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(Jesse Hays)

Levi Hays was born in Maryland, October 1, 1752. In December, 1778, he was married to Eleanor Harris. in 1805 they emigrated to Ohio, and settled on Rush creek, in Fairfield county, where they remained one year. In 1806, they removed to Perry township, Mr. Hays making a purchase of thirteen hundred acres of land of the Fitzgerald survey, in Perry and Monroe townships. They had five sons and four daughters: Joseph, Charles, Norris, Samuel, Jesse, Nancy, Mary, Rachel, and Ellen. The land owned by him was divided, in as equitable a manner as possible, among his children. His death occurred on the tenth of February, 1825.

Jesse Hays was born in Montgomery county, Maryland, April 9, 1891, and came to Ohio with his father's family, eventually settling in Perry township, in 1806. He received from his father one hundred and seventy-seven acres of land in Perry and Monroe townships, on both sides of Dear Creek. July 27, 1820, he married Betsey Hurst. She was born in Dorchester county, Maryland, November 17, 1801. They had children, as follows: Ann W., born June 27, 1821. She has been married several times, and lives a widow in Illinois. Eleanor R. A., born April 15, 1823, married James Carney, and lives in Ross County. Levi, born December 20, 1824, died in 1825. Joseph H. was born June 15, 1826, and married Miriam H. Thomas, June 18, 1857. They live on a part of his father's farm, in Monroe township. Miriam W. was born March 1, 1825, and died July 9, 1841. Sarah was born February 5, 1830. She married Richard Betts, and now lives in Moultrie county, Illinois. Elizabeth was born December 13, 1831, and died on the old homestead, about 1847. Jesse Lee was born August 22, 1835, and died October 2, 1835. Martha Ann was born September 27, 1836. She married John E. Bradley, and now lives in Moultrie county, Illinois. Wesley H. was born August 4, 1838, and married Mary F. Gephart. She died, April 16, 1874, and he married Hannah W. Hays, January 19, 1876. By his first wife he had three children--Emma Alice, Charles W., and Mary F.--and by his second wife, has Jesse McIlvain and Cynthia Kirk.

Joseph H., and Mariam [Sic.] H. Hays have had eleven children: Samuel, Jesse, Lee, Brunette, Charles W., Zilpha Ann, George W., and Cora.

Jesse Hays, sr., and his wife were both constituent members of the Methodist church from their early life. Soon after he was twenty-one, he became an exhorter, and continued as such until his death, September 17, 1872. His wife died December 11, 1841. He was a soldier in the war of 1812, and marched to the relief of Fort Meigs.

Wesley H. Hays was in the Seventy-third Ohio infantry four years. At the expiration of his first term of service, he re-enlisted in the field, and was wounded at the second Bull Run battle, and again at Resaca, Georgia.


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