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Alexander McKinley was born in Hardy county, Virginia, March 10, 1800.  He spend his childhood in his native county, and obtained such an education as the condition of the country could afford, which was exceedingly limited.  Indeed, he may be called a self-made man, acquiring his education in business in that valuable but expensive school--experience.

His native ability will be readily seen from his success in the accumulation of a large landed property, and in handling stock.  It is said of him that his judgment of the value of stock was almost unerring.

In 1821 he came to Ohio, purchased and cleared his farm, and, with his faithful wife, bore the trials and hardships incident to, and inseparable from, a pioneer life.  He married Miss Mary Ann Williamson, of this State, in 1830, by whom he had thirteen children, only eight of whom are now living--Samuel, Robert, Joseph, Cornelius, James, Alexander, Stephen, and Marcus.

Samuel married Ellen Balan, and lives on a portion of the homestead.  Robert married Susan Thomas, and lives on the farm also.  Joseph married Miss Lizzie Wilcoxson, and lives in Indiana.  James married Mary E. Davis, who is deceased.

Alexander McKinley died in August, 1873, leaving his afflicted and faithful helper a large property and family to manage. Her sons now prove earnest and faithful men, on whom she can rely in the management of all her business interests.

It would be unjust to close this brief biography of this family without a mention of a brilliant and dutiful son, who, only one year since, was summoned to join his father, brother, and sisters, who had preceded him.  We refer to John.  This has proved a severe stroke to his mother.  No mere word of the writer can properly picture the hardships and trials of a woman who has faced the realities of a new country life on a farm, nor can any mere words paint the glories in store for such a mother.

Mrs. McKinley is now sixty-six years old, but is, to all appearance, in good health; and, for the sake of her children, it is to be hoped she may survive yet these many years.

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