CROUSE, Daniel                          II:47,72,86                   
CROUSE, Jessie L.                       II:107                        
CROUSE, Mary K.                         IX:8                          
CROUSE, Mattie                          VIII:119                      
CROUSE, Nathan E.                       IX:8                          
CROUSE, Sarah                           II:86                         
CROUSE, William                         II:72                         
CROUSE, William W.                      II:86                         
CROUSON, Judah                          I:88                          
CROUT, Wm. H.                           IV:91                         
CROW, Alma                              V:73                          
CROW, David A.                          IV:65                         
CROW, David A.                          IX:98                         
CROW, David L.                          IX:98                         
CROW, George M.                         IV:65                         
CROW, Harold K.                         V:73                          
CROW, Harry K.                          V:73                          
CROW, Ida B.                            IV:65                         
CROW, John A.                           IV:65                         
CROW, Lotta K.                          V:73                          
CROW, Ruth Mae                          IX:119                        
CROWE, Fannie                           IV:130                        
CROWE, Franklin R.                      IV:130                        
CROWELL, Mary Frances                   I:37                          
CROWELL, Mary Frances                   XI:45                         
CROWHURST, Robert                       VI:70                         
CROWN, Sadie                            III:3                         
CROWNER, Bertha L.                      V:54                          
CROWNER, Charles D.                     V:49                          
CROWNER, Fred E.                        V:54                          
CROWNER, Jennie D.                      V:54                          
CROWS, Eugene Z.                        V:58                          
CROWS, Mildred                          V:58                          
CRUIT, Mary W.                          IV:112                        
CRUIT, Nina J.                          IV:112                        
CRUIT, W. Merrill                       IV:112                        
CRUIT, Wm. J.                           IV:112                        
CRUM, Cornelius                         VII:4,5                       
CRUM, Edna E.                           VIII:14                       
CRUM, George C.                         VII:4                         
CRUM, James E.                          VIII:14                       
CRUM, John S.                           VII:5                         
CRUM, Julia                             VIII:14                       
CRUM, Lenora                            VIII:14                       
CRUM, Margaret                          VII:4                         
CRUM, Martha                            VII:4,5                       
CRUM, Mary                              VII:25                        
CRUM, O11ie                             VII:4                         
CRUM, Samuel D.                         VII:5                         
CRUM, Sarah E.                          VII:5                         
CRUM, Sheridan                          IX:5                          
CRUM, William A.                        VII:4                         
CRUMB, Minnie L.                        V:52                          
CRUMLEY, Julia                          VIII:72                       
CRUMLEY, Julia A.                       X:85                          
CRUMLEY, Wm. D.                         VIII:72                       
CRUMM, Florence M.                      I:65                          
CRUMM, Florence M.                      XI:69                         
CRUMM, Harmon                           XI:39                         
CRUMM, Joseph                           XI:39                         
CRUMM, Philip                           XI:39                         
CRUMM, W. Floyd                         I:65                          
CRUMM, W. Floyd                         XI:69                         
CRUTCH, Jno.                            X:92                          
CRYAN, John H.                          IV:66                         
CRYDER, Jefferson                       II:60,63                      
CRYDER, M. A.                           II:2,3                        
CSOHONYO, Gabriel                       VIII:98                       
CUBBAGE, Bertha J.                      IV:32                         
CUBBAGE, Clare B.                       IV:32                         
CUBBAGE, George E.                      IV:32                         
CUBBAGE, Ina M.                         IV:32                         
CUBBAGE, Lucy                           IV:36                         
CUBBAGE, Martin                         IV:36                         
CUBBAGE, Mary E.                        IV:32                         
CUBBAGE, Merle                          IV:32                         
CUBBAGE, Percy A.                       IV:36                         
CUBBAGE, Pettey                         IV:36                         
CUBBAGE, Raymond A.                     IV:36                         
