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John Dungan was a native of Ireland. He came to this country when quite small, and lived in Loudoun county, Virginia, where he married Mary Tutus by whom he had eight children. In 1802 he emigrated to Ohio, and settled on a tract of one thousand acres in the southern part of Wayne township, on Yellow Bud creek. For this tract he exchanged one hundred acres of land in Virginia. The family came in wagons and with pack-horses. The children were: William, Titus, Rebecca, Margaret, John, Jane, Nancy, and Patterson. Mr. Dungan divided his farm among his children, after they became of age and married, giving to each one hundred acres. To Titus he gave the homestead, consisting of one hundred and thirty-six acres, on condition that he should care for his mother during her lifetime.

Titus Dungan married Jemima King, a daughter of William King, who settled in Wayne township, at Westfall, in 1798, and was the first justice of the peace in the township. She was born in 1796. After marriage they occupied the old homestead, until his death, which occurred in February, 1855, at the age of sixty years. During his lifetime he held the office of township trustee nearly twenty years, and was often solicited to accept a nomination on the county ticket, but invariably declined, believing his duty to be at his home. Their children were: William King, who was born October 3, 1817; he married and lived in the township until his death, October 17, 1847; Mary Ann was born August 27, 1819; she married John Kirkendall, and died April 5, 1864; John was born September 27, 1821, died May 2, 1841; Sarah J. was born February 10, 1824, married Dr. Lewis Clarke, and died August 6, 1845, leaving one child; Francis was born July 2, 1826, and died August 6, 1828; Samuel Jefferson was born January 10, 1829, and died June 28, 1854; Harriet was born March 3, 1831, married Henry Gearhart, and died October 16, 1853; Elizabeth Nancy was born December 27, 1833, married Jacob Wilson, and lives in the township, a widow; George was born September 6, 1839, was married to Hannah Ettie Grove, March 11, 1862. She died December 28, 1864, leaving one child, Mary Florence. He married Harriet Blackburn, September 3, 1867, by whom he has had five children, three of whom are living. Hannah Ettie, John Titus, Jemima King, George Francis, and William Allen, were the fruit of the second union. John T. and George F. died when quite small.

George Dungan has two hundred and thirty-two acres in the farm on which he lives, which is located near Yellow Bud station, on the Cincinnati and Muskingum Valley railroad. He has three hundred and thirty-six acres in the home farm, located in the south part of the township. He has held the offices of infirmary director, township trustee, clerk and justice of the peace.

An engraving, representing his present place of residence, as well as the old homestead, accompanies this sketch of the Dungan family.


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