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[R. M. Worthington] was born in Bucks county, Pennsylvania.  His parents both died when he was quite young, leaving three children, of whom he was the eldest.  His brother, Isaac, is a farmer and lives in Clinton county, Ohio, and his siter, Mrs. Mary A. Harvey, lives in Pleasant township, Franklin county, Ohio.

At the age of twenty, our subject came to Ohio, and began life for himself.  His education was limited to a few months in the commonest of common schools, but, fortunately, education, in a business sense at least, is not confined to school advantages.  His property accumulations show what a man can do for himself when prompted by a spirit of determination.  He is the owner of nearly five hundred acres of land in Pleasant township, with such appointments and appurtenances as do credit to the owner.  His losses by fire, and security for friends, have been quite heavy, but have never seriously embarrassed him.  A long life of usefulness, of well-directed energy, coupled with a rigid economy and an inflexible determination, is now richly rewarded by a quiet and peaceful old age, surrounded by a thriving family and the fruits of an industrious life.  He commenced life for himself in an unbroken forest and by dint of energy and well-directed effort, has lived to see the wilderness converted into cultivated fields.

He was reared among the Quakers, but was never a member of any church organization.  He is a Democrat in politics, and has uniformly acted with that party.  He has served as trustee of his township one term, and as supervisor ten or twelve years.  He is not a politician nor an office-seeker, and we mention the above as an evidence of the confidence of his neighbors.

He had the good sense to select a companion from his youthful acquaintances.  He married Miss Ann Stump, who was also born in Pennsylvania, but came to Ohio in very early life.  She is the mother of six children, all of whom are now married and settled in life:  Jane, who married Morris Badfield, lives in Madison county, Ohio; John William, who married Miss Harriet Titus, lives in this township; Mary C., who married Jacob White, lives near her parents; George, who married Miss Sarah Smith, lives in this township; Sarah E., who married William Rush, of Pickaway county; and Clark, who married Miss Josephine Wade, and lives with his parents and carries on the home farm.

Mrs. Worthington is a Methodist in belief, though distance from church, and failing health, prevent her the enjoyment of sanctuary privileges.

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