CUBBAGE, Retta                          IV:36                         
CUBBAGE, Roxie E.                       IV:32                         
CUCKLER, Ethel                          XI:78                         
CUCKLER, Raymond C.                     I:77                          
CUCKLER, Raymond C.                     XI:78                         
CUDDEBACK, Emogene                      IX:44                         
CUDWORTH, Annie C.                      I:59                          
CUDWORTH, Annie C.                      XI:64                         
CUDWORTH, Frank F.                      IV:66                         
CUDWORTH, Grace                         IV:66                         
CUDWORTH, John J.                       I:59                          
CUDWORTH, John J.                       XI:64                         
CULBERTSON (baby)                       I:33                          
CULBERTSON, -ohn                        XI:22                         
CULBERTSON, A.                          XI:20                         
CULBERTSON, Alfred                      I:19                          
CULBERTSON, Alfred                      XI:20                         
CULBERTSON, Alice F.                    XI:31                         
CULBERTSON, Andrew                      VIII:76                       
CULBERTSON, Baby                        XI:30                         
CULBERTSON, Bertie                      I:20                          
CULBERTSON, Bertie                      XI:20                         
CULBERTSON, C.                          XI:19                         
CULBERTSON, Col.                        XI:147,148                    
CULBERTSON, Col. Robert                 VIII:76                       
CULBERTSON, David 9,                    XI:19                         
CULBERTSON, Donald D.                   XI:30                         
CULBERTSON, Elizabeth                   VIII:76                       
CULBERTSON, Elizabeth                   XI:10,20,147,148              
CULBERTSON, Emery C.                    I:18                          
CULBERTSON, Emery C.                    XI:19                         
CULBERTSON, Emily                       I:18                          
CULBERTSON, Emily                       XI:19                         
CULBERTSON, Esther                      VIII:76                       
CULBERTSON, Gertrude E.                 XI:30                         
CULBERTSON, Ida Bell                    I:18                          
CULBERTSON, Ida Bell                    XI:19                         
CULBERTSON, J. Monroe                   XI:31                         
CULBERTSON, Jane                        VIII:76                       
CULBERTSON, John                        XI:9                          
CULBERTSON, Kezia                       VIII:76                       
CULBERTSON, M.                          XI:19                         
CULBERTSON, M.J.                        XI:19                         
CULBERTSON, Margaret                    VIII:76                       
CULBERTSON, Mary                        XI:9,19                       
CULBERTSON, Mattie                      XI:121                        
CULBERTSON, Rebeca                      XI:147                        
CULBERTSON, Rebecca                     VIII:76                       
CULBERTSON, Robert                      XI:19                         
CULBERTSON, S.                          XI:20                         
CULBERTSON, Samuel                      XI:10,20                      
CULBERTSON, Silas                       I:18                          
CULBERTSON, Silas                       XI:19                         
CULBERTSON, Wm.                         XI:121                        
CULBRETH, E. Linwood                    XI:60                         
CULBRETH, Emma M.                       XI:60                         
CULLEN, Susan L.                        VIII:35                       
CULLERS, Michael                        III:58                        
CULLERS, Rebecca                        III:58                        
CULLETON, Sr. M. Catherine              XI:34                         
CULLINAN, Sr. M. Coralita               XI:36                         
CULP, Alva Martin                       IX:65                         
CULP, Carrie                            VII:41                        
CULP, Charles                           VII:41                        
CULP, Charlotte B.                      IX:65                         
CULP, Cora                              VII:41                        
CULP, Dora                              VII:41                        
CULP, Eber                              VII:41                        
CULP, Elijah                            VII:13                        
CULP, Elizabeth                         VII:13                        
CULP, Gracie                            VII:41                        
CULP, Harry                             VII:75                        
CULP, Henry                             VII:41,74                     
CULP, J. A.                             VII:41                        
CULP, Jennie                            VII:41                        
CULP, John                              VII:56                        
CULP, John R.                           IV:58                         
CULP, Laura                             VII:41                        
CULP, Laura E.                          III:59                        
