The Columbus City Graveyards
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A consistent set of reference names has been used in both the notes to the text and in the source listings in the Consolidated List. The full references and their repositories are listed below.

- Annual Report. Reports of the Various Departments. . .City of Columbus, published annually by order of the City Council. (Public Library of Columbus and Franklin County)

- Card file. The card file of interment records at Green Lawn Cemetery. A microfilm copy is available at the Franklin County Genealogical Society.

- Cent. Biog. Hist. A Centennial Biographical History of the City of Columbus and Franklin County, Ohio. Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Co., 1901.

- Citizen. The Columbus Citizen, newspaper. (Microfilm at Public Library of Columbus and Franklin County)

- Co. Journal. Franklin County Commissioners' Journal. (Ohio Historical Society)

- Co. Recorder, Venerans[sic.] File. Card file of veterans graves at the County Recorder's Office.

- Col's Gazette. Columbus Gazette, newspaper.

- Col's Sentinal. Columbus Sentinal, newspaper.

- Complete Record. Franklin County Common Pleas Court, Complete Record. (County Clerk of Courts)

- CRS BULLETIN. BULLETIN of the Catholic Record Socity, Diocese of Columbus. (State Library of Ohio)

- Deed. Franklin County Recorder, Deed Record.

- Dispatch. The Daily Dispatch, or Columbus Dispatch, newspaper. (Public Library of Columbus and Franklin County)

- Franklin Chr. Franklin Chronicle, newspaper.

- Franklin County Infirmary, Register (1866-1882). Ohio Historical Society microfilm GR-1245.

- Freeman's. Freeman's Chronicle, newspaper.

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- Holy Cross Church. Burial register of Holy Cross Catholic Church, South Fifth street in Columbus.

- Hooper, Osman Castle, History of the City of Columbus; Columbus: Memorial Publishing Co., 1920.

- Intelligences. The Western Intelligencer, newspaper.

- Journal. Journal of Columbus City Council. (Clerk of Council or Public Library of Columbus and Franklin County)

- Lee, Alfred E., History of the City of Columbus; N.Y. and Chicago: Munsell & Co., 1892.

-Letter Book. Letter Book (equivalent to the later Journal) of the Columbus Borough Council. (Clerk of Council or Public Library of Columbus and Franklin County)

- Lot book. Lot-by-lot record books of the Green Lawn Cemetery Association.

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- Ohio Monitor, newspaper.

- ONWGQ. The Old Northwest Genealogical Quarterly.

- OSBuletin [Sic.]. Ohio State Bulletin, newspaper.

- OSJ. The Ohio State Journal, newspaper. (Public Library of Columbus and Franklin County)

- Plat Book. Franklin County Recorder's Office, Plat Book.

- Probate Ct. Comp. Rec. Complete Record of the Franklin County Probate Court (Ohio Historical Society)

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