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Henry and Elizabeth A. Bunn were married in Ross county, where they settled in 1807.  He was originally from Virginia, and his wife from Pennsylvania.  Their first child, Frederick A. Bunn, was born in Ross County, November 12, 1812.  When he was two or three years of age, his parents removed to Franklin county, and settled on the northwest corner of section six in Madison township, where they remained two or three years, after which they bought one hundred and sixty acres of land on the west bank of Walnut creek, in section eight of the same township.  The farm on which they settled is at this time owned by Nelson H. Bunn.

Frederick Bunn obtained a fair education at the schools then taught in the neighborhood, and passed his boyhood and youth in the usual avocations of the sons of the early pioneers--chopping and deadening timber, clearing the land, and planting the crops in their season.

On May 30, 1841, he was united in marriage to Charlotte Rarey, a daughter of Benjamin Rarey, who was an early settler in Madison township, where he located in 1808.  She was born November 27, 1817.  After marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Bunn settled in the house occupied by his parents, who moved into the house next south of their original home.  Henry Bunn died there in May, 1848, and after his death his widow cam to live with her son, Frederick, where she died in August, 1860.

To Frederick and Charlotte Bunn were born eight children, as follows:  Louis, born July 19, 1842, who married Sarah Jones, and lives on the west bank of the Scioto river, in Jackson township--a representation of his home appears in connection with the history of that township; Mary, born September 12, 1843, who married Joseph Wright, and died December 10, 1868; Jefferson L., born June 5, 1848, who lives on the bank of Walnut creek, in Madison township; Nelson H., born November 10, 1851, who married Sarah Pauline Culp, and lives on the old homestead; Elizabeth, born May 7, 1854, who married William Moore, and lives in Pickaway county; an infant was born March 7, 1858, and died soon after birth; Sarah, born August 31, 1859, who died October 6, 1859; and Catharine, born July 5, 1861, who lives at home with her mother and brother, Jefferson L., on the bank of Walnut creek.

Frederick Bunn died October 27, 1871, aged nearly fifty-nine years.  He was a good farmer and a careful business man.  Besides attending to his farm work he dealt quite extensively in stock, and during his life accumulated quite a property, which he disposed of by will before his death.  To his sons he gave his landed property, and to his wife and daughters an equivalent in money.

Henry Bunn, the father of Frederick Bunn, was a soldier in the war of 1812, and was taken prisoner at the time of Hull's surrender of Detroit.  When the prisoners were exchanged, by some mishap, he was left on board one of the enemy's vessels, but being possessed of a good voice and strong lungs, he managed to make the fact known, and a boat returned after him.

Portraits of Frederick Bunn, and Charlotte Bunn, his wife, appear in connection with this sketch of the family.


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