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Jacob Zieger, sr., emigrated from Pennsylvania (near Berlin) to this vicinity, about the year 1805, and located [on] section nineteen--the identical tract of land now partially occupied by the city of Circleville. He was born in 1740, and married Judith, widow of J. Sauer (or Sowers), of Brownsville, Pennsylvania. Of this marriage there were eight children, as follows: Philip Jacob, born 1767, married Mary Easter; Catharina, born 1768, married Colonel Valentine Keffer; Barbara, born 1772, married George Zimmer; Judith, born 1774, married Samuel Watt; Jacob, jr., born 1776, married Susanna Easter; Philip, born 1778; Frederick, born 1784; Margaret, born 1787, married John Valentine. These sons and daughters occupied different portions of the land, and cleared and improved it.

Jacob Zieger, sr., donated, to "the director of the town" (whose office was on of importance for many years, but has now become obsolete), a considerable portion of the land on which the city is located, for public purposes. He (Zieger)caused the court of common pleas of Pickaway county to pass an order to the director of the town (at their session, held in the second story of his son, Jacob's, house, in Circleville), which reads as follows:

"Ordered, That the director reserve all the southeast bank, or fortification--elevation of the square on the circle--for county uses, and sell no lots including the same. And, further ordered, that he reserve lots number 115 and 116, for the use of the Lutheran and Calvanistic [Sic.] German congregations, for a church and burial." (see court records for 1810 and '11 page 120.)

These lots are the ones on which the Trinity Lutheran church now stands.


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