The Columbus City Graveyards
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Consolidated List

of Lot Owners, Deaths, Interments, Removals,

and Inscriptions




Some thought was given to providing separate lists of lot owners, chronological interments, and the like for each of the graveyards in a reproduction of what the city's original records must have been like. This may have been of interest from a historian's point of view. However, considering that the main users of the data would be genealogists and that use of the data by this group should be facilitated, the best course seemed to be the creation of a consolidated list of all data for all of the city graveyards. One needs only to consult this list for direct references to family names and the index for cross-references, rather than several lists.

 Source References

The full references for sources abbreviated in the consolidated list can be found in the "Bibliography and Sources" listing in the front of the book. Three major sources require further explanation for proper understanding of the data presented: the newspapers, infirmary records, and Green Lawn Cemetery records.

- Newspapers. The references to death notices in newspapers were based on Death Records from Old Newspapers, Franklin County, Ohio, July 17, 1811 to Oct. 18, 1832, compiled by Rosalie R. Haddox and Lorena B. Adamson, "published" in typescript by the Columbus Chapter, NSDAR. (A copy at the State Library of Ohio was used.) Only notices in this work of deaths in or near Columbus or Franklinton were used. Added to these are a few notices in the Ohio State Journal during gaps in the above compilation and all later notices in the same paper up to