CULP, Lydia E.                          IV:58                         
CULP, Myrta                             VII:56                        
CULP, Stella                            VII:75                        
CULP, Vernelia                          VII:74                        
CULP, William H.                        III:5                         
CULP, William Matthew                   IX:55                         
CULP, Zella                             VIII:106                      
CULVER, Frank                           IV:117                        
CULVER, Russel A.                       IV:117                        
CULWELL, Bonnie                         VIII:38                       
CULWELL, Langley                        VIII:38                       
CUMMINGS, Abner B.                      X:116                         
CUMMINGS, Ann                           XI:127                        
CUMMINGS, Franklin                      I:17                          
CUMMINGS, Franklin V.                   XI:18                         
CUMMINGS, James                         XI:127                        
CUMMINGS, Louisa L.                     I:17                          
CUMMINGS, Louisa L.                     XI:18                         
CUMMINS, Anna B.                        X:116                         
CUMMINS, Charles W.                     X:117                         
CUMMINS, Charlie J.                     V:23                          
CUMMINS, Chester E.                     X:117                         
CUMMINS, E. M.                          VIII:48                       
CUMMINS, E. W.                          X:116                         
CUMMINS, Earl                           VIII:47                       
CUMMINS, Edward W.                      X:116                         
CUMMINS, Evelyn                         VIII:47                       
CUMMINS, Frank                          VIII:49,55                    
CUMMINS, Fred                           VIII:63                       
CUMMINS, Geraldine                      VIII:52                       
CUMMINS, Gladys                         VIII:47                       
CUMMINS, Grace                          VIII:48                       
CUMMINS, H.                             VIII:48                       
CUMMINS, Harry                          X:116                         
CUMMINS, Henry R.                       X:116                         
CUMMINS, Ida                            VIII:55                       
CUMMINS, Inez                           VIII:63                       
CUMMINS, Inf. Son                       X:116                         
CUMMINS, J.                             X:117                         
CUMMINS, James                          VIII:49                       
CUMMINS, John                           VIII:48                       
CUMMINS, Leroy E.                       VIII:63                       
CUMMINS, M. E.                          X:117                         
CUMMINS, M. L.                          X:116                         
CUMMINS, Mahala L.                      IV:9                          
CUMMINS, Margaret                       IV:9                          
CUMMINS, Margaret A.                    VIII:49                       
CUMMINS, Martha A.                      X:117                         
CUMMINS, Mary                           X:116                         
CUMMINS, Mary A.                        V:23                          
CUMMINS, Mary E.                        VIII:48,63                    
CUMMINS, Otis G.                        VIII:48                       
CUMMINS, Ralph E.                       VIII:52                       
CUMMINS, Roxie E.                       VIII:55                       
CUMMINS, Sr. Marcella                   XI:35                         
CUMMINS, William                        II:47,50                      
CUMMINS, William                        IV:9                          
CUMMINS, Wm. Roy                        VIII:63                       
CUNDIFF, Ethel H.                       VI:44                         
CUNIX, Ben                              I:95                          
CUNIX, Ben                              XI:100                        
CUNIX, Fannie May                       I:90                          
CUNIX, Fannie May                       XI:94                         
CUNIX, L.                               I:87                          
CUNIX, L.                               XI:90                         
CUNIX, Rose                             I:90,95                       
CUNIX, Rose                             XI:94,100                     
CUNIX, Z.                               XI:91                         
CUNNINGHAM, ---                         IV:1,60                       
CUNNINGHAM, Blanche M.                  II:8                          
CUNNINGHAM, Catherine                   II:8                          
CUNNINGHAM, Clifford E.                 II:8                          
CUNNINGHAM, Darlene                     VII:53                        
CUNNINGHAM, David Lee                   I:78                          
CUNNINGHAM, David Lee                   XI:79                         
CUNNINGHAM, Donald A.                   I:78                          
CUNNINGHAM, Donald A.                   XI:79                         
CUNNINGHAM, Edward M.                   II:12,18                      
CUNNINGHAM, Flora                       VII:53                        
