The Columbus City Graveyards
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                       Addendum I
Lot Owners in the south one hunderd feet of the North Graveyard 
Listed in the Columbus Dispatch, February 8, 1872:

Ambos, E. with Hoster               New Jerusalem Church
Baker, Levi                         Johns, John
Brotherton, A.                      Ludas, Mrs.
Brown, William B.                   McCarty, J.
Bryan, John A.                      McElvain, John
Buttles, A. B.                      Mathews, H.
Cadwallader, T.                     Methodist Society
Egner, George                       Otstott, John
Elphinstine, George                 Robinson, James
Fiss, John                          Sands, S. B.
German Church                       Schott, J. A.
Gill, John L.                       Seltzer, Dr. N. S.
Gill, William A.                    Shott, Jacob
Gwynn, Eli W.                       Slocum,  George W.
Hall, John S.                       Walcutt, John M.
Howell, C. A.                       Young, John

                        Addendum II
Information Supplied by Genealogy Researcher W. Louis Phillips 

Sherman Peck died at the American House at State & High streets 
in August or September, 1839.  His estate paid $2.00 to John Copcutt
for digging his grave.  This implies that he was buried in the 
North Graveyard.

                        Addendum III
Tombstone Information from a Photo Caption from the Columbus Citizen 
Photos taken July 22, 1947 in the Franklinton Graveyard:

      Edmund G. Grips, died Sept. 21, 1816
      Jacob Swain, son of Catherine and Lewis Bisley,
	     born Jan. 21, 1810, died Sept. 29, 1832