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(Portraits & Residence)

was born in Plain township, Franklin county, Nov. 22, 1818. His father, Daniel Triplett, emigrated from Leesburg, Loudoun county, Va., and settled in Ohio in 1816. Here he married Sarah Archer, who came from New Jersey several years previously. Before his marriage he had purchased the first section of six hundred and forty acres in Plain township, where he remained during his life. To them were born three children, one son and two daughters, of whom George W. Triplett was the eldest.

George W. Triplett, the subject of this sketch, obtained an education at the subscription and select schools of the day, and Oct 30, 1848, married Agnes Jolly, daughter of Rev. William H. Jolly, a Universalist minister, who was among the first of that denomination to settle in the State. To Mr. and Mrs. Triplett were born five children, as follows:

Arthur, born June 29, 1849; married Mary Montgomery, lives in Harlem township, Delaware county.

Florence, born Dec. 25, 1850; lives with her parents on the home place.

Alice, born May 11, 1853; died Sept. 20, 1854.

George, born April 9, 1862; lives at home with his parents.

Pearl, born May 13, 1868; also at home.

Immediately after their marriage, George W. Triplett and his wife settled on his father's farm, which became his by inheritance after the death of his father in 1859. He has spent his life on the farm on which he was born, and has always taken great interest in all matters pertaining to agricultural pursuits, in which he has achieved merited success. His farm of two hundred and twenty acres is well appointed and well tilled, and the home occupied by himself and family, a neat brick residence, is kept in excellent order. It is situated a mile and a half northeast of New Albany, and is well portrayed in the representation accompanying this sketch. Portraits of George W. Triplett and Mrs. Agnes Triplett, his wife, also appear in this connection.

Transcriber's Notes:
     Most of the Triplett family is buried at Maplewood Cemetery, New Albany. Daniel, died July 1, 1859, aged 84 years; his wife, Sarah Archer, died January 27, 1866, aged 79 years; George W. died March 10, 1889 and his wife, Agnes Jolly, born February 16, 1829 died October 29, 1909. Some of their children and grandchildren are also buried at Maplewood Cemetery: Alice who died as an infant was the first member of the family buried at Maplewood; Pearl died June 6, 1904 and his wife, Ella Henderson, born August 10, 1868, died June 27, 1889; George W. Triplett, Jr. died February 7, 1950; his wife, Lida H. (_?_), born August 16, 1858, died September 16, 1930; and, their son Harry J., born August 16, 1888, died March 5, 1907.

Arthur Triplett died April 15, 1915 and his wife, Mary Montgomery, born December 25, 1854, died December 5, 1917; they are both buried at Hunt Cemetery, Harlem Township, Delaware County.


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