CUNNINGHAM, Fred W.                     II:8                          
CUNNINGHAM, Goldie M.                   X:20                          
CUNNINGHAM, Herbert E.                  II:19                         
CUNNINGHAM, Hugh                        IV:1                          
CUNNINGHAM, J. C.                       II:12,18                      
CUNNINGHAM, J. P.                       II:18                         
CUNNINGHAM, J. R.                       II:12                         
CUNNINGHAM, Ralph J.                    X:20                          
CUNNINGHAM, Russell E.                  II:19                         
CUNNINGHAM, Ted Filmore                 II:8                          
CUNNINGHAM, Wm. J.                      VII:53                        
CUNZ, Dieter                            V:106                         
CUPALO, Albert                          VIII:111                      
CUPP, Franklin                          VIII:95                       
CUPP, Helen Louise Silcott              X:81                          
CUPP, Leroy B.                          III:17                        
CUPP, Leslie L.                         X:81                          
CUPP, Zemia A.                          III:1                         
CURANEAU, L.                            VI:64                         
CURANEAU, Susan                         VI:64                         
CURL, Joseph                            VIII:88                       
CURLIS, Mabel M.                        VIII:55                       
CURLIS, Walter W.                       VIII:55                       
CURNUTTE, Darrell Ray                   X:79                          
CURNUTTE, Eva L.                        X:79                          
CURNUTTE, Hobert                        X:79                          
CURNUTTE, James H.                      X:79                          
CURNUTTE, James L.                      X:65                          
CURNUTTE, Mary                          X:79                          
CURNUTTE, Thelma L.                     X:65                          
CURRAN, Addie                           IV:110                        
CURRAN, Minta                           IV:110                        
CURRAN, Stephen A.                      IV:110                        
CURRENT, Edward                         VIII:110                      
CURRIER, Almeria                        VI:60                         
CURRIER, Caroline                       VI:23                         
CURRY, A. S.                            X:113                         
CURRY, Elisabeth                        X:113                         
CURRY, Elizabeth                        X:113                         
CURRY, Florence                         VII:54                        
CURRY, Frank                            VIII:116                      
CURRY, Hester L.                        VI:59                         
CURRY, Jas. C.                          IX:3                          
CURRY, John                             VII:54                        
CURRY, Joseph                           X:113                         
CURRY, Michelle Nicole                  X:27                          
CURRY, Owen T.                          X:113                         
CURRY, Sarah                            X:113                         
CURRY, Sr. M. Dominic                   XI:34                         
CURRY, Thomas L.                        X:113                         
CURRY, William H.                       VI:59                         
CURTIS, Gladys I.                       XI:65                         
CURTIS, Leonard F.                      XI:65                         
CURTIS, Leonard P.                      I:60                          
CURTIS, Raymond F. Sr.                  XI:65                         
CUSHMAN, Bertha                         VI:44                         
CUSHMAN, Christian                      IX:127                        
CUSHMAN, Mary                           IX:127                        
CUSSINS, Robert                         VIII:95                       
CUSTER, Anna Gouldner                   IX:18                         
CUSTER, Benson S.                       IX:12                         
CUSTER, Daisy M.                        IV:91                         
CUSTER, Dale D.                         IV:91                         
CUSTER, Evangeline                      VI:45                         
CUSTER, Holmes P.                       IX:18                         
CUSTER, Isaac N.                        IV:102                        
CUSTER, Mary A.                         IV:102                        
CUSTER, Mary J.                         IX:12                         
CUSTER, Mary L.                         IV:102                        
CUSTER, Rhonda Lou                      III:8                         
CUSTER, Rosie Fritch                    IX:18                         
CUTLER, Helen                           III:79                        
CUTLER, Ida                             VII:64                        
CUTLER, Wilbur                          VII:64                        
CUTTLER, John                           VIII:107                      
CYPHERS, Marguerite E.                  X:27                          
CYPHERS, Walter H.                      X:27                          
CZUPRYNSKI, Andre J.                    IV:71                         
CZUPRYNSKI, Janina L.                   IV:71