The Columbus City Graveyards
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Arrangement of the North Graveyard





No plat of either the North or the East Graveyard has been preserved by the city government of Columbus; however, much information concerning the North Graveyard has been preserved in court records and other sources. A special effort has therefore been made to construct a plat which represents as closely as possible the original arrangement of this tract. The logic used in reconstructing the accompanying plat and the sources of the data are presented in this section.


The Doherty and Kerr tracts together comprised lots 126 through 129 of the proprietors' additional plat of the city, measuring 486 feet on the north, 660 feet on the west, and 624 feet on the south. (Answer of Goodale's executors, Gaver v. City of Columbus, June 30, 1873, in Common Pleas Complete Record 57/17.)

A copy of the survey made in 1871, for purposes of condemnation by the Columbus, Springfield and Cincinnati Railroad of the south 100 foot strip of the property, shows it to have a length of 587 feet on the south. This is 37 feet shorter than the length indicated by the above description, and is not likely to be correct. The error apparently was made in copying the plat into the record book. The surveyor's line from which the locations of the tombstones in the strip were measured was not the southern property line but was the northern line of the strip being condemned, which because of the angle