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David Yates was born in Culpepper county, Virginia, September 23, 1774. Soon after 1800, he emigrated to Ross county, ohio, and settled near south Salem, where he was married, about 1803, to Christine Eberson. Two children were born to them while they lived in Ross county—Lovell, born January 23, 1804; and John, born December 26, 1805. In 1807 they moved to Deer Creek township, Pickaway county, where were born Reason, December 10, 1807; Nancy, February 17, 1810; Elizabeth, February 12, 1812; David, April 10, 1815; Mary Ann, October 9, 1817; Emiline, March 31, 1820; Mahlon, May 3, 1822; Amos, July 15, 1823; Joseph, April 25, 1825; Joshua Osburn, October 12, 1827.

Soon after arriving in Deer Creek township, Mr. Yates built a saw and grist-mill, and a still-house, on Deer creek, near the site of the present grist-mill. This was the first water mill in the township, and was built by the labor of his own hands, he being a millwright. He even hewed the logs of which the building was constructed. After building his mill property, he cleared land, and planted one of the first, if not the first orchard, in the neighborhood.

During the war of 1812 he became a soldier, and received a commission as an officer, in which capacity he served.

Both himself and his wife were zealous members of the Methodist church, and people who had not an enemy in the community in which they lived, winning the respect and confidence of all. He died March 30, 1840, and his wife died some years later, about 1856. He was the first justice of the peace in Deer Creek township.

John Yates, the second son of David Yates, was born December 26, 1805. He was married in 1828, to Elizabeth Blue, in Dear Creek township, by whom he had eleven children: David R., Emily, Marcus L., DeWitt C., William, John, Francis Marian, Socrates, Miranda, Roland B., and Townsend, all of whom lived to become heads of families. Mr. Yates commenced life with nothing but his own hands with which to carve his way in the world, but by hard work and the exercise of a shrewd business capacity, he accumulated a large property, owning, at one time, some thirteen hundred acres of land. He was a large dealer in stock, sometimes making money and sometimes losing, in his ventures. He was a whole-hearted, generous-hearted man, and became a favorite in his neighborhood. He was elected justice of the peace in 1835, and held the office many years. He also served a county commissioner. Before his death, he gave each of his children one hundred acres of land, and reserved a farm, on which his widow still lives.

David R. Yates was married October 25, 1859, to Nancy Brown, of Deer Creek Township, who was born March 4, 1836, and died May 4, 1877. Their children ar Mary E., Benjamin Floyd, Ballard, and Tabitha N. Mr. Yates bought of his father two hundred ant twenty-seven acres of land, receiving a credit on it of thwo thousand, three hundred dollars, as his portion of the undivided estate. He has since added to his property, until, at the present time, he is possessed of four hundred and sisty-six acres in Deer Creek township, and eighty-five and one-half in Madison county. He has served his township three times as assessor, and has declined to run for other offices in the gift of the people. He was nominated, August 2, 1879, on the Democratic ticket, as State representative from Pickaway county.

A representation of his house appears in this connection.


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